Thursday, May 31, 2012


Some associate tried to insist that 9/11 Truthers are Conservatives.

I disagreed.  Pointing out that with the exception of noted famous Conservative Rosie O'Donnell, it was difficult to name another example...

Told You

It's spreading.   The zombie outbreak that started in Florida has reached my state.

I have a few post queued, but if I disappear after they run out you know I am at my bunker.  Stay safe people.

"According to charging documents, Kinyua admitted to eating the victim's heart and part of his brain."

Joppatowne.  That's north of Baltimore on the I95 corridor.  That means it'll be in NYC by Sunday, maybe?   Watch your local News.

What Caliber...?

What caliber for super shark?  Not .223, not JDAMs, not Mk48 torpedoes.  Not whatever a walking tank shoots.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mounds of Miniature Corpses

Attributed to Jenny McCarthy.

Yeah, I can't speak to the accuracy of the data, but it is certainly greater than zero extra corpses Jenny's advocacy has created.  And one is too many.


Do zombie hair and fingernails keep growing?  Not a very important detail, but still interesting.  Cuz I always heard that hair and fingernails grow after you die, so would they grow after you undie?

Well, according to Snopes, they don't grow on dead people.  But he doesn't address UNDEAD people so it could still be true for Zed.

Well they are walking dead people, them zombies are.  Some sort of metabolism is happening to get them ambulatory.  Maybe they do grow.  If you kept a zombie child for years, feeding it, heck, it might become a zombie adult.  Ick.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zombies! Thick on the ground!

Money quote from the police regarding that Miami Zombie:

“We have seen, already, three or four cases that are exactly like this...  it’s no different than cocaine psychosis,” Aguilar said.

So these zombies act like they are on cocaine?  Must be sprinters.  And there are already 4 or more known cases.


This Kimberlin guy lives near me in Chevy Chase.  Well, his mom's basement is in Chevy Chase (the DC suburb, not Fletch).  At least that is the word.  Hope he doesn't get all splodey around there parts.

This article about the 1978 bombings in wikipedia keeps getting memory holed.  So maybe linking to it will keep it higher in Google searches and keep wikipedia from deleting it again.

Undeath and Taxes

What are the tax implications of a zombocalypse?

This is also to remind me to tell Archie to go to the Dentist today.


According to the Daily Mail, you should never use any of these words while on your computer or smart phone. 

So, 'toxic pork gang' is right out.  Half of these are good names for garage bands.  Notice:  'Glock 7' the ceramic gun that can go through metal detectors undetected is not on the list.  That's whay I find most interesting.  Also 'interesting' is not on the list. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

September 1944


Darn it

Still out of pocket, away from computer and no blog fodder for today.  Dag nabbit.




Notice from yesterday's post?  The local first responder 'fatally' shot the zed.  That's how you nip outbreaks in the bud, but you still have to be wary about causing a panic over zombies.  People will start to notice if you headshot everything willy nilly.  You have to be careful.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It Begins

Roll out the RoMERO teams to FLA...

A Miami police officer on Saturday fatally shot a naked man who was chewing on the face of another man on a downtown causeway off-ramp, police and witnesses said.

There is video here.  With buttocks.

Need to check out

There is another gunshop kinda close to my commute I had NO idea about.  I think I'll poke my nose in next week.   The Gun Rack.

Will report back how it is.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


So, it's a long weekend and I am... out of pocket, so to speak.  So, this post is on auto pilot and I have gone to well a few too many times.   Lessee... gun content...  Let's see if I can spin this straw into something precious.

I am refinancing my house.  Now I'll be in my 70s before the house is paid off.  That's ok by me.  Unless they take away the mortgage deduction I will probably refi when I am 90, too, to be paid off when I hit age 120.  But the deduction isn't why I am refinancing.  I will cut the rate down 1.25% to LESS than 4%.  Phew.  That'll save me $200 a month on payments.  My $1000 house payment will be down to $800.  I will be putting more money into 401k type savings per month than I will be spending on my rent.

I remember when I first bought a house in 93.  Payments THEN were $1000 a month.  I asked my then father in law what the payments were on HIS house that he got in the 70's.  It was twice as big as ours.  His outlay was $350.  Gah!

