Sunday, October 17, 2021

Look what they done to me

I tell ya, Dentists have nothing on Podiatrists for causing pain.  These are bullshit.  Suppose to wear these whenever I am not sleeping.  Shower every other day.  Change the dressing underneath after the shower.  

Doctors aren't there to make you better.  They are there to make you sorry.  



Saturday, October 16, 2021



Court Martial

Of the Marine Lt. Col. that spoke out about upper command regarding the conduct of the GWOT.


I did NOT expect that.  

Letter of reprimand and a $5k fine.  Now he gets an honorable discharge.  And the judge was disgusted by the unnecessary pre-trial detention in the brig.  

Michigan, the PLEASURE Penninsula...

Forget it.  It's not what I thought it was.  SO disappointing.


Friday, October 15, 2021


I was told it was JUST the University of Virginia that was a rape factory.  Now I learn it's the DC suburbs Virginia High Schools, too.


Brade Runnah

Adult Swim


Thursday, October 14, 2021

I agree, Chuck

I Really Have to Stop Going to Doctors

I just get more RAGEY each time I do.   One of the things about having lack of energy from the Anemia?  I makes me more hesitant when it comes to the breakables.  Like: "I could smash this coffee cup because the special boot the foot doctor gave me threatens to make things worse my blowing out my knee, THUS ENRAGENING ME!!!, but then I'd have to sweep up all the pieces and make a new pot of soup, so, exercise a bit more self-control.  Hey, write a blog post about this!"

Still stuck in stage 2 of the 5 stages of grief, clearly.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

My Rep used to say Pearl Harbor

Changed to Fort Sumter pretty quick.  Now?


Here is footage of those Trumpists trying to break in and it IS worse than 1812.

Another doctor day

I am lucky I banks SO MUCH sick time at work before they changed the policy.  

Symptom chasing today.  Foot doctor to see if there are better solutions to get these sores healed.  Back doctor to tell them the good news; their ablation work and the work of Lyrica has made nigh-unbearable lumbar pain into mere background noise.

When the supply chain allows, Chemotherapy to work on my fatigue from anemia.  I am getting good sleep, but that sleep doesn't help a lack of red blood cells.  

Ain't no gun content in the above.  Ok.

Saw bits of a newish show Y: The Last Man.  It's about a plague type thing that kills everything with a Y chromosome all at once.  Like instantly.  So, bad bad.  Half the population, dead.  If the two people flying your plane are men, well, they are dead and so are you.  Mostly men drill for oil.  Mostly men work in the sewer.  Mostly mean mine coal.  Mostly men run powerplants.  You see?  So the show is all about catching up after those things go by the wayside.  Oh, and that one guy that didn't die.  He's sort of important. 

Either FX or Hulu.  Not sure.  Original storyline is kinda fun.  Plenty of work for actresses, that's sure.  Diane Lane!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

We discussed this around the knitting circle

That the flashbang went off and then the SWAT entry didn't seem very dynamic.  It seems the bad guy did then catch a bullet and the victim did get walked out ok, so... All's well that ends well?

Monday, October 11, 2021

Trouble down Mill

Over-promise, under-deliver.  It's what Gramps Studebaker taught us.  We'd still be making fine cars today if not for that philosophy.  That and the plant burned to the ground.  I thought is a good time to modernize and actually move the company f'rward, but no.  My family ended up putting old wooden-wheel and leather belt lineshaft equipment in the new facility.  Ball bearing!  I told them they were important.  They were the future.  It's ALL ball bearings these days.  It's why you don't drive a nice two-tone Commander touring sedan.   

194,000 people.  That's a lotta people.  Couldn't fit that many in the parking lot here.  Imagine the stink, cuz there is NO way we'll be able to let enough porta-potties on the property, either.  Folks would start dropping from the dysentery right quick like.  Do all 194,000 people have to alive to have a job?  Thhy better hurry and catch up on their mandatory online sensitivity training and how to treat sensitive company proprietary document and customer PII.  

Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Draft

"Drafting Women is Foolish"

Says the Metrocon Fortnightly.

Maybe, maybe.  But if you act anything like you have recently, you will be perfectly fine with it in 8 or 10 years.  Even a proponent.  All your lines in the sand have an expiration date, National Review, then you roll over and show your belly.  Which is a business model, I guess.  

Since the founding of this country, there has been, what, 40 total years of male military conscription?  A few years for the Civil War, a few for WWI, then 1940 thru 1970ish.  Call it 30 total.  Just draft women from now til 2052 and call it even-Steven. Men volunteer, but women hafta.    Gonna need to re-open some bases, set up fresh barracks.  It'll do the ladies good.   A few years being told what to do and when to do it.  Working hard.  Subject to the UCMJ.  Fresh air, and exercise.  Maybe learn a trade.  

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Prolly still not sober

My morale has been a bit low this Columbus Day weekend. 

Doc sez

"YOU are immuno-compromised.  Get the booster shot since it's been since April you got the shot."

~sigh~  Ok, Doc.

Some people at work report not even having a sore arm after this third shot.  Others feel like crap for 3 days.  Doesn't matter.  Bring it to me at my house or I ain't gonna bother.  I hurt enough as it is.  At this point I am 'screw it' on the chemo, too.  Treat it with Centrum multi-vitamins, naps, and aspirin.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Gimme A Boost

I went to get a Booster shot for the Coof,  Pharmacist told me to pound sand.  After I walked all the way across that parking lot on these feet?  Well FUCK him.

The Oncologist told me to get that booster shot because I am immuno-compromised?  FUCK HIM TOO.  You both have my address.  Bring the booster here to me or forget it.  I'm not putting myself through that bullshit again.   

Wondering if I should even bother with ANY of these medicos ever again.


I find myself raging way too much lately.  Can't be good.  Can't be good.  If I could reach a level of calm and NOT bother with chemo, I would.  Just accept it and let it all happen in its time.

Huh, I guess that is me trying to transition from stage 2 of grief to stage 3 and on to stage 5 all at once, at one time.  Rip off that bandaid.  

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

Cancer News

Finally!  I am officially sick enough to start treatment.  Hooray!  Chant with me.



Expected prognosis after I get the chemo juice?  Less anemia, more energy.

Probably shrink that weird mass in the stomach, too.  But the cancer comes from the bone marrow, mostly.  This will obviate the need to surgically remove that odd mass in your the stomach, if it does shrink.

