Monday, May 10, 2021

Remember Bella Twin

She shot and killed a record Grizzly bear with a beat up .22 on this day in 1953.  She was 63 years old at the time.  

Sunday, May 9, 2021

A Crime

A crime against nature.

Every key member of the brewhouse should be committing ritual sepuku for this abomination.  For shame!

Gummint ONLY

11 days after Kamala Harris told us ‘Only the Govt should have assault weapons’, an Army trainee hijacks elementary school bus full of children.

Well, when you think about, Private Snuffy with the M16 is the government.  The bus driver works for the government.  And the 18 elementary school kids Snuffy kidnapped were going to a government school...

It's government on government evolution and none of our business.   Let the Veep figure it out.

Private Snuffy, Snuffy's battle buddy, Snuffy's platoon, the Drill Sergeants, the Chain of Command at Fort Jackson...  All are gonna be in a world of hurt.  Some more than others.

They should bring these back

I like the cut of that big tank's jib. Er... So to speak.

Of course maybe make em a bit faster.

I also prefer the M60 on this side of the pond. But, in both cases, purely for classic aesthetic reasons. Like loving the 1966 Bonneville while recognizing the base, boring, Hyundai Elantra is objectively a better in features, safety, reliability, and even some performance measures.


Saturday, May 8, 2021

It's Weird

Why is there a rash of reports, often with video, of black people attacking Asians?  

Did word go out "it's time to beat up Asian people" in cultural media sources I am not privy to?  

Is the mainstream media just stressing this now, and there are just as many crazed Sikh beating up ginger haired people as there are black people attacking Chinese folks?

Seemed like 3 years ago Asians weren't targeted but Hasidic Jews, and only in NYC, were the target.  And that was supposed to be Trump's fault, but the videos of the attacks, the attackers didn't look like they had MAGA hats.

Only Jussie Smollett was attacked by Chicago MAGA folks, I was informed.

It's just weird.  Why the hate on Asians all of a sudden?  There have been other surges, that faded, in the past (bodega resentment?), but why this new surge?

Friday, May 7, 2021

I had a gonne dream

 I was at work, and it was a crowd of us, and we were all being handed loaded AR style rifles.  It was a hectic and confusing event.  I took my rifle, checking for the safety, and there was no real place to point it.  Crowd, plus office park.

Now I am not super familiar with the AR.  I've only shot hundred through one, not thousands.  I am better than an average Air Force person, and better than a lot of Army folks with one.  Not infantry trypes, naturally.  All Marines come out of bootcamp with weeks of exposure to the platform.  Not even close to a boot Marine.

But I have some exposure to firearms in general.  I grabbed the rifle by the grip, barrel pointed down, flipped the sling loop over my head, and held it close to my body with the barrel still pointing down but NOT at my feet.  Sul with a rifle?  I improvised something like that. Not pointing at me, not pointing at anyone else outside my personal space, not pointed at the sky.  Then I meandered away from the confusion, but close enough to hear instructions.  And maybe close to actual cover, and started scanning the rest of my co-workers.  Chamber check and put the dust cover back up.

Pretty standard safety stuff.  Especially the hide from the horde of noobs.  Stuff you sorta absorb from my now 14 years of new-found gun enthusiasm,

At this point I realized it was a test.  The folks in security were handing out rifles to see how people would act.  Who would be too excited, too unsafe, just too awkward, too afraid of it?  Apparently I passed.  I bet the ammo was fake

That reminds of this guy.  Some diner facing down a horde of also-armed Marxists with an NAA revolver.  Good luck with that, buddy.  Muzzling EVRYONE.  On purpose.  

Yeah, the commie should leave people alone.  And the people need to maybe think a little bit more on their CCW choices and tactics.

Hey, is there a "Sul" thing with ARs?  What's it called.  Is it anything more than what I improvised in a dream?  There has to be something...


Thursday, May 6, 2021

And Speaking of the Rhine

I just finish this great book about Colonel Anderson, CO of the 1111th Combat Engineers Group.  

Combat Engineer: The Life and Leadership of Colonel H. Wallis Anderson, Commander of the Engineers at the Bulge and Remagen

He was there as a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard when Pancho Villa had little excursions el Norte, he was an Engineer in WWI, he worked the rails all around PA as a civil engineer, and then he trained an engineering unit that was pretty much him and green 2nd Lieutenants sleeping in pup tents in the winter in Plattsburg New York.  Brrr.

Then he and his unit found themselves in a quiet sector near the Ardennes in the Autumn of 1944.  A good engineer might keep his head and know what few bridges he'd need to drop in the unlikely event a buttload of SS Panzers came rolling in, wandering around an area like that, making lumber and gravel for engineering purposes...  

