Saturday, January 31, 2015

American Loons

A blog devoted to them.  Almost equal opportunity!  I mean they DO include Democrats, but the list start alphabetically and the first loon that is a 'D' they include is Tom Harkin.  All the way to the H's before finding a loon.  Zoomed right past 'G' which is Manbearpig's surname initial.  So, a bit myopic to some of the loonies standing around him.  I bet if you asked him about Climate Fraud he wouldn't even have heard that it's a thing. 

But entertaining in spots.  For an Obama supporter.  And hey he considers Jeremiah Wright a loon.

And...  Larry Pratt AND Wayne LaPierre, which I am sure would delight and perhaps infuriate both, to be grouped together that way..  Though he tars Wayne because he is paranoid some politically powerful Americans want to confiscate other American's guns.  Pfff.  Projection, and exaggeration, much? 

Friday, January 30, 2015


She hasn't found me yet.

About the only advantage, rhetorically these two have is their annoying shrillness.  So why do I follow them?  Academic interest.  Also why I slow down to gawp at highway accidents.  No, wait, I slow down because EVERYONE else seems to need to gawp. So, morbid curiosity, then?

America the Hazardous

I prefer the transition zone, which is one reason why it is hard to move.  The corner of SoupMoonTerror.

I should check out the Mystery Belt.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

What caliber for...


Just as a heads up, if my local government decides to start hassling me over my garbage and recycling so that I am getting fined, that's the last time I put garbage out in front of my house. It's getting dumped in the creek from that point on.

Technically they should hassle me.  I am not a 100% recycler of bottles and cans, just wash yer hands, just wash yer hands.  But no problem yet.  And the only thing I've seen our guys reject was piles of paint cans.  If you paint cans have no lids and nothing pours our then you are good.

Or just bury the can of paint one at a time in the center of the hefty bag.  What?  I bet they prefer that to pouring it down the storm drain.  They really just don't want their trucks to leak paint our the back.  That's all.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

When was the last time...

You 'made' a stranger?

It doesn't count when you notice a gun blogging buddy carrying at a blog shoot.  Though sometimes they fool me.

I mean some random out in the world.  Easier in your state than mine, probably.  Though the last time I saw a IWB Glock was on a motorcycle rider on  95 in Maryland a few years back.

To play this game, your best bet is to park on a bench in a park in a CCW state in nice weather.  (I recommend the park around the City of Willowick Town Hall.)

Though I like to try it when I find myself grocery shopping in Virginia.

This whole topic was more work water-cooler talk. The conclusion was it was too difficult in our state.  When I go fishing I don't expect to catch nothing but lunkers one after another, but I do wanna catch something.  Maryland carriers have further incentive to be really good about their concealment method.  Except that dummy on the bike.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who Do I Vote For

For NRA.

Who do I vote for that will keep the world's oldest civil right organization from beclowning itself with a cover like this:

Who do I vote for that will help us get the courts to stick a thumb in the eye of the great state of Maryland and reverse some of our Gun Crow laws.

No seriously, I need timely endorsements.  Not last minute ones.  Links to bloggers.  Bloggers on both sides of our issue.  The Sebastians and from down on Sipsey Street.  I already know who Shannon Watts wants me to vote for...  Any ophthalmologist that can correct that thing with her eye.  (Hey!  No cheapshots, TBolt!  Ok, ok...)

Tell me specifically who you like, and, more importantly, why you like them.  How voting for them is in my interest.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Shoot / No Shoot

Big brouhaha about snipers because of that Chris Kyle movie in theaters, with usual America haters beclowning themselves and insulting professional soldiers. But the dust up does indeed get everyone thinking and writing about sniping.  Even metrocons.

Hanson's gist:  "Oh we don't snipe like in Enemy At The Gates with that old trope of offing a bigwig enemy General in the bath, snipers nowadays are trying to see which civilian is getting ready to turn into a deadly attacker..."

