Friday, January 31, 2014


Here is an interesting bit.  Let's say Maryland is forced to start issuing 'shall issue' CCW this year and I would then go ahead and get the permit.  Then I could stop this nonsense of getting non-resident permits, right?  No.  None of the surrounding states that currently trust me to carry a pistol in a holster inside my waistband will recognize my right with just the Maryland license, currently.  Heh.  Good.  Thumb in your eye, Maryland.  Civil rights denying ninnies.  (I would get Michigan, oddly.)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Don't get complacent

Until this week I was under the impression that the HS of Federal Premium HST stood for Hydra Shok (well it still might) and is very different from the ammo called Federal Premium Hydra Shok.  Two different generation of self defense ammo.  While the older one isn't shabby...  Technology has advanced since.  And not gimmicky advances neither.

I was too complacent about what I knew that just wasn't true.

But this thread  and subsequent discussion sparked the information upgrade in my wetware.

CCW isn't Rocket Surgery, but you still gotta pay attention to what's happening.  The 'New' in New Jovian Thunderbolt still applies.  Or N00b.

Hydra Shok:


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reciprocity Maps

Here is the map from here, showing where I can tote with both VA and UT non-resident permits.

And here is with JUST Utah:

 And JUST Virginia:

I don't gain much getting the Virginia CHP.  Just gain New Mexico but lose Washington and Minnesota and Pennsylvania, I think?  The big surprise is not getting Florida or South Carolina with any combination.  I always check when I am looking to travel someplace, but I haven't driven more than 2 states away in some time, (and don't intend to), so I would have known about SC and FL before crossing their borders, but the facts messes with my assumptions, regardless. 

And if you do the same map with resident permits from VA and UT you get a slightly different picture.  Michigan is fine with you, for instance.  And Florida.

The tricky business for me?  Travelling in Pennsylvania.  A policeman might get justifiably steamed if I showed him a VA permit (assuming it comes) until and when I produce a UT permit. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Utah is pretty fast with CCW permits...

I sent away, online, with a crappy selfie of a passport picture, on the 17th.  My new Utah non-resident permit came on the 25th. Now I am good for five more years.

They told me it would take 2-4 weeks.  Did it in 8 days.

Cheap and fast and easy renewal.

I wish Maryland gov't was that efficient.  On second thought, if it was, they'd just violate me more efficiently.

My worries that Utah now required I have a permit in my state of residence were unfounded.  If I lived in Virginia, I'd have to prove my CCW(CHP) to Utah, I think.  But if I lived in Virginia, I'd have less reason to have a Utah permit.

Does anyone have an interactive map of CCW reciprocity?  This website seems to be dead.  Wait, what about this one?

Let's see if the Virginia permit I applied for on the same day as Utah comes pretty quick like.

Monday, January 27, 2014

This again...

Journalists thinking that maybe it might be a good idea to compile and publish a list of all gun owners or CCW permit holders or what not.  Silly leftists.

It's not just YOU that can play that game.  How would you feel if your personal details, name, address, were known and then labelled "Hates the Constitution and Guns"?  That might cause you some consternation.  Of course you'd be much safer than we, as CCW people are law abiding by nature and less likely to bother you.  But YOUR list is a shopping list for burglars to come to our houses when we are at work and then steal our spare pistol.   

Would you post the names and addresses of all the police officers in your jurisdiction, Civitas Media?  If not, why not?

Would you post the names and addresses of battered spouses that are fleeing their batterer who persists on trying to track them down?  If not, why not?

Would you post the names and addresses of everyone that got a marriage license where both parties are the same gender?  If not, why not?

Are you thinking publishing are vital info is a matter of public safety?  Do you really think CCW holders near you are a majority of the gun owning households near you?

You employ 1400 people Civitas Media.  There are certainly some CCW holders in that group.  You ever consider that? 
We are CCW holders.  We aren't felons.  You complain about privacy issues then contemplate doing this?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Zombocalypse vehicle

Or maybe as a daily commuter.  Paging JayG...

First Wave

Cured Zombies

This is actually kind of touching.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cockneys Vs. Zombies

An interesting Brit zombie movie.  Produced by Simon Pegg, who brought us Shaun of the Dead.

