Thursday, November 30, 2017

I am pleased

That it got this far.  HR 38


50 state CCW reciprocity?  Yes please.

My favorite part is the love to me, personally:

"In particular, it would allow residents of repressive states to get non-resident permits and thereby circumvent local anti-gun officials. "


Now this like step 3 in a process with 22 steps.  My hopes aren't that high for quick success.  Or success with this run at the prize.  But I never thought I'd see something this good get this far.

Look for the Speaker to squash it or it to pass the house then languish in committee in the Senate or it requiring extra votes past 52 to overcome a filibuster there or some squish like an Arizona short timer might show his true colors and vote it down to spite us stinking lowlife common voters. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Divide and Conquer

So, let me get this straight.

This 'hunter' notes that you don't need a high capacity magazine and a military style rifle to hunt, and suicide is the biggest death toll in the country, so hunters should calve off from other firearm enthusiasts and get on board with gun bans because... just because.

How many rounds in a magazine do you need to commit suicide, genius?

He discourages his dad from carrying a sidearm in grizzly country because he doesn't think a pistol can protect dad better than spray.  You know what, hippy?  There are other dangerouns things in grizzly country besides bears.

He calls the NRA blood soaked, and wants to change the NRA but clearly he doesn't want to do that from inside the organization.  Too icky.  So, he just harangues.  Misrepresents some statistics and cites debunked studies, and lies about funding of gun rights groups.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017


On the Road Again

That's Jam Handy.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Maryland Supreme

Well crap.

I guess the SCOTUS still really does NOT want to deal with any assault weapons type bans.

 Don't think they are reticent because of recent events.  They have eschewed similar cases since Heller.  It's just the way it is until RBG dies and Sotomayor resigns in disgrace, or something, while Trump is still Preznit, and if he hasn't changed his mind on his current stable of noms.

Magazine Size Restriction

So I bought another 20 round magazine for my Caspian from Brownells.  I didn't buy it in Maryland, because of the law.  I bought it and received it in Virginia. 

This is the bag it came it, listing all the places you can't buy it.

The usual suspects.  It's the OTHER ones that are interesting.  Cleveland Ohio and one of its surrounds, Shaker Heights being of interest to me.  Big cities in Ohio except Columbus and one liberal Cleveland enclave.  Oh and Dublin. 

Vail Colorado?

I guess pre-emption hasn't hit those states yet.  


Sunday, November 26, 2017


If you want to escape poverty and enter the middle class and stay there....

This has been going around awhile, promulgated by many many sources, but I think it was started by the Brookings Institution.

  1. Graduate High School
  2. Get a full time job
  3. Get married before having children
In that order.
Statistically speaking, if you do those three thing you won't be poor.  And it can be "just squeak by" and "40 hour flipping burgers" as long as you don't get in a family way before you put a ring on it.

Ok, I can see that.

Seems common sensical, right?

The middle class already does those three things, for the most part.  Ideally you want people that are now poor to in the future do the 3 things so they will stop being poor. 

How do we as a society encourage young people to do those three things?  Note I don't say 'government'.  I say 'society'.

(Government can do things.  Like stop incentivizing the inverse.  Gov't, for example, under Obamacare, incentivizes NOT employing someone full time.  Don't do that.   Lots of other examples where gov't sticks its big nose in and messes things up royal.)

Society already shouts encouragement.  Read to your kids.  Stay together for your kids.  Eat a meal together as a family.  Don't get payday loans.  Etc.  Copybook Heading style instructions.  Plus the three things above.  It doesn't mean folks listen.

There is not 3 steps to do in order to make those 3 steps above come about, are there? 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Boys in Company C

Notice anything funny with the .50 ammo?

Starting a 1:30

Drat, should be embedded video here...

Real Ma Deuce, real ammo, just kinda blankie. Plus some foley work and that don't sound real accurate.

Golly, it's been ages since I saw this movie. 35 years? Maybe.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Who taught this guy...

... to shoot like this?

Sumdood.  He might have said his name but I missed it.

Serisouly, though.  Isoceles mostly, head hunched down, leaning forward, wrappy grip...

The kind of answer I am looking for is:

"Oh, that's the posture/method the FBI, and subsequent police trainers used from the mid 80s up to the earyl oughts, T-Bolt."


