Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Speaking of reliability

I have new spring in my magazines.  And the 9mm back.  And they found the two extra magazines, 3 and 4, so I have them to test. 

#3 mag I am looking at funny.  The feed lips are spread.  I bet it isn't long for this world.  We shall see.

The burr on the slide is corrected.  It was caused by....  bad magazines, specifically the springs.  If there is something wrong with a semi-auto, and you aren't sure why, the smart money bets the root of it is the magazines. I have spare spring on order.

The gunsmith sorta hates working on this gun because he has to test fire it later.  And he is so happy with his trigger job that he is wont to give it back.  It is a nice trigger.  Your trigger job is very nice when it makes the gunsmith that made it extra happy, I figure.

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