The maybe, as in, seen it happen but can make no promises...  Less neuropathy in the feet and legs.  That will help my blood blisters.  Wanna see?

 And that's when it was mild.  Healing up to this:

That was 3 weeks ago.  That hole is even smaller.  An important trick with today's bandaids is to peel them off without ripping up healthy OTHER skin, just increasing the misery. 

The other foot is healing too, but slower.

Thursday, October 7, 2021


 Yeah that's what a Glock 21 feels like to me, too, buddy, heh, heh, heh.

.. I got nuffin.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

GunFeed II

 It is back

Well, crap.  Gunfeed is nothing but boner pills advertisements, now, instead of gun news.  Dunno if they go hacked of let their name expire or what.  Hope they come back.   

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Recurring Dream

I keep dreaming family members GIVING me cars.  Like 1960s early 70s cars.  All clearly used, nothing cherry, but rust free, mechanically sound, clean American cars.  Like, I will have 2 or 3 of them plus my modern car.  

Like, here is a repainted 1965 Fury to go with the 68 Chevelle.  Both got about 60,000 miles on em.

I barely have room for the one.

And I keep misplacing the free old cars.  Like, forgetting where I have them.   Maybe they were stolen?  I din't even remember where the car keys are.

That's also kind of depressing.

I gotta get em registered and insured, but keep forgetting how.  And this hose clamp needs to be more than finger tight before I try to go anywhere, but I can't keep that straight in my head.  And I got no need for em, they are just kinda nice to have and to enjoy is my thought, even with the extra work.  I wanna put em all somewhere safe, so I guess I better move to a place with a barn.  But I can't...

You see how it is sort of a nightmare?  Not getting neat old cars, but the stress of caring for am and losing some.   

Monday, October 4, 2021

I had this thing

About the latest FBI/DOJ crime numbers.  I usually comment here about that.  But my inspiration monkey hasn't hit me in the head with his New Idea pipe wrench in a while.  My mood has been a bit sour lately.  You know why.

21,500 murders in 2020.  5,000 more than in 2019.

From NPR.  They haven't said it yet, but the idea can't be far behind. This is somehow going to be the gun's fault.  And not the 'demoralize and defund the police' fault.  

Of course!  Record amount of gun purchases, expecially by women and minorities, then record amounts of violence on women and minorities.  Like A follows B.  Right?  Connected!  Right?

Sounds like something the other side will say.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Well, that's enough activity for me.

Stupid cancer.

I replaced the terlet seat and now I am exhausted.  The old seat always gives me a hard time on removal.  I should have, YEARS ago, upgrades to the better terlet seat nuts for easier removal.

A little hacksaw work, a little vise grip action, and no damage to the bowl.  

Because of my condition it is very hard to get down to the floor.  It is harder to get back up again.  But I did.  That's enough for one day.  

Well, I do have to attend to the laundry.  I have no pants for next week.  


New twist.  Doc's found a GIST.  Every new doc finds something new, NONE have anything to relieve the symptoms.  Like that getting down on the floor thing.    That's the most frustrating part of it all.

What's the gist of a GIST?  Gastrointestinal Strohmal Tumor.  Hooray.  So we gotta sus that all out now. 


Almost stymied by a toilet seat.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  But at least it's one of them new fangled no-slam seats, now.  Treat myself. 


This needs to be way more graphic and gory to be truly satisfying.


Saturday, October 2, 2021

The Endarkening

It just seems to be a lot less content on the internet these days.  Not just here, but all over.  

Probably just me.

There was a time I could consume a lot more mudlarking videos, but now?  

Just in a blah when it comes to interesting things.  That's probably not good. 

Friday, October 1, 2021


 I like, for this drink

  • 3 parts Plymouth gin
  • 1 part Maraschino liqueur 
  • 1 part lemon juice
  • 1 part Creme de Violette
  • and a brandied cherry garnish.

Beautiful drink.  I prefer navy strength Plymouth gin, so this is a boozy drink.  Careful.

3:1:1:1 is easy to remember.  It looks more periwinkle than below, but very pretty.


I had a Sazerac and an Aviation for dinner.  How bout you?



Well, that's nice.

If your Rt number is above one, you are getting MORE WuFlu cases.  If it is below one, your cases are dropping.  

No wonder we lost that damn war

That's no way to prospect.


Thursday, September 30, 2021

No, wait, this:


Only You

I was wrong to think the western wildfires were caused by bad forest management.

It's because of arson.  By Greenies.   

And that lady isn't the only one, lately.  A whole plethora of people have been picked up for being firebugs.  It's shocking they CAN catch these folks.  How hard is it to NOT get away with lighting a fire.  Go to a remote area with no one around, light and get away.  And keep your mouth shut about it. 

"Less than 10 per cent of wildland fires are caused by arson – the criminal act of deliberately setting a fire. The other 90 per cent are due to lightning strikes and other human activity such as equipment failures, vehicles or reckless behavior."

Keep this up and it will be 20%.

But Smokey Bear would be SO disappointed.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Haven't heard about...

So, it's in the news.  YOU have heard about it.  New York state fired medical workers that didn't get vaxxed.  I'm not surprising you with anything.

Which is odd if you ask me.

They are being replace by National Guard workers.  Not all the military has been vaxxed yet, so futher oddness.

Anyway.  Nurses.  Physician Assistants.  Even Switchboard Operators.  But what I haven't heard about is doctors.  Did they not fire unvaxxed doctors?  Kinda curious.  Maybe they don't want doctors to get upset for some reason.  They'll report 'medical workers' and doctors are covered in that, but no one interviews a Doc, asking him about why they aren't vaxxed.


And is it spelled vaxed or vaxxed?  


Ah, wait, I see:

A federal judge last week gave a reprieve to 17 health care workers, including doctors, nurses, therapists and medical residents who sued the state, extending a temporary restraining order for enforcing the mandate against them until Oct. 12.
The reprieve only applies to them 17, not the rest of the healthcare workers in the state.  But it looks like doctors are impacted, they are just shy of reporters, I guess. 


I'm also confused about the legal authority to do this.  Did the governor declare an emergency, claim emergency powers for herself, and then just make up edicts that have the force of law.  What's the limiting principle on this?  Why can't the legislature vote on some of this?  Or did they and I missed out on that part too?

Just wondering.

"What are you talking about T-Bolt.  The legislature passes a law about emergencies so action on it wouldn't be delayed."

