Monday, September 4, 2017

Run, Marty, Run

The country needs someone JUST.  LIKE. YOU.

Martin O'Malley for Democrat Governor of the United States

You know who played him in The Wire?  The philandering Mayor of Baltimore soon to be Governor in that show?  Little Finger.

"Oh, T-Bolt!  Don't confuse the character with the actor."

Well, part of the person always bleeds into the performance, and this guy Gillen always plays a gaping arse...  Ima bet he is a gaper in real life until he does a bunch of sympathetic roles. 


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm prepared to be persuaded otherwise. The kid that played Joffrey is apparently a peach IRL.

Jonathan H said...

Umm, didn't O'Malley run Last Year? He did so bad he made Hilary look good - why would he do any better this year?
I think he needs to elevate his national profile first (and many other things) before he can do any better.