Well yeah. Sorta. A bad thing to do in an area of sniper operations is to pick up a weapon lying on the ground. The rules of engagement probably means you are gonna get shot at right now. And there are no line, really these days, where OVER THERE are a buncha guys and no civvies, and the guys are all wearing uniforms that are different that yours.

But don't act like those days are gone. I guess Victor David Hanson understands this concept, but ti didn't seem to come off so well in this post to me.  Maybe I'm the slowhead.  (Probabyl)  THIS war doesn't have the unarmed uniformed man walking around. But that doesn't mean we are never to see a war like that again or that it wouldn't be perfectly reasonable to snipe private Snuffy of the motorpool or General Hapablap of the Quartermast corp, or Captain Jorgensen, Lutheran reverand of the chaplain corps. At 800 yards it's hard to read the collar insignia. A medic with a white armband might have a better chance with some ROEs.

And you know if civilian-clothes wearing Osama Bin Laden type was positively IDed 800 yards away and wasn't carrying a rifle, he just might get engaged by a Sniper.  Heck, that kind gets a drone now.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nuts! The Truck

Struck me like a thunderbolt out of the blue.

Was the truck used in Gran Torino the same truck Clint used in Every Which Way but Loose?  Did he use the same truck like Jimmy Stewart liked to use the same horse, Pie, in his westerns?  I had to check....

Naw.  Dang.  Not even the same company.  55 Chevy and a Ford.  I remember them being light in color, and that's what set me off.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Novel for Men

Finally!  A book for people like me.  Males.  Older.  A manly book.  Not a boyly book.  Or one of them ubiquitous girly books. 

At Night She Cries, While He Rides His Steed 

I bet there is gunplay.  And profanity.  And 'adult' situations...

Friday, January 23, 2015


You know I dashed off that e. coli post below without even THINKING of googling it.  What if I remembered stuff wrong from Prof. Doris Zallen's class 25 years ago?  Apparently I didn't.

I guess it's a big difference in generations.  Us oldsters recall things from our mind.  Youngsters know to hit the Googles to be sure.

World War Z II

They might make another World War Z movie, completely divorced from the Brad Pitt offering.

Hey, here's a suggestion. Keep it closer to the source material.  I hate sprinters.  They didn't want to use shamblors in the first movie.  Didn't think them scary enough.  They wanted action/thriller/zombie-horror instead of suspense/zombie-horror, I guess.  But we see from Walking Dead that shamblors can be scary, sometimes.  Just not their TV show versions.  Dang soap opera with no showers...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Listen til tomorrow

Why is this news?

I learned about this decades ago.  And it was old then. 

"Oh, it's such a good thing that scientists developed e. coli that can only exist in a lab environment and dies in the wild!  Imagine is super bug got out that could survive!  It's a new thing!"

No.  It's called CHI1776 or X1776.  Chi is latin for the letter X, and it was developed at the University of Chicago.  In 1976.  Bicentennial year.  Those old enough to remember remember all the Spirit of 76 stuff that was everywhere back then. So, almost 40 years ago.

X1776 allowed genetic therapy to begin.  A few years after this the newsmen announce the first man made life form.  A form of bacteria that ate petroleum oil, so it was good at cleaning up spills.  But didn't last long in the wild so no worry about it eating all the oil reserves in the ground before we refined it into gasoline.

Remember that?

So why is this news again 38 years later?   Bored newspaper people?  People ignorant of Science AND History?

WalMart tackle of an innocent CCWer

Here is the video, via SayUncle.

Why are gun-banners so racist? Because that is what they are.  Gun control started out and has always been to keep guns away from black people. Only recently have the gun banners tacked on: “and keep em from them redneck crackers, too!”

Why are you and yours so dang raaaaacist, Shannon Watts of the gun confiscation group IllegalMayorsAgainstGuns?

One day, one of these liberal wackjobs listening to people like Shannon to go into histrionics whenever they 'make' a CCW person, one day some someone is gonna get killed. And it may be an someone like you and me minding their own business. But that's what the Gun-Banners want, tho. Gin up the crazies, wait for one to pop, and then use them to push their bans.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Oh, Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....


