Saturday, June 30, 2012

Type Blogging

Lessee if this works.  Click to embiggenate.

That wasn't so bad.

Here is the model, I've blogged about it before.

And the nook it lives in.

It's a bit high, I think.  But it's a cozy spot.

also, does this work?:

Friday, June 29, 2012

Great, Way to GO TSA

Now they are raping Shatners.

Poor old guy.  This is worse than when he  had to live in a travel trailer in the early 70s


Read the comments in the Firearm Blog Post about a German Polizei using a revolver in a SWAT type house invasion.

People sure get their knickers in a twist when a professional uses a revolver in a professional situation.  Police, soldier, or what have you.  I mean they seem almost angry.  Like the person using a revolver for work came up to them after hours and kicked their dog and told them their spouse was ugly.

Folks seem to take it personal.  Like it's an affront to their very existence.

I don't think these scoffers at revolvers are too concerned when someone has a wheelgun as a Back-Up Gun.  Heck, lots of them do, I'd bet.  But as a primary pistol?  They go to full outrage at the thought.

And I don't know why.  Sure sure, I know their reasons.  Magazine capacity being the big one.  Not doing any task recognizably better than an auto is another, including reliability.  But revolvers are no less effective on the business end shot for shot.  There are still some things.

When a solo cop panics and 'mag' dumps with a revolver, at least he only dumps 6 or so.  In a non-mag-dumping-panic gun fights are most often 2 or 3 shots, max.  In that SWAT situation...  If that stack of well armed cops gets into a hairy gunfight when they are surprised by multiple bad guys and the only thing that saves them is how fast that revolver wielder can reload and get to shot 7, 8, 9, etc...  then they have other problems.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Time Machine

If I had a time machine I'd go back to the late 1970s and tell Breda about this product:

Easy enough a child can prepare it in your pop up toaster!  Part of this nutritious breakfast!

When did they invent smoke alarms?  About the same time as this?  Hmmm.


Anything else in the news today apart from Holder being declared in contempt of Congress by a bipartisan vote?  How long will the AG go to jail for, anyone know?

Ooo!  Is he now a prohibited person?


It still amazes that total strangers, people I may never meet and may never even comment, direct their browsers to this site on a semi regular basis to read my typo laden logorrhea.

It makes me wish I was funnier and junk.  But... meh... these 'customers' are getting what they pay for and I am paid for my troubles in similar proportions.

It does kind of make that itch came back I had in NaNoWriMo where I wrote 20,000 words of a zombie novel set in 1930s DC with a Sam Spade-esque private Dick...  If I can drum up the gumption and double the words and it was some semblence of any good... I'd consider doing the Kindle-thing and charging maybe $1.99.  The same as a single bottle of beer from one of the fancier microbreweries.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I couldna wait na longer.  I went ahead and refi-ed the house.  I never thought I'd see it much below 5% but 3.875% is outrageous and I had to jump on it.  What does it garner me?  $230 extra a month in my pocket.  Until property taxes go up.  Heh, they should go down.  The County has been taxing me on the assumption that the bubble didn't burst and my house is valued (and taxed) at about twice its actual worth...

And...  The July 1st payment to the old mortgage holder?  Forget about that.  Pay on August 1st to the new place.  So I have an extra mortgage payment worth of money lying around...

Tempting to splurge on a new pistol.  Maybe a dupe 640.  I was just talking about retrolling gunbroker, too.  If I get a Commander sized 1911 dupe it would be the Colt again.  Completely the same.  Though, for some reason, S&W full size 1911s have intrigued of late...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Now it's in Texas

The 'Bath Salt Zombies' have esacaped Florida down I-10 ahead of Hurricane Debby and gotten all the way to Waco Texas.

Also this.  They are using simple tools.  Like shovels.


Stopped by

Finally stopped by the gunshop that opened near work.  2A Sales and Supplies.

I notice two things when I walk in.  One, it is teeny weeny.  Two, Tom is working there.

