Friday, September 8, 2017

Range 7 Sept.

Took the 9mm.

Upper left, four shots.  Walked it in to the center.  Had to leave it with just the 4.   Shifted to upper right for the rest of that mag.

Then... the rest.  Results mixed.  Some shots the trigger just felt... right.  Those are the ones in the center.  The ones that are just ok are a bit high, but at least they are relatively centered.  I like how my flaw has shifted.

Lessee... up at 12 is 'breaking wrist up'.  I guess anticipatory flinch.  I'm sure.  Better there than low left, but I think I can beat this.

Lots of lock backs in the middle of the magazine, but that was expected with these springs.  A little more set should help, I am told.  Magazine #2 was the best, only locking back on the last one.  Magazine #2 has always been my favorite.  #2 was the lower left target.  No distraction from having to slide release there.

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