Thursday, June 22, 2017

Range 21 June

This was a good one despite poor results.

First 4 targets.  All the ones outside the paint?  Me going "Make trigger go NOW."  Rushing the shot.  The ones in the paint?  "Make trigger go good."

On the fifth target (bottom right) it was the same except I went, "Hey, T-Bolt, position your finger different and see if you can more center the shots that do go in the paint."  I had tried this before.  Difference this time?  It worked this time.

 It was a good range day because ALL the shots were a known quantity for me.  No guess work on why that one did this right and that one wrong.  And with .45ACP.  The wrongs aren't as bad as they used to be.  The rights are getting better and more frequent.  Still a ways to go.

No if only I can concentrate and do right for all 7 at a time.  7 explosions in your hand can be distracting to the concentration.  And it was often the FIRST shot in the mag that was a bad one and the second good..

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