Thursday, May 31, 2018

With guns...

... the picture in my head, partly placed their by Marketing, often doesn't match up with the facts on the ground.

In my head: "The Taurus Curve?  Hmmm, I can see the utility of such an easily concealable or backup gun.  This fills an important niche.  Where is that credit card?"

In reality: "I may have made a mistake."

We all do it.  Especially when new to this gonne stuff.  But even seasoned gunnies that actually do know their way around stuff can fall for it.

What good is an M3 Greasegun?  There are better subguns, but subguns don't have a lotta utility.  Yet I have a case of the WANTS something bad.  Resisting.  The price tag helps.

also:  I didn't get a Curve.  Other examples:  AMT Backup.  Anything in .25ACP.  The Taurus Judge.  The Chiappe Rhino.  The Chiappa Medusa.  The Boberg 9.

I HOPE not the Hudson H9. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Spread a Lil Joy

Oh ma gaw.  So glad she is not the President.

5 Years

Since I quit.  I was ready.  15 years smoking. 

I thought I'd miss it more.

I still dream of smoking but in the dream I am thinking "crap!  now I gotta go through all that quitting rigmorole again."

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Still Outta Pocket

And it is hard to follow the news.

Roseanne got fired from her own show and this made the Dow crash 400 points?  Huh?

Whatcha readin'?


Right now some Talbot Mundy.  A little Jimgrim.

It's about the Levant.  Post Turk shennanigans in what will eventually become Isreal, written by a Brit that became an American and spent lots of time doing that Brit adventure via gummint job thing that was so fun for second sons during the British Empire years.

It opens in Jersusalem with ostensibly American main characters, early 1920s.  Americans are popular on every side because they aren't in charge of anything so their is no reason to chafe against them much.  The narrator is a New York journalist.  The hero is James Grim, an American recruited by the Brits to be their spy.

I recommend it.  Part of the writing are quite good.  Mundy can turn a phrase or two.  And it gives you the flavor of the area and can be valuable for non-fiction aspects.

I am sure I got this off of Gutenberg.  I swear, more than half my Kindle is full of free old books.  Yup, I was one of the 25 that downloaded this.

That Mundy was an odd duck that lead a fantastical life.

What are YOU reading.

More importantly, what on Gutenberg do I need to dig out and have overlooked up til now?  I got Baum, Kipling, Haggard, Rohmer, Burroughs, Hornung, Kelland.  I mean the more obscure gems.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Dems again

Yeah, I've toyed, mentally, with that idea.

If Democrats want to ban guns they should feel free to.  Among themselves.  Firearm homicides wouldn't disappear over night, but it would drop to European levels.

But that's stealing a march.  One of the Democrat constituencies is convicts and violent criminals.  Of course if criminals and cons can't get guns they'd have to do all their killing with knives and bricks and bats and brickbats. 

So my mental exercise is half silly.  It's just that Dems are full silly.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

place holder

Yeah, this is the sparse blogging. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Gonna be a bit out of pocket

Posts HAVE been sparse of late.  Content wise.  Sorry.  Work is brutal.  And I am relaxing on this long weekend.  Post may be sparser for a few days. 

Friday, May 25, 2018


Why was Bloke on the Range terminated? He's the most innocuous cuddly nice gun videographer...

Shit, if Trump can be 'forced' to not block obscene disruptive critics on his Twitter feed, why is Google, this blog's host, allowed to block Bloke? Speaking of which, I better back up this blog.

Break up the internet Monopoly powers if they are gonna go all tyrant on us.

(Answer?  Standard BS reasons in 'explanation'.)

Thursday, May 24, 2018


You Democrats are sick.  If you are still a Democrat and don't like this behavior, why are you still a Democrat?  You don't have to love Trump.  God knows I have mixed feelings.  You don't even have to like Mitch McConnell.  You just have to stop poxxy condoning stuff like this Emanuel guy.


20% of Americans are wrong.

Start digging into THIS guy's past

So the Houston top lawdog is playing politics and making a lotta noise after a school shooting.

When the Broward County top lawdog did the same thing in February he was trying to distract us.  He was hiding something.  Obfuscating all his failures.

Failed Secretary of Education Arne Duncane is doing the same thing.  Sleight of hand calling for a general strike to hide the policies that directly lead to a shooting. 