A medieval era tomb is inadvertently dug up in the East End by a construction crew, next to a retirement home, and their are two shamblors inside.  It quickly spreads, of course.  While this is going on, two ne'er do wells, as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike, have a plot to rob a bank to be able to help their gran-da in that self same home be able to preserve it from encroaching construction of luxury apartments.  The outbreak bollocks the pinch as they leave the bank, but now they gotta rescue the old fogeys, wot?

Starts slow, then ramps up nicely.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Zombie Crass Commercialism

One of them hipster fancy shmancy online catalog house that sorta looks like the catalog you find on airlines, SkyMall has a Zombacalypse Survival section.

Neato stuff.

Mostly anti-Zombie vehicles.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


I caught part of the movie Rocketeer this past weekend.

It's got Jennifer Connelly, what's not to like?

Lots of gun content.   1911s, Tommy guns, MP40 ish looking German guns.

Only it is set in 1938.  So...  Odd there would Machine Pistols from the year 1940...

But that is my favorite era in US History.  The 1930s.  Really the Hoover administration and the first two commie terms of the FDR administration.  Not reason to like it from those two socialists, but I like it stylistically.  No reason to like it for the Hard Times of the Depression, then Great Depression, but I do.  It's where I set my 'modern day' fiction when I have a gumption to write.

My Uncle was born in 1934.  My Father in 1938.  My favorite Stanley woodworking tools era was in the 30s, and they'd all be eclipsed post war (I sorta collect tools made between when my Grandpa was born in 1906 and when my father was born in 1938).  The US wasn't dragged into overseas foreign policy stuff.  I like the look of the cars.  Prohibition ended.  Air conditioning and antibiotics were invented.  Men wore hats.  Those horrid ballpoint pens weren't a thing yet.

The war changed everything.  What came after it had it's charm, but I like the time before the war.   

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DC Blizzard Zombies

The dire winter weather we have experienced hereabouts got me thinking.

You know those HUGE snowplows that are more common in more northern areas?  With minimal modification they'd make GREAT zombocalypse survival vehicles.  That big blade up front would make short work of the hordes, and the dump truck back could be repurposed with a welded on roof and firing loops.  You'd have to reinforce the windows to the cab, too.  Perfect for a family of 4 and a couple more friends.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not Shooting Enough

I didn't even realize I forgot to renew my range membership two months ago.  I have been shooting, just not there.  And not enough. 

It's a whole different range experience now compared to 6 years ago when I started out.  I am thinking about different things.  Some things I still need to consciously work on, like finger placement when I start shifting off, or to slow down and pull back the trigger ever so smoothly. Other things fall into place.  I care less about a perfect stance, as long as it isn't a bad stance.  My grip only concerns me when I isn't automatically right.  I consistently hold the pistol on the same place. 

I jump less, I guess.  Though it's been months since I've been in a crowded indoor range.

I guess I am also getting lethargic of the whole 'gun' thing.  There is less novelty to the subject.  And I have hashed out my thought process on my personal development an infinitum here.   I am getting blase enough about it that I sometimes forget the model numbers of guns I own and have to think about it for a moment.  Sig 226 or 229 or...?  The revolvers are stainless Smiths, so they are all 6 sumthin... but sumthin what?  I only have 3 and handled 4 of them (the ex-gf and MBtGE had the .44).  Is the Pocket hammerless 1903/07 or 1903/08?  Hmph.

It's this state I think.  I never thought I'd leave it, but I'd pick up and move to WV after retirement I am sure, now.  West Virginia is like Maryland, just without the Bay and flatlands.  And a different political climate.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

John Pedersen


Is it pronounced Pehderson or PEEterson?

He's been in the news, naturally. Sorta the famous second tier US gunsmith greats. I liked him before her was cool because of the esoteric stuff he came up with. I still wish his round had become the US Army standard in the late 20s. I still fantasize that essentially the same round would be standard today if that is happen, but i am kidding myself. The cartridge is too tapered and too long and the projectile is a bit heavy. And if you correct those to match modern preferences. Plus, what would people have hunted with if the .30-06 was last used by the Army 90 years ago?

Sunday, January 19, 2014


JUST what we need.  Dammit.  I hope you upgraded that damn shotting to something else.

"America's Number One Prescription Sleep Aid Could Trigger 'Zombies,' Murder and Other Disturbing Behavior"

Star Streak Zombie Apoc Vehicle

This would make a stylin' Zombie Apoc vehicle with very little modification.

