Friday, June 16, 2017

T-Bolt Health Report

I think I have reached a new normal.

Numbness and dexterity in my fingertips may never return, but at least there is no pain.

I can lift thing higher than my shoulders, but the nerve weakness still makes that one side 75% of what it was this time last year.  The muscles haven't atrophied, but they may as well have.  For instance, it is difficult to get up from the ground if I was sitting or lying there.  And it's not because I am too damn fat.  Though that doesn't help.

Simple nerve pinches in my neck and back from too much wear and tear earlier in life

27 year old T-Bolt, with his ability to crank out 10 pull ups so easily it surprised even him, is not coming back.  In fact, 27 year old T-Bolt may have caused this by over doing it.

I'm not gonna be able to fight off the zombies as easily, in the future.

I was never good in a fist fight, but I am more useless now and I need to be self-aware enough about that.  Try to be more treacherous and wily.

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Will said...

Had a roommate who apparently pinched a nerve while sleeping. Woke up and couldn't use one arm. Docs said he damaged or killed the arm nerve. He was told it would regenerate about one inch per month. Took about 18 months or so before he could use his hand. IIRC, it is sometimes referred to as "honeymooner's arm".