Oh, yes, but, what if he goes nuts?  Does the legislature convene and vote on something that is veto-proof to withdraw his powers?  What if one of his edicts is no one can travel and meet like in a legislative body, making convening impossible?  State constitutional crisis.  

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

You know why I left the Navy?

This was in the way-back before times.  I was a PT slug.  My physical fitness was less than the standard.  And the military was drawing down after the cold war so a retread from Pensacola Florida didn't automatically go to Newport Rhode Island.  They just got gone. 

This guy.

That guy didn't meet and exceed the physical standards enough.  The guy could do 60 pushups on demand and over 100 situps in less than 2 minutes.  Not nearly good enough.  Oh it was passing, it just wasn't passing.  And I was not a fast runner.  Slug.

There were a LOTTA Ensigns, even before the drawdown.  Enough that standards could be high.  A little slack was cut for the enlisted ranks, especially for 4.0 sailors that were good at their job.  But officers had to be better than the men the men they lead to set the example.  If they wanted to or not.  There was another Ensign coming up that could do it if you could not.  

Marines had to run three miles in 18 minutes or damn close to 18 minutes, do 80 situps in 2 minutes, and 18 pullups.  That wasn't passing.  That was setting the standard for the men.   

The Air Force had even faster standards on the run.  I swear all the Air Force guys I knew back then looked like skinny marathon runners.  

Monday, September 27, 2021

How old are you, lil' Pinko?

Oh yeah, if communism is so bad, well let's calculate how many capitalism killed.

And since Communism is a response to the evils of Capitalism, it is really Capitalism’s responsibility for the 100,000,000 Communist deaths.  Checkmate.  Game Set Match.  Yahtzee.  Quid pro quo.

Look here little feller.  So called Capitalism (Marx's term) relieves suffering.  By a lot.  Marx's ideas always increase suffering.  By a lot.  And don't go laying the sins of slavery at Capitalism's feet.  The slave states would have had a lot more successful locomotive factories if slavery was part of the free exchange of value for value. 

I'm not saying your youth implies a lack of wisdom, little buddy.  I'm saying your lack of wisdom implies a lack of wisdom.  Now go fetch Grampa's house slippers for him. 

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Eat Better

So, I am a little less worried about what steak and bacon is doing to me.  More greens?  I need more lima beans?  Nawwww.

I don't know what kind of treatment I will eventually get.  Well, I have an idea on the plethora of choices that might be deployed on me.  Side effects on all of them are pretty mild.  So I doubt they will peel off extra pounds.  Or take my eyelashes.

This time last year when we were trying to treat my back I cut out ALL booze and was going to physical therapy.  August to November I lost 30 pounds.  I dunno if it was the mild exercise and lack of beer, or the cancer, or both.  But the 30 pounds have stayed off.  I wouldn't mind 20 more, tho.  I'd still be fat, but much less so.  And my clothes would be loose but still fit.  Less than an eighth of a ton.  

It would be annoying to shop for a new wardrobe.

Hey, all this baggy clothing, I could CCW a Deagle comfortably!  Always a bright side.

I remember when I got down to 175 in my 20s.  I am 6 foot 1 inch.  I still looked fat.

Here is me as Goose.   My legs were at their strongest here.  It would take working in a brewery to get my arms to their strongest.

But I'm not gonna watch what I eat so much anymore.  I might drinka bit less because of my lessened stamina.  So bring on the pork chops.  Put ways the skinless chicken breasts and egg white omelets.        

Saturday, September 25, 2021

The past week was a partial one

But I am wore out.  

Sleeping decent.  Just not enough red blood cells to carry enough oxygen around when I am doing intense physical activity.  Like walk around an office.

I love watching competence porn on youtube.  My woodworking and furniture repair and refinishing skill would have been SO much better if youtube was up to 2009 youtube content quality by 1989.  

Gunsmithing doesn't transfer as well to video. I'd still need a bunch of in-person training to be any good at it, even with a plethora of gunsmithing videos. But the plethora of woodworking video, coupled with how well I picked up on things wood related in the 90s, the video here get absorbed like a sponge. I just wish I still had the stamina. Isn't that always the way?

Friday, September 24, 2021

More nuffin, so sorry bout the whinging.

Feeling really tired lately.  You know why.

I don't talk about my illness with other folks.  Two people at work that guessed, one a nurse that heard about a detail in a lab last May.  Another person that had back problems we detailed to each other, but then mine turned up to probably be this.  

And I over-share here.  As a place top over share.

A few of you I have met in meatspace.  A few of you that occasionally read here, I have met in meatspace.  But a lot of them folks I don't see every day or see on Facebook or whatever.  Borepatch and Proud Hillbilly.  For example.  Regular readers AND know what I look like on the maybe handful of occasions we hung out.  

But lots of folks that used to be regular readers just aren't.  Any more.  Like quite a few people I work with every day.  Heh.  So I keep a bit of privacy that way.  

But one checked in to the blog to see what I was up to and... uh oh.   Hi, you goof! 

I dunno why I wanna keep it private.  In some treatment scenarios it will become quite obvious I am on chemo soon enough.  But other treatments...  I won't even lose my eyebrows.  People I work with know something ain't right.  I've slowed way down.  But none pry.  None ask what political party I favor or my religious denomination, either.  

If I didn't turn up to work for a coupla days in a row they'd figure I'd have fallen in the basement and send someone to check on me, so I got that going for me.  More motivation to keep turning up to work.  Another motivation?  Money to buy food.  I like to eat something now and again.

"What do you do for fun, now, T-bolt, now that you don't have the energy to work in the shop or go camping or plink at the range?"

I dunno.  I like reading.  Reading some takes on the Cthulhu mythos.  For example.  I bought a buncha DVD to just have.  And watch.  Rewatch the Thin Man series and catch some other movies I haven't seen. My bucket list is to try a buncha different cocktails.  Sazerac is on the list next, but I did a fancy tequila tasting not that long ago.  I haven't had tequila since a fateful night 35 years ago.  Low impact activities I enjoy.  

I went up a ladder 4 times to clear my gutters.  Good thing, too, as two days later we got another gully washer.  But doing that wasted me for the rest of the day.  It does mean I don't yet need a helper monkey.


Thursday, September 23, 2021

Staycation and nuffin

Just ended a staycation.  It was nice.  Went out for steamed crabs at Cantlers, had some chili with JayG.  Some Pit Beef.  Saw the Emerald City.

