Tuesday, June 30, 2015


See that first 10 seconds of this video?  That guy is making the blank for an M1 receiver.  That big trip hammer is pounding the molten metal into dies to get the right sizing.  The receiver will be machined after this step.

You see how labor intensive that is?  Can you get a robut to hold the pole in the right place?  Maybe.  But it might be cheaper to carve it out of barstock or get the piece to the closer-enough phase with baking MIM powder.

But it won't align the molecules of iron like forging with a big ol drop hammer does.  Maybe you don't need it that strong, to tell the truth.  I sure do like the old ways.  But, man, it's expensive keeping skill labor around.

And look at the window behind some of these workers!  You can open them!  And single pane in Massachusetts.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Bren 10

So Larry Vickers reviews the old Bren 10 and give a bit of the inside baseball history of this star crossed pistol.  Which is cool all in itself.

But this is a blog and I need blog fodder.

So watch this video, it's been making the rounds:

I noticed that the spent cases are ejected in a weird, to me, direction.  Over Larry's left shoulder.  The other side of the gun than the port.  It's casting that brass at 7 o'clock.  On both guns.  Ya know, you often like to see the spent brass shooting of in the 1 to 5 o'clock areas.  At 6 o'clock you get it right in the kisser.

Now, looking at this parts diagram, the ejector looks like a complicated part.  The gun is 30 years old and the company dissolved.  It's probably hard to get replacement parts.  So even in Larry is thinking "that ain't right" there isn't much he can do about it.  And the gun is more of a curiosity at this point.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Comics.  Often dirty, and sometimes true.  Frex:


Are the two officer standing behind the turd-burglar with a bad haircut all tarted up in soldier gear because they want to look cool and intimidating?

Or are they corrections officers and wear protective stuffs because they have to hand folk in jail.  A subset of the population not know for cooperative behaviors and are often violent? 

Not sure.  Leaning latter.  If they were the arresting officers they could give the hot vest a rest once at the station.  It is summer in South Carolina after all.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

This has been a very wet June

Record levels.  And that was before this weekend's storm.  I am so glad I put a driveway in to get that side of the house better drainage.  I'd rather pay the rain tax than to get a flooded basement.

Storm from 23rd

A really nice wall of darkness hit on a 90-sumthin afternoon, dropping the temperature right quick.  It rained like dammit but not too windy.  Cats and dogs and sticks to beat them to death with.  The power stayed on but the cable blinked for 30 seconds.  The tail end of the storm has the greatest colors. 


Also, time to look for a better camera.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Is it Friday

Yes.  Yes that is.

US Racism

China lashes out at US racial bias in human rights report

China?  Is whinging about racism, here, in the US?  Complaining about us round-eye barbarians not from the Middle Kingdom? 

Apple hates the Confederate flag

I hate it too. It represents slavery and rebelling and segregation to me.  All my relatives fought for the good guys on the winning side in the War of Rebellion.  Except for one great great great aunt, married to a Union admiral uncle.  She was a Southern lady and flew the Confederate Flag over her house in Elmira, and the local constabulary was too cowed by her outgoing personality to force her to take it down.  I live in Maryland now, but my ancestors fought against slavery back in the 1860s, from upstate New York.  Just corporals that hated America's original sin.  I still hate it when people own other people.  It informs my conservative libertarianism.  Lincoln was right to push for the 13th Amendment with every fiber of his being.  I HATE 'the cause' because the cause was slavery.


Apple Corporation wants to ban a video game because there is a Confederate flag in it?

Oh, for F***'s sake...

Leave it alone, AppleYou can't erase it from history.  Southern Americans fought Northern Americans and vicey versey.  People fought and died and suffered bravely on both sides.  That happened.  More people were killed in that war than all our other wars combined.  Wishing it to go away doesn't make it so. It's just a game.  Not some desire to go back to segregation times.


And for you still flying the flag?  Take it down.  Not because I said so.  Not because the authorities are forcing you.  Not because you are being pressured to.  Not because of any fool thing I said.  Take it down because you want to.  That'll show em!  Huh?  You have other things more important to your heart.  And your pride in the good things about your past will never fade.  But, the hell, whatever.  It's just a flag.  And YOU want to take it down.  No one told you.  No one forced you.  No one guilted you.  You just did.  And you take that away from the Leftists.  You pull a Jackson on them, coning around  behind where they didn't expect it.  Brilliant!  And.  So, win win. 

