Saturday, October 31, 2020



Yes, I saw every episode they aired on Channel 20 at 4:30.  Yes this informed the platonic ideal for me of what a horror shoebox diorama should looks like.

This and Morgan Freeman's mad scientist on Electric Company.

Good old Vincent.  Thank you Canada.

TV Question

"You need to stop watching movies and lose the damfool notion that it's possible to shoot people just a little bit."

Tam said that.  You've said something similar. I know I have.  That got me to thinking...  

I remember watching re-runs of the Lone Ranger as a kid.  The Lone Ranger, being the good guy, shot the guns out of bad guys' hands.  The gun.  The hand would smart, but it looked like the LR never hit flesh.  The baddies didn't have a hole or a missing digit or anything.  And the bullet always zinged off somewhere, and never into the face of the black hat or someone else nearby.  Classic Olde Timey television. 

Other horse operas of the era had similar tropes.  Blazing Saddles had the Waco Kid do it to make fun of the concept.  I bet Roy Rogers didn't shoot to kill that often, but I haven't seen his complete body of work.  (We won't get into Matt Dillon, Marshal at Dodge City...)  

But these are all old shows.  Much younger than me, and you haven't seen these.  What shows, more recent, are people getting winged in the leg or shoulder by a good guy that wants to stop a bad guy but doesn't want to kill them?  (And, this being a show, not even hurt them real bad.  Wear a sling for a week, rub some dirt on that .45LC hit to the bones of your upper humerus and clavicle, you'll be fiiiiiiine, ya big baby.)  Is there some show, that came out after 1974, that keeps this concept alive?


I guess it happened to Della Reese in Harlem Nights.  Her character got shot in the pinky toe.  1989.  Kinda obscure.

In T2 the Terminator was ordered not to kill and he shot a lotta folks in the legs.  1991.  But a cyborg has much better marksmanship.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Open MRI?

 Those things take shit images.

Like a screen of a 1955 Black and White TV.  The surgeon, before he can cut on you, needs the equivalent advance to 1080P.  Minimum.  Don't waste time on Open MRI if you can help it.

Even to a layman like me those images are shite.

Hurry Up!

 Get some 2A cases before the court!  It's a 6-3 pro Second Amendment court!

Is it, though?  Will Roberts and Gorsuch now grow as jurist and squish out on us for 2A stuff, and others?  Roberts has already demonstrated squishiness.  He could dig inhis heels on every onerous law and shout stare decisis and that is that.  And Gorsuch somehow quietly goes along.  Ah well!  So it goes.  They morph into black robe David French and Jonah Goldberg.  And they always were.

Sorry.  Feeling pessimistic.  

Change gear to optimism.  Yes, worse case Dems get the Senate and start talking court packing.  My feeling is they fail at this.  They blink, on packing.  But the scare has a chilling effect on court cases.  Things still lean our way, but not vigorously.  Which is fine as long as it last and it has potential to last a while.    

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Just Relax

It is very serendipitous a lot of the training I got was more of a 'relaxed shooter shoots better' variety.  Like a golfer.  No death grip on the gun.  Ride the recoil, and the sights line back up very quick.  If you relax.  I certainly understand and often admire the firm control of super-grip types.  That is another valid shooting style.  The dominant one, right now, in fact. And it works.



Watch their grips.  Hard hard  See the muscles on their forearms?  These people are NOT relaxed.  Head hunched over, too.  Tense.  But you know what?  They are super fast and hitting their targets and rarely missing.  So, the proof is in that pudding, ya know?

There is ever a guy that about loses control of his entire body.  Still makes the shot.  

Note their elbows ware all in and downm tho.  That is vital to a relaxed shooting style.  When your elbows go out that really conducive to tensing up.  And tiring yourself out.  So even the hardcore AMU speedsters are on the same page as that.

"Who the heck taught you this sill relaxed stance T-Bolt.  Some idiot."

No, somebody that learned and trained and was trained by that same unit.  The AMU.  Army Marksmanship Unit.  

"Ok, ok, but still.  Don't you want to run hard fast and accurate like those guys?"