No health news.  Meh, the Lyrica is cutting back the back pain, so, yay.


I think the county's slight rise in Covid cases is wholly attributable to schools opening up?  Naw, it was heading up before school started.  But lots of extra testing and the 1,000 kids on quarantine.  Less spikes in the hospitalization numbers and it is already dropping there.  That also makes sense.  Schoolkids are prolly shaking it off.   Except the super-fat ones.  Positive tests... the graph is long enough now that the arc looks more like heading Y-0 instead of Y-Infinity.  So that is good.  Here.  I have no idea what it's like at your house.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Should I Clean My Guns?

I don't normally rush to clean my guns.  But I have been shooting less and less.

The guns don't mind being dirty.  That dirt is just burn propellant.  Carbon.  If it was grit from sand?  Clean!  If it was moisture from outside exposure?  Clean!  And way back then when I brought them home.

What do you think?

One of the advantages of a clean is a gun I hadn't shot in a while would get lubed, too. Not that I need 'em ready for action, but they'd, you know, be more ready for action.  

Monday, September 20, 2021

Name and Shame

Look at these commenters! 

No picture.  You don't  have to put a pic of your ugly mug up there.  I know that's how The Man gets ya!  But you see Proud Hillbilly's?  Doesn't give her away yet still has SOMETHING up there.  You Don't have to put up a Daguerreotype, Mike V and Jonathan H, but something. (And I only pick on YOU because you were the top of the comments list, no offence).  Put a photo of your best dog or that pistol you sold 5 years back on GunBroker or a blurry photo of LilNasX or sumthin'.  Doesn't matter.

Oh, how?  Try this:

Go to your Account info by clicking the upper right of this page, maybe, even, but certainly whatever gmail acct you are using.  Then Personal Info.  This cover 70+% of cases. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Never Go Back

So, for giggles, I saw the second Jack Reacher movie.  Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.  

Spoiler for this 5 year old movie:  A buig plot point is evil military sub contractors are selling US military equipment to the Taliban!  Must have sold them a few thousand rifles, and a lot of rockets.  They were using the proceeds to get opium to ship back to the States for sale as heroine here.

Ha!  Jokes on the Taliban.  Joe Biden was gonna give you all that .mil equipment, and then some, for free!

Also, the sub contractors were gonna get hosed when the Chinese undersold them on the dope with higher quality fentanyl-laced product.


Saturday, September 18, 2021

It's a film about the Clap

And it took almost 13 minutes to get to the nookie part.  Gah!  No wonder we never won a war after this one.  

You'll never learn how to STOP the clap if you concentrate on the poor wooing efforts of this dogface, Joe.

At 15:50 you see his yarbles are as swollen as Nikki Minaj's cousin after a 'vaccination'.  Great acting.  Look at that face!  And you Lady-People!  All you do is spread around a Dose like it is your job.  "It's no worse than a bad cold."  So the Syph in 1940 is WuFlu today?   Oh noes!


Friday, September 17, 2021

Doc Rodeo

Ok, got the Oncologist leaning on the new Gastroenterologist to get a quicker date than mid October. 

Appointment with same Oncologist on Monday for blood work.  Be sure my Red Blood Cell count isn't plummeting too fast

Appointment with GP on Tuesday to see how the Lyrica is doing for neuropathy and back pain (no impact on former, surprisingly decent on the later.)  See what she says.

Blood blisters on feet are healing.  

Got the ball rolling.  Not much else I can do.  

You may be entitled to a big cash payment!

Did you buy chicken?  Like, since the oughts?  

Thursday, September 16, 2021

That's better for the Zombacalypse

"Yeah? The biopsy didn't work"

"Ah, well.  Whatever.  We'll get back to you.  No hurry because...  We got nothing.  Treatment?  Naw we gotta know more before we can do that."

Good thing it's supposedly a slow cancer.  Cancers.  I mean we hope the cancers we are looking at are it and those all seem to be the slow kind.  


Lessons learned so far.  Doctors are really smart.  But they don't know a tiny fraction about how things work.  Dr. House is fiction, and he won't sweep in and go "It's not lupus."  Because he doesn't know. 



Of all the cancers it could be, will any of the current treatments considered cure it? 

"No Mr. Bolt."

Will any of those treatments relieve the painful symptoms I am experiencing?

"Oh, probably not?"

Will it extend my lifespan very much?

"Also, no."

Why am I here in your doctor office, then?

"To get more and more frustrated, Mr. Bolt?"

Ah.  I see.  As long as there is a purpose.  I'd hate to think I was spending the insurance company's money for nothing.


I wonder what Norm had?  Probably never know.  But if he learned about it 9 years ago, then he was exactly my age then.  And 9 years is a 'slow burn'.  One of youse hollah if you hear what flavor.  I doubt it was pancreatic or colon cancer.  He was able to work until near the end and didn't seem to be in pain.  Look at old comedy routines of Bill Hicks who died of pancreatic cancer in the 90s.  You can tell he is suffering. Still working tho.  

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Who is this guy?

Calling ME a narcissist?  You wanna take it outside?  What?  Oh...

Choo Choo Too

How did we get this way?  With freight trains?

Gah, it's been forever since I did any research on this.  Let me wing it.

  1. As a commenter noticed, passenger fares NEVER made any money.  From 1825 to now.  You never wanted them, gov't interference forces it on the Railways.
  2. A mixed system steps on each other's toes. Always.  
  3. Both freight and passenger service was failing by the 60s.  See A Prayer for Owen Meany about this late stage failure.
  4. All this led to company failures, to company consolidation, to RR assets getting bought up cheap by the few survivors.  With fewer players there was less competition and less overlap and it was cheap enough to CLOSE some lines.  Make the track mileage more efficient.  Less track meant less money spent on track maintenance.  But many areas were still being serviced.  By one or two companies instead of six.
  5. Failure and consolidation meant the powerful RR unions had less clout, and their antiquate featherbedding work rules meant that you no longer were required to have a caboose with expensive signalman doing the work a single electronic signal box on the last car could do.
  6. That leads to other technological advances.  Containerized sea freight meant more efficient loading and less spillage to stevedores and freightmen.  New cars that could haul 2 containers stacked and still make it under existing tunnels.  The retirement of high maintenance steam and replacing with low maintenance diesel locomotives...  All increased efficiencies and cut costs.
  7. The gov't no longer requiring lines to have passenger service but took over that role themselves.  And the private sector lines had a bit more priority over public sector people movers.  A mile long freight train is most efficient by accelerating to 30 miles per hour and with good scheduling NEVER altering speed until approaching a destination.  It takes priority over a 70 mph Amtrak.  With double track, passenger and freight still can't really co-exist, still.  You'd need at least triple, and probably quadruple to make it work together.   
So there you have it.  Less labor/union costs, mostly by cutting 70 year old work rules that make no sense in 1975 and just fewer guys to fire, at this point.  Efficiency gains from technology.  Less maintenance cost from rolling stock and track.  And less scheduling conflicts because folks are shifting to cars and Pan Am and TWA and Eastern airlines to move themselves about.  Less 'toe stepping' by the half of the industry that never ever worked.  Passengers.  The only reason a train should hurry is because the tomatoes and avocados might over ripen.  