Yeah, I'd need one.  Rumored at SHOT:

Long Walk

We've actually been going over this at work. During lunchbreaks, of course.

If the SHTF and you had to walk home from work in a panicky world, how do you do it? Say, solar event gives us a super EMP, and knocks out all the cars and everything else. All my stored food for months is at my house not in the office...  Not at my office.

 Now such a big event is probably not going to be like One Second After, chances are, and despite what Newt says, but bear with us for the mental exercise.  (I know I know, extremely remote chance.  Actual ICBM strikes from a full exchange is really the worst case scenario, and if I am not dead in the first hits, I am walking home from that.  Prevailing winds will keep the fallout away.  Maybe.)

Back to the EMP scenario, because that's what we were chewing over...

That's a toughy for some of us, as the commute is nasty. 55 miles for one of us. I am at 27 miles. Not easy. A few are less than 5, they need almost no preparation. They could jog it in the winter in less that adequate clothing and make out fine, no food no water, nuthin.

Those of us with longer routes have some obstacles. There's a choke point with single bridge over a large body of water to contend with. You can go around the more rural west side, but that adds many miles. The east side is shorter, but more panicky population areas to get through. I'd say use the train tracks to avoid people, instead of walking on the roads, but that too goes through some populated areas right next to major roads.  Not highways, roads with building and stoplights.

It's a tough nut. But note we HAVE checked the train tracks and old spurs that are trails now instead of tracks.

And in my best shape I really didn't enjoy 20 mile hikes. I am in less good shape now, in my fattened dotage, and have an extra 7 miles to contend with. Where do I hole up on this trek home?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Got Nuffin'

Tuesday's after a long weekend are like regular Mondays for blog fodder drought.  The mental cupboard is bare.

Watched Extreme Prejudice this past weekend.  It's sort The Wild Bunch, but made 15 years later and in the 'present' time.  Also Milius instead of Peckinpah.

Why?  Well, a few years back a buncha gun blogs talked about it, putting the bug in my ear.  And I had been hearing about the great John Milius lately, and the queue on my Netflix sorta went that way...  Everthing just came together for this movie to be here this weekend.  Lots of great character actors from the 80s, too.  Ironsides, Boothe, Nolte... but I like that it had Clancy Brown and Rip Torn, too. Initially I thought Matt Mulhern was actually Bill Paxton.   Hard to get more 80s than Paxton.

Plus just about every firearm available in 1986.

And I am wondering if there is any movie Milius is associated with that I don't like?

Monday, January 19, 2015


Where does your firearm budget money go? I mean the biggest chunk. What do you have earmarked for 2015

Some people spend most of their money on guns. All of us had that at one time or another. For one thing, there was a time all of you had zero guns.

Some people will spend more on ammo than any other item. Great! Having fun? Getting some practice in? Competing?

Some will spend mostly on training. Also wonderful. And in most cases it will only edge your ammo budget by a little bit. What with the ammo you'll burn through in the class.

Others end up spending their money on ATF tax stamps... Well, maybe not. It not like there are many suppressors or machineguns going for under $200, and you spend on a stamp you are prolly spending on the other.

It struck me that I am on track to spend the lion's share of my 2015 gun money on smithing and smithing training. And I love it.

If Maryland was different I might have better opportunities to spend more on ammo and training.  Not that I can't go places for that, it's just harder.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Black Ice

No the day to run errands.  'Wrecks everywhere'.  Be careful out there.  Lemme check the larder....

  1. bacon
  2. beer
  3. barley soup
  4. bread dough ready for baking
  5. bourbon
  6. coffee
I'm good.


How hard is it to mount a new front sight on a J Frame snubbie? You gotta drift out a teeny pin and drill a hole in the part and then put the pin back...  Lemme Google search... not much help

Shoot my floor model drill press is way too big.  I'd have to chuck a chuck in my chuck and get a teeny bit if I did this myself.  Grrrmble. 

Here's a bit from Brownells about the trigger spring.  And if i ever get an M&P then this might be useful.