"I was in the Boston PD back in the 60s, T-Bolt, and that is how they taught us at the Academy.  That guy with the stache prolly learned to shoot like from his Dad of summat.  I don't think BPD does it that way anymore, but I am not sure."


"I just graduated from the Police Academy and they taught us a different stance, but my buddy went to another Academy and they taught this, so it is still current."


"Everyone I know shoots like that, T-Bolt.  Are you doing it different?  Not one handed, are you?"

"So what are you getting on about, T-Bolt."

Well, it isn't the push me pull you bent arm Weaver. But it is a common presentation. You can't say 'Isosceles' and leave it at that can you?

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

1911s are heavy

When you carry one all day.  You usually aren't shooting bad guys with it all day, you are carrying it.

I know.  Let's put it in the milling machine and cut away a lot of metal

Whoa whoa, not so fast.

Yes, you can cut out slots in the frame.  I've seen it.

Save some weight that way.  You can cut some slots on the slide

You can go more aggressive with the metal removal, too.   Those are relatively small holes.  Let's discount the troubles the infiltration of holster debris might cause you, for purposes of argument.  Go for big holes.  And you can 'rout' away metal in other areas.  Make sections of the metal thinner, but leaving critical areas where stress happens beefy.  Middle areas, where you can make a hole because you need SOME metal there.

Ok, now maybe start with all titanium parts!  Lighter than that scandium stuff.  The frame on that top gun may actually BE titanium.  "Wait, T-Bolt, you want me to use the mill to hog away metal on titanium parts?  Do you know how hard titanium is to machine?  You can't even file that stuff"  I know, I know bear with me!   Let's say it was managed.

Now what?

Well, now it will take a long time trying to get the recoil springs the right strength so it will run the slide.  But it also has to strip a round from the magazine, so maybe you have to tune the magazine springs.  And the slide needs enough OOMPH to overcome the hammer tension of the mainspring in the mainspring housing, so you may have to lighten that, as well.

All these changes...  You might push the gun out of a functional envelope.  If you lighten that magazine spring so the frame can strip off a round because the recoil spring is now a different tension maybe it can't present the next round for stripping in the first place.  And you are getting light strikes because the mainspring is out of spec. And the recoil spring isn't robust enough to get that round to slid up the breach face and under the extractor hook that is properly tensioned.

You have paid the price for tampering in God's domain.  Well, JMB was pretty religious, so change that to, "tampering in Gosh's domain."  Things on a 1911 are the way they are for a reason.  Deviating from spec is more complicated than a swap-out.

Which is why I love the 1911.  All the little intricacies I've been lucky enough to learn about.  Did it seem simple at first, maybe?  Not so simple, is it?

There, if I am LUCKY.


Where else can you shave off weight?  Balsa wood grip panels!  Flutes on the barrel!  Give the whole gun the melt treatment to round all the corners and edges, because that removes metal, too.  Have you gun where a track suit and sit in a sauna to sweat out a lotta excess water, dip so it spits a lot, and hit the head before weigh-in....  No, wait, that last part is wrestling.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

See the flinch

All done with a .45  Not nearly as embarrassing as my 9mm flinches, so I share

But this one.  This one I like.  #5

I really got into the relaxation.  As though I were in the simulator and it's just click, laser flash, and 'BANG' sound effect.  Smooth finger work, front sight, relax.  See?  I CAN fix myself.

#3 is the flinchiest, but I was also shooting that one fast on purpose to see if that helped.  So, 50 shots added on the 16th, Springfield rebuild, no malfs.  Must log that.   

Monday, November 20, 2017


Heard this in NPR Saturday,

Essentially it went "First day of guy season Wisconsin, but now there IS NO AGE LIMIT on who can go afield!  Panic!  Armed children!"  It used to be 12, last year, or summat. 

Tacked onto the end they said "34 other states already have no age limit on who can hunt"

Wait, so 2/3rds of the country has no issue with it, and you never hear about packs of orange clad kindergartners going on a Remington bolt action rampage in those 34 states, so, maybe this isn't worth the hysterics?  You don't say.  Not even thousands of accidental shootings with the 3rd graders?  Huh.  Maybe your worry is overblown and parents are doing something consistently right? 

Sunday, November 19, 2017


The bipartisan gun control bill.  Fix NICS.