So is Houston distracting, hiding, obfuscating, sleight-of-handing now?  Dunno, but I know what the safe bet is.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Future Project

So I need to get the receiver off a Savage 99 barrel.

I need a barrel vise and a special wrench for that.

But just because you have brute force tools means you can yank them around all brutey forcey and all.

Still, wish me luck.  And patience.

One guy did this:

So I will queue offa him.  I hope he's a viewer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Welcome to the Party Pal

"Yes, they DO want to take your guns"

Well, yes.  Us enthusiast have been sounding that alarm for a while.

Now?  They are overtly calling for it, and widely.

Also.  People are reporting this call for a gun ban and 2nd Amendment repeal, so un-enthusiast gun owners know about this and can no longer be fooled by gaslighting Progs that say "No one is coming for your guns, silly."  REGULAR voters now know that is a lie.

All the cards are on the table.

Actually, this is a good thing.   I don't think non-gunnies are on board with a ban of any kind.  Now they know a ban of one class leads to a ban of a next class, naturally.  The gun banners are making an error.


But you know how we have mall ninjas?  Embarrassing gun enthusiasts that are all mouth?  What do you call the thing on the other side of the divide that want to make my hands cold and dead so he can pry my gun away?  Beside 'hilarious.'

Monday, May 21, 2018

Whadaya mean

I didn't have a rough draft for today's post already. Crud.

Well, helping out Hatfield's with their 1911 re-build class.  This weekend was them filing down their slide rails to a round number that ends in zero.  Like .1180 inches.  Or .1150 inches.  Then, SMASH the frame rails with a hammer!  Peen them RIGHT down!  WHAM WHAM WHAM!  It's quite upsetting if you've never done it before.  You put a slide fitting bar in the rail gap so you can peen metal to a precise fit.  Say... .1180 inches?

Now, you rail has peened over metal sticking out where you can file it, but the vertical gap is the exact one to one fit in the frame and slide rails. 

This is the start of tight gun. 

And the pucker factor is about a 6?  Only because the pucker factor gets worse when you do the barrel lugs.  Next class maybe we'll start that.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


This is why I have a Jacobins tag.

1789, the year the Enlightenment peaked and then went off the rails.

Jacobins is my shorthand for all the Off The Rails bit.  Before, I really like the enlightenment.  Adam Smith, the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution and the seeds of Science, the Declaration, property rights, individual dignity, rule of law, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  After... it's guillotines and communists and suffering and Rock-Roll music on the Teevee.  And it all started (in this fanciful world I made up in my head but has a whiff of truth to it) when the Jacobins yanked on the lever and caused the bottom to fall out of it.

Keep my principles pre 1789 and more Westerly than Continental.  The Wogs start at Calais.   And so does Socialism and sacrifice for the good of the state. 

The duality of the Enlightenment.  One side gives us James Madison and John Locke.  The other side brings us Maximilien Robespierre and eventually Karl Marx.

Embrace one side. Guard yourself and your society against the other.

"Which do I embrace and which do I guard against"

Guard against the side that brings murder by the millions and needless suffering for ten times that.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


I own a few.

But lately I'm only USING four.

I got enough that I would preload 100 rounds and show up at the range and never need to use a mag loader.

But I like breaking up the session, so I end up only using four.  Shoot, relax, load, shoot, and so on.  Slow the pace down.

Think about the shooting in between strings.  What could I do better.  Am I forgetting my finger placement?  Ooooh, I anticipated too often that last time, better relax.  Stop prairie dogging over the front sight.  That was good with the trigger reset keep that up.  Breathe.  Relax.  Make the trigger go good, you've been here before.

Those are things on my mind. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Red v Blue

Used to be the map was blue for Republicans and red for Democrats.

That's what it was in the 1980s.

But the media changed the colors.  Red was a negative thing for liberals.  It implied commies.  And that lost em votes in the 80s.  "Liberal" was a dirty word.  A perjorative They didn't want to be associated with communism insisting they weren't communist.  Well, overtly.  Needed to distance themselves from a their losing past.  And part of that was the color Red.  Plus, REAL commies were doing poorly, don't want to be associated with them because they aren't 'winning' either.

So, in 1996, the colors flipped.

And stayed flipped.  All pretenses dropped.