Tom is a gun salesman that used to work at the gun store by my house.  Small world. 

Once, Tom was talking about this guy that had tried to rob a gunstore.  The perp had written the instruction on 'emptying the register, be quiet, no one gets hurt' on a piece of paper and slipped it to the clerk.  Silly criminal.  While he was telling the story I grabbed pen and paper.  When he was done I handed Tom a folded note.  It read:  'sell me something.'  He was tickled.

But seriously, the shop is the size of a large executive office.  And that's it.  If a dozen people showed up at once some would have to go wait in the parking lot.  Still a decent number of guns for sale.  2 SCARs, for instance.  Also this is the first gunstore I've been in with a used progressive reloading turret for sale.  I've never seen a single progressive reloading press at a gunstore and this store had 2. 

LOTS of Hornady zombie ammo there. If you need zombie ammo.

They offer a discount for out of state FFL transfers if on the MD Shooters forum. I'm on MD Shooters, but I wonder if this blog post will help as well?  Anyway, my local store's transfer fee has gone up, so this policy, here at 2A, might get me to surf gunbroker again. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

More Metro

It's nice to see metrocons chime in now that F&F has risen to the level of national attention it has.  Mr. Walsh says the correct things and links to Bill Whittle.  But that's not what I want to call your attention to.  Check out the comments to the Corner blogpost.

Liberal commenters are flailing a bit.


Rush talking about guns.  One of the few times I've EVER heard him do so.

You are hearing this because it rises to a level to hurt the President they oppose.

He explains the difference between cartel arming and gun control scheme F&F and 2007's gun interdicting scheme Wide Receiver.  (Oddly, neither scheme worked as intended, but Wide Receiver worked better.)

[btw, way to go Mike and Dave for breaking this 18 or so months ago.]

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Looks like me

Prepping for Level 4 Outbreak.

I work out a little more than this guy. Plus I eschew Deagles.

He'd get those boots tied faster if he tried it this way.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Botched ATF Op

Or fiendishly clever plan that wasn't nearly so clever, hmmmmmmmmmmm?

Hillary and other pols (Barry McCaffrey!) lay the ground work first 100 days of 2009 of the soon to be true narrative of too many guns going into Mexico (so let's ban them!)

Can't get their story straight last year.  Who knew what when.

And now all this.

It's not the Scandal it's the Cover-Up. Good thing the admin is so smart and competent...

Hundred are probably dead because of the plan. One is definitely dead because of the plan. What is the plan? To get guns away from people that are doing absolutely nothing wrong with them. To inconvenience law abiding citizens in this country it didn't matter how many people had to be murdered.

When a regular Joe Q Citizen buys a gun with the intention of getting it to a criminal that can't purchase guns that is a straw purchase and a felony.

When a gov't official with no expectation of arresting anyone has a gun bought with the intention of getting it to a criminal that can't purchase guns that is a... what?

What if whole agencies do it?

Why are not all ATF and FBI folks, involved in this, prohibited persons at this point?

Friday, June 22, 2012

I Still Wish I Had...

Majored in SCIENCE!


One of the things I notice about MBtGE new suppressor for his Glock 21 (.45)...

When cases eject from Glocks, I have noticed that they tend to eject with AUTHORITY.  Ptueieweeee!  At the indoor range they usually jump over the booth wall and I get brass down my shirt from one or 2 lanes over.

With this can on there is much less force behind the ejection.  The cases don't even make it to the booth wall. 

Just thought that was an interesting phenom.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Maybe Lucas

Is a better film maker than I give him credit for...

Level 3

Not quite a Level 4 Zombie Outbreak yet. Mostly in Florida

Palmetto Florida


At the range, I had my first malfunction with my Colt Commander.  It's past the break in period, with hundreds of rounds through it and this is the first hiccup.

Failure to Feed.

