Sunday, September 10, 2017

Gun Ownership Map

How is gun ownership in Maryland 20% while in DC, where gun ownership was unheard of 10 short years ago, 25%

This seems fishy.

Even counting security types in the District.  That often live OUTSIDE the city. 

Delaware just a bit over 5% while a whole quarter of District of Columbia? 

Now they are counting is weird, counting gun incidences and...  you know they are pulling this out of their butt, and the article mentions pretty much the same thing too.  Screwy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, those state percentages do not pass the sniff test.

Borepatch said...

Yeah. I grew up in Maine, and there's no way that there is a higher percentage of gun owners in Maryland than in Maine.

It doesn't seem like they controlled for the "I don't want to talk to pollsters" variable.