Monday, June 19, 2017

One more thing.

From this.

I need to fit the dovetail sights, too.   Three things.  Clean up the frame sides, blend the grip safety better, and sights.   It won't win beauty contests, but that's fine. 

A few things.  Tips.  For installing dovetail sights.

Use the correct angle file to match your frame.

Then you have to decide...  Do I take off metal from the frame, or the sight, or both?  The sight is harder metal and rougher on your files.  The frame is softer and more expensive.

As you fit with light taps, when you can get it on 3/4 of the way you may want to drive it the rest of the way.  To ensure the least amount of crying.  3/4 is a rule of thumb.  You need to use judgment here.  Drive file it past that it may be too loose and you need a new sight.   Drive too early and you mung up the sight or frame or both.  Tears fall like rain.

Loctite?  Maybe.  If there is a locking screw?  Yeah on that most definitely.  I like blue loctite.  And if the sight is a tritium I'd definitely use blue and not red.  Red needs heat to remove and torching the tritium is...  not good.   

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mark gowen said...

I was taught in gunsmithing school,you file/work on the cheapest
Part. If you have to replace a part, which part do you want to pay
to replace?