The pistol was clean and lubed before the session.  Maybe the third or fouth magazine in the session, on the last round in the magazine, the round failed to feed.  It was 'nose high' like the case didn't get high enough up to be pushed into battery by the slide.  It wasn't hung on the extractor or anything.  It was like the spring and the follower weren't vigourous enough in doing their job. 

The ammo was FMJ, Sellier and Bellot.

The magazine was one of my two factory mags from Colt.  The chrome one.  Stamped on the floor plate so it is easy to notice.  I thought Colt used McCormack mags.

So my gut says to chalk this all up to a magazine issue and not the gun's fault.  Now... to repeat the failure, or try to get it to happen.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


A Wegmans just opened up near enough to me. 

Almost perfect.

It's only been a week and the crowds are horrendous.  That's ok, they will thin out.

Now I can get some REAL Rib Eye steak and pay through the nose for the privilege.  This is a good thing.

Only one bad thing about it.  The potato chip aisle.  Sheesh.  Nothing but bland Utz and Frito Lay products in the offing, essentially.  Pitiful!  Even Wise would be an improvement.  Middleswarth would be ideal.  But for that chip aisle I might as well go to Rodmans

I give the store 7.5 stars out of 10.  It would be 9.5 if they had fixed that chip problem.  I might go back.


On Monday there were the original 3 sets of speed cameras on my route to work.  The three 'types' too, as they have to have a reason in my state.  One in a construction zone, one in a school zone, and one in a rich people zone.

This morning, they were all gone.  Removed.  So, a small victory for the 4-7th Amendments?  Maybe.

Kinda odd they'd go away like that all of a sudden.  Maybe the contractor/owner wasn't getting paid enough by the State and took their equipment back.

Poor Judgement

That guy in Texas that got in trouble and is going to prison?  You know, he recorded the scene.  I'm picturing his thought process:

I gotta right.

Ima stand up for my rights even tho them people over there would rather I didn't and might do something to violate my rights.  You know, to prove a point.  And isn't this exciting

BUT I also want to stand up for my right with impunity so I will record the coming confrontation and make back-alley-lawyer noises while doing so.  This will, I figure, insulate me from any negative consequences, and no this isn't aforethought.  Wait, what is aforethought?

Yeah, that whole thing sounded fishy from the word go and smacks of eliciting trouble.  Even if wholly in the right... eliciting trouble to prove a point is probably not the first arrow in your quiver you should grab.  Sure, sometimes... But not this time. Well, whatever the situation in reality he now has a lot of time to think about it.

A bear doesn't belong in my house.  That bear is in the wrong.  But is it the best idea to smack it in the butt with a banjo?  Are drunk testosterone addled partygoers the best folks to finely slice the envelope of your rights among?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More MD Zombies

This time, a skunk.  Skunk zombie.  Skumbies.  In California.  California Maryland.  Yes, back in the early 1800s they named that big state on the Pacific coast after a tiny Maryland farming town infested with Skumbies.

Anyway, a Skumbie (6th one this year!) bit and infected someone trying to eat a meal at some cheeseburger restaurant.

Hey, I've eaten there!

Be Like Han

Don't just sit there like a duck in thunder!

Solidifying His Bonfides

I mention VerBruggen again, at National Review.

I wanted to add/reinforce.

I am happy there are frequent posters of pro 2nd Amendment stuff over there, like VerBruggen (mostly) and Williamson.  I'd love to see some of the OTHER staff member uncharacteristically post positive things about firearms issues.  I'd be shocked if Kathryn Jean Lopez or Jonah Goldberg did, for instance.  Or Jay Nordlinger!  Imagine that...

Sad Trombone

Poor Jesse Jackson.  Can't even gin up 4 whole protesters. 

Wasn't he a candidate for president back in '84?

The Beard's next gun

He wants a .223 style, but can't decide between a Mini14 and an AR. 

I am pushing the AR.

He is disappointed .223 can't be used for deer hunting if he ever gets a chance to do that.  Another reason to go for the AR, sez I... and I am intrigued with the .458 SOCOM uppers myself.  A weird, perhaps impractical, perhaps soon to be orphaned round... But still interesting.

