Saturday, July 22, 2017

I grew up with Stephen King

I read his stuff but it never blew my skirt up.  It always seemed he wrote 3/4 of a book and phoned in and rushed that last 1/4.  He never finished a book.

Knowing what I know now the 75% mark is prolly when he ran out of money for blow, or something.

But his gun movie half intrigues.  


coderpunk said...

The books were kind of a mess, all over the place, and not as good as The Stand or The Shining. But the movie looks like one of those that will exceed his abilities (like Stand By Me did). I'm looking forward to it.

Old 1811 said...

I quit reading Stephen King after "The Shining," so I know zilch about this novel/series/flick, but look at the reload at about 1:53.
Remington New Army conversion (sorta), but with a swing-out cylinder. No crane, so how does the cylinder swing out? No ejector rod, so how does Our Hero dump his empties?
In a different trailer on Endo's blog, you see the gun from the front, and the geometry of the charging holes appears to be for a five-shot cylinder. But Our Hero's belt is stuffed with six-shot speedloader/moon clips.
Am I being too literal? Am I too obtuse to appreciate the magic of Hollywood?
Doesn't matter, I'm not gonna see this, anyway.