Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wrenn case

Yeah, this is a kind of a big deal, but it's early to get your hopes up.

It's the "Shall Issue Washington DC" case everyone is talking about that the court ruled the District is in the wrong. 


But there are a few more levels of judges it's gotta fight through before the possible Boss Battle at the Supreme level.

But if it succeeds, well, if DC is Shall Issue, everything will be.

"Nuh uh, T-Bolt, it just gets rid of that one part of the CCW permitting process where you need a good reason to get the permit.  Like a personal threat, or you carry lots of diamond in a briefcase for work"

Duh.  That's what May Issue is.  The authorities decide if you are threatened enough.  They make a subjective decision.  Get rid of that requirement and they Shall Issue a permit if you jump through objective hoops like have a good record, and submit a picture and prints, and get training, and pay a fee, and....

Now there are other shenanigans they could do.  Make the fee $100,000.  Insist on training course that only the District does and then not offer any slots to sign up to take said training.  But because those are more objective they are even harder for the bastard to get away with.

But again we find ourselves in a place where it might be possible for me to carry legally in DC before I can carry legally in Maryland.  Which is weird.

Still a ways off.  Breath not held. 


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Bonus points: Gura.

Will said...

The odd training time/location horse pucky is one of the ways they heavily restricted the number of armed passenger plane pilots. That whole mess should have ended with heads on pikes in DC. It had military pilots that were nuke certified for their weekend flying gig, not passing the good character regs, along with other assorted idiocy.