And Apple?  Cool your tits.

It's not that Apple hates America.  Not nearly that simple.  It's that they hate reality.


And after all that, if ONE extra orange 1969 Charger goes to the car crusher because of this hoo ha, so help me....

Thursday, June 25, 2015


CDC funding on 'gun health' issues is hamstrung.  By Congress.  Good.  Firearm issue belong in DOJ, and the CDC was just a stalking horse for gun banning.

The NRA accused them of trying to use science to promote gun control.  Untrue.  They were using 'science' to promote gun control.

Manchin and Toomey

So are Senators Manchin and Toomey resurrecting their gun control bill as some sort of signalling, and really don't expect them to move anywhere? 

Sebastian seems to think Toomey is doing it to fend off Bloomberg dollars, but that doesn't explain Manchin.  He is going to have a challenging election next time in WV.  But I guess he HAS secured Bloomberg payoffs now.

Other usual suspects are on board, and Harry Reid will say anything at this point.  He's quitting before his brother blackens his other eye. 

Any other marginal Senators, pols that can go both ways on the issue, laying a marker down for expanding Gun Crow laws?  You know, to keep guns out of the hands of black people and, what the heck, all you peasants too?

President O'Malley

So, when President O'Malley is our boss in the Whitehouse, what can we expect from him, gun wise?

Well, he WANTS to ban all guns.  Confiscate all 300,000,000 in civilian hands.  But like grandpa always said, "Want in one hand, poop in 'tother and see which one fills up first."

Even with a Democrat legislative majority he won't get that.   He'll go for what he can.  He is a politician, at heart, after all.

So, what signals can we expect from him based on past performance?  He will try to get nationwide what he has done in Maryland, of course.  Magazine size limits.  'Assault weapons' bans.  He'll try to get those already owned not grandfathered in, but that will be his Arnhem bridge.  Other little things.  This law, when passed, will be exceedingly hard to enforce so it will be yet another Democrat blow at the rule of law.

Just wanted to tell youse all what to expect with this next President.  No more ARs.  Except HBARs.  Oh, and you can still buy uppers of any variety, of course.  But when you buy the AR it will be attached to a heavy barrel.  It's a sop to varmint hunters on the Eastern Shore here.   Later, the "Internet Upper Purchase Loophole" will be something for the Dems to whine about.  When they figure that all out.  They really haven't yet here in this state.  They'd really not deal with gun control if they can avoid it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Metro Vs Metro

A Metrocon (VerBruggen) goes after King Metrocon (Frum) and puts him in his place.

Frum hasn't read the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, but, like anyone, that doesn't stop him from having innaccurate opinions on it based on his own personal set of 'facts.'


I am REALLY looking forward to this game.  I loved #3 in DC and Las Vegas and certainly got my money's worth out of them, in entertainment value.  Never played the earlier versions in, what?  The 90s? 


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

AR mags

For $6.50?

Practically disposable.

I suck

I need to train and practice more.  If I was getting the target that Tam was lamenting in gun skool I'd be ecstatic.  But she trains and practices more than I do.  At least I know the solution to my lesser performance.

Training Sensei

Guarding myself against the "One True Gun Fu" and being loyal to a single Sensei, I think I will get some shooting training from the gunsmith, Sam.  He's got creds, he's got the facilities, and I like his teaching style.  Plus I know where his place is without using the GPS.

And I certainly need improvement in my shooting skill set.  Shave a couple strokes off my golf game, so to speak.

"Try to focus on the front sight, T-bolt.  I'm Mr. Meseeks look at me.  But also remember to squeeeeeeeeze the trigger."

"Well, which is it?  Focus on the sights or pull the trigger?"

"It's kinda both... but you also gotta grip it 20% tighter..."


I maybe a bit premature to worry about falling under an over-dogmatic Svengali sway at this early stage.  

And you can fix this 'problem' by diversifying our instructor set. 


Monday, June 22, 2015

Boing Boing

Informs me that a VPC study says Good Guys with guns only kill Bad Guys with guns 1/34th as much as Bad Guys with guns kill people. 

