Thursday, October 13, 2016

And now Army SF

So, now the Army SF is eschewing the 1911 for a Glock 19, huh?  I already thought they ignored the 1911 in the field, and this isn't really news.

But that's not what I am on about.  Notice the dog that didn't bark here and in the story about MARSOC going from 1911 to Glock.  No word, or very little word, about the M9 Beretta.  Sad Trombone for the Italians. 

A little inside baseball.  When Sam was at the Army Marksmanship unit not too long ago the shooters used 1911s.  The trigger is excellent and gunsmithing/armorer support for the shooting team was second to none, so they could tune their guns for accuracy out the wazoo.  Still do.  If you want to hit the 10 ring with a pistol at 50 yards as often as possible... 

But the command came down to accurize the M9.  The Army used the M9, it would also compete with one if it so desired.

"Impossible, Skipper!"

"Make it happen!"

"Yes sir."

So a long effort was put in to figure out ways to fine tune a Beretta.  And they did.  But it wasn't easy.  I must try to get the details of what went into that. 

A super accurized M9 or 1911 are probably not what a SF operator necessarily needs to do his job. 

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Daniel Watters said...

This link lists some of the modifications.

David Sams is one of the few commercial pistolsmiths offering the M9 National Match modifications.