He still drifts back to the Mini14 for some reason, tho.  He DOES look like Mr T.  Maybe that's why.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Saucy Trollop sent me this.

Apparently a city prosecutor, a prosecutor that SPECIALIZED in gun cases, was caught conceal carrying without a license. 

This is the guy that would send me up the river if my range bag was in my car and the cop was having a bad day.

according to his attorney, Arthur McGreevy: "We feel we have excellent defenses to this case, and feel he'll be exonerated," McGreevy said. "This is a guy who legally has a gun, and the issue will come to where he was transporting it to and how."

I wish they'd send him up the river instead.  After charging him lots of legal fees.  But only because that is how I would be treated in his stead.  But this guy is an elite and one of Maryland's anointed.

Rifle Range Report

So, I got the rifle range on Sunday with MBtGE.

Purpose:  First, to zero in the EOTech sight on the M1A.  Second, if possible, get a 25 yard lane and zero in the 10/22.  Third to have fun especially with MBtGE new .45s, the Glock 21 with a can and the JR Carbine I hadn't tried yet.

Let's go in reverse order.  The carbine is fun, if a bit gassy.  LOTS of fumes right in my face.  But it's set up for a righty and my face is on the wrong side.  I've noticed a distinct thunk to the cheek when shooting pistol caliber carbines.   It's a different feel than big rifles.  In a way, sharper.  Just thought that interesting.

The Glock 21 with suppressor is a HOOT!  It sound like the movies.  POCK!  POCK!  And for some reason I shoot a Glock better with the can.  Dunno why, the can obscures the sights a bit.  But it is giddy fun to shoot.  I want to try it somewhere where there are no other shooters and can see what it sounds like without hearing protection.

The range was crowded.  Fathers day, lots of father son teams.  So I had to settle for a 50 yard range and I didn't accomplish much with the 10/22.  It was shooting to the right and I pulled it back toward the center with my new sight adjustment tool on the techsights.   The .22 holes on the centerline were later shots.  The big holes are from the JR Carbine.

Finally, the M1A.  MBtGE was using the spotting scope specifically to get the new rig set to my satisfaction and was able to call my shoots in.  I had a dime to adjust the elevation and windage of the EOTech.  The shots were on center line but low, so I had to bring them up a full 3 rotations, maybe.  That was at the 50 yard target.  Then I switched to the 100 yard target and this is what I shot:

I am very happy with that.  I was off the reactive target on earlier shots and finished up with the close in stuff.  To say I am very pleased with a Pro Mag (!) stock and the red dot optic is an understatement.  So lets switch that to very, VERY pleased.  I recommend this to all my friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Now I want to take this gun for daytime hog abatement.  Maybe dusk or dawn.  That'd be fun and that accuracy is just fine.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Gun Friendly NROnik goes hammer and tongs on Brady Campaign's Daniel Gross.  He still takes them seriously even if we gunnies are more oriented toward the depredations of MAIG

He mentions exactly 2 studies where Brady may have a point.  These two.  Now that intrigues...  Possible ACTUAL 2A refutation of some kind.  Wait one while I peruse them both and see for my ownself.  Open mind and all.  BRB.


Ok.  I need more time to digest these.

Goin the Range

With MBtGE.  Clark Bros.

Got 'new' guns to try out.  Zero em in.  Back later.  Might post more then.

I got the EOTech on the M1A and the windage tool to adjust the techsight on the 10/22.  That's the purpose.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


I went a little nuts. 

I don't even know if I will USE half of this stuff.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Look at the beginning of this video. It's WWI tactics in 1960. Get out of the trench and fire from the hip as you wade into the enemy MG fire.

The BAR was designed (supposedly) for this pull the trigger and give a burst everytime your left foot hits the ground. I guess the M14 was the same thing but half the weight.