Boing Boing, you do know that the VPC, Violence Policy Center, lies and exaggerates?  Asking them put up accurate information on firearms policy is like asking the GOP party HQ to objectively rate which political candidates are the most charming and attractive.  Some bias might poke through.

And I don't care if it is 1/300th as much.  You can't have them.  As it is we need them at least 1/34ths of the time. 

The accuracy of official DOJ justifiable homicide stats is just horrible, right off the go.  And DGU doesn't have to end with a death to be a good event, it's just flaws and failure all the way down.

Funny looking part

Anyone recognize the mainspring housing on the left in these?  Ostensibly both are 1911 parts, but I dunno...

A reader asked me and has asked other bloggers and fora.  Everyone is stumped.  So far.  There is no hole for a retaining pin and that slot is weird, obviously. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I liked the last 2 popes better

Well, Il Papa, how are we gonna start the Marxist Revolution with out AKs to seize the means of production?  If you discourage weapon manufacturey...

At least the previous popes didn't hitch their wagon to the force that piled up the biggest mountain of skulls in the 20th C.


Running on Empty

In the blog fodder area.  But that's not news.  What is news is how much I've managed to be on top of new material lately.  It's been a decently long streak of having tomorrows, the day after, and the day after that already thought up and queued.  With occasional topical posts in the afternoons. 

SO.  Breaking Cat News is back, after a hiatus. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Finally.  Those seeds I planted took.

I've been trying fora couple years to get poppies in.  100th anniversary of the great way, and all.  I was hoping they'd be red, but these are fine.

Friday, June 19, 2015


The surgeon is going after the cancerous tumor he know he will find, but when he opens the patient up the body is riddled with tumors over multiple organs that he just closes him up and prepares the 'make your arrangements, you don't have long' speech.

That's what I half expect to find in this model 10 revolver that's been lying around.  I may take this one to the S&W class.  Outwardly, the timing is ok.  The ejector rod is slightly out of true.  But.  When you cock the hammer you can make it drop with slight thumb pressure and your finger nowhere near the trigger.  Oops.  That can not be good.

Like 'never fire it til you fix that' not good.

Anyway.  Here is is.  Some corrosion looking stuff on the grip areas, but not so bad in the lock works.

See these screw heads?  Someone has already been inside this gun.  Probably who messed up the sear or what not.

But I can't see anything that looks grossly bad.  I half expected the highlighted part to fall out.  Firing pin block?  Anyway I don't know how to put it back in.  But Jerry Miculek made it look easy, so I have confidence he can show me.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


He wrote the blog post I was gonna write, throwing shade at the president for lying.

I don't get it.

So, this latest azzhole get's a pistol for his birthday from his dad.  Then murders people with it.  Glad they caught him.

But Dad waits til he is 21 to give him the pistol.  Because he can't have one before that, it's illegal.  Dad doesn't want to break the law.  But the kid has a felony beef pending that Dad HAD to have known about.  Making newly minted 21 year old a prohibited person right there.  And so Dad had to straw purchase the pistol for his boy.  So there was a problem with being legal one way, but not the other two ways?  Is Daddy a friggin moron?  It's not like the law wasn't spelled out in black and white when he bought the thing at the FFL.  Failure all around.

So, Dad should catch a charge, maybe.  His defense is only "I had no idea he was busted on a felony!" But if he went to jail to bail the kid out, it's open and shut.

And the murderer... Evil, Crazy, Crazy-Evil, Evil-Crazy, or All Of The Above?  I'm going with that last one. Cuz of the eyes.  They don't have the "I'm just crazy" look to them.

Got a nasty blister

On my thumb.  From shooting the rest of the 250 rounds on my modified pistol.  Ran great.  Made ME look accurate, even when tired, and the blister got me practicing one-handed shooting right and left.  I've used Prvi Prvisiwhatsits, Blazer, American Eagle, Hydra-Shok, and HST.  No stoppages at all.  And that's the test after all this drastic work that has been done. 

Tho I almost missed it loading the mags and has an HK style loadout for one or two rounds.  Backwards.  That woulda jammed up the gun right there. 

My targets are my own Dot Torture.  The dots are HUGE, but that's ok because I miss em anyway.