"Oh we just changed them every now and then" they said then.  "Don't mean nothing."

They haven't changed them back.  And now the terms are entrenched.  RedStateThe Blue Model.   Impossible to go back.  It's baked into the political cultural cake. No going back without major paradigm shifts.

They didn't think, them lefty media types colluding with the Dems way back... what if the commies want their color back?

"We're turning the state the right shade of red tonight." Well, you are socialist, so the right red shade, based on past performance is?  Blood?

I'm not too concerned.  Socialism is SUCH a failure that the young neo-tyrants trying on the Mao coats for the first time to see how they fit won't be wearing them too much longer.  A flash in the pan.  Might as well flirt with Muslim Terrorism sympathy as a philosophy for the Democrat party.  I am predicting a mere flash in the pan.  Not like men's pants that hang down too far, exposing your undies prominently, that have persisted for 20+ years for some reason.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Agenda Inject

A good enough article.  I have some quibbles.

About the assassin that shot GOP legislators last year with an SKS.

"At around 7:06 a.m., a man in a blue T-shirt approached the field and fired 62 7.62x39mm rounds through a lawfully purchased Century International Arms SKS-style semiautomatic assault rifle."

Why you gotta inject that term?  It's wrong.

Now if you had said "assault weapons"....   STILL WRONG.  You lefty publications most always get it wrong, and when 'right' it is just promoting a made up, Sugarman, lefty term.  A definition not universally accepted.

Just say rifle. A crap old Combloc rifle not nearly as good as a Garand. 

Well, learn the difference.  Or ask someone that really knows to fact check your terms.

There's an idea!  Publications could employ a person called a 'fact checker' or summat.  I've invented a new term!  Dibs!  Copyright!

It's a decent article otherwise and worth the read.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Senator Gillibrand

"If it was 'Lehman Sisters' instead of Lehman Brothers, maybe we wouldn’t have had that financial crisis"  --Gillibrand D-NY

Well that is an interesting take. 

But if that happened then John McCain would have been president instead of the incompetent Stuttering-Jesus. 

And if I recall 2008, that also means bad things would have happened in the McCain administration and we'd be all living in a nuclear wasteland right now, using bottle caps for money, macaroni colanders for protective headgear, and be making rudimentary firearms out of copper pipe and driftwood. 

Read this

It's hilarious.

This is Obedillah fellow is a piece of work.  Ignorant?  Propagandist?  Both?

Let's semi-fisk Mr. Okeechobee's little piece.

"sounds alarmingly like a man seeking to form an armed militia."

Well, he has been elected president of the NRA.  Sorta comes with the job.  The armed militia.  Like being elected Grand Poobah of Paul McCartney fan club.  Being the head of an org like that, I bet the members have a few Beatles albums they listen to.

"outrageous comments by North make it clear the NRA leadership is scared"

Not the feels I got from it...

"gun sales have plunged during Donald Trump's presidency"

Yes gun sales were down a bit after Trump won.  There was no Clinton threat of gun bans.  She lost.  Lovers of freedom could relax a bit.  Lil Shitler David Hogg changed all that.  Boosting sales back into record territory by pushing for gun bans.

"a recent CNN poll shows an increasing number of Americans support common sense gun control"

Oh, your side ALWAYS says that, and it's always exaggerated and ephemeral and your hold onto such stats well past their sell-by dates

"North then invoked the Jim Crow era, when laws enforced racial segregation and blacks suffered horrific violence"

Yes, gun control is mostly the remnants of the last active Jim Crow laws.  No guns for black people.  I'm not the only person that's noticed this, don't take my word for it.   Before 1968, I'd say 90% of all gun control was racist.  After 1968 and the Gun Control Act it was prolly only 80% racist.  80% racist is still pretty bad.   

You could get CCWs before the 1980s.  You had to apply in person with the sheriff is many districts.  So he could see you.  See what you looked like.  I wonder what a lotta them sheriffs were looking for that way? 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Range 14 May

Ok, now I am heeling.

With the .22 at least. The ones in the paint are at 8 years yards, the bottom two are at 25 yards.  One CCI dud.

But the shots are more centered.  Acting like I am in charge and faking it til I'm making it centered me a bit?

I like that middle one.

I also like I didn't think twice about pushing the target out to 25 yards.  I wouldn't have even tried that a year ago.  AND I can tell where the group is.  I figure a year ago I'd have a hard time and there would be under shots from flinching.