Well, of course I do.  And relaxed I am much more fast and accurate now, after learning that, than I was.  But I can't go hard like that.  I'm not young.  Or Jerry Miculek.  And you've heard me whining about my spine more than once.

The serendiptiy is that the this works.  For me.  Now.  Because of my limitation is it really the only way I could get more fast and accurate.  

Jerry is prolly older than me.  And his style has some relaxation to it.  His head doesn't hunch so much.  Hunching really tenses my whole body up, I don't know about you.  Head upright and natural.  Bring your sights to your sightline, not your sightline to your sights.  Elbows down.  Grip as hard as a putter.  (thought some go full relax...  EXCEPT for their forearms and hand.) And work on your trigger break.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

NOW I gotta get THREE of everything?!!


Three.  Not just one is none, and two is one, but a pair and a spare?  

Ok.  Yer the boss.  Everyone is gonna think I am using this as an excuse to buy more guns, but, there is no arguing.   Gotta get a 50% bigger gun locker to start with, I guess...

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


 Compare.  And there is evidence for all these things

Trump is:

  • rude
  • crude
  • slippery and difficult to deal with in business transactions.  Unethical?  Get your money up front or he simply won't pay you, knowing your legal bill will be higher than what he owes ya.  Ick.
  • he gropes women that came to him to get groped.
Biden is:
  • crooked.  Pay for play.
  • traitorous.  Some of the people he made pay him were the Enemy.  CHICOMS.  
  • braggart.  He BRAGS, on camera, he made a quid pro quo with Ukraine while VP.  Pay up and fire the DA investigating the payola.
  • a plagiarist.  since the 80s
  • gropey to children
  • maybe rapey, to that one intern, but he-said, she-said at this point
  • rude.  When challenged by regular folks he get combative and insulting.  Like Trump.
  • racist.  Notice he never sniffs on black girls?
  • tax evader.  all those payoffs were shields from the IRS, I am sure.  You don't declare your ill-gotten booty.

What I can't comprehend is all the people that have already voted for the Crooked, Traiterous, Child-Botherer.  Trump may be an ass, but he's no crook.  Even after his tax returns were illegally leaked, they can't find any crookedness.  I'd rather have that kind of ass than a crook.  

Speaking of voting, early in person voting started yesterday, here.  Might check that out.  In case my spine gets worse.  One week...

Monday, October 26, 2020

You know someone?

 Of course.

I'm shocked that only half of Americans know someone that got the Rona.  

There have been a dozen at the office.  None I know, tho.  Don't count.

My work wife?  Her real husband tested positive.  I know him.  That was only a month and a half ago.  He didn't spread it to anyone else. 

A buddy I've camped with got it, and he had co-morbidities.  Spent half a day in the ER not breathing well.  They gave him anti-biotics to fight off pneumonia and he got better.  His missus caught it.  She got better.  They all got better.  I know no deaths from the WuFlu.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

One good thing about this political season?

 Hillary will never be president.  That's what I voted for in 2016.  That.   

Still and absolute objective good.

Imagine her with Covid 19, and the temptation for her to grab power.  We'd be no better off with the disease, but we'd be worse off with our freedoms.  The foreign policy wins we'd seen would not have happened.  Nothing in her SecState activities indicated she'd get us to where we are now with wars and the positives we've seen in the Middle East.  The friendly economic environment that gave us unparalleled growth before the pandemic would not have happened.  That wasn't her plan.  No Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, ACB, either.  

 Hillary will never be president.  Phew.

Saturday, October 24, 2020


Now that is the daily driver I want.

On 1700 cubic inches?  Probably get better mileage than my old Durango. Same horsepower, too.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Got nothing for today

 My physical therapist is disappointed with my lack of progress.  

Though hardly!  I am sure it does me good to work and stretch some muscles I would be working otherwise.  I am almost positive the exercise is not making anything worse.  Maybe it is making it a little harder to sleep because of sore muscles.  

I've cut way back on alcohol consumption since I started all this a month and a half ago.  So, physical activity, plus, less empty booze calories?  My belt is moved to the next hole in in the skinnier direction.  

I still drink, but it is more a nightcap of whiskey to help me sleep.  Belleit Rye right now.  