I see the appeal, the romance, of passenger rail.  It's just a HUGE pipe dream.  Unviable.  Like wind and solar electrical generation. If you want to ride the rails, be a hobo. 

One thing.  This 'greatest railway system on the planet, just for freight not stoopid people' all didn't happen overnight.  Took time.  While the dust settled, something had to cover the bases, and we got the romance of the 18 wheeler truck driver and their CB radios!

Another big plus?  You can't export internal supply delivery to the far east like you can electronics and steel and auto production.  So an industry can become a shambles and yet rise from the ashes, here, when you find it impossible to offshore it. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Now I got a goal

Get to 61.  10 more years.  Beat that bastard, Norm.

Choo Choo

People giving us the bidness because we don't have enough trolleys and high speed rail.

We literally have the BEST rail system in the world.  Bar none.  Built up from a bit of a shambles in the late 60s, early 70s.  We just use it to move stuff around instead of people.  Our dispersed population moves people around in gas powered cars and cheap cattle car airplanes.  Some people like that, some people hate that.  But that is no reason to go all Manhattan project on a separate trillions dollar high speed rail that some people will like and some people will hate.  The whole idea is nonsense on stilts.  A product that has no demand so the only way it gets built is tax money?  Pfui.  

Monday, September 13, 2021

Christ on a Cracker

If the training starts to look like it is going toward this, didi-mau immediately.  Pack your shit, load that car, and git.

Sunday, September 12, 2021


This is what I was talking about.  I got nothing.

I've been doing some cleanup around the house.  Had a lotta days off where I had no energy to drive to work, but just enough to, say,  mop the kitchen.  Throwing crap out.  

I might get some help from My Buddy the Gun Enthusiast and his Old Lady on cleaning more and organzing more and More-Trips-To-The-Dump.  Both because fighting entropy makes one feel better and not wanting to leave a mess for those that come after. 

I don't know how realistic my dreams of retiring to Cleveland are at this point.  Those dreams relied on me having the energy to drive a snow blower.

It will be ironic to have a proper lumber rack when I no longer have the ability to work the wood on it into a barrister bookcase. 

But entropy will be sccessfully battled.  A worthy effort in its own right.  But if I could eke out a bookcase or two, that would help with the entropy as well.  AND make me feel good.  Everything in its place....

Saturday, September 11, 2021

20 years in

Square one, I guess.  I wasn't happy last year, and had a low expectation for now, but man, my low expectation wasn't even met.  Just sad.  

Friday, September 10, 2021

Things are going swimmingly

Personally at least

Foot blister is healing, and that was annoying when it was bad.  Supposedly I should take longer to heal and me more vulnerable to infections, but, not yet.  Or I know how to first aid right.  

Lymph node biopsy done.  The Gastro is fast fast fast with the labs, so no other delays.  Oncologist Thursday.  And I think that we will be finally discussing a treatment schedule. It's only been 18 months.  That thing looks HUGE is the snapshots, but there isn't a lotta room in my stomach for the camera to back up.

Gonna take a staycation next week.  My poor posting lately would make it seem indicative of a months long staycation.  Sorry.  I DO need to get some more more thoughtful on-topics, less health related, posts, tho.  Being pre-occupied with my own mortality that has an anemic side-effect that makes range days difficult to pull off...

That's been a big question this WHOLE time.  How long have I had cancer?  As a kid I was never athletic.  Picked last at kickball, slowest at foot races.  Did I have cancer when I was 5?  I wasn't even fat.  

I was slow in the military.  Lemme tell ya, they do NOT like that in the military.  I could do 110 sit ups in two minutes but struggled to approach an 8-minute mile.  Did I have cancer when I was 22?  Did I just have cancer for the run portion of the PT test?

Training with a pistol I noticed myself flagging in stamina.  I marveled at people that could do a 500 round count training weekend.  I didn't think I had the gas for it.  Did I have cancer during the Obama administration?

Wait, let's do the math...  Carter, Clinton, Obama, Biden...  I ONLY HAVE CANCER DURING THE DEMOCRAT REGIMES!!  Well.  Those of you that don't want me dead, I hope you now vote accordingly.  Those that do wish me dead, I guess, Kamala 2024?

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Chits, Man!

Get yer face out of yer ears, Fat!

The estate of Ronald Reagan is gonna sue Joey B for stealing the Gipper's brown suit idea.

Chips, Ma'am?

 Bit sad, innit?

What caliber for...

U-Haul truck-sized chickens.

You know they would be deadly hazardous. 

LOOK how BIG it is compared to the sub-compact!

Best pistol

For women's bicycle cavalry?

(not pink. obvs)  

And that's a nice saber...

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

blink blink

Bishop quits church after falling in love with satanic erotica writer.

Oh Noes

Super duper over generous jobless benefits just ran out?  What do?

Well, go get your hair cut.  (All of them.)  Find some decent and clean cloths appropriate to where you want to be (dress for the job you want, but don't dress as Batman).    Pick a place with a sign, and walk in asking if you can apply.  Just like your older brother Robert.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021


If you are Social Security age, and live in my county, there is a 99.9% chance you have at least one vaccination shot.  And now I wish I could find that that chart again for the internet...  Have to rely on my memory, I guess. 

Rates of those with at least one dose: 
18 and older--
Montgomery County: 88.8 percent 
Maryland: 73.2 percent 
U.S.: 65.6 percent 

Full population--
Montgomery County: 74.0 percent 
Maryland: 60.6 percent
U.S.: 53.5 percent

Though the stat counters have been known to lie to me.  