A little less heeling and shooting high would be good. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

That's Not Training!

"A simulator?  No live ammo?  That's not training.  There is no recoil control, it's a totally different experience than live fire.  Might as well be playing a video game."

Yes, there are disadvantages to a simulator heavy training regime.  But you overlook the distinct advantages.

Ammunition costs are zero. 

It's an actual Glock we use in there.  The trigger is the same as real Glock because it is a real Glock. 

It's much easier to see the tiny barrel movements just before trigger break if those movements aren't interrupted by the violent recoil of a shot.

And, maybe most importantly, anyone in the room can HEAR your trigger pull.  Something you'd never hear in a live fire situation.  And it isn't hard to hear every damn flaw in my stupid trigger work, dangit.  Especially when it falls apart under time pressure. 

So, it is training.  Not perfect, but an excellent adjunct to the real thing.  And I am glad I do it. 

Spent this last session hitting simulated targets on the 100 yard line.  The 'plate' is the size of the front dot.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Good Guy with a Gun

It's just this time, the guy is a gal. 

NRA Convention, Illinois.


They OUGHTA insist the NRA hold its convention in Chicago.  Think of the lives it would save with 80,000 NRA CCW members in town driving down the crime rate by 50% or more.  As per usual.

Are you writing these ideas down, Fairfax?  I got more. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Gun Skool today

Simulator training.

Maybe I can work on whatever new bad habit I picked up and get my mojo back.  We'll see.

Gunsmiff skool next week.  Where I am the TA.  Unpaid.  Gonna be great.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Plodding Right Along

So, work has been hectic of late, with longer hours and less time to skylark and think about bloggy blog topics.

Been dwelling on financials.  I do a halfway decent job socking money away.  The 401k situation at work isn't the best I've seen, but there is something matched at least.  And I've maxed out contributions.  I keep a spreadsheet to track how I am doing and update it yearly, so I sort of know all sources and totals better than most.  It's more than 5 times my salary before age 50.  It still doesn't seem like nearly enough. 

At least I have gotten to the point where a the thought of needing to buy a new furnace and a get new car the same week doesn't fill me with existential panic. 

Doesn't matter.  Work stress and exposure to less job security with the company of late would concern me regardless. 

Gun content... Sell one?  Nothing worth much that is also surplus to requirements.  I'm lucky I don't NEED to. 

What else?  Folks at work talking about Democrat controlled cities are driving up violent crime numbers.  And without my prompting and by folks not SUPER dyed in the wool conservative wonks.  A few leftist try to rationalize it but their heart isn't it and their arguments are weak.  When you are this close to Baltimore it is harder to poo-poo crime rates.  That city hit's it's 100th murder milestone for 2018 this week.  PLUS some poor sod got cut in two by the commuter choo-choo, too.  Gruesome. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Range 8 May 2018

56 rounds fired.  50 of them Magtech, 6 of them Federal Hyrda Shoks I am burning through as plinker ammo.

Round 41 of the session, 1277 since the gun was rebuilt, 285 rounds since the gun was cleaned and lubed, the round was stripped but didn't quite go fully into battery.  It was a Hydra Shok, too.  They seem to be slightly bigger than the FMJ stuff.  A bit more resistant and tighter when loading into the magazines.

And I still don't quite have my epiphany mojo back.  But I think the secret is MOAR WOBBLE. 

My shots aren't centered.  They got centered a few weeks back for a few sessions when I purposely tried to wobble the pistol. 

I think since then I've tightened the wobble too much.  I loosened it up, covering the WHOLE head, ear to ear, and was reward with that hole in the yellow on the next shot.  Ah HA. 

Now I need to go back and do that again, ALL at 8 yards, not split 8 and 25.  I was tired, that was the end of the session, but damn that is unsat, the body hits at 25. 

Yes, go back and do MOAR Wobble.  Try to relax.  I was decent for a whole month.  I can be again.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

And another Hog

Same town.  Eldersburg MD.

Are the Woodchucks there infected with Rage Virus?

California Dreamin'

I have a modest proposal.  Now hear me out. 

California wants out of the Union.  Calexit.  And good riddance from the other 48 states (I never recognized Missouri.)