I dunno.  They don't like to share many details, do they?  Where the devil lies, them details.

Tighten up NICS?  Again, I guess?  

Whatever it is, roll it into reciprocity, dammit.  Don't give them anything without something in return.  And when we compromise our side should get the better deal.

We've gotten the poopy end of the stick with these way too often.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


You've been so long
Your blind eyes are gone
Your old bones are on their own
So take off your coat
Put a song in your throat
Let the dead-beats pound all around

We will go
Nowhere we know
We don't have to talk at all
Hand me downs
Flypaper towns
Stuck together
One and all

The bargains you drive
Buckets and bags
And all your belongings
Your train's in the sand
Ramshackle land
Let the rats watch the races

We will go
Nowhere we know
'Til we find our one and all
Hand me downs
Flypaper towns
Stuck together
One and all

Praises get spent
Your trick face is bent
Pigsties and prizes
'Cause there's no kind of wealth
You're suiting yourself
You leave yourself behind

We will go
Nowhere we know
'Til we find our one and all
Your hand me downs
Flypaper towns
Stuck together
One and all

Hey JayNola!

Stouffer legal.  They're in Towson.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Nattering Economists

On the radio the other morning.

One said that under the GOP tax plan people making less than $100,000?  For a lot of them, their tax rate is going to go up!


Wait.  Tax Rate?  You specifically said 'Tax Rate', not tax or taxes.  I don't care what that rate number is.  Will I write a check to the treasury for more than I pay now or not?  Rate doesn't matter, the dollar amount does.  Will I pay more or less.  Rate is meaningless. 

Phrasing it that way and not being called on it is a biased argument and against my interests.

They also talk about how the precious mortgage deduction is getting assailed.  Yes, last I checked for mortgages bigger than $500,000.  If you can afford a mortgage that high, you probably put at least $100,000 down.  So, I am not very sympathetic to someone not being able to take a mortgage deduction on that last $10,000 borrowed for a home that cost $610,000.  Enjoy your lovely home.   Gonna tax you 39% of $400 this year you wouldn't have paid last year, or something. 


Then Ron Wyden was heard:  "Like Yogi Bear says, It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future."

Yeah.  He said Yogi Bear.  Not Berra.  I'd have thought it a slip but Wyden is pretty damn dumb throughout the interview.  Like a bag of hammers, he.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Readily Available

When something goes bad you have to address with what you have to hand.

"I really should have self defense ammo in this house gun for the 3AM home invasion, instead of ball ammo."

I've been thinking on this because of the video of that guy that stopped that church shooter in Texas.  He has to get his AR out of the safe.  Hearing the volume of fire he might have felt a rifle was necessary, and I agree.  You can hear the anguish in his voice that he had to dig it out of the safe.  That was precious time.

He probably had quicker access to a pistol?  His CCL weapon?  He is an NRA instructor in Texas, I bet he has that in a holster.

He also has kids to home, as the reporting mentioned a daughter, so he is thinking safe storage for sure.

Now all this got me thinking.  What is the gun/guns I have to hand?  Two revolvers, really.  A snubbie and a full sized.  J and L.  Flashlights and reloads.

Which is one of the reasons I have been looking at higher capacity 9mm pistols for a house gun.  Something that has a light rail.

But after Texas, thinking on a way to make an AR more accessible in an emergency, too. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I flnch more

With the heavy 9mm than the lighter .45.  Gotta test that to confirm.  Wonder why that is?  I am confident it is fixable.

I like that.  "I am confident" that I can correct my flaw.  Been years since I could pretend that.

Working out the magazine failure on the 9.   Getting the hang of it.  Definite improvement and time for some gunsmith tuning soon.

Fundamentals:  Relax, front sight, make trigger go good.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Washer Dryer

My house was built in the 50s.  The Washer Dryer are a Maytag and an RCA from that era.  Probably 1960s?  Old and worn down look, they still work and they do everything I need them to.  And modern top loaders simply don't work because of envirowienies.  So I want to keep this old skool one as long as I can.

I rarely need to call a service man and have spent less than $300 on doing so in the last 20 years.  Many things I have repaired myself.

Well, the washer wouldn't turn on.  I suspected that little switch on the lid that turns off the works on the Maytag A606.  Easy enough.  Parts are still available, believe it or not. The aggravating thing is getting the panels off, then back together.  Easy, it ain't.  But I was confident. 

