Saturday, July 8, 2017

Art Degree

This is Jennifer Summers

She grew up in Detroit, but by scrimping and scraping she was able to get into and graduate college in the late 70s early 80s. 

She moved to California to find work.  She waited tables briefly until she landed a position at a Beverly Hills art gallery for one of the biggest art dealers in the country.  That job paid well enough for her to get a red Mercedes convertible for herself.  Not bad.

If you major in Art or Art History there are great high paying jobs in Beverly Hills waiting for.  That's the message.  And everyone from 1984 onward wanted to be like Jenny instead of buckling down and getting an Engineering degree.  It's her fault the country is like this.  Everyone thinks if Jenny can do it then they can do it to.  And are heading for a disappointment.

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Miguel GFZ said...

She did better than her fried Axel who went back to Detroit. Motor City is unforgiving.