What next for the pistol?  Full detail strip and cleaning.  Inspection, then re-assemble with the usual lubes.  Grease in the disconnector hole, the hammer hook, the trigger bow raceway in the frame, and top and bottom of the trigger shoe.  Light oil on the rail, the muzzle that is surrounded by the bushing, and the barrel chamber hood as the port.  Dunno what happened to the bottom of the picture....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So, what isn't factory?

What did you do to the 1911?  What was done by Springfield.

Well,what IS original to the factory is probably a better question. 

The bushing, the sights, the barrel link, the recoil spring, the hammer-disconnector-sear, of course, are all new.  The grips and mainspring housing I did before.  The slide stop, the safety, the trigger are new.  The recoil spring guide has been modified, as has the frame and slide and barrel.  Hammer strut and leaf spring are new.  As are the firing pin stop and extractor.  The ejector gave me fits.

The magazine catch and firing pin and sear pin are original to the gun.

And I had loads of fun learning and doing.  But I never want to think about the money spent to make it all happen.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The important question

Did Reagan carry a Smith or a Colt?

Or maybe-  It says .38.  It coulda been a .38 Super.  You know the Gipper would want to make major.

AAR for the final Advanced Armorer Course class.

So....  Got my gun back. 

What did I learn on the last day of class?  How to install sights using a sight installing file.  It's just a triangle with 2 safe sides where the angle hopefully matches your dovetail cut.  Not so hard a procedure to do, ones you've done it once.

What can't I do?  Cut the dovetail.  I need to take a machinist class.  And get a mill. 

So, do the sights, trim down the bit of ejector that sticks out the back and looks ugly, and re-assemble with grease and oil in the right amounts and the right places, and safety check it.

And sign up for more classes.

It now is the tightest 1911 I have ever handled with the best trigger I have ever pulled on a semi-auto pistol.  Except for maybe one of OldNFO's pistols.


Part 2...

Go to the range and test the new pistol and the Savage 99 again.

The Savage failed again on the third shot again.  Failure to extract.  The ammo is pre-run-on-all-things-firearms-before-Obama-bans-it-all NATO surplus ammo.  7.62, naturally.  Anyway... fudge.  I was hoping it was just user error, but this is something else.  Luckily, I know where to find a gunsmith.

The Improved Springfield 1911, however, shot flawlessly with 2nd rate magazines for 75 rounds (all we had.)

Here is the pistol in all it's finery.

Here is the target.  The red spot cover the holes the rifle made.  The upper left circle is one of my 1911 target aim points.  Still right, but dang, it's like the Easy Button now.  I very much like how it shoots for me.  Now if only I could make myself a better shot.

I was getting ready to adjust windage to the left when the case got stuck in the rifle's chamber.


So, on the learning the 1911 smithing T-Bolt, what's the hardest part?

 Well, that may be the finishing.  Especially if you are a professional.  The superficial cosmetic look of the pistol reflects most on you, because everyone has eyes.  They can find the finish flaw and make conclusions about how good a smith you are on that.  You end up spending as much time on making the finish pretty as doing the mechanicals to make it perform, and it is very persnickety detail work, the finish.  And when you are done, take the gun out into the sunlight outside the shop and see all the spots you missed.  Yikes.  But if you are making a first class custom gun for someone you have to also make a first class custom finish.

If I had to do this for a living that is what would get to me.  And luckily, we didn't have to do much of it.  Because it's our name on the work.  Once removed from the professional smith.  Though one guy had some finishing to do, and this conversation about it came up. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Stop and Frisk

So you stop Stop And Frisk in NYC and choke out a Loosey seller and you notice that the proles are responding like they shout to your Socialist outreach.  Crime is skyrocketing.  Soon the Baseball Furies will be resurgent in the Bronx.  What do you do if you are a Red mayor? 

Call in the feds.

In fact, call in the iffiest feds.  The ATF.  To help out the CITY.  To combat a spike in gun crime.  The Stop And Frisk did a decent job countering.  But that you campaigned against, running for Marxist Mayor.  I predict this will end in tears.

Now Bill Clinton has Dementia

The former president was internviewed:

Clinton said, “The Baltimore thing came on the heels of what happened in Ferguson, what happened in New York City and all these other places. And their is a big national movement about whether the lives of young African-American men count.”
“You can’t have people walking around with guns."