In the back of my mind I thought, 'check the plug.  Maybe you bumped it the last time you used the iron.' 

I had all the panels off before I remembered that plug again.  Yup.  It was loose.  The washer?  Works fine.  Or will when I figure out how, again, to get the panels back in place.  Glad I didn't call a service guy just to pay him to plug my washer back in.

I didn't order the parts yet, but I just may in the event they become too scarce to find again.  Time and switch.  Same with the drier. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Crap, WHY?!!

This turd burger better not hike my Prime membership when it craters.

Make 14 more Gone with the Winds while you are at it.  MONEY!

Step BACK Terry

It's Martin O'Malley's turn!

Just because you are close to the greatest state in the nation, Maryland, doesn't mean the governor of Virginia can be Preznit.

Prepper Protein

No survivalist larder is complete without cases of canned meat.

Like Hamdingers!

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Call of Duty pt deux

Oh and there is a Nazi Zombie section.  So, there is that.

Call of Duty

The new vidja game is out and it goes back to their WWII roots.

First the good.  The visuals are stunning, naturally.  They don't rehash a movie story line like they did in previous versions 15 years ago.  Which was fine, then, but to do it again, now, would be too tedious.  You follow a unit of the First Division, Normandy in.  The character acting is actual acting.

You get to fight Nazis, but without having to go full Commie.  That's always fun.  In other words it's ALL Big Red One, no jumping to Stalingrad or what have you. 

The bad.  The game is a little buggy.  Delays in lip synching.  On the troop ship before landing the hanging light over the poker table went all wonky.  And worst of all, I am not the player I was 15 years ago.  The bugs will prolly be patched a bit post release, my abilities won't.

Worth the money?  Meh.  Some games you know in the first 15 minutes if they are worth the money or definitely not.  This is neither of those. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017


I think I can still walk. One of the few things I that doesn't worry me in my aging decrepitude. I do need to pay attention to my feet. Wet socks can lead to a nasty blister on my little toe for some reason.

And if I walked 1000 miles I'd melt off a bit of this butter, and that's gotta be good.

Story of Two Grandpas

This is one of my Grandfathers.  Looks a bit like Truman, huh?  22 years younger than the president, but still old for a war.  See those glasses?  He liked boating and volunteered for the Navy, first, but they wouldn't have him because of the near sighted vision.  He played goalie on his college hockey team and got hit in the head.  Claimed that's what knocked his vision out.  Wear your helmets, people.  There were no helmets for hockey players in the 20s.  Plan B.  Army it was.  Ran a Kresge's five and dime before hostilities, so the Army put him in charge of a PX.  Looks like he got to the range, tho, and got qualified.  Had two young sons and lived in Chevy Chase.  Grammy cried her eyes out when he got orders for Europe after D-Day, she was so worried, but those got rescinded.  He left the army as a major and started a store selling Venetian blinds. Failed at that when a partner was brought on that over extended the business, had a nervous breakdown, and worked as a salesman for a larger, blind supplier, competitor.  Took to painting during that low point, when the Black Dog was at the door, but bounced back quite successfully because it turned out he was a natural public relations man and salesman.  Did more than ok.  Retired comfortably, had a cottage on the shore, loved his grand children.  And great grand children. Wore his Army ring every day forever.


This is the Grandfather I didn't meet.

Looks like a tough bastard...

Corporal.  HQ company under Hanneken, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division.  Radio man.  Died in battle, September 1944.  Silver Star.  Didn't get to run a greenhouse in Michigan after the war.  He left for boot camp three days after his only daughter was born.  Never saw her again.    

Friday, November 10, 2017

That's RACISS!

I love this graphic

Showing homicide rates in the upper parts of North America.

Yay, Maryland.  Outlier.  Surrounded by states that let their people defend themselves from someone trying to kill them.

Looks like it took the previous president most of his second term to turn that falling homicide rate around.  And people accused him of being incompetent.

Gonna take DeBlasio another few to really get those New York state numbers up, I'm guessing. 

What day is it? No one told me.

Oh right.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The thing I hate...

...About the USAToday video about AR15s is now chainsaw bayonet prices will now go through the roof right when I want to get one.