That's a 71 Olds Toronado under all that.   It was custom built by an Air Force officer so I am sure he was thinking about the utility against zombies when he made it.  The windows are bullet resistant glass.  Sleeps 2, onboard water storage, and low enough to be garaged.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Nice To Know

The Constitution applies to ME, New Jovian Thunderbolt.  Good. Now I can keep my news sources confidential and whatnot.

Fan Submission

A big fan of the blog sent this to me.  Yarn Zombies.  Not too late to shop for next years Christmas for all the kids and zombie hunters among your friends and relatives.

Thanks, anonymous tipster!

Friday, January 17, 2014

CCW Renewal

I don't think Utah is going to let me renew my non-resident CCW next month.  They only seem to want to extend their license to people that have a license in their home state.  Since I can't provide them a copy of my Maryland CCW, not having one, they are wary to sanction my carry in other states besides MD.  

So, what to do?  Get a Virginia non resident permit.  I gotta jump through hoops, of course, but I don't need to drop $300 on another CCW training class.  A hunter safety course (who knows where my certificate for that is, but I got it somewhere...) is enough.  Or, a copy of my DD214.  My abbreviated career as a butter bar in the USN (no 'R') is fine.  I only earned two ribbons in the service, a National Defense Service ribbon for watching the first Gulf War on teevee, and a pistol marksmanship qualification using a WWII era 1911.  I don't need the pistol qual to get the VA CCW, but I figure that is nice icing on the cake.

Then a check, fingerprint this, notarize that, sign here in triplicate, and mail off the application.  Done and done.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Since the renewal of the Utah one is only $15, I did that renewal process, too.  Just in case I am reading the new regs wrong.  It was all online, provide my license number and upload a new picture, yada yada.   I'll let you, and, more importantly, my Maryland peeps, know how that goes as well.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Still Tracking Them Metrocons!

Over at National Review.

This is from Brendan Foht.  Commenting on people from the Metrocon Fortnightly commenting on guns.

It's about how the Leftists like to declare conservatives crazy, and ergo we need policies (like gun bans) to stop those dangerous wackos.  A fallacy, as we well know, and Mr. Foht gives the idea its usual deserved evisceration.

"But beyond the silliness of the appeal to neuroscience, the attempt to psychologize political debates has a troubling tendency to reduce important components of arguments to merely emotional drives that cannot be subject to rational discussion."
 Seems the Leftist, Phillips, in question likes minimize the emotional appeals from conservatives while simultaneously validating the emotional appeal of his side.  Another way to concede the Left doesn't have the rational arguments going in their favor...  He's fishing in new holes to see if he gets a nibble, and to draw the pro civil rights side onto a battlefield of the gun banners choosing.  And the metrocons are onto him.

Foht notes that while Phillips is talking gun control, his psychobabble extends to people that also value other Constitutionally guaranteed rights.  Foht is inside his OODA loop.

Their side is losing the debate and losing on gun policy, even if our momentum is glacially slow. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Action Zone

Like Danger Zone?

Check out the snack sack on them slacks, Jack. Before it attacks!  It's got the knack to smack your crack plum outta wack right off the rack.  If you lack, pack it on your yak and tack down the track all the way back to your shack.

Aw, crap!  I'm havin' a flashback.

Sansabelt. Ideal for appendix carry of full size service pistols.  Whether you dress right or left, plenty of room in your ACTION ZONE.

The Zombies of Johnny Sakko

I did a little send up to a kids show of the 1970s.  One episode is of note.  The Terrifying Space Mummy.

Here is the villain:

Horrifically violent.  His first dastardly deed is to take that jar of red poison you see and drop it into the water supply of a boarding school.  Killing the children, and disfiguring them with a gray bumpy growth all over their skin.  Nuns fall victim, too.  NUNS.  They called these 'mummies' but you and I know what they really are.  Zombies.  The bad guy's intent is to dump hundreds of gallons into the reservoir for Tokyo.

Oh sure, it looked like bad Boris Karloff make up, and the hero giant robut does have an Egyptian style head piece.

Children wield guns.  The villain dies by falling from a bell tower and is dismember on impact.  Yeesh.  When he dies, the victims do, at least, come back to life.  Some how. At least everything ended up alright in the end.

Here is the episode ifn you wanna watch.  I had nightmares as a kid about giant monsters from this show and Ultraman,  never about poisoned tap water, at least.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tidal Islands

I saw a picture on last week of St Michaels Mount in Marazion Cornwall England.  It's a fortified island off the coast only accessible by a causeway that is underwater at high tide.