Still looking around for the front sight.  But you look and get distracted for an hour with other vids then look some more...  It's slow going.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Water Filter

Those water filter straw things never impressed me.  Someone told me he got a Sawyer SP126.  It claims to be able to filte 100,000 gallons, lifetime.  This shocked me.  Because I used to make beer for a living with 120 square feet of diatimaceous earth impregnated cellulose pad filters and it slowed down a LOT with a 5 micron filter size and 1500 gallons of beer pushed by a 3/4 horse centripetal pump. 

So it seems dubious since pathogenic bacteria is like, 0.5 microns?

But now I am intrigued at the survival kit potential of these things.  Even if I only get 100 gallons instead of 1000x that.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Signed up for level 3 1911 Armorers class. 6 days of instruction over 3 weekends. By the end of it I will be able to take a billet of steel and a file and make a receiver I can then effortlessly attach 50 some other parts to, and an have a 1911 better than your store-bought.

Ok ok, the class isn't magic. But this will prolly be as far as I can go with such instruction without doing an actual semester of real Gunsmith school, then apprentice myself somewhere. Then, after many years of that and many messed up not so good pistols... I'll be able to make decent one.  Maybe.

Yeah, can't devote that time, but if I could that would be great.

They are simple machines, easy to understand.  Easy to judge. 

And ever little part on them affects every other.  Tricky buggers.  Sotra analog that way.  As opposed to digital.  Careful if your digital guns switches to zero instead of one.  If it's zero, you are hosed.

Class starts in February.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


This is why I'd NEVER keep a .300 BLK or its ammo in the house. Not with a .223 AR nearby. I don't even like mixing 20 gauge and 12 gauge in the same vicinity.  Cuz you might accidentally mix a 20 gauge up with your 12s, rack it, wonder where the shell went and why it went click, rack another one in...  And now you have a 12 gauge in the chamber with a 20 gauge on top of it in the barrel.   

Pick one of there pretty-close calibers and stick to it is my motto. I'd go .458 before considering .300.  Of course now I'll hear about a .458 that went into a .223 upper and kaboomed, and would welcome the info.

MBtGE has .300 BLK.  And a few black uppers.  It makes me feel hinky. 

If someone insists on having both 5.56 and .300 BLK, maybe distinctive furniture of it's own color is called for.  It doesn't guarantee incidence free, but every little bit helps, ya think?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The correct answer, here and for the rest of civilization, is not "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."

Why should we care what the enemy thinks?  They have been at war with us since at least the Carter administration.  I don'r understand the concern.  Such empathy doesn't gain us much and takes too much away from our resolve.  Our resolve in an existential struggle where our only real advantage is the incompetence of the forces arrayed against us

The correct answer is "We must crush those barbarians that slaughter in the name of Islam, grind them to powder, and relegate them to the ashbin of history. Our strategy is 'We win, they lose'"

I'd vote for someone that talked like that, if someone like that ran for office

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Where's your Leftist Messiah NOW?

After the Charlie Hebdo massacre normally reflexively anti-gun journos start to discover mixed feelings with the general idea of firearms in the workplace. To, you know, give themselves half a chance when terrists come for them. Maybe people DO have the right to self-defense...


Also, Lots of comments about the French licensed and built Mini-14s issues to the police there.  Mousqueton AMD.  Performs pretty like any 5.56 but cosmetically, yes, it does look less intimidating 'psychologically.'

If we, universally, swapped off all our Magpul furniture on every AR in the united states with nice burl walnut I bet we'd move the needle even more our direction. Something about nice wood that make hoplophobes less hoplophoby.

Though some are dubious of the accuracy of the Ruger product, I have found the ones I've shot more than adequate.  Especially for police distances, where a cop 'sniper' shot isn't usually 1000 yards.  More like 100.  I am sure LA cops responding to the initial scene would have loved to have had a few Mini-14s.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

Anti-Cheney Protesters

Arrested at the VP's house in Virginia.  They were inside the perimeter.  Code Pink types.

