Thursday, September 14, 2017


That's a lotta households with guns, 120,000,000 adults with a gun in the house out of 250,000,000 total adults.  And done by the WSJ/NBC.  Not exactly a super left or super right effort there.  

I wonder if people tell the pollster that they have a gun when they don't?  Cuz if my work or my doctor or some pollster on the phone asks me I lie and say no.  If they do follow up like "I thought you talked about shooting at the range that one time."  I lie some more about a borrowed gun from a buddy or "Oh I got rid of that a few years back."

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Jonathan H said...

I not surprised that that many households have guns; I AM surprised that that many households ADMITTED in a telephone survey to owning guns.
I certainly wouldn't, of course, I haven't gotten telephone surveys on anything yet. I have a friend who has gotten them and he says they are so slow and frustrating that he usually ends up hanging up midway.