And then a unit like that might be handy to construct back up bridges if they ever captured a damaged but semi-intact bridge over the Rhine.  

Just extraordinary displays of leadership and professional competence, and the book was a pleasure to read.  If you like military engineers, quiet competent leadership by example, or SS Generals losing battles, then you, too, might enjoy this book.      

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

MD Bumpstock Ban

Maryland has one, and SCOTUS declines to hear a case about it.

Yeaaaaah.  Bumpstocks don't have a lotta positive PR out there.  I don't think you want a SCOTUS case on them right now.  It's no one's hero issue.  

I am not fond of them.  And I am progun.  Not because I want them banned or even regulated, but because of their bad reputation among the straights already.  I would love it if the Overton Window was shifted and the Bumpstock Battleground was where our side was fighting and winning, but that field is way behind enemy lines, like, east of the Rhine, and we'll have to push them back a ways to meet them there.  Let's fight and win "oh yes, there is a right to bear a CCW outside the home, of COURSE" in SCOTUS-Bastogne first.   

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Help Me Out, T-Bolt

"I gotta problem.  You know I have a two year old and another on the way.  And also that I live way out on the fringe of the outer suburbs.  So close to country it might as well be.  How do I store my firearms so they are ready to respond at a moments notice, but also are put away safe from curious young hands."

That IS a pickle.  And his ready guns are 2 or 3 long guns, 2 or 3 pistols, max, but also kind 'min'.  So a tiny one-pistol gun stowage with a biometric lock isn't the solution.

Currently they have double padlocks on plastic gun cases.  Slow to access. 

Big combination lock safe?  As secure as you'd want.  Slow to access. 

On two pegs above the door, out of reach?  Quick access, but you know as soon as you do that the 3 year old learns to stack chairs and is touching the dang thing.  No good.  


The closest I come up with that satisfies his needs is something like this:

I like push button access more than bioetric.  When one of the combos is pushing 2 button simultaneously, that often defeats kids trying to get in.  1, 2-3, 4.  Or summat.  

Anyone else cracked this tough nut with something better?  

Monday, May 3, 2021

Gasp! Zombie Ammo!

Yeah, I bought a box of that on a lark.  10 years ago?  Of course I did.  Mine was a Hornady label, but other companies copied the theme.  Don't need gimmicks to sell ammo these days...  The trick is keeping it on the shelf to sell more of.

Well border patrol caught some small time smuggling, and because of the packaging... It's NEWS!  A box of lower power pistol ammo in among a shipment of household good.  Almost the perfect cirme!


It's .38 special.  In a box with a picture of a zombie.  Nothing else.  I bet you can't just easily buy ammo in Honduras.  They've been tightening what was a pretty free gun control regime down there.  Like that helps reduce crime.  Some Central American immigrant to the US is going back home and he wants to be able to feed his plain Jane revolver to protect himself, his stuff, and his family.  It might be completely innocent.  Dude thought what was the big deal shipping my stuff home to myself?  ANd it is no bigs, really.  Prolly just another made-up federal felony we all violate unknowingly every day.  Oh know, I bought the wrong orchid, ate the wrong lobster, knocked over a lamp in a federal building, and now I am gonna go to Ft Leavenworth Supermax for 40 years. 

I mean, it IS bad to smuggle ammo to the cartels south of our border, but, this doesn't feel like that.  Can't CBP do a big press release about a time they found 50,000 rounds of 7.62x39 heading south fast and furiously?  Did the return address say Eric Holder?

Sunday, May 2, 2021


 Hey whatever happened to the mandatory anal swabs we were all supposed to be getting by now on a regular basis to test for China-Virus?  A few diplomats were forced to in customs then the whole thing just disappeared.

Citation Needed

“Currently, no U.S. law lets the government designate domestic extremists as terrorists or bring specific charges for domestic terrorism. That contrasts with laws to combat international terrorism, which allow the government to designate groups and bring charges for providing those groups with material support.” Bloomberg reported.

“This is a cancer on our country,” said Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA), chairman of the subcommittee. “Right-wing extremist attacks and plots have greatly outnumbered those from all other groups combined and caused more deaths as well.”

What deaths?  I know the Neo-Marxists got over 30 deaths and burned quite a few building last year.  ANd I know you'd like to label 75 million Trump voters as criminals and terrists.  But it'd be nice to have some examples, there, buddy.  

When the actual white supremacists rally, there are dozens present.  Two dozen.  There are more news cameras than racists.  And at least half of them are on the FBI payroll, they might as well enroll in the DoJ pension plan.  And they never DO anything.  

Man we dodged a bullet not getting Merrick Garland on SCOTUS.  What a pig.    

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Creed, like Apollo

It's Mayday

Don't be a commie.  Commies ain't cool.  They are at least as bad as Nazis and sometime arguably much worse.