So, 20 years of paying mortgages on houses that hover at $1000, it'll be nice to break that barrier.  And it couldn't have happened if the economy wasn't in the crapper.  So, THANKS OBAMA!

Another reason... I am refinancing through my credit union this time (kept the account from my Navy days.)  The credit union won't sell my mortgage to some other institution.  So I won't get bills from First of Third banks one month, Chase another, until finally settling on Capitol One.  I use my credit union account to pay fixed amount monthly bills.  Credit cards and electric bills on the Bank that I control, auto pay on the Credit Union.  Simplifying my inventory this way, so to speak.

So, what am I going to do with the extra 'income' produced by lowering my costs?  Well [gun content] I can spend some of that on my hobby!  But... My SUV will have to be replaced some year sooner rather than later.  I also use the credit union to pile up money, monthly, for emergencies and whatnot.  I was thinking of tapping that pile for the car down payment and do the financing through them.  But that pile has grown bigger than I  expected.  I might be able to just BUY a car with it. 

What I'd love to do is raise my credit limit on my credit card a few thou, then buy a CAR by swiping the plastic.  That'd feel kinda fun...  I'd pay that card off that month, naturally.  

What else?  I might get one of them fancy HD TVs everyone has.  Or a cellphone!  I've never had one of them!  I could really use a driveway on my house, too.  I've always wanted a shed... 

Yeah, I didn't get this pile of money saved up by buying lots of crap.  (A 30 inch tube TV has served me well for years.)  Other than boomsticks, chronicled here.  And even THEN. I never went nuts.  Never bought a gyrojet pistol, say, or a Dardick.  Expensive to feed.

Or I could buy a boat...  This boat.  Almost as old as my house. 

Friday, May 25, 2012


Here is an interesting little diversion.  Troll kickstarter for zombies and guns.  See what kind of projects related to them people need funding for.

(For those unfamiliar, kickstarter is like microfinancing for quirky projects.  Games, apps, films, podcasts.  It's like a busker passing the hat before they play.)

Tea Cup

Aargh!  I see teacup grip everywhere now!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ayn Rand is a Hippocrates for accepting gummin cheeze by way of the dole in Medicare

Not Car Accident


Silly study from some has been gun control group claims car accident death rates are outstripped by gun death rates.

Apples and Oranges.  Death by accidental or negligent discharge should be the only firearm deaths counted.  Or are murderers now killing people with cars in job lots?  People driving their cars off of cliffs to end their miserable existence? 

They also claim there is precious little federal regulation for guns, compared to cars.  HA!  Fewer people fall for that lie these days, thankfully.  Tell me when I need to ask permission of the FBI and the Maryland State Police to buy a car.


6 month shelf life?!  Did not know that...

That bleach you stored for survival reasons to disinfect water 3 years ago is nigh useless. 

So replace the bleach bottle at least every year.  Or use it up.  I will now try to whiten the shower curtain a little, see what happens.  The old stuff is probably a shadow of its former self, losing 90%+ of it's effectiveness, but a whole bottle will do what a half cup used to.  Diluted in the tub water, of course.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The TRUE question is...

How many of you saw Aliens, saw the pistols used, then went out and BOUGHT a pistol because of it?  Either a Smith 39 or a HK VP70?

I seem to remember Tam having admitted to a serious jones for the VP70, but not necessarily because of this movie or any other.  Bet it didn't hurt though.  And I have no idea if she actually bought one.

Or any movie.  How many Berettas were purchased because of Mel Gibson or Bruce Willis in Lethal Weapon or Die Hard? 

Now I can understand not wanting to admit being a serious gunnie now and falling Hollywood marketing at one time...

I guess WWII video games and Band of Brothers was a big impetus to me getting a Garand.  That's nothing to regret.  Customizing a P-38 to match the Man from U.N.C.L.E. gun might be taking it too far though.

Heck, I'm a bit embrassed for seeing a 1911 in the Aliens movie instead of the Smith it was.  Silly mistake.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cop Killer Bullets

Gun Control ninnies want to ban all bullets.  To reach this goal they try to ban bullets that no one argue for.  The idea is the general public ignorant or unconcerened, generally, of firearms topics would acquiece to these bans and then the activists hoplophobes can nibble at the next margin.  They make up scary terms for these bullet types to help in their propaganda (like they do for other areas of restrictions).

