Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Holy Crap, it's a Zombie TV Show!

Black Summer.  Netflix

Hope it's better than the early disappointment Walking Dead. 

The first ep starts off like the modernized, 2004, Dawn of the Dead.  Pretty blonde girl, husband changes, it's sprinter zeds, and she is rescued by a black dude.  Standard Romero trope right there.  Black Savior Constant.  I've always said if the dead animate to feast on the living buddy up with a black dude.  If the movies are any guide your chances improve dramatically. 

I can't find old references to that online because search engines want you to look at stuff they own or fresh stuff or both. 

But I don't think the presence of a black actor has to do with the title of the series. 

It's a good take on the zombacalypse.  No one really knows what is going on.  Martial authorities are stretched thin, past the breaking point, but it looks like martial law is in place wherever there are pockets of uniforms. 

Surprisingly few guns. 

Lots of cars appear out of gas, but it hasn't been long enough to run out of ammo. 

Oh, everyone turns.  You die you re-animate.  Got that all from the first episode. 

The drama is in the confusion and not knowing and following a small handful of folks.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Back to Monday

And staring into the blog post abyss.  A gravity well so strong no written gun content can escape from it.

Unless you can Woody Harrelson to give it a shot of the good junk.

Yes, Solo was on Netflix.  It was ok, I guess.  The Ehrenreich guy did a good job adopting a lotta Harrison Ford's mannerisms.  It was a Star Wars movie.  And those haven't been really good since the Christmas Special.  Which is arguably the 3rd best Star War Movie.  Maybe #2.

Also working my way through Love Death & Robots.  Golly, how man short episodes ARE there?  But they are good.  Plenty of gratuitous cartoon nookie, if that's a problem for you.  I think Major Caudill wrote two of these. 

Both shows have gun content.

I need another netflix idea to watch next.  Something black.  Black Mirror, Altered Carbon, BlackkKlansman... ooo...  Black Summer.

Here is some classic Gun Content.

Did you know the only takedown notice this blog ever got was when I post a picture of a poster from this movie?   Well, someone stole the picture of Peter Graves with the pistol and the "never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups" caption.  Something plenty of people repost.  Here is Ammoland doing it.  Don't snitch them out.

Sunday, April 28, 2019


NRA:  "There are no shennanigans going on behind the scenes."

Narrator:  "There were lots of shennanigans going on behind the scenes..."

Not knowing the truth of who is doing what to who, and I am not sure if I had lots of inside sources that agreed to chat me up I'd know, really, who was doing what to who, I have no idea to root for?

Colonel North?
Wayne LaPierre?
Outside expensive PR Agency Ackerman McQueen?
That guy that threw a cellphone on stage for Trump to sign?
Tom Selleck?
Who is right?  Who is the white hat?

I know!  Me.  I am rooting for me, and the membership.  I hope we come out ok, and soon.

(Apparently, the hats of Ollie and AM look a little smudged right now.  But are they?  Can't tell by looking at the shadows of this cave wall.)

Saturday, April 27, 2019

The State of Maryland

Won't let me carry a concealed firearm on my person in public.  But they see nothing wrong with me carrying a frisbee pretty much anywhere.  Not only do I not need special permission, they don't even seem to care. Carry any personal defense flying disk you want to, they think it's none of their business.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Range April 25

28 rounds.  924 since the gun was built.

The FIRST magazine went to the center mass at 75 feet this time.  I was fresh, and it shows.  Five inside the 9 ring.

Second mag, I felt flinchy.  And it showed.  4 sailed over the top of the head, or grazed it.  Third mag, same point of aim, better because less flinchy.

4th mag, I was aiming at the little guy, upper left, and missing.  Tired already.  Might as well pack it in.

If I ever get my stamina up, it will be doing things outside the range, mostly, I am sure.  Something on me hurts all the time.  Age.  I only mention pain here when it is out of the ordinary worse.   But I am sure those aches and pains aren't helping my stamina.  Nor is my sedentary job.   