One of the surgical methods to get at my neck?  Go in through the front.  Probe a gap through the neck muscles, then insert larger and larger tubes through that gap to make room to work.  Freaky.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Got a referral

 I got a referral to a nuerosurgeon.  For my neck, not my back.  The MRI says my back is fine.  Hurts more than that tho...

I don't know how I feel about this.  I want relief, yes, but surgeons do surgery.  I have trepidations about that part.

And someone will have to explain to me how herniated disks in my neck can cause backpain in my lumbar area, sciatic issues, and neuropathy in my lower legs and feet.   

Anyway.  First appointment a week from today.  


Heard at work: “When is the next Pennsylvania gun show?  I need to pick up some more AR magazines and ammo.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2020



Regarding that house, below:

"He sold the house he had bought in 1975 for top dollar to — get this — the vice-chairman of MBNA, who gave Biden $1.2 million for it. MBNA has showed its gratitude to Biden’s support in a number of ways: by giving over $200,000 to his various campaigns, by hiring Hunter Biden, by flying Biden and his wife to a retreat in Maine, etc. Mother Jones dubbed Biden 'the senator from MBNA.'"

Kinda Diggin' Joe's House

 If I woke up with Biden money, that is the sort of place I'd get.  I mean, I could afford MUCH bigger, it IS a lotta money we are talking about, but this house is closer to right size.  I could have one garage bay for my lawn tractor and snowblower, another for the restored 66 Bonneville, and put the truck and daily driver in the others.  I'd stay humble.  I wouldn't turn into some kind of Franz Ferdinand.

Ooo! I'd have 2 phone booths! One outside by the garages with a 1980s style phone, and a wooden one indoors with a rotary payphone, circa 1959.

Speaking of Franz Ferdinand, he was my age when he died back in '14. I hope I don't catch whatever it was that killed him.

"Fake news, T-Bolt.  Snopes told me Biden doesn't live there."

Yeah?  Snopes told you the house was a rundown near-wreck in the mid 70s.  Biden bought if for $185k (900k in today's money) way back then, and that ain't cheap.  Fixed it up and sold it in the mid 90s for $1.2m (almost 2 mil in today's money).

You know what is a good way to launder graft money?  Have a lotta building contractors fixing up your place.  I've yet to meet a building contractor that didn't mind a little cash in an envelope mixed in with the payments.  Biden gets to live in a really nice place, and realizes a profit at the end.  And the IRS doesn't ask embarrassing question about extra money in his bank deposits from all the kickbacks.  I wonder if there is a class Freshmen Congress critters take to learn how to do all this? 

His old house is the least of his worries now that there is oodles of direct evidence he is a HUGE crook.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I look forward to this every year

 Tam does too, I am certain.

It’s cold enough outside that it is time to dig out the winter socks.  

As a kid I hated wool anything, including socks.  I don't know if I got less sensitive or if woolens got less itchy somehow since the 80s... I mean I have some fancy pricy pairs, but I also have and enjoy the cheap tube wool socks.  None bother me now.

If someone told me then that one of my luxuries at 50 was gonna be wool clothing I’d have called them crazy.

Monday, October 19, 2020


Still no word

 No word about my MRI results.  Maybe by this afternoon.  I just want to sleep.  Taking so many NSAIDs.

Thinking back, this has been a long time lead up.  Just look at the parts of me whinging about not having stamina at the range, and how a 500 round count wouldn't benefit me after I hit a big wall around round 200. That was noticeable at least 3 years ago.

My back hurt every now and then for 5 years.  But whose doesn't?  

Numb spot on my foot?  Now feet?  2 years maybe?  

10 years ago I went ahead and popped for a lawn mowing service because doing it myself was a pain in the back.

All hints of what was to come.

In my 20s I didn't set out to abuse my back, but I didn't avoid a lot of labor that surely played a tune on it.  I can't go back in time and tell younger to go easier on it.  I'd probably be fatter now, and that would also make things worse 


Saw on some internet source about how to up my egg cooking game.  Now that I crack on a flat surface more of my yolks are intact.  If you pour a couple tablespoons of water on the edge of fried eggs and cover the pan, the water gets under the eggs, lifting them, making them easy to remove.  Also the steam both keeps the temp down so the edges don't burn, and it hardens up the tops of the eggs with the lid holding in the hot gas.  Simple trick, but I wish I knew it 20 years ago.