One of these terms is "Cop Killer Bullets!"  Oh no!  Special bullets that kill cops extra dead.  Except they are not so special.

What they mean is bullets designed to defeat vearious types of ballistic vests that the police wear to help protect themselves.  Steel core, higher velocity, pistol bullets with less sectional density.  Lots of these are already restricted for civilian sale.  Like some types of the FN 5.7 rounds (SS190 variant)

Except I seem to remember that Cop Killer Bullets didn't always refer to stuff that more easily defeats body armor...

I remember a time when cops rarely work ballistic vests and most were armed with revolvers shooting round nose lead .38 Special.  If memory serves what we now call defensive ammo or hollow point was the Cop Killer Bullet back in the day, and the term has since morphed.

Of course you can't call a Federal Hydra-Shok a Cop Killer bullet now as cops are more often than not carrying that vary brand (or a competitor) in their pistol.  If a DA tries to make a big deal about your ammo selection in a defensive gun use situation your defense attourney should note that the police in the courtroom select the same stuff for you.  Cops are looking to 'Kill Cops' after all.  At least we hope that is the case.

Monday, May 21, 2012


In the Great Game, Sherlock goes all teacup stance with Watson's 9mm.  Poor Brits...  They've lost it all, by 2011.  All their innate gun handling skills.  Pointed it at Moriarty that way.

Ok, so all movie/TV productions make that mistake.  Didn't Black Widow do the same with a baby Glock in Avengers movie?

Speaking of model.  Moriarty named the pistol Sherlock was about to point at him.  Called it am L9A1.  The venerable Browning Hi-Power.  Though the only pistol I've seen in the series is Watson's SIG.  And... yup, that's what Cumberbatch's Holmes is holding.


Also.  Saw Aliens, again, this weekend.  Vasquez carries a 1911 in that movie.  Just goes to show...  There might be some unknown flaw in the plastic pistols to make them inappropriate for Space Marines 100s of years in the future...

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Maryland news...  A biggish gun factory in Highlandtown (East Baltimore) is trying to compete and BE the the Army's M4 replacement.  Good luck.  That'd be great if you got it.

Also, in Maryland news, my State Senator asked me...

"You're looking to expand and relocate your business. On one side of the river, you have a state that just made the tough decisions to invest in its people, fund education, and balance its budget. On the other, you have a state that considered the judicial appointment of a Navy officer who risked his life for his country and returned to become a career prosecutor--and rejected him because he's gay. Which do you choose?"

Well, the answer is the one that trusts me to be a citizen rather than a subject and is also cheaper.  So, not Maryland, if I could help it.   The ONLY reasons I don't live in Virginia is inertia and their horrible traffic.

Maryland just jacked up the taxes on ciggies and any of those rich fat cats making more than $100,000 a year.  If you live in Bethesda Maryland and you make $100,000 a year I know what your apartment looks like.  It looks like a trash dumpster.  Because that is what it actually IS, as it is all you can afford to rent.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Zombie Apoc Team

What are you?  Look at your shirt, remember your birthday, note your team mates.

Awesome Execution

Flawed Premise.

I love it, but...  As a wise person said: "You never select a shotgun as your primary anti-zombie firearm. It's great for onesy twosey, but zombies travel in hordes. The reload time is onerous, and the ammo, while effective, is heavy and bulky and short ranged."

Though a Saiga comes close, what with the Bananana Clips and all.

Purty tho, in its way.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Day by Day

So, the ne'er do well libtard character dating the Russia pilot in this cartoon has been influenced by her conservative sister (and main character) and is now packing heat for self-defense

In the previous days, her and the boyfriend were toting home improvement supplies by foot because the lumber didn't fit in their car.  On foot through a sketchy neighborhood.  They are set upon by thug gang-banger types by behind and through slapstick happenstance the lumber provides a comic foil "lookout!  What?  ~whack!~  Over there!  What?  ~turn~whack!~ ", and ends with the defensive shooting, winging the armed attacker's...  arm.

Now look at that poor situational awareness.  Walking around in a known bad nighborhood, ignoring the warnings from a sister, and in Condition White.   And that poor shot placement!  Sheesh.  Let's see where the comic goes with this.  Hopefully not TOO much further into the racial stereotype weeds...

