Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let's not make this about guns

No, let's make this about guns.  Democrats are working themselves up into a frenzy.  Eventually they'll stop going after politicians with security details and start going after people that LOOK like they might be a Republican, or a conservative, or some other kind of Trump supporter.

I don't HAVE a security detail.  When will you let me be able to defend myself, Maryland, DC?  Pennsylvania, now, too.  I'm not asking the state provide me a body guard.  I just want a chance, on my own.

Representative Loudermilk wants conceal carry for all lawmakers in DC.  Hey, Volume-Dairy, how bout conceal carry for us useless peasant peons that elect folks like you, too?  You do serve US. If anything, you congress critter should be volunteering to be MY free bodyguard.

And Democrats?  Stop hurting people.

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Jonathan H said...

Apparently he doesn't know that Federal lawmakers already can carry in DC, and even in the Capitol building.
One thing I haven't heard mentioned is that it was a good thing there was a security detail there, because even if carry was allowed there, those playing a game are unlikely to be carrying.

And I agree on 'Diversity' - what is good will come naturally; pushing it implies it isn't good, or that the aspects being pushed are not good.