Thursday, April 15, 2021

First CDC was all about the Gun Control

Firearms are a disease/health-threat or summat

Now racism is a serious public health threat, according to the CDC.

Well, everyone now knows that gun control is racism. So... I guess CDC did a 180 and it on our side now.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

20 years

Getting out after 20 years gives Al Qaeda a propaganda victory, Ms. Cheney?

You know what wouldn't have given them a propaganda victory?  Victory victory.  Like 16 years ago.  Too bad you don't know someone that could have helped pull that off, back then.  Prolly shoula been 18+ years ago.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Should you small-of-back carry


My answer?  Yes.  Obviously.  Better than a shoulder holster, or in your sock, like Sonny Crocket.

But I learned everything I know about CCW from hoody-wearing Axel Foley. And he carried small of back, so it must be best.  

*These are all opinions from 1986 T-Bolt.  Mileage may very.  But the Ponitac Fiero is a sweet machine.

Yup, Axel and his sweet Beretta wonder-nine carried in the small of his back. What could be better?


What?!  It was a Hi-Power?  Well, so much for my memory on a subject I was still unfamiliar with 30+ years ago.   So am I thinking of Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon for the Beretta?  Yeah

So, yeah, people don't carry at 6 o'clock much nowadays or when I started this blog.  When I started, most erryone was strong side hip, off center, IWB for concealed carry.  Now, a dozen plus years later a lot more Appendix carry you didn't see in 2007.

Things change and Beverly Hills Cop might not have held up as a training aid like I thought and HOLY GOD!!!

What is that?!  WTF IS THAT?!

That is Foley's boss, in that same movie, carrying a 1911, Mexican style, at his 9 o'clock, for a right hand draw.  No holster.  Thin, stylish, 1980s belt....  Shiver.  And the dude was an ACTUAL Detroit homicide detective when he wasn't acting.  So this was an actual thing.  Or may have been.  

Not to self.  In the future.  Don't take training tips from Eddie Murphy movies or Detroit homicide detectives.  

Seriously, appendix carry has it's ups and downs, but a big up is retention.  Easier to surprise you and snatch your gun if it is to your rear.  

Monday, April 12, 2021

Cautious Optimism

 Was referred to a chiropractor by the neurosurgeon. "It can't hurt and it might help."

He does four things

Zaps the lumbar area with a tens unit.

The chiro adjustment, on just the back.

Laser therapy on the feet soles for the neuropathy.

And decompression of the lumbar spine on a special table.

And I am starting to notice a bit of improvement.  The pain is still 3-4-5, but more 3 and less 5.  I haven't been 1-2-3 since I was on steroids and oxy for a week and a half.  We shall see.  As I write this it is 4PM on a Saturday and I haven't taken any Advil.  I am uncomfortable, yes, but I've been worse, and anything to give my organs a break I try to do.  

If indeed it is improving...  The pace is still morale-sappingly slow.  

Sunday, April 11, 2021

More like 'he's a moose knuckle'

Does this pic mean the ATF nominee David Chipman just earned a Pat Rogers moose-cock patch, earlier in his day, after dropping a mag?

Or does he just love moose-cock?

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Look at this

They both have mud in their treads.  Mud, or, manure.  And they are totally inappropriate shoes.  Except for the sole, of course, which are a coarse style tread you'd see on proper hiking boots.

These shoes are probably custom made for their feet.  From last that were fashioned years before.  They could have someone call up the shop, request some footwear, get top priority, and perfectly fitting safari shoes would arrive presently.  Glorious.  But I am glad isn't my boss. 


Remember how I was whining about camping?  Getting down to the ground, and then back, would be extra challenging.  Well...

This could be nice.  Not for backpacking of course.  But car camping.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Meh, EOs

Seems kinda meh,.  Weak sauce.  Trump's Executive Orders seemed so much more impactful, but I guess that's the nature of it.  It is easier to chop down acres and acre of regs than it is to impose new ones that would survive first contact with the judicial system.


  1. On again off again AR pistol braces are off again.  VERBOTEN!
  2. Try to think of a reg to make 80% frames/lowers verboten.
  3. Try to write up a red flag law to take the burden off the legislature to write the law and then they can just vote on it easy peasey.  It's hard to do a takings with just the Executive branch.  It'd get smacked down fast, they figure.  Get the lawmakers on board for a takings without due process.  To angle for Judicial branch buy in, too.

I half expected the Biden admin to risk more and take a bigger bite of the apple.

None of this puts an onus on bad guys or will move the gun violence needle.  But it's not supposed to.  It's supposed to move the football further down the field toward the total-ban endzone, of course.  Enforce the laws you got, instead of ignoring them.  Prosecute people that commit crimes with guns and imprison such violent people for long periods.  Prosecute people that are forbidden from having a gun for trying to buy a gun.  Project Exile type stuff.  That stuff helped.  But enforcement isn't in fashion right now.  

And this buy-panic is NEVER going to end.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Sleep Aid

 A lot of what I am doing to relieve my back pain is not recommended or sustainable, long term.  If I could get oxycodone I wouldn’t take it because of side effects and addiction issues.  I take a lotta ibuprofen but that can't go on forever as it is bad for he kidneys.  Acetaminophen is bad for the liver, especially if you drink, so that is out.  Aspirin is bad for the G.I. tract in pain relief dosages.