Oh wait, they went off the rails with this one today with a Lone Ranger/007 hero vibe.

Condition White for the gun carrying Leftist sister still applies.

Rifle Review

Here is a review of the Army's newest battle rifle.

I think it has promise.  Too bad supply considerations obviated the 6.5mm round, but...  Whatcha gonna do.  According to the article only about 7500 have been delivered so far, but they seem to be well received, performing well in all conditions.  Gonna take a while to fully equip the troops.  Years. And after that, "it will probably be many years before any of these rifles will become available for other purposes."

I'd hunt with one.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ammo 2



I need to disseminate this further.

We lament that gun design is kinda stagnant with relatively little to make you stand up and take notice... but when novel designs come out they don't stick around.  Folks don't buy enough of them (whitney wolverine, SNAZZY), or there is some inherent flaw that can't be overcome (a pepperbox, mossberg?  really?), or the inertia of a conservative (small c, mateba) customer base weighs against the new and 'improved.'

Pah.  I climb up on this soapbox too much.

But!  There are an Imperial buttload of ODD guns on that the site Weerd has now pointed me to.  So hours and hours of TBolt entertainment to sift through.   I feel like I did when I found Hickok45 on youtube.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Well, NOW I'm conflicted

Apparently, news of the demise of the Tea Party is premature.   According to the Leftists, the Tea Party was deader than the moribund Occupy movement.  Then the Tea Party got up and walked around and ate Dick Lugar's brains.

Now I'm not sure how I feel...  A lot of Tea Partiers are 2nd Amendment types.  Zombies with guns?  I'd rather have Sprinters...


You mean that one calendar was a mistake and that the Mayans don't really think the world is going to end in December 2012?


In other, unrelated the world ending, news...  Anyone wanna buy a whole bunch of extra canned goods?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Archie Again

For about a month now there has been at least one call a day asking about how the thermostat works.  No amount of explanation sticks.  It is a butt simple digital version with 2 numbers, the Set number and the Room's temperature.  There is Up and down Buttons for changing the target temperature in the Set, and a switch to go from Fan Auto to Fan On.  And of course the Heat/Off/Cool switch.

He doesn't understand the concept of the Set number.  It's getting hot out and hot in here so I should flip the switch to heat for hot, right?  How do I change the Room Temperature number manually?

Last fall he understood perfectly when getting himself ready for winter.  Half a year later that is all gone.

I can't even get him to leave well enough alone now that he AC is set up by my, and not worry about it until September.


Remember when I flagged this great PMAG for M1A/M14 pattern rifle a few weeks back?

It now comes with a disclaimer

''20LR Pmag is not compatible with Armalite AR-10, RRA LAR-8, or M1a/M14 variant rifles."

Looks like some M14 types bought a mag or two and found they didn't fit.  So be careful out there.  These mags are for the SR25 type rifle.

They USED to say they were compatible.  I guess not.

Monday, May 14, 2012

According to some spam

"Brittney Spears has a 4 hour sex tape!"

Ugh.  Even if she wasn't really kinda yesterday's news, and I really had an interest in her, why would I want to watch her doing that for four hours?  I mean, you'd get hungry or have to make a head call before the movie was up...  Lawrence of Arabia gave you and intermission, at the 2 hour mark, WITH Overture...

Four hours is not a selling point for a sex tape featuring one pair of players.

Zombie Hamlet

They're right.  It is sorta where Shakespeare was going anyway. This should knock Avengers out of top spot for 2012.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Obama's Gun Ban

For wider dissemination.

Obama isn't just banning guns, ACTUALLY banning guns, he is banning an important historical heritage.

M1 carbines re-importation ban because they have a magazine.  600,000 American made rifles, and a piece of our past in a durable good.  Don't forget.  When some hoplophobe says Obama didn't ban guns, laugh at them and call them an ignoramus.

M1 Carbines also make great zombie rifles.   Old timers will bemoan the increase in ammo prices for the caliber, but that doesn't mean the round can't be stocked.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Selling his AR

The Contrarian is...  My work buddy.

Why?  Because the market is hot and parts are scarce now, and he'll just get one after the election when it cools down.

I told him on the off chance Obama pulls off an upset and wins the election the premiums and scarcity will increase.