Been hooked on watching all these

Medal of Honor videos.

Good stuff.

Kinda odd having Brian Williams narrate part of it.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Stanger Things

No spoilers.

The sheriff is like the sheriff in Walking Dead.  Sporting a Colt Python.  If Hollywood buys them all up, no wonder the price is so high.   This set on Halloween 1984, so 2 years before the 4 years strike that kills Colt revolvers, if my memory is correct.

And I coulda swore the M16 was an A1, but no, I was wrong.  A2.

They do a good job with the antiques, non-gun details.  My buddy had a Ford LTD like that.  The Dr. Pepper and Tab cans are steel with straight sides.  I am pretty sure 1984 is a little late for no aluminum extruded cans with the major brands, thought the store brands were still rolled steel sheet, in my recollection.

It was fun seeing 3 Musketeer bars with white wrappers again.

SO much lady-shaped Mrs Butterworth syrup about this season.

Also:  Custom vans from back are mostly bullet proof.  Bullets certainly can pass through the vehicle, and most don't even penetrate one side.  Not 9mm or .223.  Musta used better sheet metal back then in car production.  Like at least 1/2" thick, right?  No wonder gas mileage was so bad.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Commies are so incompetent that they had an October Revolution in November.

But you can't make an omelette without breaking 65,000,000 to 100,000,000 eggs, right?

Monday, November 6, 2017

One of the first times....

A confirmed NRA member was involved in a mass shooting.

He was the one that acted to end it.


#NeverTrumpers and Metrocons seem to live in an almost perfectly overlapping Venn diagram.

Souvenirs of Death

Finally found it.  On this double feature, at the 1:36:47 mark is a 1948 vintage anti-gun-message short film.  Turn in your war trophies you irresponsible buffoons.  The narrator anthropomorphizes the pistol.  Makes it seem to have a mind of it's own, and partly responsible for the carnage it does.

Souvenirs of Death 

But click here for the video

10,000 people will be felled by war trophies in one year alone.  1:37:13  Wow.  That's a lotta dead people for 1948 alone.  No one shot with a domestic pistol in that 10k?

It's a 1910 Mauser and the film says it is .38 caliber.  Maybe the 1934 model.  But none of them match up to the year the movie or film was made in a 9mm Kurz (.380) version.  Standard gun-nerd nit-pick.

Oh noes!  The gun's only purpose is to puncture holes in human beings!  1:38:38

Yeah?  So?  Sometime you need something that does that for perfectly legitimate reasons. 

"You need better safe-storage laws, buddy."  1:39:25

I like how the cap gun revolvers all make machine gun noises.

Wait, is that June Cleaver?   Yup.  1:42:03

If you make your husband get rid of it, June, how will he protect you from that masher Eddie Haskell?

Ahhh, I see.  It seems a lotta war souvenirs all ended up in the hands of mobsters, then magically turn into P38s for the test firing portion.  (maybe a P08, I don't get a good look, but I also don't see toggle action)  Hmmm.  A barrel full of cotton for a bullet stop?  What could go wrong?  1:43:50

Worst crime wave in the nation's history because of bring-back pistols.  Not so much.  1:44:04

 Oh dear.  Then a cop shoots a fleeing suspect.  Might be a good shoot.  Bad guys had shot another person and were thus a threat to the lives of others.  1:45:21

Man, cars from the 40s sure did burst into flames easily.  1:45:50.

So, the cop died.  The get-away driver took one in the head, I bet he died.  The cop-killer was in a flaming car accident and not wearing a seatbelt.  A guy in the gambling den caught a slug.  The cop plugged a guy in the back.  But the papers say only 3 people fatally killed to death.

Looks like Mao/Chiang Kai Shek and TWA are in the news, too.

Mind you own business, Hoover.  Don't you have a philandering politician to tape record canoodling?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

How did this happen?

People I know.  MY age, are getting promoted to General.  That feels so weird.  I'm just a poor schlub veteran of the Cold War that didn't do anything because the war ended the day after I was sworn in, it felt like.

That and I was a PT slug.  I didn't get kicked out because of PT failures, but if I was better at PT I would have overcome some challenges better and easier and not have had to resign.

Now look at me?  My nerves are so weak I punch like an 80 year old woman.  But slower.  I can never get into close quarters hand to hand without a cheat of some sort now. 

