Thursday, June 29, 2017

Range 28 JUN

Was gonna go earlier, but Doctor's appointments for the shoulder thing.  It's gotten weaker.  At least it isn't numb all over, or hurts.  But the grip tester thing they use to measure was in the 90s for the left hand.  Right hand went from 60 units two months ago, to 75 a month ago, back down to 30 last week.  No bueno.  I don't know what the units are, but the weakness isn't muscular, I do know that.  Nerves.  So I need nerve meds, apparently.

Anyway... Shooty.

Used to be... my first magazine, first shot, was always a decent shot, trip after trip.  Second shot not so much but the first was in a 3x5 card  That lucky first shot has gone 'poof,' and disappeared.  Lately I need the first magazine to warm up.

See, that's not good.  Home invaders won't give me warm up shots.

So I calmed down and shot better after the first magazine, which was AWFUL.  After that it fell into an easy and familiar pattern of two types of shots.
  1. 'Make trigger go NOW!'
  2. 'Make trigger go Good
I knew that going in, and my goal is to make all the shot Type 2.  Varied success.  But this is what I am working on on myself.

But I have a new way of measuring.  With 7 round magazines and separate targets I can classify each shot nicely.  For instance, that horrible first magazine was 6/1  Six crappy shots and one decent one.  The others were:  4/3, 3/4, 4/3 and 0/1 (I had one extra round...)

The goal is mostly 0/7, then 0/7s FAST.  But I would settle for 2/5s.

"How do we know the good shots are really Type 2s, T-Bolt?"  You don't!  But I do.  None of the good ones were luck Type 1s.  Called shots.  Both kinds.  You'd think I'd get better faster.

29 rounds of sellier & bellot, no failures. 363 rounds since I rebuilt this Springfield 1911 GI stainless.  No cleanings, no failures.

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