Uh... in those cases there were indeed holstered firearms present, Bill.  With the police officers.

"I used to tell people when we did Bosnia, Kosovo anything like that, you get enough people with weapons around and there will be unattended consequences. People make mistakes People do wrong. Things happen. To hold a community together you got to have a high level of community trust.”   

So, American jurisdictions are like the Balkans, now?  Oh dear.  Clinton is losing it.  It's so sad when that happens.

What are you getting at, Mr. Ex-President?  This is really a stretch to get in a gun-ban talking point.  Even for you.

The List

So the Savage 99 take s really HUGE item off The List.  About all I'd want now is a .30 caliber lefty M24 equivalent.

So, of the remainder of The List, what do you want most T-Bolt?

Good question!

I wish I had gotten shotgun doubles, and not Model 11s.  Simpler.  If I need more, a rifle or a carbine is at hand.  Shotgunning never really took on me.

A DeLisle equivalent REALLY captures my imagination.  In Lefty or course.  If Ima go through all the trouble of a tax stamp I want it to be the best performing quietest suppressed gun I can get.  And .45 is what I have that would work for this. 

If I had all those bases covered somehow?  I'd have no 'want'.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


“Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.”

General James Matthis, USMC

Good policy, in my mind.  Also "PowerPoint makes us stupid."

Saturday, June 13, 2015

More Skool, More Range

Final day of Advanced 1911 Armorer class.  Early on it was a 6 hour trip in the blizzard to get home, now it will be 111 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade.  This is the fine tuning class.  Plus the blood initiation ceremony with the candles and chanting... Usual stuff you know.

After that?  More testing of that new Savage 99 at a range local to the gunsmith and MBtGE.  It's gon be a good day, tater.

Friday, June 12, 2015


This IS kind of a big deal.

Removing the sporting clauses from the 1968 law is the right thing to do.  The Second Amendment is not about hunting, after all.  Or target shooting, or action shooting.  Those are just happy side effects.


I doubt the bill will go very far.  It's more of a sop to us gunnies.  Keep us placated.  Obama would veto this as a standalone and then ~SHAZAAM!~ what some thought was a veto proof bill suddenly doesn't have the votes to override.  I know this, you know this.

Heck they should offer MORE in the bill, since it isn't going anywhere.  Make CCW as reciprocal as Drivers Licenses.  I mean, they let people from my state into other states despite how lazy the driver's test is.  Recently they took the parallel park requirement off of the examination.  And you know how bad the drivers from my state are if you ever happened to notice us on the road NOT parking.  Maryland drivers are a menace, yet there aren't road blocks on the Pennsylvania state line to turn us back like there should be.  Au contraire, there is a fireworks store put there specifically for us.  Pennsylvanians aren't allowed to buy there, silly. 

But a sop to gunnies also makes people declare where they stand.  No big deal on regular members, but the ones on the margins...  We get them more B&W instead of haze gray.  And it's a foundation for later.  "You voted for this exact bill during the Obama admin, you should vote for it during the Perry admin.  See?"

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Only 24 hours

...before they got the dead deer.   As if an occult hand reached down from heaven and snatched the poor dear away.  Meh.  Not too shabby a response time.  They coulda said "We don't do that sort of thing" then I'd have to think all libertarian and junk. 

Since a cop shot and left it, I'd just return it to the local police station, I guess.   If he was going to trespass and do me a favor dispatching the nuisance fauna, I'd hope he'd have taken care of it himself.  What if it was a mad dog?  That's any old neighbor responsibility, too, but once you go all Atticus Finch on the rabid pooch what then?  Worst case, a bonfire would be required. 

If a cop had left it unshot and it succumbed to its wounds in the yard, lucky me.  Hmmm.   What to do? 

When I worked at the brewery we gave the spent grain to a local farmer that had a few dozen head of cattle.  Bit of a hobby farm.   This was 20 years ago.  I asked him one day what he does when a cow up and dies on him in the field.  He'd call 1 (800) DEADCOW.  1 (800) 332-3269.  They'd come and get the cow.  I think it was 'free'.  In that, they picked up the cow and kept the carcase for whatever you do with a dead cow.  Must be money in it.  Hooray private sector.

Failing that...  double bag it in contractor bags and leave it for the trash service.  Yuck all around.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Oh Deer

And here is the deer I poached with my new rifle on my front lawn area.