That would make a great zombie survival fortress to hole up in, and it's not the only such castle of this sort extant.

And there is another one with the same name in France.  

You got zed piling up at your wall?  No worries.  In less than 4 hours the tide comes in and washes them all back again.  You'd save a lotta ammo.  AND you keep access to the mainland if you need to sortie out on a patrol for supplies.  Boat access could also be a thing that would foil the shamblors.

It's a layered defense as well.  If zombies breach the lower wall at low tide, you can still be safe in the castle on the hill.  At high tide, zombie 'reinforcements' are cut off, making roundup and cleanup easier.

Corpse disposal of retired undead is simplified by mother nature as well, making the local environment more bearable for human survivors. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Keep Your CPR Quals Up To Date


Jock of the Bushveld.  By Percy Fitzpatrick, and written about a hundred years ago.  I think Jeff Cooper recommended it.

It's a story about a man doing the treks from the coast to the gold fields of Traansval.  Jock is the extraordinary dog that is his companion.  Supplying the miners with huge ox drawn wagons was lucrative if risky in the Africa of the 1880s

As you might imagine a good dog and Africa and long treks across the Savannah means hunting, and this book provide some details on that subject.

The only rifle mentioned was his old Martini Henry, which he noted tended jam and wouldn't let you eject spent brass if you fired off a few rounds quickly.  The heat and fouling could be a problem.

The stalk takes up more of the story than details on the tool used at the end.  A dog could 'see' the game so much better than a man, and the story is repetitive in the author realization of this.  Like Jock is impatient and thinking, 'it's right THERE, what are you waiting for.'  Several times in the book hunters could be right in the middle of dozens of large game on a flat bit of land with nothing looking large enough to hide a rabbit and then being shocked when the kudu or impala or wildebeest just burst off.

That fascinated me.  The limitations of man.  Not being able to see a cow sized animal less than 100 yards away and practically in the open unless it moved a bit.  How did we ever get so high up on this food chain?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Marylander

That was adversely impacted by Governor (and your future president or vice president) Martin O'Malley's gun control laws.

The response against the State House's gun control last year was unprecedented and overwhelming and ultimately ineffective. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

John Carpenter's...


The Musical!

Now do it from the Alien's perspective...

Friday, January 10, 2014


Heard about the Gabby Giffords anniversary on the radio.  Three years ago this week a crazy man shot her and others. 

Anyway, like Jim Brady, Gabby's spouse is now a functioning figurehead for a gun prohibition lobby.

Why is the FIRST impulse of folks to go full blown Prohibition?  Not just for this, but for everything.  Booze, Cigs, Guns, Drugs, Poverty, Crime, Fornication, Blasphemy.  We have enough examples showing the side effects are as bad as the original worry, and that the prohibition never... you know... prohibits.

Yet the busybodies ALWAYS reach for it as the first arrow in their quiver.  They have learned something.  Creeping, ban by degree, over time, ratcheting down of a ban might be more possible to pull off than the 'ban all at once' variety.  Now that people are more on to the failures of Prohibitions in general. 

I think Prohibition is what people reach for because that is the easy and first solution to come to mind.  And they never think beyond that.  Like H L Mencken said, "For every complex problem there is a solution that is an answer that is clear and simple and wrong."  You know... whatcha bet he was talking about alcohol prohibition when he originally said that?

It's easy to write the law "no more X! and if you have X you will be punished!"

Well, here is another clear and simple solution:  "Put violent predatory people away until they are no longer predatory."  But writing that law, right, isn't so easy.

We should ban fornication!  That'll solve the VD, unwed mother, and sodomite problems in a stroke!  So to speak...

Thursday, January 9, 2014


You know, call me prejudiced and whatnot, but when I saw the picture of the suspect of a person with a 'Weapons Cache' in beeYOOtiful downtown Glen Bernie, I immediately thought, "yeah, prolly guilty."

In other news, I am buying more shares of companies that do tattoo removal services.

Glen Bernie is a lovely bedroom community local to Baltimore city.  I gt there for steamed crabs in the summer, but rarely try to stay after dark. There might be one or two meth users in the vicinity.

No pictures of the junk on the bunk for this fine upstanding citizen.  His cache was bombs and bomb making materials, apparently.  If they were guns I'm sure a picture of all 3 of them would be prominent.