Here Larry Hogan and Channel 9 says 80% of all Marylanders have one shot

Here it's only 68%.  Which is it?  Four different numbers!  Or, two sets of two, really

I guess we quibble now.  Larry is talking 80% of the people that have a bad time with the shot.  18+ year olds.   The other one counts toddlers and junk.  Whatever.  Fat adults under 65 and erryone over 65.  If you pay attention, get them groups, and you don't even notice China Virus as a thing.  


Of course our high vax compliance and high mask compliance has done DOODLY with our infection rate, which is up and up and up.  We aren't dying, mostly.  Mostly.  Flu-like dying at this point, or less.  Bad enough.

Sunday, September 5, 2021


James Clyburn says:  "Filibuster Shouldn’t Apply to Constitutional Issues Like Roe, Privacy Rights"

I've got VERY good news for the Congressman.  The Filibuster already does not apply to Constitutional issues.

You see you need 66 Senate votes to get an Amendment to the Constitution rolling in the Senate.  Which is 6 more than what you need to end a filibuster.  So, have at it.

I don't need you messing with the 2nd Amendment  with 50% +1 just because you are disappointed with a failed injunction for ONE state that the Chief Justice is gonna kibosh, anyway, when the law comes up for SCOTUS review.

Friday, September 3, 2021

The Card Reads

Have Gun - Will Travel.  Starred Richard Boone.  It spawned a hit radio show, voiced by John Dehner, 

I couldn't tell the difference.  If you told me Boone recorded the radio program, I'd believe it.  It's a very good match.  Bosso profundo.

It was rare a TV show spawned the radio version, it was usually the other way round.  See:  Gunsmoke.

Gun content.  Please.  It's a 50s western, it was a single action army.  

That makes me think.  A studio could have a buncha western programs going on, but really only one or a couple prop pistols.  Four max.  And get away with it.  The pistol you saw on one show would be used again in an entirely separate series.  And another series 15 years later.  Or in a Star Trek episode where Kirk has to go against Doc Holliday for some reason.  The four studio guns would get more airtime than any one actor.


I remember when Frum was conservative.  He was as conservative as Jonah Goldberg was back in 2010.  Both metrocons, back in the day.  Well, they let Frum near a keyboard again.

"Altogether, about 500 Americans a year die from unintended shootings. That’s four times the rate of deaths from unintended shootings in peer nations. "  

Translation:  'Peer nations' means nations with the gun control Frum wants here.

"The gun buyers of 2020–21 are different from those of years past: They are more likely to be people of color and more likely to be women. They are not buying guns to join a race war, or to overthrow the government, or to wait for Armageddon in a bunker stocked with canned beans. They just want to deter a burglar or an assailant, should one come. 

Those dangers are real, and it’s understandable that people would fear them and seek to avert them. But like the people who refuse lifesaving vaccines for fear of minutely rare side effects, American gun buyers are falling victim to bad risk analysis."

Translation:  "You black people and women that bought guns recently aren't responsible enough to realize what an awful thing you've done getting a firearm.  Now let me explain your mistake to you further." 


Oh, and my term 'metrocon'?  It seems to be overcome by events.  There are no metrocons left.  If they were a metrocon they are just liberal democrats now, caucusing with Pelosi.  

Thursday, September 2, 2021



Imagine a world where the nuke line didn't stall, but sort of carried on with a modest upward velocity.  Maybe another 4,000 Terra-watt hours?

That would cover ALL the popular faddish unreliable subsidized renewables.  We really only built nuclear powerplants for about 10 years, then stopped for 40.  Because of a Jane Fonda film and our subsequent inability to improve the design.    

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Nam Flashbacks

I knew all that time in Nam was going to catch up with me.

Agent Orange. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs lists CLL as a disease associated with exposure to Agent Orange, a chemical used during the Vietnam War.

"T-Bolt you were too YOUNG to have fought during the Viet Nam war!"

I didn't say I was there during the WAR.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Or maybe all isn't as it seems


You know, I am taking Lyrica now for the neuropathy extremis.  That and Gabapentin.  

My only complaints for a year (I could only get to a doctor in August of 2020, but I would have whined sooner in a normal year) were "My back hurts, and I can't feel my feet."

Anything that helped those 2 things was what I wanted.  Don't tell me it is blood cancer or lymph node cancer or bone cancer.   I don't care.  Make the back pain and numbness go away.  That's the need.  Knowing why is a kinda useful want.   I've been getting what I want, but not what I need.

Thing is.  My back hurts less.  And it is coincident with the Lyrica.  First piece of good news if that is actually helping.  

You've seen the pain scale.  

I was 3 4 5 (Bees?) until they fried some nerves in my back with radio waves.  Sadly, that only made it 2 3 4.  But better than nothing.

Oxycontin gets it down to 1 2 3, but that is very temporary.  So is a pack of steroids  1 2 3, but only for two weeks, then back up.  And you can't do more of those for a long while.

I might be 1 2 3 right now.  Hooray!  Lyrica!  Supposed to fix my feet, but fixed my back instead.  I notice no real improvement with the numbness.  Could be a coincidence, but I will take it.  Improvement is greater than placebo.  

But a plus to the neuropathy.  I get wounds in my hands just doing normal that bleed like crazy and would hurt like the dickens normally.   I only notice it when blood gets on stuff. 

New complaint though.  Listlessness.  Easily fatigued.  Shortness of breath with any mild exercise.  The Cancer causes that.  Dropping my red blood cell and hemoglobin numbers.  Simulates anemia.  Had this symptom long before starting Lyrica, so it's not a side effect.  

The anemia lowers my blood pressure, too.  Which is a plus because it was pushing 140/90 this time two years ago.  110/70 and dropping now.

Listless, like "Lets get a load of laundry downstairs and in the washer.  Tomorrow I'll have the energy to go back down there and swap to the dryer."  I combine tasks as much as possible.  Make every trip accomplish two things.  "The kettle is whistling, better grab some trash since I am heading to the kitchen for coffee."  That sort.  

Monday, August 30, 2021

I was told the Taliban wanted to rehabilitate their image

They do this on the first day no American military presence is about.  With one of our 'donated' Blackhawks.

NEVER underestimate Joe's ability

To F*** things up.  

He wants to burn down the alliance we have with Britain.  I am sure China approves.  

Happy, then Sad

The little down tick in reported positive cases in my county made me happy.

Then the subsequent up made me sad. 

State numbers look a little "well, it was rising but may be plateauing, but still too soon to tell."