"In addition to shoulder-fired operation, BAR gunners were issued a belt with magazine pouches for the BAR and sidearm along with a "cup" to support the stock of the rifle when held at the hip. In theory, this allowed the soldier to lay suppressive fire while walking forward, keeping the enemy's head down, a practice known as "marching fire". The idea would resurface in the submachine gun and ultimately the assault rifle."

I can't imagine carrying that kind of weight around now, all day. 20 pounds OR 10 pounds. I'm too old and soft and fat. I guess I better pace myself when the zombies come until I get used to it.

What an exercise program. Get up in full battle rattle and patrol the neighborhood for an hour every day. Might upset some neighbors.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got some accessories

So the stock arrived.

I didn't get this, sadly.

I had already mounted the fore stock and red dot EOTech optic.  And some sling swivel items came. And the combination foregrip bipod.

Now to test it at the range.  Got a trip planned with MBtGE.

The reviews of the stock said I might have issues with fitting.  It is a tight fit, and the video on the website gave me confidence, and that is all as it should be.  I went at it with a firm placement and it worked.  Easy, in hindsight.

You know what I am going to like?  The convenience of the bipod, so I can leave my rifle upright.

Update:  Sling swivels and flashlight came today.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


What a shame...

On first read...  One of the ostensible gun guys at the Metrocon National Review doesn't see anything wrong with NY's microstamping scheme.  And they'd been doing so well, lately.  Might as well invite David Frum back to comment on firearms issues. 

But in the second half or the article!  What's this!  It was a bait and switch, drawing in urban conservatives that think guns are icky and showing how a gun ban proposal which seems ok at first glance is really just another unshined turd and something conservatives shouldn't support.  (tip to urban conservatives... if the NYTimes is seeming reasonable to you, it is probably a trick.)

From shame to trimuph!

(He was really commenting on the NYTimes touting the bad bill.  Nothing shameful.  But a quick initial skim left me disappointed that he might have turned to the dark side, prompting me to read more carefully.  So mea culpa VerBruggen for my initial lack of faith.)

Money quote: 

"The problem with New York’s legislation, in my view, is that it forces the costs of microstamping on law-abiding gun manufacturers, who pass them on to their overwhelmingly law-abiding customers."


Another zombie sighting in Miami.

What's with it with that town?


Archie gifted me the first compressor he ever used back when he started a body shop in an alley garage down in SE DC back in in the 40s.

The thing is what he used to paint cars.   That's about all it could do.

There is no reservoir tank on it.  Just a motor and piston.  After a few pumps it's at pressure and the relief valve is blowing off the excess.  I'm only using it to blow air, so that is fine.  Works as good as it did 70 years ago.

So I spritz some solvent on gun parts and blow off the dirt and carbon.  It gets into those nooks and crannies I can't reach.  Sure there is some brush work, especially to scrub down the feed ramp.  And patches down the barrel.

Or I can be lazy and spritz, bore snake the pistol with no disassembly, and blow off the excess lickity split.  Beats caked on cack, but its fast and quick, and something.

Because I am literally blowing black oily stuff all over, I make a 'spray booth'.  Just a beer case that will absorb the platter.

I got the idea from a film showing you how to clean Stoner new invention, the AR-10 rifle.  6:20 into this video you see the cleaning.  Brush brush blow blow.  You don't need to clean AR patterns ever anyway, right?

It does chase the liquid dirt around the parts.   To the edge.  And then stops.  So have a paper towel or rag handy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Zombie Whisperer

Tony Mallone


Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers


How bout "Indiana first state to not punish people from properly defending themselves from a formerly protected 'class' of fellow civilian." 

That's more accurate.  Just because it's in a uniform doesn't mean it's an angel that's allowed to kill you.

This law didn't come about because crazed Fudds want some kind of hunting season on cops.  It came about because policement were abusing their power, in some cases, with legal impunity.

The List

I haven't even THOUGHT about my gun want list in ages.  I think I'll have a peek.

Lessee, lots of stuff about accessories for the M1A that are on the way or here.  So I can take that off. 

