Friday, September 1, 2017

What is WRONG with you

Frosh, long time gun banner and current Maryland AG has been a reliable leftist for some time.  But he's tripped into non-sensical.  Lost his damn mind, cuz of Trump.

Gov. Hogan, paraphrase"Hey if we catch a felon with a firearm we ought to maybe give him real jail time because releasing them immediately is just adding to the violence."

AG Frosh, paraphrase:  "Trump's fault!"


“We have a problem in our country, led by the White House, of disrespect for the judiciary and disrespect for the rule of law. I think that’s the last thing we want to do in the state of Maryland,” Frosh said.
So I guess Frosh doesn't want to put convicted criminals in jail.

Of course Frosh doesn't want to get violent gang member off the streets of Baltimore.  If anything he'd put more of them there to get more gun violence to give him more justification of more gun control in Maryland. 

Here's a thought.  Indianapolis has less gun violence than Baltimore.  It's even slightly bigger than Baltimore.  In a good year Baltimore is twice as deadly, per capita, and lately three times as deadly.  Let's adopt Indiana's crime and gun regulation regime here for a little while.  See if that moves the needle.

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