- Update: My friend's coworker's sister's cousin knows the suspect. Word is, he blew off his hand. More to come if I learn any more scuttlebutt. But that'd be a good way to get your cache busted. Present at an ER minus one hand and with a convoluted story on how that all went down...

- Update 2:  Pictures of the materials in a slideshow here.  Including a flare launcher, a muzzle loading rifle, and what looks like a Mac 10 or Uzi, or parts thereof.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Map of Zombies

This looked like an interesting kickstarter project.

MD Implications From NY

Ok, so a Federal Judge ruled the state of New York's gun bans partly constitutional, partly not.  A ban on assault weapons (whatever those are...) is fine, but a ban on magazines that hold more than 7 rounds is problematic.

So, fine.  That's them.  What does that mean for me.  Because Maryland passed something similar last Spring.  Let's assume the trend continues and the courts stay consistent... (heh)  "Gun ban good...  Mag ban bad".  Where does that leave me when that kind of ruling happens in my state?

Well, you see, that depends.  Maryland banned a whole bunch of AR15s.  Verboten. With one exception.  The Heavy Barrel AR, or HBAR, is ok.  For shooting varmints and whatnot.  But these are lawyers writing laws without really knowing anything about guns.  I don't think they realize how easy that HBAR I theoretically bought today (I won't be) I can sell that upper to make some cash, and buy a nice .50 Beowolf and a .300 Blackout or a 5.56 anything from a catalog house.

Also, M1As are banned, but AR10s are not.  Heh.  Yeah, I don't know what they are thinking, but I am not calling them on the phone and sending them a link to this blog post. They will get around to AR10s, I bet, someday.  It was an oopsie they could probably pass when they have a mind to.  But I preferred the M1A...  It does make me want to buy an AR10, tho.

As for the magazine ban, well that court decision doesn't help us either.  The Attorney General would argue that a new ruling is not needed as our ban is on 10 rounders, not 7, and that is totally different.  Also, unlike New York, if I am caught with an 11+ round magazine in my range bag the consequences are:  nothing.  I can blow $80 in Virginia buying ten 30-round AR PMAGs and hit the range here in Maryland on State Trooper Appreciation Day and we'd all have a great time putting holes in paper.  Do that in New York right now and it'd turn out different, I think.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


So they fired Hannity on the Washington DC AM radio and put Michael Savage in his place.  Hannity was kinda poor quality, and I dunno if this Savage character is much better.  Sean was a bit of a metrocon, what is this Savage character like?

I used to play a game with Hannity.  During pledge week at NPR, when my OPFOR Intel was down, I'd listen to Hannity.  Turn the radio off the 3rd time he said the word 'literally'.  He rarely made it to 3:10.

Does Savage have any foibles like that? 

What keeps me in .40?

Inertia, really.

My goals of ammo inventory simplification and an effective potential CCW round and an abhorence and prejudice of the Euro-pellet had me selecting .40 over 9mm or both and now that I am here, I am stuck by inertia.

If T-Bolt could send a message back in time to T-Bolt 7 year ago, what would that message say?  Well, I'd say to stick with only .38 and .45.  Buy the Pocket Hammerless, but don't get wrapped around the axle with the .380.  Just a coupla boxes is no big deal to keep around.  And if you insist, INSIST, on another semi-auto caliber...  just go with 9mm.  No .40.   At the very least, it's cheaper, and you can still keep yer dang precious .45....

...Oh, and don't bother with shotguns.  Just get one double 12 gauge with a sling and be done with it.  Pumps and semi's would just take up space.

...And just get the 10/22 and be done with it.

So yeah.  Until they invent the time machine email...  Stupid, I know, but sorta stuck.  I'll get out of the rut someday.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Metcalf in the NYTimes

He didn't get fired because he talked about gun regulations.  He got fired because he was talking about MORE regulations.  He didn't get fired because Ruger and Remington didn't like him.  He got fired because the customers of Ruger and Remington didn't like him, and R and R remembered how the customers of Smith and Wesson treated that company when they rolled over 20 years ago.

Metcalf gave aid and comfort to the enemy.  In today's political climate.   And he also didn't have the best grasp of how Constitutional rights work. Plus, no one likes prior restraint. 

This isn't Duck Dynasty.  Where an outside group demanded his head on a platter.  This was in house, TCB.