I think I'm sorta down from the .45 Carbine madness, and the single stack .40 CCW pistol madness.  For now.

I'd buy S&W revolvers, new, if Smith goes ahead and dumps the little locking zit.  Promise.  Heh, in a few years the zit guns would become collectible...

The idea of a spare Commander or a spare 640 appeals, but not TOO much.  It's not like I don't have SOMETHING to back them up.

Nothing really tickling the needle on the GottaGitz meter.  I would pass a Winchester Mod 88 or a Coach Gun with exterior hammers if one appeared I guess. 

But I'll edit the list down a bit next week.

Monday, June 11, 2012

OCP is the Cops

Zombie Bullets

Don't do it.

Zombie Bullets In High Demand Following Flesh-Eating Attacks

Remember, they are just the self-defense/hunting loads with a green tip instead of a red tip and are more expensive.  Plus, the whole problem with joke bullets thing in court.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is this in Blu Ray?

Because I am GETTING it.  Original Sci Fi 1979

And Joanie Cunningham is in this one:

House Rules


Never trusted that Day by Day comic strip.  Why?  One of the characters is named 'Zed'.

Never trusted that car Tam drives.  Why?  It's monkiker is 'Zed Drei'.  That's like THREE Zeds with an German accent.  Didn't something iffy happen in that part of the world 70 or so years ago?  Anyway.

 You know WHY I don't trust em?  Zeds?  Zed is a nickname for ZOMBIE!  And, I don't know if you know this, but... I don't right cotton to Zombies much.  No, it's true.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


MBtGE recommended After the Apocalypse by Maureen F. McHugh.  Short stories with a End o' the World theme

The first short story in this collection is post Level 4 Zombie Outbreak.  Cleveland has been turned into a wall off area where folks dump their felons and they end up being zombie food.

One of the prisoner ends up noticing things about the Zombies in this first story "The Naturalist"

Like,  Zombies are attracted to fire.  When the fire goes out, they disperse about their zombie business.  If a human is on the other side of fire he might as well be invisible.  Until the fire goes out.  A victim about the line of sight even a little bit might as well not be there, even if in clutching distance.

The Naturalist, of course, does his experiments with other shanghaied prisoners.  So he is no angel.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Is that a KSG?

Those exist in the wild?

C'mon Union Men

Get on board and start pulling for the good ol' US of A.  Strike a blow for America, yourself, and your family, and forget about the Union fat cats that are sucking the working man's dues dry, like a leech, to keep their well paid cushy jobs.


Management and Labor pulling together against tyranny!

Free Labor and Free Industry can never be shackled to the Axis dream of world conquest.

Bad Grips

I am seeing bad grips everywhere.  Like the van at the airport scene in Oceans 11.

Thumbs!  What are you doing with your thumbs?!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I've been to these states.

From HERE.

Never got off the plane in Colorado or Texas.  Never laid my head down to sleep in RI NJ NH MI or TN.

Only touched the ground with my feet west of Mississippi river in and around Albuquerque.

9mm vs. 11.5mm

I guess Jeff Cooper has been dead long enough and people are really starting to believe that he isn't coming back.  Everybody and his Uncle is switching from .45 to 9mm these days.  But now that the Colonel is dead fer sure they don't have to worry about getting made fun of doing so.

Plenty of reasons to do so.  But there were plenty of good reasons to do so in 1989, too.  What 'new' reasons are there besides the absence of Cooper's ferocious visage looking down upon you, disapprovingly??

People are convinced that the ammo makers have dialed it in on the self-defense bullets that are out these days.  The Miami shootout is almost 30 years ago and decent ammo has been readily available for 25.

If .380 was good enough to tote in 2008 then 9mm is just fine in 2012, right?

Double stack magazines are arguably better now than in the days of Lethal Weapon and Die Hard.  Personally, ammo cap has never been a selling point for me.