No.  I don't even have the rifle home yet.  Left it at MBtGE as his house is by the range for further testing this weekend and I need to bring a case out to pack it home in.

No, according to my broken spanish this guy busted into a neighbors house though the french doors and walloped about.  The constabulary was summoned.  The deer then vacated the premises.  Apparently then managing to get hit by a car outside my domicile later in that same morning.

According to the english speaking neighbor, the cops shot it in my backyard and dragged it around front.  It's leg was broken and it was suffering.  Multiple people have contacted the local gummint to come collect the carcass.

You can see the broken leg, injured jaw, and where the cop capped it behind the ear if you embiggenate this.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Follow up

There wasn't my usual jerky dealer and I was distracted by the firearm purchase.

There wasn't a hipster Nazi.

Fun Show Find

So, I've been looking for a lefty friendly .308 hunting rifle since I began this blog.  I kinda had my heart set on a Winchester Model 88, though the right left handed bolt action would work.  Or the Steyr Scout Rifle if it every had come in left handed configurations. 

I even already had a spare Winchester magazine.

Well, none of those guns found me at the Fun Show.  A Savage 99 found me.  This one, to be exact.

Huh?  Not shabby.  Apparently it was supposed to be JayG's rifle, as when he heard about it he cursed my name.  The scope on top is just fine.  A fixed power Weaver with a square-ish lens in the back.  It feels like I am looking at a TV display.  I think it is 4x.  Model K4W.  I think they are known as Wide Angle.  Great reticle.  Happens to be my preference

Oh, and 3 magazines came with.  Price:  just shy of $700 after taxes tags and title.

We went straight to the gun range to test it out.  Dammit.  The fourth shot I got a Failure to Eject.  The gun was a little dry, and I was a little hesitant with my working of the action.  After getting it home a cleaning rod tappa tappa tappa got the spent shell out of the chamber, a thorough cleaning and lubing was next, then testing by chambering and ejecting without firing, point the rifle in a safe direction.  "Work the lever like you mean it T-Bolt and it will go ok."  Good advice.  I'll check again at the range this weekend with any luck.

The 3 rounds it fired showed it was nigh close to zero already so, I may not monkey with that. 

Finish is above 90%.  It's light and handy and thus has a bit of a kick to it, but I am no longer bothered by that. 

Here is a pic of JayG when he learned about my score.  He seems kinda mad.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Frum and WWI

I find David Frum execreble, usually.  Ostensibly Republican, he goes beyond RINO to "Might was well be saboteur for the Liberals trying to destroy libertarian conservatism from the inside."   He's been a promoter of strict  gun control in the past.  If you grant he is conservative he is the epitome of my favorite term 'Metrocon.'

But sometimes he writes stuff I like, to give him credit where due.

Like this piece of World War One in the Atlantic.

What would the world look like if the US had dragged it's feet or Pershing had had a heart attack on March 1st 1917 or Mexico had acted up instead?  And Germany drove the Allies to the bargaining table first after a spring offensive.  Frum is on the same page as me.  Ish.  Close enough. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

We didn't start

The fire


Who lies on a beach with all that lead and shells about and eschews a rifle for a camera and takes pictures like this?

I wonder where you find men like that these days but then remember the volunteer that have been fighting since 2001.  Dirtbag Millenial generation the lot of them.  Obviously not so dirtbaggy.

Donut Hole

I got nuffin.  I had this Zombie University thing saved for a rainy day, but the links all died.  I got nuffin because I walked my feets off yesterday and retired to MBtGE's house where I was in my cups pretty quicklike.  You have a good day.



Went to the Blog get-together after hitting the Fun Show.   I got sumthin....  more later....

(I do ellipses too much)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Goin to the Fun Show

What do I need, let's see...

I need 4 PMAGs and I can't get 11+ rounders in Maryland.

I'd like a Winchester Model 88 in .308.

I'd love to point and laugh at a Hipster Nazi.  Loser.  Trivia question:  What is the source of explosives for 95% of the various flavors of domestic terrist groups?  Answer:  The FBI.  ZING!

I want jerky.

Maybe some ammo. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Levels of Gunnie-dom

I own:

A gun.

Guns.  Two.