He is sure Obama will win, so he now he is thinking of holding onto it.  But he was sure AOL was a good investment back in '99.

Friday, May 11, 2012


In this picture...

... there are 6 guns.  All used on the Chesapeake by watermen to harvest waterfowl for market.  These put money on the table and food in the pocket.  Or vice versa.

The 3 horizontal ones, the one in the middle is the a 12 gauge.  The BIG honking ones are punt guns.  A 'punt' is the smallish rowboat the duck harvester would mount the beast in.  2 inch barrel, and a pound of shot.  The shot may have been made here, at the Baltimore Shot Tower.  If the gun didn't shake your boat apart you'd about swamp it adding 50 dead ducks to it.  You had to muzzle load em like a cannon.  Only thing cooler would be an Italian scooter with a cannon on it.

The 3 vertical pieces are a four barreled contraption, also boat mounted, and 2 double barrel 4 gauge shotguns.  I wonder if you could shoot enough ducks to make enough money to get the doctor to fix your shoulder after firing a 4 gauge?

These hunting methods were frowned upon as they devastated the bird population, and soon they were forbidden, but poachers used them up through the 20th Century.

Sourced from this book, page 228


[What?  I've never had a scanner.  I like playing with it.]

Mike wanted me to see this pic, so he sent it to me

Thursday, May 10, 2012


They're made out of meat!

Folks don't smoke enough these days. People should smoke more.

Are You?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Budget M1A stock/rail accessories

Now that I have an EOTech on my rifle, The only big thing left to maybe do to it is swap out the walnut stock with an aftermarket replacement. 

Cheaper than dirt  has a pro mag archangel m1A stock.

Stocks are pricey, but this one is only around $250.  I think I saw this at last year's NRA convention.

I have several requirement for an aftermarket stock:

Most of them are heavy, and I don't want that.  This one weighs 4.2 pounds.  Goodish

All of them are pretty much impervious to moisture compared to wood, so check, there.

I want the stock to have better options for mounting something underneath.  A foregrip and light combo, or a grip-pod.  This comes with a rail underneath, and I have a rail already on top.  And I know I can ring a 9 inch gong from 250 yards out if I have a rest or 'bipod.'  So also good.

A better way to mount a sling other than WWI era standard swivels.  This has multiple swivel mount points.  That's fine.

Looks like I'll need to some fettling with it to mate it with the lock and barrel.  I can do that.

My only worries?  It is half the price of other stocks and I worry about quality that that might reflect.  Reviews of it usually reflect how hard it is to fit it, but that's it.

They even have a quasi tutorial on fitting.

Does anyone want to talk me down off this ledge and to hold out for something like a Sage?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Soylent Green is People!

We LIVE in this future, he describes.  And YOU blew it up!

Oh my GAWD!

You New Yorkers and your hipster gas masks, and you hick types in the rural areas wearing your retro, unstylish masks... This is all Nebraska's fault, that I have to dine on Edward G. Robinson crackers. I bet you flyover country people still want guns, too!

[I concede SOME truth it. It was pretty bad in 1978, 10 years after this. Stupid Carter!]


This guy links to me, so I was checking out his site. Coins Law and Commentary. 

He has a post on fossilized sharks teeth.  My grandparent used to live on shore of the Chesapeake.  Way down near Point No Point.  Further north, at Calvert Cliffs, there is some serious fossil hunting.  But we'd still find teeth on the beach.  In 20 some other years we picked up a few score.  One or two per visit.  You had to train your eyes to spot them.  Dad was good at spotting them and disciplining myself to do as well as he was an important part of growing up.

I had the record for biggest tooth until dad found a fragment of a four inch megalodon tooth.

That part of the world was swamp and corn fields and a few sporadic vacation cottages, so it was perfect teach a kid to shoot.  First, Dad's old BB gun and the aluminum of a TV dinner tray.  Later, slug rounds from Paw Paw's 20 gauge.  I loved that place.  Peaceful.  Mostly.  In the 40s that area got busy at times...  LSTs are worse than mosquitos back then.

Photo credit A. Aubrey Bodine.

[In other news, I got my all in one scanner working.]

Monday, May 7, 2012

What Caliber for


Looks like, in Texas, if you have a hunting license, you can harvest Sasquatch all year.  No limit.