But, Cali owes the rest of us a lotta money in their huge deficits, but has no industry or commodities extraction to speak of anymore to pay it back.  Mining, oil extraction, even their farms are hard hit.   Plus they are trying to build a very expensive worthless choo choo and fund other boondoggle.  AND they will need to buy their water and electricity from the USA.

What do?

Well, they DO have their fair share of young attractive women.

If they secede they don't take the Constitution with them, and prolly wouldn't want to.  There is no 2nd, 13th, and 19th Amendments in the new country they make.  And they LOVE state control of economy.  Just tap their resource and rent out the services of those attractive women on a limited time basis.  Pure profit as they don't have to pay the ladies anything but sustenance.  And who is to stop them?  The men won't want to and would probably vote appropriately.  And couldn't resist without firearms anyway. 

It's wins all around for everyone. 

Well, except....

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Also my state

A deputy shot a groundhog that was... I don't know.  Threatening cars?

The hog musta had a cell phone in his hand or something.

Yeah, he was coming right at him.

This was in Carrol County.  AKA 'Cornfield County' AKA 'almost Pennsylvania.'  It's rural, and NW of Baltimore.  It's also the county where Hap Baker is. 

I've wrangles my fair share of gophers.  Never had to shoot one.

The Gov

I mean it is a little disappointing.

Yes it is an election year.

I guess he thinks being a little go along with anti-gun laws is fine in this state to secure the crossover Dem votes he critically needs to win re-election.

He's very popular in the state.  Even with Democrats.

So the strategy of vetoing the bills and letting the legislature override the veto (and they had the votes for that) means he is popular with me, but it might tick down his stock with the voters he needs to win.

The anti-gun stuff becomes law either way.

But HE may get four more years.

So why fall on his sword on principle and lose?

He might be anti-gun, too.  Ever think of that.

I won't be voting for his opponent.

But I may not vote for him either, now. 


Added:  The ACLU isn't too excited about what he signed...

Monday, May 7, 2018

Well, good

Now I can use up all my checks before dropping Bank of America.  They can't be all bad.  They give millions to AR makers.  Again.  Like a good company with a good civil rights record. 

The only problem I have with them now is their bank branches near me look like a bus station toilet.

All out of thinks

Our governor didn't veto some anti-gun bills.  So if you say, "The T-Bolt guy seems a lil squirrelly," then the state cops might come and NOT pay be $14 billion. Don't do that, please.

So here is one of my favorite Kids in the Hall sketches.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


Tam linked this site about how much gawdawful money folks waste on training every year.

Kidding!  I value training. I have not regretted a dollar I have spent.

For shooting training it's once every other month for live fire, on average.  Let's call it just quarterly.  $65.  Times for  $260 bucks.  That doesn't count ammo expended or range rental fees or gas to get 40 miles.

Simulator training is every week I can get there.  I try to go every week, but... let's call twice a month.  $25 per.  $600 a year.  Plus gas.

I practice at the range faithfully at least 40 times a year, and that is ammo plus $175 range membership and a coupla bucks worth of paper targets.  No extra gas.

That's just to get me to shoot better.  (I'm not even going to add up what I have spent on Gunsmith training and materials and tooling.  Hooboy.  That's a lotta dough devoted to that column, and I don't want to think about it...)

And, let's face it, I am light on shooting training.  I want to do more.  I want to get better.  So I'd need to do more and more varied training evolutions.  So, for a semi devoted but lightly trained dude, I am spending a grand a year on training.  Enough for an H9 every year.  But if I had to choose between a neat new gun and this training I'd pick the training.

You know something?  It is FUN.  I am lucky in getting a gunsmith that trained with the Army Marksmanship Unit Team in order to learn their top tier ins and outs (he'd never shoot as well as them, but he had to speak their language and KNOW it to work on their guns) and in turn trained others (non competitors) while on the AMU.  So he is decent at shooting, at gunsmithing, AND training.  Like I said, I lucked out.  I learn something every session.  I improve something every session. 

I am not unmindful of having but a single training vector.  I will certainly address that when I can.

Also.  Training can be a bit humbling.  Thinking I am getting good, like objectively good...  when I down 6 pepper poppers from low ready in 2 seconds flat?  And some dude comes in and does it 1.5 without even really trying.  Yeah.  Max Michel doesn't have to worry about me winning his prize money.  Ever.   Maybe if he had a really bad flu... 