Number of confirmed cases : 494,255 since January 2020
Number of persons tested negative : 3,923,576 
Total testing volume : 11,940,441 

Number of confirmed deaths : 9,760  since January 2020
Number of probable deaths : 223 

Currently hospitalized : 690 
Acute care : 510 
Intensive care : 180 
Ever hospitalized : 45,842  since January 2020

We can deal with 690 in hospital.  If they are evenly spread among all state hospitals.  

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Yeah, nobody but cops (ok) and bad guys (boo!) use pistols, after all

Can't TELL you how many times I had to tell women this.

I'm a sailor not a sex toy.

Or, more likely, "I'm a Naval officer, and not yet have my wings.  I feel a bit inebriated, but could you please unhand my 'Goose' madam?"

Saturday, August 28, 2021

It's kinda like that

Hipster is Disappoint

The cancer might probably not be the bespoke Waldenstroms but the more pedestrian common Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.

And I must admit I am a little disappointed.   I would no longer be Special.  Poop!

Slow burn cancer either way.  That suits me fine enough.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Back from the Oncologist.

"Waldenstroms?  Did I tell you you had Waldenstroms?  I musta been drunk or high or something.  It's probably... CLL?  Let's get you to a Gastroenterologist and see if he can find a lymph node in your gut we see on your CAT scan."

You know those guys are backed up (heh) right?  They had to take a year's vacation when Fauci told them to.  I won't get close to his office till after Halloween.


Well, if the only reason to go to him is for him to look at a lymph node you can already see, and THAT is what is delaying my treatment, can't we just pretend he looked at it and saw it, too?

"Look, I'm delaying it because it probably won't alleviate your symptoms anyway, so, why crush your hopes now when I can let you have a few more months of it?  Hope, I mean."

Fair enough.


Insurance companies will spend $10,000 on second opinion doctors but not $777 on a CT scan.


Meanwhile my red blood cells and hemoglobin keep dropping.  Slow and steady, wins the race.  To the bottom.  Of my car, when I pass out getting out of it.  

Thursday, August 26, 2021


I'm not a car person.  As a kid I thought I would be, but it didn't turn out that way.  It rankles thinking about how much a new car loses in value when I drive it off the lot.  Especially when there are THOUSANDS of new cars with birthdays that will never be sold.  Not to you, not for love or money.  Would you buy a 2019 model F150 with 55 miles on the odometer?  Well there are plenty out there, but you can't.  Ford will scrap that before selling it to you at a lower price point.  It's business.  

So I buy a vehicle for transportation.  It has to fit in my driveway, and has to haul what I need hauled, and it'd be nice if it worked in the weather.  And used.  Pre-owned.  So a bit cheaper. 

So with that attitude I don't run my car through a car wash.  There is plenty of sand under my floor mats.  If I wont pop for that, I certainly won't pop for detailing.

But I am rethinking that.  In an 'you only live once and what else you gonna spend your money on?' sort way.  If I am thinking that it is getting time to get a new used car, and have a plan for a year from today, today, I am getting the car detailed.  So my last year with it it feels clean.  If the car is still re-sellable, CarMax or whoever will detail it again, but I don't care because I turned it over.  

Maybe I'll go to the barber, too, and get a straight-razor shave if that bastard can avoid cutting my joogyooler vein.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Of course, THIS intrigues


If you could own one weapon we let the Taliban steal what would it be and why is it the M240B?

I always kinda dug that platform.  7.62.  Way too heavy for me right now.  Proper machine gun.  

(Meh.  I'd need mointing points all over the property and vehicles for it, and a tripod.  Too anemic to carry one very far.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Shooting In Portland

 And witnesses found this on the ground.

Unfired round.

My guess is the shooter didn't know if he had one in the pipe so racked the slide to be sure, losing the one in the chamber.  Or the shooter is new and 'knows' you always gotta do that before you go into a gunfight.  Saw that on the TeeVee. Hey, maybe he had a failure and did a failure drill!

Note the plated case, too.  Might be actual self-defense ammo.  Holler-points or what have you.


Wait, did that round belong to THIS hippy with a batman-badge over here? If so, sheesh, man.

Monday, August 23, 2021

These are paratroopers, right?

This is an exercise?

I never forgot the people that jumped from the towers, and noise they made when they hit in that documentary that came out a few weeks after. Prolly won't forget this part either. I knew who to be mad at 20 years ago. Who should I be mad at this time round?

When they evacuated Bagram AFB...

Way back in July, I remember thinking, then, that that was a big deal, and something I personally would have saved for last.  It was very secure inside, and the last thing I'd hand over on my way out.  But I wasn't there.  I wasn't on the ground.  What did I know, way over here?  People much smarter than me made that decision so it would probably turn out fine.  I guess.


Then Auguse, before I knew it, they had abandoned Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul, then quickly reversed the decision because thing got a little spicy a little quickly.  So I had no time to shake my head ruefully about that.  

I hope things get better before they get worse.  

Sunday, August 22, 2021

So this is fun.

Been off work since Wednesday because of this, but I still gotta walk on it to get medicos.

Overdid it.  Mentioned that before.  The lower lividity is more bruise like than blood-poisoning like. 

Yes, I told my doctor.  Even had a virtual visit.  Hurts a bit.  Staying off it as much as I can.  CT Scan tomorrow, tho, and I am not letting them delay me again, insurance or no.

"So what is the good news T-Bolt?"

You know, I am not as debilitated by my back as much!  Much more bearable.  So I got that going for me. Just the foot problem.

Feels good when I drain it.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Two days later:

Feels better, too, after the lancings, once it sorta stayed drained.  It took a few.  I drained it the way they taught boy scouts to do hiking blisters back in the 80s.  And I know Infantry were taught similarly at least once.  That's all the fine detail you want to know:  "I successfully drained with an alcohol-sterilized everything," and leave it at that.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Clarissa Ward

I am glad she got into Kabul airport.  I was getting worried for her because of how bad it was getting outside the wire.  Not that it is real good inside.

We know a lot more because of her.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Hands up, don't shoot

Looks like a pre-war combination of a OG bullet proof vest and a pepper box.  Hardly a machine-gun.  More an AOW.  Sorta like modern times, but a dude has a claymore attached to his plate carrier or helmet.  And probably about as useful.

How is alfalfa here gonna get gud with this?  Can you picture the RO's face?  