Also, when making scrambled eggs, a tablespoon of mayo and cream, whisked up before the eggs come in the bowl, makes for more fluffiness.  I season with homemade shallot salt and tellicherry peppercorns.  I like this, when I am not in a an omelette mood.

I haven't been shy with butter cooking eggs either.

"Got any more eggvice, T-Bolt."

I find if you boil the water first, THEN add the eggs to the water, gently (I use a gravy ladle to get them in the hot water without cracking from a drop) then the eggs' shells tend to be easier to peel.  When making devilled eggs my critical ingredients are celery seed and real bacon bits.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

MD WuFlu

 Lessee, checking our Department of Health, Maryland, as of Wednesday, we had 3,868 deaths due to Rona, and 132,343 confirmed cases. 

Out of curiosity.

3,868 / 132,343 = 0.02922.  Or 2.92%.  

3% is dire.  But remember, people have gotten Covid and not been tested/confirmed.  According by the WHO, a LOT of that happened.  By 20 times.  

Now...  Do you trust dire predictions from the WHO, or rosy scenarios from the WHO?  Or the CDC?  Or the CHICOMs.  Or Nancy Pelosi or Donald Trump?  Yeah, I thought so.

Saturday, October 17, 2020



If you gotta be banging 3 chicks at the same time, keep up on them testosterone pills.  You are 47.  It was hard enough for me in my early 30s.  I was pretty tired at 47.  I could keep up with one, max, at 47.

'Lectric Cars

 When people brag on electric cars they often go for the performance boasts.  Because it is an electric motor they get tremendous potential when accelerating from a full stop.

"It'll go 0-60 in 1.4 seconds" or summat.  Well, maybe not that good, but numbers more impressive than typical gas powered cars.

I just wish drivers of electric cars would get this memo and navigate about town with a little more alacrity.  Just because you bought a car similar to your grandma's retirement home golf cart doesn't mean you have to drive like your grandma used to before you took the keys to her Buick LeSabre away.  Use that pedal on the right.  

Friday, October 16, 2020

Founders, and AR's

 Yes they did David Harsanyi, formerly of the Federalist.

You know, National Review doesn't have the cache it used to.  But I am sure the Federalist will take you back if/when the publication fails. 

Obviously, I prefer the Federalist these days.  NR needs a come-to-Jesus moment, to correct their trajectory.  But so does Paul Ryan's Fox News.

Anyway, the article.  It's the same hash we've seen many times before.  Ho hum.  Hell, I bet I've written similar.  And I've read the same thing with different words many times.  And heard JayG rant about ti many times.  "Just because the founders never saw an AR doesn't mean the 2nd doesn't cover ARs.  It does.  Just like the 1st covers radio signals and internet HTML."  And besides, Heller settled this.  Individual right, yes.  Yes, modern implements.  Go somewhere else to push against the not-absolute-right envelope.  

Hmmm, what right IS absolute?  Or the closest to absolute.  A man on death row is about to lose his right to life, but instead of a last meal he could pen a letter to the editor of his local paper.  He can't incriminate himself for other crimes even if they can do no worse to him at this point. Copping to a car theft while being strapped to the Chair is fine, but you can't coerce him to.  He can still call for his lawyer.  He has no gun rights whatsoever, though.   

Thursday, October 15, 2020

I need what JFK had

 He took some medicine for his back pain.  

I'll take up his regime, and just avoid convertibles and Dallas.

  1. antispasmodics for my bowels
  2. paregoric, 
  3. lamodal transatine
  4. muscle relaxants
  5. Phenobarbital
  6. Librium
  7. Meprobomate
  8. Codeine
  9. Demerol
  10. Methadone
  11. oral and injected cortisone
  12. Testosterone... for the ladies...
  13. Nembutal for sleep. 
  14. And injected sometimes six times a day, six places on the back with Novocain or Procaine just to enable me to face the day.
Spitting image of me.  We could be twins.  He had more social graces and connections, but I am better in the sack.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Man who filed at Kyle Rittenhouse charged

 I didn't even know they had someone in custody, much less conceded someone other than Kyle pulled a trigger that night.

