Monday, June 26, 2017

Storm the Beaches!

So a buddy finally got to get eyes-on on a war trophy his Grandpa picked up on the beaches of Normandy.

Or so the family lore goes.

This sparked my buddy's interest and he has the internet where his mom did not back when these stories were told.

The family lore doesn't match the details.  As often happens in the big game of oral history.  And that is fine.  I am wondering if my Grear Great Great Grandpa really did go to Moscow and back with Napoleon....

Anyway, buddy's Grandpa didn't land in Normandy in June of 44.  He landed in the Riviera in December of 1944 with the 63rd Infantry.  Saw plenty of action.  Just not on Omaha beach.  Everyone already knew he drove trucks for the Army. He picked up the pistol somewhere from Marseilles to the Danube, looping around Switzerland.

The trophy itself is a double trophy.  It's a French pistol captured and repurposed by the Nazis, first.  It has the German touch marks on a French MAB Model D.

Family Lore states that the pistol is deactivated and does not fire.  My guess is it works just fine, and is hale hardy and sound, based on the pictures I do not yet have permission to post here.

I told my buddy that, hey, that is the same pistol that started WWI, too....  DOUBLE History!

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