Don't these people remember?  Cheney shot someone in the FACE and GOT AWAY WITH IT!  And that was his friend.  Imagine what he'd do to a real life Hippy.

Or maybe they were looking to Martyr themselves.

JeSuis Charlie

So, what is the proper policy response? In France and the West as a whole?

We might want to formulate something effective and conducive to our values before someone somewhere goes full Nazi and cranks up cattle cars full of people heading to ovens in remote areas, but with Muslims this time

We've been doing this response thing as a more than a hobby since September 2001. Some things have worked, some haven't, some things haven't been tried. What should the Occidentals be doing?

First all, a little more self-confidence in your own culture and civilization is a must. Right now. Stop apologizing for existing. Stop acting like the West invented all the evils of millennia in the past 4 centuries. And that the West has contributed ZERO good in that time. We are the 'Best Civilization EVAH!' Sure it's subjective, but we all gotta get on board with that.

I like an American tradition we have lost sight of since we invented thermonuclear devices. The idea of Unconditional Surrender as a condition we demand of our enemies. Sure, after you surrender we might just kill off all military aged males and enslave your women. That's the point of that kind of surrender. You are just going to have to take that chance. Our history and tradition doesn't point that way as the way to bet, but, what is your alternative? When we get into unconditional surrender mode and you done we end up killing off all military aged males. And a bunch of the enemy's women and children besides.

Meh, we'd never do that.  Not today.  Not without nuke strikes on a few US cities.  And even then...

Pah.  Sounds like stoner logic.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I, for one,

Welcome our cockroach overlords.

I guess this means Socialism will be resurgent.  Wonder what flavor?

Metrocon and Hoplophobe

This might be a first National Review actually has 'printed' the word hoplophobe.

Also, I love it that "Metrocon Fortnightly" has become a thing.  A thing people say outside of here.  My blog has made a mark.  I am now effectively immortal.  Above the law.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


You never hear about them anymore.  They sorta petered out in the early 80s.  Once they were everywhere in the news, now, poof.  Nowhere to be seen.

Same with Drive By Shootings.  How 1994.  They don't come up like they use to in the publicity factories.  On 20/20 in 1990 I bet Barbara Walters use the term every other episode.  Has come out of her mouth in years, and she was on the View!

That huffpo talked about drive bys.  'No one every heard of a drive by knifing.'  No one talks that way!  Fer criminy.  You gonna spout off about zip guns and Saturday Night Specials?  Use the term 'Rod' unironically?  Roscoe!  Say ROSCOE, Grandpa!  Cuz that would be awesome.

Friday, January 9, 2015

To Clean

Or not to clean.

You hear about people running their guns, uncleaned for a few thousand rounds.  You may even do it yourself.  Cleaning is no fun, modern guns work just fine, generally, with caked on carbon.  Most importantly with modern ammunition.  No caked on black powder fouling things up.  And no corrosive primers in the past 65 years or so.  I mean look at My Buddy The Gun Enthusiast Ruger Mk III!  It worked great for lots and olts

And revolver are even simpler than semi-autos.  Look at Jerry Miculek's guns.  I wonder what the round count is between cleaning for him.

And then there is this.  It's a 629, so the round count isn't really that high.  Even if MBtGE had that gun for 20 years.  Twenty 50 round boxes of .44?  I doubt he did that.  And sure he cleans it, but not under the side plate.  Gunk in the works under the side plate seems to be what hung it up.

What about Nam?!  Hush now.  No one is using 1965 army surplus ammo in the jungle.  Folks are taking their ARs up through really phenomenally high round counts without a hitch using more decent ammo.  Without a hitch.  Except for the times there are hitches at round number 289.

How do you know?  How do you determine when to detail strip and really get in there and clean that gatt?  MBtGE .44 could have malfed on round 1 after a normal cleaning.  The part that was dirty wasn't what you'd normally clean.

So you don't need to clean except when you do and there is no way to tell when that really is so better safe than sorry and detail strip and clean after every 50 except that is way too much cleaning?  Yeah, I can't follow it either.  Jerry know when to let it go another few hundred, but I have no idea what criteria he uses. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Is it?