Is it just me

Or do you, when you see a custom gun, go "Oooo, very nice, but I'd swap that curved trigger out for a straight one."  Or what have you.  "That'd be perfect if the grips were smooth."  "Black instead of coyote."

I'd chance THAT because I want different function and THIS because I want different style.

Often your opinion on this and that changes over time, too.  As you learn and get better and as trainers influence you and as your tastes change.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

I like the IDEA of a Shield

But after a while I wonder, what is the point?

At least for me.

I like the idea of a single stack, thin, CCW gun.  But wait, I HAVE a bunch of 1911s...

"But the S&W is probably more reliable."  Well maybe.  Maybe more reliable than a factory 1911, but I have learned how to discern and tell the differences in 1911 function, and hell have modified all mine with a competent gunsmith.

"But the S&W is much cheaper."  Yes, but I already have spend the money on the 1911s.

"It's lighter?"  I guess, sure, yeah.  Not my highest priority, but something to consider if these guns start feeling heavy in the holster.


Now for the true test.

"If you were given X, for free, transferred by an FFL, with no sentimental value attached, would you sell X?"  And X is an S&W shield in .45 or 9mm.

Now that is a good question.  I'd hesitate.  And I'm not sure why.  If I lost it in a fire or a boating accident or at the airport security screen, heck, it's a shame but I am out nothing and it costs $500 to replace.  But is that enough to make me keep it...  I could apply that value to something with a bit more utility.  Like a full size M&P. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Traitors Deserve Firing Squads

And I'd give 3 months pay to be on Bergdahl's

9 Shots

One hit.

To the buttocks.

Is what I understand the cop that took down the NY bike path terrist did.

Now I am told it was a shot to abdomen, not the hinder.  I wonder if that shot was the 9th?  And where the other 8 rounds went in the big city.    

Many, including me, have disparaged New York's finest's marksmanship.

Meh.  Dude was rattled.  The guy had runned over people and now was running on foot with guns.  Sure they were fake guns, but officer Nash would have no way of knowing that until after.  He's in a gun fight with someone that he thinks will start returning fire at any moment.

He probably had a lot of adrenaline pumping for those 9 rounds. That was probably the first time he EVER shot at another person, and even if he is a beat cop 30 more years it might be the last time, too.

I cut him some slack.

So young, too.  Doesn't look 30 yet.

The 8 errant rounds aren't good, per se, but there is no reports of pedestrians catching them the hard way.

Everyone, get good with your gun.  And if you can't be good, be LUCKY. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Speaking of the Big Broadcast

A couple Sundays ago they were going on and on how awful it was back in the Blacklist days, where the Hollywood 10 named names or didn't name names and oh my goodness a couple handful of Reds had to get day jobs to pay the rent.

The HUAC hearing were in 1950.  Hitler was dead but Stalin was still alive.  By this time there was really no excuse for everyone to not know how big a monster ol' Uncle Joe really was.  And there was an actual shooting war going on against them Commies.  Can you imagine if there was a cult of personality promoting the NSDAP as popular as the one we've had and STILL have with Dialectic Materialism

Forgive me if I have zero sympathy for Symps like Trumbo.  He didn't starve or freeze to death or come down with Typhus in a work camp in Alaska.  He did fine.  Folks like him were working at their old jobs on the sly soon enough thanks to Fellow Travelers, and openly not too long after that.

Now the Blacklist is applied to regular Americans instead of Pinkos.  Innocent conservatives that didn't kill 100 million people.

I am glad the resurgence of Commie Chic looks as ridiculous and sad as it does (thank you, Venezuela, for being you).   NPR should apologize to Hedda Hopper.  She was on the side of the angels.

(gun content:  if the Hollywood commies had gotten their fervent wish they might eventually have been executed with a Walther Model 2 in ,25ACP)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Kenn Blanchard

Black man with a gun!

I've listened to some of his podcasts in the past, but I need to listen more.

He's got a great radio voice.

I'm just not a podcast listening type of person.  I don't even have a smart phone.

But Kenn Blanchard is pretty legit.  If NPR reflected America instead of Comintern, they'd give him a show.  They've lost Car Talk, they've lost the original Prairie Home Companion, all they got is the new Big Broadcast and Radiolab.  Give Blanchard a slot.