Still, first mag went where I wanted it to at a pretty good distance away that I absolutely could not expect to accomplish just a few short years ago.  I'd never have thought to engage targets that far away.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Squirrel Hunting

I've never shot at a squirrel.  But I have looked at squirrels.

Look at this fat bastard here.   That's a resident of Indiana, that squirrel.

I've noticed...  this one in Indy, and also on my visits to Ohio...  The squirrels on THAT side of the Appalachians are bigger.  And redder.  On this side the squirrels are a lot more gray.  And slightly smaller.  And we have some with black fur.  Perhaps even smaller, they.

Truly a noticeable difference.

I seem to recall similar gray style east coast squirrel during my stint in the Florida panhandle, but can't bet my life on it.  Gray, like east coast varieties, in SW Virginia and SE Virginia.  In Pennsylvania too, both east side and nearer Pittsburgh, but I think the I79 corridor they are starting to change...    But man, get to the flat lands past the hills and west and Red and Fat is the squirrel byword.

I wonder, if, with concerted effort, one could import enough of one variety or another to opposite territories and successfully have one variety dominate the other?   Not that'd recommend that sort of unnatural intervention.  But it's not like there is anything preventing it happening naturally.  Yet, it hasn't. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Vegan sez wha?

Vegans wants me to hunt down animals with my bare hands and eat the meat raw.

Yeah, that was a different kind of Homo.  No, not THAT Homo.  Sheesh.  The other kind.  The Genus kind.  No, not GENIUS kind...

It was like 3 or four species ago when we did that kind of thing.  Now we fashion tools.  And we cook it.   That's what makes us so smart to be able to communicate with Vegans using typed words converted to light and beamed around.  The fat in the easily digestible cooked flesh made the brain so big.

And we cooperate with others like ourselves so maybe we can specialize in our labor.  So I can let someone else hunt down and slaughter and cook my cheeseburger and in exchange write blog posts for money that I then give to the mighty Burger-Jaeger.

Not eat raw exhausted deer like some dumb Australopethicus.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Still no fodder

But, the NRA.  There are Shenanigans at Corporate, but I don't know enough about the inside baseball stuff to have anything to add here.  I know I don't like what's going on with the NRA.    I'd rather spend that energy fighting the enemies of freedom and not fight amoungst ourselves any more than we have to.

Maybe I've run out of blog.  Could this be more than just a slump?

I could go to the range every day, and have a lot more fodder.  But that would get old, wouldn't it?

Holy Cripes, Iggy Pop is 72 years old.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Well, it's bedtime Sunday

And I got nuffin to post for Monday morning. 


Watched Movie 43 on Netflix and the third ep of the Ken Burns' baseball documentary.  43 is odd and weird and funny and star-filled.  I like it.  But I like weird stuff.  You'll love it or hate it.  But it is no blogfodder. 

Lemme check my internet history.

Videos on: the history of Notre Dame
Every shot in Dirty Harry (worthy, but old hat)
A little Japanese girl goes to the range for the first time in Michigan.  Not enough to poach a post.
The Boys in Company C.

The biggest highlight was Keto friendly breading for fried chicken.  Just use flavorless protein powder!   Mind.  Blown.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

I had no idea...

That the 57 Chevy had such crappy leg room in the back seat and such a small trunk.

I was under the impression there was more.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Finally got back to the range

On the 18th.  Road construction has calmed considerably near the range.  Didn't shoot half bad.

I had another target that fell down.  No, not because I struck the trolley.  I forwarded into the back stop trying to retrieve it, instead of reversing, and the jar was enough to shake it loose.  It was lousy long range shooting that favored the right side of the bullseye.  If firing for score at distance, adjust point of aim to the left of bull a bit, T-Bolt.

Anyway, 57 rounds of AR, no malfunctions, 896 since I built the gun.