Saturday, May 5, 2018


Hell if MARYLAND is split then gun control is a loser.

Remember, our state is 2 to 1 advantage in democrats.  The article even notes that fact.

All the folks vying to challenge the popular, personable, Republican governor are pro gun control and are lagging behind him.  They are pushing their gun ban bona fides and it doesn't really move the needle in their favor.  Think they and others will take note of this fact?  Maybe a gun control position lands you Bloomberg money but no necessarily an office?

Friday, May 4, 2018

No Problem

I'll sell you every gun I own for $15,000,000,000.  Heck make it $14,000,000,000.  I'm a bargain.

All of them.

Now that's what I call a gun 'buyback'!

Can't promise I won't have 100 more the next day...   Plus my newly hired bodyguards will have firearms on them, of course.

Gonna git spensive if you want to buy some other guns owner's inventory...

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Springfield tells Field & Stream, Dicks, to pound sand down a rathole.  Because of those Dicks' civil rights record.


Because this word needs to be spread

Not because it is a good idea for idiot kids to be protesting this way, for or against gun control.  That's a whole 'nother matter. 

But because if 400 schools had walkouts supporting gun bans you would (and did) hear about it in the headlines for a couple news cycles.

If 400 schools have walkout supporting civil rights and the keeping and bearing of firearms, then you have radio silence.  Because the people that decide what gets exposure in the major Media outlets are gun banners and in kind contributors to the Democrat party. 

Well, you read this, so not total silence.

From now on...

When I get something that needs a NICS check, I am paying cash.

Just cuz.

But if they are paying attention to that then they notice $400 orders from online ammo purveyors...  Drat.

And every $40 part I get from a company like Brownells.

And if they really wanted to they can notice when my car's GPS is parked in the parking lot of the gunshow for a few hours on particular weekends...

Ok, so borrow a vehicle, pay cash, and buy ammo at the gun show.  Don't have a phone on you. Darned inconvenient.

Good timing floating this trial balloon THIS week, banks.  Bravo.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

If you aren't laughing...

You have a heart of stone.


Another once friendly gun purveyor poops on us and our civil rights. 

Vista Outdoor.

I don't WANT to have to boycott:

Savage Arms
Stevens Arms  
Hoppe’s gun cleaning/lubricant
Blazer Ammunition Federal Premium Ammunition and American Eagle CCI Ammunition and components
Speer Ammunition and components
Independence Ammunition
Force On Force Training Ammunition

I only list those among many other because those I have a chance of being in a constant market for.  Especially the highlighted.  I've been disappoint in quality control from other ammo companies lately.

I wasn't going to buy another Blackhawk! holster at any rate, so no loss there.

But I'll see what I can do.  Truth is I might have enough Hoppes to last me.  


ht Curt

Amend the Constitution

To save lives?

Get with the program, Progs.  Your precious CDC confirmed that 2,700,000 defensive gun uses occur every year.   They figured this out 20 years ago.  And kept it secret.

Ok, I'll let the secret bit pass.  The Dickey amendment said the CDC couldn't advocate for gun control.  That wasn't their mandate.  I can see see them not being allowed to advocate for the opposite.

But 2,700,000 is more than the number of deaths from firearms and injuries from firearms combines.  Intentional, self-inflicted, AND accidental.  Repeal the Second and the point is to prevent people from having a firearm, correct?  Think of the carnage if the that 2.7 million number is forced down by gummint mandate!

Save 10,000, leave 2,700,000 people out to twist in the wind.  

Advocating for such slaughter is beyond the pale, Nurses.  If you were doctors you'd be violating the Hippocratic Oath.  "First, do no harm..."

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Glock Perfection

So Glock is gonna give away the millionth G43 to celebrate meeting that milestone.  Neat.

For those that haven't memorized the model number lineup, the G43 is a sub-compact single stack 9mm.  Niche gun, not for everyone, easy to conceal.  And a new-ish model, only a recent addition.

And there are already about a million of them out there.  Mostly in the USA, since we are the big market for CCW guns.

If there are a million of these specialty guns, can you imaging how many bog-standard G17 service pistols there are in circulation?  And there are Leftist fools that think semi-autos can be banned and confiscated.

Happy May Day, Lefties.