Wednesday, June 21, 2017

While Away

The Jury decided the jumpy cop that manslaughtered the CCW permit holder was not guilty of same.

At least the cop got fired.

Dude knew he was nervous in the service, maybe he should have sought different employment, sooner. Before he killed some innocent.

This could happen to any of us.  Yes, us white dudes, too.  Cops can be mean, power hungry, scared, stupid, or all four.   We shouldn't HAVE to, but it may behoove all of us to act in a way, in our interactions with law enforcement, that if you get the mean, power-hungry, scared, stupid cop by luck of the draw, he has no excuse to light you up and then get a job selling insurance after your relatives have their day in court.

If you were in Mr. Castile's place, what would you have done different?  YOU are nervous, too, remember, but you see the cop get agitated.  What now?

I wouldn't try to be extra helpful, myself, anticipating the cop's desires by getting my Driver's License ahead of time.  Wait for the commands and ask him to be clear. And if the cop got shouty?  I'd make like a statue.  A statue where he can see both my hands.


And hey, look, that was a linked article to the Metrocon Fortnightly.  And by former fake Not-Trump presidential candidate David French, too.  RTHT, because it is a good one.

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