Starting to get flinchy at target 3.  The one at 5 o'clock on target 1 was a called flinch.

I noted that the back of the slide where the rails are there was a tiny bit of oil back there.  Still.  Which is good.  A good sign.  Which is also why I expected no malfunctions this time.  The gun isn't dry yet.

Speaking of dry, I don't know if it helped, but I did some dry firing.  A trigger squeeze is totally different when there is no explosion at the end.  If I had any discipline I'd take the time to do a few DAILY.  Dangit

Thursday, April 18, 2019


In this NPR Morning Edition story, they highlighted the wins from 4 prize winning stories.  There are LOTS of awards so they can't say a blurb about every winner.  Just four of em.  And three of them highlight were about shootings in Annapolis, Pittsburgh, and Florida.  So they were pushing the gun ban angle by their selections there at NPR.  Didn't mention the hard hitting Trump finanicals story winner.  Mueller was a bust, gotta move on to another subject they think has traction.  They think it is guns.

The 4th story mentioned was one about a residual Jim Crow law.   One that allowed conviction even when a jury isn't unanimous.  So:  racism.  Fair enough.

But it is odd, because Gun Control is HUGELY a residual Jim Crow law.  All gun control is racist.

Which got me to thinking.

I don't think gun control is 100% racist.  Just 80% or so?  75%?  Still so very racist that arguing over the degree is slicing the baloney thinner.  A meal that is all poison or only three quarters poison is still poison, after all.  But that other part, the smaller sliver that isn't about race so much.

Communities that thinks guns are icky and consider it gauche to have a gun or bear a gun in their work or church.  "It's just not done!  We are a civilized news room, and few to no brown skinned people interact with us here, so its not our racism that makes us eschew guns for ourselves."

It's not racism that makes them choose to be unarmed and relatively helpless.   They don't want to get their hands dirty.  They have contracted off responsibility for their protection to the State.  They think this removes them from the burden, but the shootings all proved that assumption or safety wrong.  And now their world is upside down.  And they lash out with...  irrational policies that make taking responsibility for themselves even harder.   And they can't see that.    It's a mental disconnect they cannot see. 

So... classist?   In America?  Well, we avoid a LOT of Class warfare in this country because we are America, and not Britain.  But we still got some, I am forced to admit.  But we also have self-deception.  And these snooty people might just be sophists.  A sophistry that can, in the end, be self-defeating in the cases where it turns deadly.

"They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist--..."

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bonnie and Clyde

Got to it.  Finally.  The Highwaymen.  On Netflix.  Quick review:  It's good.  Not great, but good.  See it.

Someone asked me if Frank Hamer's trusty Model 8 was seen at all.  Oh yes.  When he started out that was all he brought from the house to the car.  Right after that he stopped at a gun store, in the movie, and bought everything.  BARs.  Tommy guns.  Some Remington Model 10s.  We don't see the Model 8 again until the end of the movie.

It's not a movie about police procedurals.  The police work is tertiary.  It's not a movie about guns, though there are certainly a few nice ones to ogle.  It's a movie about hunting and killing men.  And Woody Harrelson's character, Ranger Maney Gault, isn't about the killing so much.  If he ever really was.  It's not that he won't.  It's that it has haunted him.  But it's something Hamer is good at.  Tracking and confornting.  And Clyde, who I don't think says a word the entire movie, as it's not about him, is good at the confronting bit.  Killing and running versus hunting and killing.

Excellent sets.  You can tell they had to age modern looking roads to get a 1930s effect.  (they do this by covering the modern surface with a coating of gray gravel.)  But there are still plenty of places in Texas you can film wide open sky and flat dusty farm country. 

And I have always enjoyed Harrelson and Costner's performances.  Woody can be annoying off camera, but not so much it turns me off.  Costner is Costner.  He's no Olivier but what he does he does good.  Cop types, and ball players.  Cowboys.  And like I said, I like those roles.