There can be no doubt that the ammunition available to both law enforcement and private citizens now is far superior to what was available thirty years ago

Is it far superior?  Or just marginally better?  Is 9mm Federal HST +P an order of magnitude better than .38 Special 158 gr semi wadcutter hollow point, circa 1985?  Or 230 grains of .45 caliber ball?

Or are pistols pistols and a compromise from the start? I am sure everyone that had to pull a S&W Model 10 revolver would have loved for it to transform into a Garand at the very instant they needed it for social purposed but certainly didn't want to lug around 9 pounds of battle rifle on foot patrol.

Can the performance difference really be measured with real world results?  I don't think that's possible.  To start, how do you calculate the shot placement value into your graph?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

That's funny right there...

In HuffPo via Breitbart.

Paraphrased some:

It argues the 'Constitution is the weakest of all grounds for defending gun rights, and a self defense appeal to justify gun ownership is simply laughable.' Despite what SCOTUS unquestionably ruled in Heller, the amendment only applies to the militia and not individuals. Despite what SCOTUS unquestionably ruled in McDonald, States aren't beholden to recognize the right under the 14th.

Read the source material at PuffMo if you don't mind giving that guy traffic.  It's actually funny.  It's not infuriating, it goes beyond that to entertaining.  Transcendant.

Where does such irrational and delusional thinking even come from? What is the purpose for even writing such a screed? Revealing such sheer ignorance. Such lies don't move the needle of public opinion, apparently, despite the number of times it is repeated. Putting out gun-banny signals to your fellow travellers doesn't require such stupidity.

Or are their vast swaths of Americans that are swayed by such claptrap? Not according to polling.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Guns Then and Now

The Firearm Blog does a piece on one of my favorite things.  The 50 year old 'reprints' of old Guns Magazine editions, noting how things have changed and how they've remained the same and how they sometimes go in cycles.  I like this angle they came up with, noting the guns on the cover then, comparing them to the guns on the cover now.  And then they were single shot and now they are semi's.

My regular readers already know that I am pretty enamored with the old magazine editions, and often comment on them.  Just tickles my fancy, those snapshots of history.

The Firearm Blog does have a good point.  They weren't bereft of coverage of semi-autos back then, but there were plenty of models of semi pistols that I learned about now, that were new THEN, that they never mentioned back then.   The S&W 39 and subsequent models from that parent.  Ya know, now that I think on it, there are a lot of ads for Ruger and Browning in those old magazines but few for Smith and Colt.  Ooo, Colt Woodsman.  I saw a few of those advertised.  Thassa nice .22.  Handsome.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Bad Cops

I dish a lotta craps to cops.  Bad ones.  Ones that revel in the Police Vs. Little People.  That act like there is a big difference between them and dirty 'civilians'.  Like they are an occupying army.  Cops that routinely shoot the dog on search warrants.  That love to go all SWAT and who cares if they get the wrong house.  That like nothing more than to jack up an CCW guy on a traffic stop on a highway in Ohio.

I don't want cops assassinated.

It's an old saw that folks want to have more Sheriff Andy Taylor, and less SWAT, as far as TV portrayals go. 

It's more complicated than that. 

I wish I saved the link, the one that inspired this line of thinking.

Yes, Andy Griffith's Sheriff portrayal was nice.  Preferable.  But remember, Andy was a Sheriff.  Accountable to the people.  He was Justice of the Peace, too.   Another elected position, prolly.  That's why he did as he did.  Leave his gun belt in the closet except in the most extreme of situations.  And Deputy Barney Fife was a good man, too.  A bit of a pip squeak.  Enamored with the accouterment.  Of the authority.  But Andy rode herd on Barney.  Kept him on the path.  Only one bullet, and that in his shirt pocket most of the time.

What we have now, is a nation of Barneys.  Oh, not necessarily the clownishness that Barney was.  But, what if there was no Andy and Barney was in charge?  He's carry all six bullets, then you think?  And in the cylinder.  And be overly aggressive enforcing the laws.  Because he wasn't lead.  He wouldn't have Andy's moderating influence.