About the only thing that could stop this drift toward the Europellet is to have the cabal of gunstore clerks meet and develop a new patter.  Instead of recommending J Frames to new female shooters/purchasers, they could go, "You're a girl, you need a girl gun like the S&W M&P 9mm.  M&P stands for 'Mauve and Pink' because we can get that gun for you customized in those colors.   It might also stand for 'Metrosexual and Progressive.'  Either way, a perfect Lady's Gun."  Yeah, those kinds of gunstore clerks.  But don't dismiss their influence on the general public...


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Zed Outbreak Map

Got this handy dandy map from one of the RoMERO auxiliary Team members.    It's a way to track recent outbreak locations. 

Keep it handy.  Gonna get worse afore it git bettah...


Another face biting Zombie.  This time in the Big Easy.

And one in Florida, again.

AND Connecticut.  Look out JayG.

Carry your stuff people.  Double check your BoB.


A drone is gonna kill TAM!!!

Prolly a good thing Sam went to the range to powder clays with a shottie, I guess...

Range Report

 So, like I said...  Uncle sent me to the range.  It had been a while.  A few practice mags with the Colt Commander and I real hunker in on feathering in the surprise break of the trigger with the tip of my finger.  It seems slow, but the shots are better than the foolish practice rounds.  The final target, I shoot this:

Three magazines, 1, 2, 3.

I ditched the shoot-n-see because sometimes that is a crutch for me.  I really concentrated on the trigger on that upper right hand corner and shot the best string out of a 1911 I've ever shot.  I am very pleased.

That is the closest I've come to a true shooting Epiphany.  I was resigned to not even getting close to one, and here one is. 


The purpose going in was to test hollow point ammo out of this pistol.  I had Federal Hi-Shok and Hydra-Shok (they are different.)  Not a hiccup, and now I have self defense ammo up and running.

In fact, I've never had a hiccup with this Colt since I got it.  I need to put more time in to be sure I am over 500 rounds through it, but I have to be close.  Plus, to hold onto whatever I got a hold of this session with the trigger.  Again, very happy I am.

Oh and this leather thing came in the mail 2 days ago.

The Milt Sparks holster for it.

Good week.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Comcast wants to 'help'

Got this comment from this post.

"We can certainly reach out to our local colleagues to see if they can offer you a better package. Please feel free to contact us at Please provide your info and a link to this page for reference.


Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations "

You wanna help, Mark?  Stop doubling my bill every 12 months and then refusing to lower it again until 3 months have passed at the higher rate.  That practice just makes me angry.  And angry customers are...

YOU fill in the blank.

No?  Soon to be EX customers.

I'm sick of the practice.  I'd have even signed a contract if it would have meant 5 years of no price fluctuation.

We'd be happy to review your bill for you and see how we can lower your rates. Please email our team at Our team is here if you need us.

Kind Regards,
Melissa Mendoza
Digital Media Specialist
National Customer Operations

 Uh huh.

Something Wonderful

I went to the range today.  Partly because I planned to, partly because Uncle told me to (do what your Uncle says...)

Something happened.

More later.

Using Zombies

To facilitate learning.

Good good.  The wee bairns need more than trigger control and scrounging skills.  Use Zed to help them learn up their geography.

Brilliant idea.  Get kids thinking outside the box.  Who cares that the capital of Texas is Montpelier or whatever...  Useful info is where is Fort Boyard and how much canned ravioli and .22lr can I store there for me and my fambly.  (It's a VERY long drive, sadly.)


France hits back at Obama, "The crisis didn't start in Europe!"

Actually, it did.  Start there in Europe I mean.  This whole distribution of wealth thing is sort of a Continental thing.  From back in 1789 and whatnot.  And it is the cause of what ails us now.

Dead Tree TV

Via this.

Every year Comcast rudely informs me that the special I was on has expired and the TV portion of my bill is now going up 300%.  I have made arrangments.  Next time, in the Fall, instead of squawking and dickering I will go to that Roku box thingy.