Not the best Netflix has put out, but worth the effort.  I hope they do more stuff like this.

I liked it much better than that Warren Beatty movie that came out 50 years ago.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Dang Doxies

They all got the clap.  Don't wink at ME, Missy.  Save that dose for some stevedore.  I'm not falling for that.

Monday, April 15, 2019


Today is Buy a Gun Day.

You are supposed to take your refund from the IRS and buy a gun with it.

I dunno about you, but I blogged already that I had to write a bigger check to the Treasure Department this year.  I only got a $1300 tax cut from Trump, not the $2000 my payroll department at work assumed.  Either way, I haven't gotten a refund back in ages.  I arrange my witholdings that way on purpose.

But so?  Doesn't mean I can't join in the fun and buy a gun anyway, right?

Yeah, I have a gun or two.  I have filled the niches that need filling.  When I started this blog I had a list of guns I needed gettin.  So now it is all wanting.  And I want for nothing, right now.

The list of possibles, today, is down to a paltry 4, and none blow my skirt up this month.  Maybe next month?

  1. Do something with the extra 1911 frame I have. 
  2. A .308 rifle good for hunting, with glass. 
  3. A .45ACP rifle with a big honking suppressor. 
  4. Maybe a plastic 9mm modern service pistol...? S&W/Sig/Whatevs.
Easiest is #4.  Those are still thick on the ground.  Any gun shop has #4.  The others take some doing. 

Tried to do a hunting rifle already.  But that Savage 99 was a lemon.  I still have an M1A doing that job, if push came to shove.  1 and 3 are gunsmith jobs.

So, if I was gonna buy a gun it's that pistol.  Not a very exciting option, emotion-wise, huh?   

Sunday, April 14, 2019

In America

You don't have to dress up and can get Levis real cheap.

Cheese comes in aerosol cans!

They say the streets are paved with coal.

Why do they call eggplants 'aubergines'?

When you are on a sinking ship, why do you have toss over the women and children first?  Does that cut the weight and keep the ship floating a lil longer?

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Expecting 10s of Thousands

Tens of thousands might be turned in.  Firearms.  In New Zealand after the ban.  Out of 1,500,000. 

So, less than 10% expected?

I dunno the Kiwi character.  Maybe they are more ornery than their law enforcement gives them credit for. 

What if only 3 percent comply?  Less than 50k?

No matter, 50,000 or 500,000 that is still a million plus molon labe. 

It might be one of them act in haste repent at leisure for the ruling class of New Zealand.  Shouldn't violate the people's Second Amendment rights.

"But New Zealanders don't have a Second Amendment like that, T-Bolt!"

EVERYONE has a Second Amendment rights.  They might call it something else, elsewhere.  Those rights are usually just wantonly violated by people's masters at the levers of gummint power.  Like they partly do here.  Americans have been shockingly tolerant about that. 

If they tried that in the USA, how soon before you'd have a machinegun?

Friday, April 12, 2019

Work is really interfering with my blog life

There was a time when work was less busy.

Beats unemployment, tho.

Certainly earning that paycheck.  I don't even mind stuff like  "Hey T-Bolt, all that work you just did?  We gotta change major parts of it.  You gotta start from scratch."  That's fine.  It's what they pay me for.  We'll get it right eventually, and that's the point.  No problem.

I'd have reviewed that new Bonnie-Clyde killin' movie already if I could carve 2 hours out to watch it.

None of the pop culture, otherwise, bloggable.  Not that I ain't blogged already.  Youtube videos, video games, that one Terry Pratchett book.  Just in a bit of a gun slump.  It happens.  More and more.  Gonne Skool and weekly range sessions was the blessing.  I can up the range visits right soon.  Need to look harder for more Gonne Skools.