But look, he was kinda right.  The right guaranteed in the Second Amendment does indeed need some restriction.*  Only the ardent uber libertarians and anarchists think there should be NO limits.  The thing is, where to draw the line?  What MOST gun owners, most Americans, think is that we crossed the line some time back.  Rollback the regulations a ways now.  To, say, 1967?  Maybe 1933?  1900?  Then fine tune, maybe.  After rolling back to a 1933 regime, and everyone pretty satisfied with it, THEN Metcalf could have written that article and it might seem more reasonable.  But the forces of gun-banning evil would have been vanquished and we could afford to be thoughtful.  Give them anarchists a hearing and maybe go that way.  They could convince me to go that last 10%, but first we both need to roll back the 90%.

Stupid New York Times.  Don't cry for Metcalf.

And regulated in the Amendment doesn't mean regulated like you are saying it now in the 21st Century.  Your side keeps trying to reinvent the world the way you like it with textual post modern deconstruction, and it is wrong.  CUT IT OUT.  Liars.  Or idiots.


*["Whadayamean, restrictions, T-Bolt!  How dare you!" I dunno.  Maybe on some of the more unstable Nerve Agents?  Artillery with a range greater than 3 miles?  That sort. Maybe.]

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New York Gun Law

A dubious ruling, according to a metrocon at the Fortnightly.

Well, it's John Lott.  Not really a metrocon, now, is he?  Just writing a bit for the metrocons.  A good thing all around.

And if you are going to cite Mother Jones for your facts, you are going to be laughed at.  That's just how life works.


I like my Kindle.  It's the paperwhite kind, no color.  And the 3G part stopped working but I got it when I didn't have Wifi to home.  So that's something I can get fixed but haven't because of the hassle of resorting all those books into a dozen categories when the new kindle shows.  Plus the Wifi still works and I DO have Wifi now, so...

I have a couple hundred books on there.  Most of them I didn't pay for.  Because they were free.  Sanders of the River, Arthur Conan Doyle, Frank Baum, 1930s Amazing Stories...  Hundreds.  The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica...  I've bought a few, tho...  I got Marko's mil-sci-fi book through my Kindle.

But, despite lots of public domain stuff on there now, I am greedy and covetous.  MORE FREE BOOKS.  And more sources than the excellent Gutenburg Project.

Well, here are 24 more sources of free ebooks.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

All Aboard!

For the Zombe Train.  Next stop, Willoughby.

Now, I dunno about that configuration for a zombie knife. It looks ok, certainly. I like that long straight edge for easy of sharpening. It's got a good thick back so the heft is there. But I want my zombie killin' knives to be good for other things. Fortunately, Ka-Bar makes a plethora of knife styles. A kukri style machete has greater reach, the weight is up toward the tip, it can do light hatchet duties, and, of course, chop through jungle underbrush when you looking for Charlie. But I'm an Occidental traditionalist. You tanto fans might have other ideas.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Single Stack

I wanted gun makers to come out with more single stack options, and they are obliging me.

Springfield has that XDS, which I think even made the cut on Maryland's 'permissble' list already.  Kahr has always had options.

And now an intriguing offering from Remington, a redo/update of their model 51 from 85 years ago, updated for the 21st Century.  (Even Tam is kinda diggin it...)

I'm prolly not going to buy a 9mm.  Not because it's good or bad, but because I already have a .40, so I'll stick to the upcoming .40 to keep ammo management simplified.  But Remington looks to be coming out with a .40 version anyway.

(If anything I should sell off my current .40s, sell off all my .380s, and then go to 9mm.  THAT's certainly simpler.  Or, better yet, stick to .45 and .38 and not even go down the 9mm road.  Simpler again.)

Back to the R-51.  Neat!  I like where they are going with this model, with safeties and trigger type, and at sub $400, you can't beat the price.  As usual, I'd have to try it before I bought it.  But it's pretty neat...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

NRA Convention

I am thinking on going to the NRA convention in Indy in April.  In Pittsburg bloggers were treated well.  Do you think we will get the same consideration today?  Hmmmm.  Just having that little off shoot room to sit down in and compose my thoughts and notes into posts would be superb.

But do bloggers pull down that kind of cache still?  To impress the NRA public relations big wigs into letting us sit in a chair?

And I wonder is Tam and Roberta will still be living in Indianapolis in five months time....

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yeah, pretty much it.

Happy New Year

Did you do as I like to do and shoot all yer guns into the sky?

You gotta be sneaky about it in Maryland.  The po-po frowns on such antics in these parts.