When a cops goes wrong he needs to be punished.  Long suspension without pay.  Egregious acts of repeat offenses, THEN we should think about prosecutions.  But initial wrong must be dealt with.  Responsibility.   But what needs to be dealt with MORE severely is the leadership.  They have much greater responsibility.  The ones that permitted the troops maintain an Us against Them culture.  Where cops play soldiers.  The modern day Andy needs to 'nip that in the bud'.   Who are the 'Andys' of today?  A group that tries to insulate themselves from their responsibility.  We need to push it back down on their shoulders at the lowest possible level.  On the elected officials that are or can be the most responsive.  Mayors.  Police Chiefs.  Alderman.  Councilmen.  A few of them need to be ruined when cops make the wrong, unjustifiable, search warrant raid and throw a flashbang in a baby's crib.  They sent the cops there. Suspend the patrolmen, fire the bosses and sue them into the poorhouse.  That is the proper actions us Civilians should take.  Eventually the lesson will be learned.  And the beat cops will be encouraged from on high to be cops, not soldiers.

Be mad at the dog handler, not so much the attack dog, I mean.  A trainer can have a dog that grabs a wrist and hold on, or grabs a throat and rips it out. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015


According to Google Stats on New Years

Pageviews all time history: 1,131,489

I turned off sitemeter on the 10th, but it said:

            Total ...................... 721,017           
            Average per Day ................ 265           
          Page Views
            Total .................... 1,030,680           
            Average per Day ................ 348           

So, they match up pretty close.

4 Jan

Rhymes with Fortran

Dour Nan

More Naan

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Silly Liberals

Nina Totenburg on NPR last week talking about a possible SCOTUS case, paraphrased, "Tens of thousands of gays are already married. It'd be impossible at this point for the Supreme Court to countermand their right to marry and be married now, naturally."

But I am sure Nina's thinking would also be, "Tens of millions of Americans are already armed. But it's not impossible, at this point, for the Supreme Court to nullify the Second Amendment even now, naturally."

Liberals think on the first example like numbers are important, and the second instance like they aren't. What they really are telling us is 'adhere to a liberal way of thought and action, because it is obviously right because it's obvious. Principles, schminciples. We don't need no steenkin' badges.'

Friday, January 2, 2015

'Spray and Pray' Lana Kane


Repeal? You have exposed yourself

As someone to safely ignore...

Sheesh. Robb's breakfast!

I'm really not taking these repeal mongers seriously anymore. The only thing a call for repeal accomplishes is informing me that their views should be discounted, if serious, as those that think a repeal of the 19th Amendment is something that could happen. "You're an idiot. Hush now, grownups are talking."

Then again, it does give me some hope. Those that call for repeal know that the 2nd is an actually obstacle in their disarmament-of-the-people schemes. At least their brains grok that fact. They used to just discount it. Like it was OUR side, the pro-civil rights side, that were the idiots.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cupboard is bare

Got very lil blog fodder.

Did youse gets anything gun related for Xmas?  I didn't this year.  Might be some gun content in the Breaking Bad series DVDs. 

Hmmm...  Been watching those old Superman tv shows.  The opening has the "faster than a speeding bullet!... Pew!" and a S&W model 10 looking revolver shoots what may well be a light load and blank.  You can see, in profile, one case rim near the bottom of the cylinder.  Definitely a Smith.  I woulda bet Colt if forced to guess before rewatching it after 30 years.  The trigger pull by the shooter is smooth and nice.  The gun doesn't recoil at all.  It makes me think it is mounted in some kind of vise attached to the bottom of the grip.  If not a vice, VERY good form and rock steady hold, shooter.  See for yourself:

Hey, wait a minute!  In the color version they do use a Colt.  Good form again from the vise/shooter. And the locomotive is a Diesel in '57 versus '52.

Note, a bit too much thumb by the Colt shooter. I guess it doesn't have to be a vise they are braced on. A simple fixed wooden dowel would about do the trick.