* Original Gangsta

** Any Other Weapon

*** Range Officer

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Vitamin I

I never have to ask myself "I wonder if I took my 4PM dose of Advil?"

It's always plainly painly obvious.  I'm glad it still works.  Naproxen Sodium and Meloxicam certainly don't.  For me.  

I Overdid It

 I walked too much on these neuropathic feet and got a big blood blister.  Think I will take today off.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Black Actors, man.

Black Actors.

I keep forgetting things.  Might be a side-effect of...  you know... the thing that's killing me slowly.  NO, not primetime television programming.

One of the things I didn't properly learn (more's the pity) and now want to and maybe retain for more than a day is black actors I have enjoyed throughout the years.  AND forgotten the name of.  If I write them down maybe I will remember them longer.  For some reason I never forget Don Cheedle or Denzel. And Morgan Freeman narrates my dreams, just in the Mad Scientist from Electric Company's voice.

Woody Strode: Sergeant Rutelege and Spartacus 
Moses Gun: Shaft, Heartbreak Ridge 
James Earl Jones: OH, YOU KNOW!  Conan, Great White Hope, Othello.  He played J D Salinger in a baseball movie.
Roscoe Lee Brown: who played Jebediah Knightlinger in the movie, (Moses Gun played him in the TV show)
Richard Roundtree: Shaft, John Shaft, who is a complicated man, that no one understands. 
Brock Peters: Kill a Mockingbird, Admiral Cartwright 
Samuel Jackson: Matrix and Apocalypse Now 
Laurence Fishburne: Pulp Fiction, Avengers Avery Brooks 
[I don't really need to remember the names of these two, but I do have to remind myself how to spell them from time to time.  On the off chance I do meet either I hope I have the stones to purposely reverse their name, one for the other.  Because it is always hilarious when someone does that.  And like I did here.]
Joe Seneca:  The Blob, Crossroads
Albert Popwell: Dirty Harry movies.  Most all of them.

Hmmm. I notice they are also kinda strong male characters. Do they even give a wimpy role to any of these guys?

Tuesday, August 17, 2021


CT scan got rescheduled again because Cigna health insurance is playing the long game.  If I die they don't have to pay no more. Might as well delay treatment.

Oh they'll pay $300 a week for months of acupuncture or aroma therapy, but one time $600 worth of imaging to look for abnormal lymph nodes?  I dunno... 

Went to the neurologist "What YOU need is a sleep study!  Do you snore?"  You tell me, lady.  

At least I know the Lyrica is 'working'.  How?  Intense withdrawal pain if I forget a dose.

Monday, August 16, 2021


 Don't talk about the last 20 years.  The whole thing was a shit sandwich we all had to take a bite out of eventually. I had optimistic hopes the country could become... well... a country.  You can go back and read my 9/11 post every year to see me grow jaded as that became a fantansy.

Talk about the last 20 weeks.  That what got us to all this /waves-hands-about we see on the TV.  No, we aren't going to admit those weeks of mistakes now are we?  Simply can't.  That'd be honest.


Also:  please don't end up like Benghazi, just way way worse...


What a difference a day makes. 


Before I knew anything about guns, I knew about AKs and M-16s.  And I 'knew' they were crap.  Both of them.  'Knew' from my place of ignorance.  I was gonna go into the Air Force or the Navy, and would never need a rifle. Right?

The M-16s jammed and they'll find you in your fighting hole with 3 buddies, all with cleaning rods down the barrels and full of Commie bayonet wounds.  And had tiny high velocity bullets when it did work and what good is that?

The AK-47 made a distinctive sound and was reliable, but about as accurate as a smoothbore musket.  And what good is that?  At least it was .30 cal.  I think.  Pretty sure, yeah.  I'll ask a buddy in the HS cafeteria.

There might have been older antique rifle we used to have before the M-16, but those were probably worse.  

I knew these things.

Then Wolverines, the movie came out!  Wait.  Red Dawn.  That's the ticket, yeah.  Buncha Rambo movies. Exposure to all them AKs in cool settings should have increased my interest, right?  Make me kinda like them, maybe want to get one?

No.  It never moved the needle.  Didn't spark an interest.  I knew the 1911 was old and the Beretta was furren.  In college the new M16A2s had better looking fore stocks, but otherwise, meh, for that type, too.

The only thing that semi interested me in the 20th century, persistently, was .357 revolvers. And I liked the look of stainless steel.  And before Y2K I got me one of them.  

I still have no case of the wants for any AK pattern.  Dunno why.  Just never took off for me. 


Sunday, August 15, 2021

"Why is Joe Biden on Vacation?"

Please.  After making all those plans for getting timeoff?  And you already rented the car, the condo is non refundable, changing plane tickets NOW would be super expensive...  They probably won't refund your deposit on teh Jet Skis.


Scooter Libby got the DEATH Penalty for a much more harmless version of this.

His own boss, Dick Cheney, called the warden of his prison to convey the message of, "The VP says he hopes your a twitcher," on his execution night.

Is it Pulitzer worthy?

Or does it need more human drama in frame?


The feds just GAVE the Taliban all this hardware

Yeah, drones and humvees and helicopters are cool and all, but if they had given it to me instead…  My yard is too small and what would I really do with it besides chase neighbor kids off it when they came to play on it.

You don't have to give me anything.  Just stop standing in my way when I go to buy something I do want.

Friday, August 13, 2021

FB Love/Hate

I whinge over lots of FB features.  Ads with cheap Chinese crud boil my bottom, but sometimes I cannot resist.  I bought the Hawaiian shirt that is a copy of the one worn by H. I.  McDonough in Raising Arizona.  3X doesn't fit. It might fit person sized large.  So much hate.  I hope that is a lesson that sticks.  And I refrain from clicking on the stupid links. 

But then they serve up ads for products like this.

I love the concept of a butt pack.  It's probably my age and exposure to older school web gear on my Army and Marine buddies back in the day.  12 years ago I'd be shovelling money at this company to get one of these to try out.  

And it looks like it might NOT be dreck.  Would make a good BOB system, no?

But, my trekking days are on hold while I deal with this Cancer.   The though of carrying this now makes my lumbar area ache just thinking about it.

Hmmm, $55.  Not much product detail.  Minimal website.  It might be Chinese dreck.  So I shouldn't expect any higher quality than a Walmart bookbag for Junior High.

(Don't wear the pack in the front, aw, man...  How you gonna low-crawl like that?)