Well, they're not really common sense gun rights restrictions

From your lips to God's ear, Dick, that Barrett brings some rationality to the system

I mean I could write some gun control.  It wouldn't be "Shall not be infringed" like it should be, but it would be a great evolutionary leap in that direction.  As the enemy likes to point out "Heller said the right isn't absolute!"  Well it is a lot closer to that than the current nonsensical 'common sense' gun right violating regulatory regime allows.


First, ditch are state laws with Federal preemption and the Supremacy Clause.  We are talking about a right under the 2nd and 14th Amendments.  And the 4th.  States can't say this race or that one can't vote in state elections, can they?  Or this religion or caste can be banned from public spaces or schools, can they?

Second, keep the NICS checks to keep the screaming from the ninnies to a minimum.  Weed out felons that way.  But NICS only goes to the shooter, not the shooting iron.  No serial number involved.  If you buy a gun on the 13th of November, that NICS number should be good until the 13th of December.  SO buy 6 or seven more if you want on Pearl Harbor Day.  Just cite your NICS number and dates, the FFL confirms that is valid and Robert is your Mother's brother.  Enjoy your 3rd Glock 18.  Buy one in Maryland, another in Virginia and a third in Texas.  NICS is national, after all.  

Third, gut most of the GCA and NFA.  If a policeman can carry a firearm in the line of duty, a regular citizen certainly can.  So the NFA become mostly moot.  I don't think the cops should have mines or frag grenades, so... keep the NFA for that?  What, the cops don't want me to have flash bangs?  Fine, then they can't either.  

Fourth. CCW permitting. If you insist on one, it has to have a long period before it expires, be very cheap, very quick, and very easy to acquire.  You know what?  Vermont carry, nationwide.  If Vermont can do it, the rest of us can.  

It's a right, dammit.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020



Yeah... A DeLisle repro...

 I may get one even if it IS right handed.  Price bedamned. From Valkyrie or whatever.

The only thing.  It'd feel like blasphemy to put a red dot on one so close to the original.

I know, I know I've been talking this game since 2007.  I need to just poop or get off the jug.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Indeed. Fascinating.


MRI today

 Wish me luck.  I hope they use plenty of lube on all the probes and such and are gentle with them.  Find out what is wrong with my back, see what happens next

I guess this will also find all the bullets and shrapnel in me.  I'm like Andy Jackson, I rattle like a bag of marbles.

I'm the NRA


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Ok... Ok...

 We aren't out of the woods yet.

But... this Covid stuff isn't the Spanish Flu.  2.2 million aren't gonna be dead my New Years.  Like they promised 10 months ago.  The original guesstimate of 3.4% mortality ain't really happening.  It's less than that.  Not good, peeps still die from it, bit it is more like 0.14%.  It KILLS folks, no shit.  But not like how we originally acted it did.

Does this mean we can say President Trump saved 2 million Americans from certain death?  Yes, we can, if we use Democrat math.  Bastards.

That doesn't mean this disease wasn't fucking scary back then in April.  Christ.  Don't forget that!  We may have suspected the better case scenario, but there was no way to know that.  And folks were scared and snappy then.  Don't hold their fear against them.  

3.4% death rate...  Armageddon.

2% really bad flu season, the likes of which you have probably never seen.

1% mildish flu season. Normal.

Amazing what that tenths place means.

Is this Disease really 1.4?  Worldwide?  Be a while before we know for sure, what with places exaggerating numbers and others downplaying.  

Wait, I got those numbers wrong.

There were 3.4% predictions.  I never believed those.  I could go along with 2.2 million in the USA, total, way back in the beginning.  The equivalent of 1918.  We didn't get that.

But .20% is a really bad flu.  .10% is milder flu mortality.  The WHO says we are close to .14%, now. It's hundreths place.  That counts.

Not that I trust the World Health Organization.  Too much influenced by our adversary, too many about faces.  Much like the CDC.