Until they put him on the endangered species list. 

I [blank] the 70s

I lucked onto that nice 70s shot. Gave me a whole day of blog fodder and the most comments EVER.  (Even not counting my 8 comments.)

Something about proto mall ninjas from the 70s that gets people going.  The only thing that would have made it better was one of those double shots common in the era.  With the sitting portrait and the disembodied close up staring off into the distance in the upper corner.  Like this.

People sure did make some bad stylistic choices in that decade.  I feel fortunate to have survived.

Any firearm advancement from that decade, stylistically or otherwise?  Series 70 Colt pistol with the odd barrel bushing that I have never seen in person.  It doesn't seem to have remained popular or I don't know what I am looking at.  Also in the 70s, the depredations of the post 1968 GCA ATF, exemplified in the Ballew Raid  in Silver Spring (by me!  I was 2.)

Anything else?  Anything positive at all?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Glowball Warmening, Too Late

Six years ago the Crisis Catastrophic Anthropogenic Greenhouse Warming/Climate-Change devotees said we were at a tipping point and if something wasn't done to Socialize the world economy in the following 5 years it would be too late. 

In the meantime, nothing was done. 

So, assuming we should listen to them, might as well spend that climate science money on hookers and blow.  We'll all be dead soon. 

Or maybe they were full of carbon-intensive bovine exhaust.

Either way, I'm sick of hearing about their policy prescriptions and now I shouldn't have to.

10/22 Trigger

The stock trigger in my Ruger 10/22 is... not the best.  If I want to go to Appleseed, ever, it'd be nice if it was better.  I mean it feels like 10 pounds and I can hear it creak.  It's the worst trigger of any rifle I own, but I've been lucky with getting rifles that came with decent triggers.

I should also invest in better ammo, but that's another story.

Any recommendation for a drop in trigger that is better than stock and an adequate improvement for Appleseed?

You can spend more than I spent on the rifle.

Or there are cheaper models.  And other options.  I don't know what I'm looking for, really.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Las Vegas

There is a place that does Machinegun shoots for tourists out in the Vegas area.  Anyone do that?  What's it like?

I assume you get a staff person to show you how the firearms function and what not. A friend is thinking of setting her husband up for some Rock and Roll fun.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I wonder what mall he guards?

Ah, the 70s. 


Good best-practice in this review

See how they took a picture of the new gun they are reviewing next to a 5" 1911?  People should do that more often.  A plain Jane 1911 next to the new-hawtness blastomatic 9000 pistol of any sort.

From the Firearm blog:

If you are a 1911 person or Glock fanboi, it's irrelevant.  The 1911 has been around for 101 years and everyone knows what size it is and have probably handled it, and many have owned or own one even now.  It is very easy to judge the comparative size of the new pistol with something that is just an ingrained familiar constant standard in every gunnie's mind. When someone said "Colt 45" for the past 100 years they pretty much understood that it meant an Army 1911.  Even if they only saw it in the flicker shows.

Another idea, in the event a 1911 is unavailable, is to take a picture of it next to a dollar bill.  Give us SOMETHING Mr. Photographer.  I mean the pistol floating in a white limbo is a great picture-taking trick, but I want more info.  That's fine, but ALSO give us a proper picture for scale in your magazine spread.  I prefer the 1911 comparison above, personally.  That's great.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I still hear that old saw, "when the bad guy hears my 12 gauge pump racking, they wet their pants."

Yes, except when they don't.  The home invader might be crazy, have nothing to lose, or are deaf from the adrenalin or just deaf.

"The rack of the 12 gauge is God's whisper.  The hit from a .45 is His voice."

Of course a hit from a 12 gauge is quite emphatic, I must admit.  I'm just saying... don't count on the bad guys listening to what God has to say, one way or another.

I wonder how many homeowners come to grief when they rack an empty 12 gauge and nothing happens?  Or when they are unwilling to do the follow through after they rack it?

Don't count on the deterrent working.  The bad guy wasn't deterred by the door of an inhabited house, they might not be deterred by other things, too.

Plus:  Shotguns suck for zombies.  Never select a shotgun as your primary anti-zombie firearm. It's great for onesy twosey, but zombies travel in hordes. The reload time is onerous, and the ammo, while effective, is heavy and bulky and short ranged.