I wish I could shoot 3 yard targets at my range.  For Dot Torture.  Well, Dot Torture without the drawing.  See?  Stupid Maryland.   You can certainly test yourself from low ready or pistol on the bench instead of in the holster.  I could enlarge the targets to they are still to scale...  No, that way lies madness.  "This target simulate 3 yards when places 25 feet away, and THIS one simulates 5 yards..."

I used to comment on politics more.  That Duke Nukem Swallwell guy?  What a piece of work.  He's clearly on the President's payroll, tho.  Like that AOC woman and Maxine Waters and Harris and whatnot.  They are working so hard to make him look good.  If he wins and the House swings on his coattails do you think we'll get ANY good firearm legislation passed?  Crossing my fingers that judges are enough.

Thursday, April 11, 2019


The TV show, from 1962 to 67.

They didn't show it on reruns when I was a kid.  For one, it was in black and white.  B&W repeats were doable, but the show had to be more bloved and with a wider appeal.  For another, it war programs weren't in fashion so much.  Maybe Baa Baa Blacksheep.  But that was about pilots.  Or M*A*S*H.  One summer they reran Rat Patrol during the day.

Note, they clear mines in this ep with a bayonet.  Most all the men over 18 to 20 or so would have been drafted or served so a large part of the adult view audience would find this familiar.  Fewer folks today would grok that technique, methinks.

So, they are all waiting for the guy to meticulously check for mines, and the squad is all bunched up in a gaggle together, standing, in the open, and inside the blast radius of even smallish mines.  So not ALL the lessons from Army training took.  Of course you make allowances for Hollywood.  It's hard to say your lines in conversation with your fellow actors and be there for easy close ups if you are taking cover, spread out, doing 360 degree security. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Last Action Hero

This man's passing touched me in rare way.

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Cole, USAAC, passed away at age 103.

The last living Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.

And an era closes.  Losing the final few WWII vets now.  The YOUNGEST veteran would be a man in his 90s. 

My grandfather had met a bunch of the Doolittle men at one of their reunions.  In the the 70s, I think.  I am pretty sure.  Younger men than he, he still looked up to them for what they did.

I am touched by the sacrifices they did and the world they left for me to enjoy.  All of them.

Plus it's a decent Van Johnson movie!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Military Drinks a Lot

You don't say?

There is even a report that goes:  "The military leads all other professions in the number of days spent drinking per year, study claims"

Pfff.  I was in the military.  Yes my fellow service members were not afraid of a drink now and again.  Sometimes to excess.  Well, yes and some colossal booze-ups.  After I got out of the Navy (the soberist of the services, mebbe?) I was a Brewer.

Beer makers tend to drink a bit.  It's their JOB.  Gotta be sure it's fit for consumption.  I used to say that we drank more before 9AM than most people do all day.

The Brewery I worked for closed in 1999, but that was a great decade for me.  I am partly glad it's over.  I couldn't have kept that up.  A decade was enough.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Not going to the range for a month

Puts a crimp on my blog fodder.

More Far Cry 5.

The M-14 and M1A variants in the game, SUCK.  Didn't the developers know that that gun hits like a bolt out of the blue?  Pah!  It feels like a .32 ACP in game.

And it take TWO shots from the bolt action .50 cal to put down a bear.

Lesser calibers you shoot a deer it jumps and runs.  And there are actual blood trails to follow.  Pretty neat.


Brilliant plans to win WWII.

I love stuff like that.  Well, loved.  Like, now.

As a kid and budding war historian, I went over and over various mental scenarios like "If the Germans had two dozen more U-Boats in the fall of 1939... they'd have won the war!" or "If Stalin hadn't murdered as many Generals the war wouldn't have seen 1943."  If.  Only if.

No.  The war would have been different maybe.  Maybe.  Anyway, this video series goes over some plans that fell short.  And the folly of the 'what ifs' to reality.  Still interesting to think about, tho.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Far Cry 5

I bought it when it first came out.  Far Cry 5.