And I use a tumbler of bourbon as a sleep aid.

Can't keep that up because my favorite varieties of bourbon aren't cheap.  

Do you know what the sleep aid ingredient is in stuff like Tylenol Nighttime?  Benadryl.  I may alternate some of that instead of booze.  Especially in allergy season.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Got the blahs

I can't be arsed with the hobby.  Today at least.

"Any movement on just up and buying that DeLisle reproduction or equivalent, T-Bolt?"

Meh.  What's the point.

Now some of this is the health issues.  I no longer look at big 'ol Bug Out Bags.  I think about how to downsize and lighten.

One of the nice things about the video game Escape From Tarkov.  (It's a first person shooter and survival online player-vs-player game.)  You kit out before you enter play.  And weight and cost matters.  "I'll be fine with this AR and 2 mags in a chest rig.  No backpack, I'll loot one off a dead guy" and then "Heck, I'll just take an SKS with 30 loose rounds in my pockets, no chest rig, one bandage tucked in a sock.  Loot everything else I might need or die trying."

I look at the M1A and shiver.  Too heavy.  Especially with a dozen loaded magazines.  It always was a vehicle based gun.  At top physical condition I look sideways at that big toting rig and shake my head over the thought of a long walk.  

Backpack camp 8 miles from here?   Nowadays?  Yuck.  But I'd rather contemplate that with NO guns or ammo.  If I had to bring a boomstick bigger than a pistol, an AR is preferable to that 7.62 beast.  

But I have bandolier style pouches far mag fed rifles.  They hold 4 magazines.  I have 3 and a cleaning kit in them.  THAT is more BUG bag friendly.  And even my crippled back doesn't rebel thinking on it.  

(Who am I kidding?  A pistol and 2 spare magazines sounds too heavy right now)  

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Americans and new gun designs

It's true.

Think about it.  150 years ago how many people in this country owned a single action Colt style revolver and/or some variety of lever gun.  Those designs practically ARE America.  Not just Cowboy movies, but actual people.  

French people didn't own that many of those two type.  Not even close.  Now Swedes nor Prussians nor Egyptians.

"Well T-Bolt, they didn't have a vast Western frontier full of wilderness."

Fine.  South Africans and Rhodesians weren't chocablock with lever guns and revolvers.  Nor Australia.

Both designs were pretty fancy shmancy for the times, too.  'What do you need to shoot 5 rounds at one time for?  Going on a murder spree?'  Yeah, heard that strawman before.  

Monday, April 5, 2021

Monday? You got anything T-Bolt



Still nope.


The indoor range I am a member of has its yearly dues, uh... due.  To get your money out of it you have to do once a month.  I didn't go once a month last year.  Couldn't, in a lotta cases, the state wouldn't let them open.   Plus the ammo sitch.

But I have no qualms re-upping.  They stayed open all the times they were allowed to and they ARE a small business, struggling with the same stuff we all are.  

Well, they weren't struggling when people hoovered out every gun in the glass cabinets, but after that month they didn't sell so much the next because there was no inventory to restock the shelves.  

I should go and shoot this ammo I got back in the oughts.  I have too much .357.  Keep the semi-jacketed hollow point because the 1894 likes that

Sunday, April 4, 2021


 The worry just increases as you scroll down.


Finally got my taxes done.  I get back X from Feds, and owe 2X to the State.  And X is close to what Turbo Tax charges.  So no windfall for me.

Doing my taxes was a big deal because I gotta sit up to do it, and sitting up hurts the ol' spine that I'd been whining about for 10 months or so.  So, yay, me.

"Good job, T-bolt!  How did you celebrate?"

I'm a grown ass man!  This is one of those onerous chores that every adult has to do.  Do you think it appropriate to dole out special rewards for doing what you are expected to do?  A participation trophy?

Ahem, I had a slice of Key Lime pie.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

It wasn't that long ago

 When I had a buncha duckpin lanes to choose from, locally.  I miss em.

Friday, April 2, 2021

It just struck me

Mom was born and raised in Kalamazoo Michigan.  Move to metropolitan DC a handful of years before I was born and worked as a bank teller.  But her formative years were deep in the midwest.

She always called it Soda.  Never Pop. Known that woman for more than 50 years...

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Guns for Hunters

 Or Hunter in this case.  The crack addled prodigal Biden.

It's reported the gun he bought that was then pitched in a dumpster by his girlfriend was a Colt Cobra snubbie .38.  I'd guess one of the new ones Colt has been making since interest surged with The Walking Dead's Python, and not a vintage one.  Retails for about the same as a Smith & Wesson J-Frame.  

Why that model, I wonder?  For him, price would be little object, he's got all that Burisma board bribe money of $50k a month even with his Pops taking 50% of that off the top.    

He kept it in a car lockbox, so maybe he didn't want anything full size.  I bet he's a n00b at shooting, so he doesn't want any learning curve on his blaster's operating system, and a revolver is as easy to use as a fork.