I'd rather have .45s for bipedal home invaders.  .308 to keep kids with evil intentions offa my lawn.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Blogger Interface

I hate it.  I hate the new blogger settings!  Do you?  Well you can DO something about it.  See that gear symbol near the upper right hand corner of your dashboard page?  Click on it.  See where it says Old Blogger Interface?  Click on that.  And Robert is your Mother's brother...

Hopefully Frank James won't quit blogging when he finds this and sees he can return to the older, better interface.  I like his stuff.

I was never

I was never going to vote FOR Romney. 

Things that make me more likely to vote AGAINST him?

Tapping collective rights judicial poobah Robert Bork.

Cozying up to Mayor Bloomberg.  (Oooo, HE'D make a good Veep pick!)

Not supporting his foreign policy advisor Grenell because Team Jesus was upset that there was [SCANDAL!] a THE GAY advising Romney.  Shoulda got Dick Cheney to resign from VP 4-12 years ago because of the whole gay daughter thingy.

Sheesh Romney, it's like you are DARING me to vote for 0bama.  Get a grip, Hoss.

Huff Po Begging...

... to control the polling narrative...

Are they disappointed they don't control ALL the narrative, everywhere?  Or that their control is slipping largely here and starting to slip in other areas?  Not enough fingers to stick into the leaky dike now that the media is becoming more democratize thanks to Al Gore and his internetz?

"Gun control" is overly broad. What do respondents think of when asked whether they support "gun control"? Are they thinking about a ban on all guns, including hunting rifles?

 It's not even about the hunting rifles.  There are too many controls now, even on hunting rifles.  But hunting is such a tertiary part of the Second Amendment.  This isn't 1978.  More men and women own self defense weapons than own .22-250 bolt action or .30-30 lever guns.  Folks have been voting with their wallets and snapping up ARs and S&W M&Ps lady, in case you haven't been watching the sales stats.

All outlets could use a gun question rewrite. Pew is not the only polling outlet using outdated language.

 Gun banners are using the outdated language (as demonstrated by the twice affirmed, so far, unconstitutional 'sporting pupose' ie. hunting rifle standard).  We, on our side, have compromised enough.  Time for YOU to compromise.  National CCW Reciprocity, removal of ALL vestiges on Duty to Retreat for self defense, loosening of the NFA to at least removed the restrictions on silencers (even out of touch Socialists in Europe are as backward on this as the US.)  Stop opposing these and we'll see where we are after.  Though there will still be a way to go on shoring up our basic Civil Rights.  Get your head out of the Jim Crow sand, people.

For some time, Americans have recognized private gun ownership as a right; the debate is now about how (or whether!) to keep guns out of dangerous hands.

That's good!  Glad you concede that.  Congratulations!  You are catching up with the constitution.  With that statement you are on board with the NRA, who are all for the regime in place since 1968 to keep guns out of dangerous hands.  I recommending going to a gun show and getting a price break on your lifetime NRA membership.  Normally it is $1000, but you can get it for a bit less than that at a show.  While you are there, pick up a .22 and some ammo.  No house should be without one.  .22s are like salt and pepper shakers. Then...

a gay marriage question is more straightforward. While there are, of course, nuances to the gay marriage debate (a civil union alternative, recognition by other states, etc.), we can be reasonably sure all participants are responding to roughly the same concept.

Once you have a gun in your home, it's like having a gay man or woman at home, or in the family, or as a good neighbor...  You get a bit protective of either. You might notice gun enthusiast on your side a bit.

polling outlets are actually influencing the debate by suggesting there is less support for stronger gun laws than actually exists.

You are going to be a bit disappointed when you find out that the only way you can get support for you gun ban schemes even when you go to all but the direst alarmist screeds in your polling.  Then you will have to fall back on your oldest argument:  "SHUT UP AND LET US CONFISCATE YOUR GUN YOU IGNERNT COUSIN HUMPERS, DAMMIT!"    (Must burn their cheeks that they don't control the agenda like they used to.  Don't us get cocky, tho.)

Happy May Day!  Or, as I like to call it: Happy 100 Million Dead by Democide to a Failed Statist Philosophy Day.  No more Great Leaps Forward and their accompanying megadeaths, please.