Saturday, October 10, 2020


Chris Christie

 If that fat ass with asthma and other co-morbidities can waltz through Covid... I have less to worry about.

Grocery Report

 I haven't done one in a while.

It is hard to find baloney at my store that isn't the less deirable thick cut version.  No regular slice, no beef only, no thin.  

Paper good have taken a dive again.  The shelves peaked in inventory and have now noticeable dropped in qauntity and variety.  

Still low on disinfectant items in the cleaning aisle except for bottle and bottles of off brand bleach.  

Soda pop is actually a notch down.  Barely noticeable, but there, drop in variety available.   Odd

I mean, nothing like the peak of the Plague Pandemic, but a dip.

The butcher aisle is fine.  Which is superb.  

Friday, October 9, 2020

A bit distracted

 But hey, I got that MRI referral to arrange for now.  

Hard to blog.  Distracted by the burning, charlie horse, sensation in my legs.  Distracting.  I wish I could get a nights sleep.  So tired.  Hooray, whinging.  That always draws in the readers.  


Buddy told me a story of woe with his FN pistol he got a year ago.  Stove pipes a lot.  When I hear about that malfunction my first thought goes to extract tension or some other extractor issue.  I mean, it could be a lotta things, but that is the first, sorta-most-common, thing I check.

I know how to adjust the tension on a 1911.  I don't even know how to disassemble the newer types extractor hooks on more modern designs.  How to adjust that once disassembled?  Cut a bit of the spring off?  A loop or two?  I'd have to do more research on that.  A burr on the hook is another thing to look for.  On new guns especially.  When you are told to shoot a gun a lot to work it into reliability, and it does get more reliable, I kinda think this might be one of the things that is happening.  You are wearing off the burrs on the machined bits. Something a good manufacturer should have already done. But even good makers might miss a spot.     


Hooray!  Got an imaging appt Monday.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

The General

 I've read a lot of C. S. Forester, but The General escaped my notice, somehow.

It's about a Brit Cavalry Major that was a war here as a sub-altern in the Boer war and got promoted to head a battalian on the eve of venturing across the channel in August 1914.  

From there his beloved horses are of no use and his cavalry ends up manning a line like infantry at Ypres.  His CO gets KIA and he end up leading the whole brigade.  From the, a Division as Major General to fight at Loos, and his stead performance there nets him Lieutenant Generalship and the commander of a Corps at the Somme.  Then on to the German counteroffensive in 1918...

He is valued by his superiors because he is steady, stubborn, and devoted to duty. 

But he is has no imagination.  He is like the Ox. Invaluable to the farm, but not the necessary to be sure the whole farm succeed  The abbotoir of attrition just grinds on.

Written on the eve or WWII, parts of it reads like it was published ten years later in 1946.  Very prescient of what NOT to do in a coming conflict.  Tanks and manuever warfare desirable and can lead to success?  Really?!  Stubborn adherence to older doctrine can sometimes be conuterproductive?  You don't say, wot?!!



Wednesday, October 7, 2020


 "If your data was stolen in the OPM hack you can use that as a 'good and substantial reason' to get a MD CCW."

"I head dudes with a security clearance can put that on the form and they pretty much automatically give you the MD CCW."

Yeah?  I know people with security clearances and people that got their data hacked.  They haven't gotten it.  Can you get one of your friends to show you their MD CCW card to confirm?  

A Maryland permit like that is like hunting for snipe.  I do, personally, know a person that is a TRAINER for the MD CCW permit process.  All the people he trained were the "Business owners with lots of cash" types.  No hack victims or spies or what have you.  And their preferred holseter was a ratty paper bag.  When they CCW they carry their gun in their hand and both hidden inside a paper bag.  Money bag in the other hand.  North Baltimore guys aren't fooling around  

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Maybe this will get the board to ditch him

 NRA's Wayne in tax trouble.

Hope he leaves with a quickness.  We need to shape up the org, and can't with his corrupt ass in there.

Maybe that's why he is holding on so tight.  If he loses his grip, his grift become evident and down the terlet he goes. 


 One thing about having a mask mandate for the Rona?

