Monday, July 31, 2017

Mach 1 Skyray

ANOTHER F-4? What is that, four different airframes?


I wish the Navy had a model designation system that was a little more sensibe?

You can sorta see a bit of the near future A-6 Intruder in this one, tho that's a totally different manufacturer.

Well, now you know how to take off in a Skyray, and you can go supersonic.


LCB said...

Sometime do a search on WW2 M3. You'll get the M3 half-track, the M3 light tank and the M3 Medium tank. Oh...and there was probably an M3 light truck, M3 medium truck and an M4 heavy truck. :-)

Comrade Misfit said...

F4D= Fourth fighter model made by Douglas

F4F= Fourth fighter model made by Grumman

F4H= Fourth fighter model made by McDonnell

F4U= Fourth fighter model made by Chance Vought

Makes perfect sense to me. And it worked, except for those easily confused AF pussies who demanded a separate number for each aircraft.

The Old Man said...

But for me, the Skyray was the sexiest jet I had ever seen when I was 10. Still have a t-shirt of it, and it has only been tied as sexiest by the F-4 Phantom II, IMHO.
Nut my all-time favorite is the P-61....

J4rh34d said...

I fondly remember building the Comet Models version of the Ford. Ah, the joys of printwood.