Several guns.

I don't own dozens....

I own dozens.

About a hundred.


None of yer dang bidness.

And that's just if you are freely talking to a friendly gunnie audience.  If you are talking to an unknown neighbor or a representative of the government the levels of gunniedom are different.  "How many guns do you own?"

~[Lie]  None~

I might have a gun at home.  

I am statutorily required to alert you that I have a CCW permit and I am carrying right now.

There was this tragic boat accident...


Come back with a warrant and a lotta friends.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Stay on target...

Bullet Button

Here's an embarrassing story.

A colleague I won't name was shopping for an AR in late 2012.  Then events came to a head and there was a run and a chance he'd NEVER be able to buy one.  So he ended up with a Californinian style bullet button AR. 

Oh the poor fella.  He still hasn't gotten around to correcting that, but did go on a camping trip and range shoot with it.  It works great otherwise.  Such is the problem with panic buying.

Another colleague was tempted to SELL the AR he got in 2011 for scalper's prices on consignment and just failed to do so.  Coulda.  But didn't.  So, bad and good.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fad Guns

When I asked about what Televisor and Cinema programs cause a run on a gun model since 1990, Tam brought up that Enemy at the Gates caused greater interest in Mosins.  Stores didn't sell out because there are 487,000,000,000 rifles of that flavor on the surplus market.

The Walking Dead has bumped up the price on Colt Pythons, but those were dear to start.

And I DID buy a Garand when, coincidentally, Band of Brothers was release on DVD...

But again, no factory had to ramp up production to meet demand. 

I am thinking Ryan Gosling stars in a movie where he does really cool stuff with a Kel Tec SUB 2000, and the Kel Tec has trouble getting new guns in that model to the stores.

Yeah, T-Bolt, but how could you tell?  Kel Tec has never been able to get guns to the gun stores.

Hush, you!

And do think a performer like Gosling would really be able to 'Eastwood-up' the place?

Why must you poo on my party?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Newsweek, the once mighty weekly, the Chrysler of news magazines tweets this:

So, in September, when the law goes into effect, of 2015, Texans will for the first time be allowed to have guns indoors.  Is that it?

Here let me take a screenshot in case the delete it.

Layers of editorial oversight. And knowledge of the topics they report on.

Now, what they might mean is that some college campuses will allow carry indoors. I believe before this you could carry on campus, just not under a roof. So when a parent visits their kids dorm room they don't have to unholster and trunk their pistol. It will be legal to let CCW folks do that. But the college itself can still restrict a building on campus, just the state won't.

But Newsweeks is still moronic.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Not the bus!

Holler Point Bullets

What we need is self ammunition that shoots one of them face huggers from Aliens.  That would be good.  It's have to be in a .45 caliber as those things are pretty big.  But they can self-correct their course and it only takes one to incapacitate the bad guy.  Non deadly, too.  Well, at first.  Two days later, though...

It'd be the best thing since Black Talons.  They had to take those off the market.  Too dangerous.  They'd shoot through schools and then kill all the orphans with photogenic disabilities in the rundown Mission on the other side, sparing only the children whose disabilities, frankly, made them much harder to look at.  They were extremely expensive and they couldn't get the sales volume up high enough to justify the product line.

Hydro Shocks were also superior, but they took them off the market at about the same time. Replaces them with these HydraShok things that are just a knockoff of the original.  Like my Somy color television.  It had color, alright.  Black, white, a sickly green, and this salmon shade.  Hated that TV.  Replaced it with a Sangsung. 

Anyway.  The original Hydro Shock would strike the victim and cause a shock wave in all the water in their body, plus all the water in like a 7 or 8 foot radius, causing the body to burst into steam in a flash.  Quite impressive.  The manufacturer got sued and they withdrew the round.  Not because of its danger but because people wanted to get compensated for gargantuan cleaning bills. 

Tam will confirm all this.  Just ask her.

If you still own some Hydro Shocks or Black Talons you might want to think of selling em.  A box of 20, unopened, will go for thousands of dollars in the back room area of your local gun show.  You know what I'm talking about.  That area where they sell full auto conversion kits for lever action rifles and Dum-Dum rounds condemned by the good folks of Geneva and row after row of fine bespoke Loopholes, all out of the sight of prying Liberal eyes.