My office if freezing, most days, summer and winter.  Oh sure, they can have not dialed in the thermostat and I could have shotgunned a quart of hot coffee and need the desk fan, but most times?  I'm cold.  Long sleeves year round.  I wear a knit hat in the winter somedays, at my desk.

But a cloth mask on my face keeps my cheeks toasty.  Even when I am sitting in my cube and not required to wear it I often do.  Funny, huh?

Monday, October 5, 2020

Yeah yeah

Sure sure.  Millennials are shit.  But they did fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.  All the people that joined up after the Towers went down were Millennials.  So that part of them is ok.

I'll never forgive them for this silly Skinny-Jeans stuff, but GenX did do that pants hanging down below our cheeks stuff and brought back bell bottoms but MOAR in the form of JNCOs.

And GenX whined about Boomers retaining their high paying job instead of stepping aside for us, but we just found a way to take their money in the form of the dotcom.  I don't know why Boomers weren't able to figure out javascript as easily.  Intertia I guess.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Corridor Crew

Taciticool Reloads.  Hyper realistic magazine changes by the good guys.  And I think one has Mat Best tagging abong






You know Mat Best from his 2016 documentary.

Saturday, October 3, 2020


 Are there White Supremacist out there?  Sure.  Is obsessing over them 24/7 and trying to hang them on Trump like an albatros justified?  Not even a little bit.

Worrying about Those kind of hate groups, in general is like the press worrying about a cut on their finger.  Sure, it's sore and bleeding a little bit.  But they are ignoring the fact someone has chopped off their left (and Marxist) foot and it is bleeding profusely.  The urgency to address the finger is misplaced.  That cut is the least of their current worries

But you can't say Trump lit up the night sky over Dem cities when your collectivist buddies have the molotovs.

White Supremacists are pretty much a non-player.  The only power they have is the attention 'Journalists' give them by talking about them all the time.  Because the only way they can be connected with the GOP and Trump is by self same muckrakers insisting they are connected.  Constantly accusing them of such racial bigotry is just calumny.  And over time is becoming ineffective, exposing only themselves for their base slander.  

Friday, October 2, 2020

Rifle Hangers

 Saw this on ENDORed Neck Rifle Hangers

Heh.  That's pretty good.  Simple and elegant solution for what to do with your ready ARs.  You know, that ones you might need right away.  The half dozen others stay in the gun safe.  But I do have that shoebox full of lowers NOT in the safe.  Hmph.  I need a new safe.  My closets are better served for clothes.  Not a passle of rifles and boxes of lowers. 

That's still a neat hanger that I may need.      


I never talked about the gunsmith's safe.  But he is no longer a gunsmith, so no worries about revealing anything to possible thieves.  It was just a cage.  Looks like an Army Armorers cage.  With a good solid lock.  But only that.  It was certainly pickable.  And there was hunderds of guns and boxes of dissassembled guns, and half built guns and still broken guns.  Stealing for easy resale?  Kinda iffy.  But the cage wasn't the only security consideration, naturally.  Extensive cameras and alarms and such, some connected to the power and data lines, some not and still phoning home.  Layers of security!  Like winter clothing.  Layers.  

He did all that not just for his ownself.  The ATF had minimum standards and suggestions for FFLs, sure.  Behoovable info.  

Dreams of being a gunsmith, if I was crazy enough and talented enough to try I might hunt around for an old bank.  Lots of them have still working walk-in vaults, so that is fun.  Stout exterior doors.  And an appropriate amount of internal space for the shop and counter.  A lotta light comes in from window in older banks.  Gunsmith in style and comfort.  

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Maryland Magazine Laws

In Maryland it is illegal to transfer a magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds.  

But not illegal for me, the gun owner, to possess or use a gun with a larger magazine.  

Workarounds are plentiful.  Buy magazines in Pennsylvania, take them home, being common.

Guns come with magazines.  So what do the gunstores do?  Only get guns with 10-rounders?  

Well, they can take off the bottom plate and put a dowel in there.  

And now I heard another idea.  Gun stores sell you and AR, and with it comes a magazine body or two, a couple followers, two floor plates, and some big springs.  Take it home, go into lego mode, and, Robert is your mother's brother.   

This state.