It's about a religious cult in rural Montana.  You are the sole at large member of law enforcement in the region.  The cult wants to capture or kill you.  There are plenty of 'innoccent' civilian, but this is Montana.  They are most all hearty individualist and mostly Preppers.  You are cut off from the outside world.  Can you prevail against these religious nutjob that have made a travesty out of God, Jesus, and the New Testament?

Or, it's a hunting a fishing simulator with an annoying bit with First Person Shooter parts to interrupt your fun.

While I bought it when it first came out I couldn't play it.  My old computer was too long in the tooth.  I had to save my money to buy a new gaming rig.  So no "Buy a Gun" day for me this year.  As if I had something to buy.

It's a good game.  I have played none of the other Ubisoft games with similar mechanics, so this is novel and not tiresome to me.  I recommend.  And your in game allies love American or Freedom or both.  There was controversy when the game came out.  It insults flyover country or it insults Christians.  I don't see it.  They did a good job portraying rural people, and the only 'Christians' that see themselves in the antagonists are psychotic already.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Gun Control is SO Popular

Gun control is so popular Democrats have to try to SNEAK it into Bills.

Friday, April 5, 2019

NPR Guns and America

So, I catch a bit of Guns and America on my commute listening to NPR radio.  This one was about what it's like to actually have to defend yourself.

It was extremely fair considering the source. 

They interviewed Dave Grossman and he sounded reasonable.  I know!  He doesn't always.  They interviewed a guy that had to kill a killer that found him in his hiding spot in the bathroom and they were sympathetic to his textbook case of justifiable homicide.  And they interviewed combat veterans on what it feels like to have to shoot.  The adrenaline dump is unlike anything you have experienced.  Well, unless you have already shot a person trying to kill YOU before. 

The overt message, self-defense can be extremely hard, the way a human reacts when he may have to kill and isn't used to killing. 

The underlying message, and this is my bias, prolly, was: "it's hard to defend yourself, you aren't ready, people that train all the time aren't really ready, might as well not have a gun to defend yourself, better to die in that bathroom."  But that wasn't too bad, if intentionally there.

No, you have no idea how you might react when the balloon goes up.  If you train a lot and muscle-memoried everything you still might react poorly.  Keep training tho.  Drills are important.  Try to be ready but pray you never have to.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

New Army Subgun

The Army hasn't bought a submachinegun since I was a pup.  Since the clone of the Swedish K methinks. 

So it's gotta be good, right? 

No.  Ugly.

But I like the name.  Brugger & Thomet.

Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

Yes, the GOP.  Even so called 'good' Republicans like Cruz.   Embarrassing.

Ted Cruz Caves.  Him, and others.

If you are gonna give in and accede to some gun control, can't you morons at LEAST get something back in return?

I don't LIKE red flag laws.  Because of the chance for abuse.  But I am not wrapped around the axle about them.  Sorta like Ted and Lindsey 2.0 and Cocaine Mitch, it seems.  But I am convinced that if you aren't going to oppose such an abuse on principle and yield to practical politics, AT LEAST USE POLITICS TO GET SOMETHING IN RETURN.   How come we are always the ones doing the giving and taking?  We give concessions and they come back later and take more rights away.  Why are we making the other side give US stuff before WE take more from THEM?

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A Zed Movie

Oh my...

This is something that hits me where is counts.

It looks like George Romero teamed up with Wes Anderson. Yes, yes.

My only issue is my bugaboo with shotguns for retirement work. We gotta drum that out of the culture. Horrible choice for zombies. Now Tilda (she's good in everything) and the katana? If you are skilled and have a quality weapon, that might be an idea.

Bonus? Looks like they got a LOT of the actors from Coffee and Cigarettes.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Reset the Clock

I can't convey how much this pleases me.