Then, the only thing holding me to Comcast is the email address, and I've been easing offa that to gmail.   So if they pump up my internet bill a switch to FiOS from Verizon will be easier. 

If they had just kept my bill bad instead of occasionally gargantuan, inertia would have kept me in place as a ignernt customer. 

Seems like a poor business model.  Ratchetting up the pressure via the bill to intolerable levels until your customers flee.  But what do I know.

I didn't even know...

They were in season now.

I NEVER get to hunt with a rifle...

Monday, June 4, 2012



Covering their Fundaments

Can't have a bureaucrat take responsibility for the ongoing outbreak.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!  Bureaucrats are ALREADY mindless shamblors that are eating you.

Zombies exist.  Oh yes they do.

How to survie the Zombacalyspse

If you are an anal retentive college student.  But who isn't?

Figure what with the Zombacalyspe actually HAPPENING, it wouldn't hurt to get some more tips out.  Most of it is review

3:00 "you may to acquire a standard semi-automatic assault weapon, a shotgun, a pistol, a hand grenade, a battle axe, a prison style shiv..." Yeah, some weapons listed are less than practical, and you all know my opinion on shotguns.  But something is better than nothing.  I'll take a pocked full of bird shot shell and a single shot 20 gauge over my fists any day.


And here is what happened last time we had an outbreak, in 1599, as explained by folks that aren't sure if their accent is supposed to be American, Australian, or British.

William Shakespeare, thespian, Zombie-Hunter!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

'Bath Salts'


Why Now?

What is causing the zombie outbreak from South Beach to Joppatowne (to Yonkers?) now?

I blame chemicals released by the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Corporation.  It's always some faceless evil Corp!  Ask any DemaCommie.

Notice how they say it was "bath salts" that caused it?  Always in quotes.  Chemicals!  Called "bath salts" because 3M has something to hide!

And, by Great Odin's Raven, whatever you do, don't stick a Post It note to your skin!  That's the riskiest thing you can do.  Sheesh, they won't let a car on the road if it doesn't have seat belts, crumple zones, safety glass, and expensive airbags but Post Its are practically unregulated.

(Hey...  If cars are too unsafe to be sold in this country without all that safety falderol, why are new motorcycles legal?)

Saturday, June 2, 2012


I remember back in 2007 and 2008, the Liberal talking heads seemed to be itching for a recession.  Like they were fetishizing poverty and couldn't wait for 1930s style soup lines.  They were practically wishing bad times into existence.

I think they thought they couldn't lose.  Their guys would gain political power, they institute socialistic policies and they'd retain more and more power.  They were looking back to the 30s again and saw how FDR did just fine for 12 some years.

I think they also thought the business cycle would reverse the sour economy by now and they'd smell like a rose and take credit for it.  The problem with wishing for bad times is sometimes you get it and the good times don't come back conveniently and on schedule.  Especially with the anchor of those self same socialistic policies weighing you down.  Plus the current crop of politicos aren't as good as FDR in diversion and the public kinda has the benefit of seeing this movie before and are less gullible.

November is coming.

I'm who #OWS is complaining about!

Scroo the 99%.  They'll all be corpse snacks! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Speaking of Great Illustrators

RIP matte painter Matthew Yuriscich.

You've enjoyed his work for all your life and didn't know his name.

Dances with Wolves
Blade Runner
Close Encounters
Logan's Run
Soylent Green
Poseidon Adventure
Ice Station Zebra
Ben Hur
North by Northwest
Forbidden Planet

many others.


This blog has some absolutely stunning illustration collected from various sources.  Most seem to be 50+ years old.  Book, pulp, and comic book covers abound as you'd expect from a title like Golden Age Comic Book Stories.

Check the drama in these western scenes.  Talk about  gun content!  And the tension from a single snapshot.  There is a lot of good internet stuff to dive into beyond the gun content.

The Betty Page stuff is a tiny bit NSFW.  If you are a Betty fan, tho...  Also Little Nemo in there.  Not NSFW.