You can buy 100 round drum magazines in California, now.  Made last week.  Not way back in the 90s.  If they overturn the ruling tomorrow you can still always have your new magazine, made before tomorrow.  Last month there were no PMAGs in California.  All designed after the mag ban.  Now there are 100 million.  Every PMAG.  As long as PMAG never stamps a date or changes cosmetic appearances to something not seen before.  And I doubt they ever will, for just this reason.

"You oughta blog about..."

"You oughta blog about that lady in South Carolina that got into a car and thought it was her Uber ride, T-Bolt, only it wasn't.  It was her murderer!  She was in South Carolina, she coulda five or six CCW pistols on her."

I went over with my co-worker that while having a gun might have been handy for her, being in Condition White was what did her in.

Co-worker had never heard about that color chart thingy.  But they had always thought is a good idea to aware and alert.

Are Uber's such old hat now that people aren't wary?  They all have that little sticker on them.  I bet the app describes the car and license and has a driver name and picture (and may even have a picture of the car (never used it yet, myself.))  If not it should.  But that didn't matter here.  She probably casually climbed in and almost certainly kept her head in her phone.  At least for a bit.

There are even safety tips.

But just a little alertness and you wouldn't need safety tips.  A little less Condition White.  You don't need to be a Shottist to use the color code.  It's for people.  All kinds.  Well the kind that goes out in public.  Or goes out in private where there are other risks.  It's nice to go traipsing about without a care but it's not wise.


Hell, maybe I am wrong.  Maybe the impression left by reports is totally off base.  Wouldn't be the first time journalist got everything wrong.  Maybe the only way she survives this is a weapon on her, and it's totally understanding why she got in that car.  A simple mistake can lead to bad outcomes, maybe this is one of those, where Plan A (or Plan Alert) was justifiably inadequate and she needed a Plan B, a way to effectively fight Back.  I just lean to Plan A being enough.  I'm not advising not to have a Plan B, however.

Monday, April 1, 2019


Tam has a point.  Even people with a hard earned CCW permit often don't carry.

But, if I lived in Viriginia instead of Maryland, I'd carry.  Even to church.  Or so I'd like to think.

Work pants are thin.  Lots of printing.

And I haven't trained myself like Tam has.  Carrying.

She has pants on?  I bet there is a gun in it.  The pants.  She has done that day in and day out for probably decades?  So the full size, or darn near close to full size, gun on her belt... She is used to it.  I remember when I switched from a walking around job on a cement floor, to a carpet job with a padded swivel chair and a CRT screen. It took MONTHS for my eyes to not hurt from looking at the screen.  My feet were happy.  So was my liver.  The cement floor was in the brewery I ran. 

If I strapped a 1911 in a IWB holster on?  "Oh, my back.  And that side is the sciatica side.  Have I put on a few pounds?  Great, the pants are too tight..."  Then I default back to the less optimal J-Frame in a front pocket.

Unless I am wearing those thin work pants.  Then even the J-Frame is a problem.

I'd probably work through the problem, like I did with the computer screen.  It'll just take a while.

But not everyone is as gun-centric as you and me.

But yeah, even with churches getting targeted I bet more than half the churches in Virginia won't have a gun anywhere inside this Sunday.  And it is legal in Virginia at the discression of the yadda yadda.  A few have a blanket no gun policy, but lots politely say nothing and it's a Don't Ask Don't Tell situation.  I find.  There.  In Maryland, maybe if a cop goes to your church?  Or you hired a guard. 


As an aside, I wrote all this in Maryland.  I am home tho.  And I have a J-Frame in my pocket and a Hudson in the nightstand a room away.  (The Hudson has a light, see?)  Why?  Because I live in a dangerous area.  Maryland.  And it is now solicitor season.  Lots of doorbell ringing.  During daylight I still open the door.  During night I might just check the air lock.  I am lucky to have a porch, so my front door opens onto the porch and the porch door is locked.  A hammer can bust down the porch door, but it can bust down the front door too.  But no one can quickly snatch at me without taking the time to foil the door.