Friday, April 30, 2021

No, not the 'he was a vegetarian and nice to dogs'

You can say what your will about Hitler.  He was the personification of evil and doom for friend and foe alike. Pure evil, just straight to the bone.  That he made those awful little cars possible.  

But he did accomplish one very good thing that no one else was able to do despite lots of trying.  He did manage to kill Hitler.  Shoulda done it 6 years sooner. Coulda saved a lot of trouble.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

All gun control is racist

And the repeal of this North Carolina law is an effort to be less racist.  

In 1919 you want a pistol purchase permit you had to get the high sign from the sheriff, in person.  Be sure you weren't a felon and had 'good moral character'.  Meaning, you weren't a black person.  Which, 100 years ago, was practically the same thing to them sheriffs.  

Good on ya, North Carolina.  One less racist gun laws.  Thing is, 90+% of gun laws are similarly racist.  Prolly be best to get rid of em all.  Get back to gov't not infringing on keeping and bearing.  

So, now Sheriff Taylor in Mayberry won't be squinting at you funny for wanting a Smith & Wesson Model 10 for home defense.  Notice you rarely see black people on the streets of that town...  

Cam Edwards, with Petrolino and Knighton, came at this.  I bet Maj does too.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021


When I was younger and a baby historian, I, we, would play what if conjecture games.  

"If Germany had built 40 more U-Boats they would have won WWII"

"If Germany had built 400 more ME-262s they would have won WWII"

"If Germany had started the invasion of the USSR 2 weeks earlier they would have won WWII"

"If Germany had actually set it economy on a war footing in early 1940 they would have won WWII"

Now I am older and hopefully wiser.  My conclusions have changed.  They were never going to win WWII.  Had they done X or Y they might have extended the war a few more months, but that was only delaying the inevitable.  If they had contained themselves to JUST Britain as an enemy, not declared on the US, or invaded Russia, I still think they lose.  The way looks different, but they still lose.    

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Well, that's good.

Support for stricter gun control drops.

But so is this.


Well, it is good if Roberts doesn't fink.  Big if.  He may have already.

"How could the CJ Finkosaurus fink this up. T-Bolt."

By re-writing the question.  

Monday, April 26, 2021

Ammo Prices

 Blazer 9mm is down to only 84 cents a round.  Getting better...

As Is Tradition

 The Monday bupkis.

Where I am sans fodder.

It's not like I haven't occasionally thought about firearms this weekend, I just haven’t thought anything blog worthy.

Saw a really nice picture of a gunsmith workshop on Facebook, but I can’t share that.  It was neat and well lit and had a window to another part of the shop.  I've always appreciated good workshops.  I didn't spend nearly enough time in mine, and now that my bad back prevents me, I really want to.

Fixit ideas on the back proceed, I am just impatient with the progress speed.  Got a line on some ablasion...

Few chairs are comfortable.  I got a prescription for a medical-chair at work, but I tried people that already had a chair for bad backs.  They were all worse.  The regular Aeron I already have is the best of them.  And at home, the La-Z-Boy in front of the TV, actually.  I feel like Roald Dahl.  Unable to get comfortable writing anywhere but the comfy chair in the writer's shed.  

Sunday, April 25, 2021



Podcast Narrators

I am starting to develop preferences in my podcast readers, and will listen to things I never would have considered because I like their voice.   

Anna Simon, a Dutch doctor looks like she has a hobby of volunteering for Librivox.  English is her second language, but she is pretty precise except with a few pronunciation quibbles.  Her voice is delicious.

And I mentioned Kristin Hughes before.

I am told Mark Nelson for scifi titles, but haven't tried him yet.

Friday, April 23, 2021

The internet is a cesspit

But I have learned so much from amateurs and hobbies on YouTube.  Stuff I never would have gotten a proper inkling from a book in the 1990s, say.

Because of YouTube I know what a Tourbillon is, and how it goes together.

You know what I haven't learned?  Gunsmithing.  Well, advanced gunsmithing.  Tho I am all ears if you have a suggestion on a channel.  Some offering on Brownells come closest. 

The finer points of customizing a 1911 aren't conducive to mere 15 minute videos, and need more in person hands on instruction, I found.

Don't get me wrong, field and detail stripping videos are a tremendously valuable resource.  They just aren't "pull the trigger a little bit.  Feel that wiggle?  That's loose disconnector."

But the only way I was going to get insight on cutting an acme thread apart from in person training is a demo on an internet vidja,.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Covid Deaths

 Whatcha think?

The deaths in the first hump (1) are old people in crowded parts of the county. The deaths in the second hump(2) are when it spreads to the county as a whole.  Just a theory.  Nice to see the drop off now. 

And below is nationwide.  Also good news, trendwise.  I don't see how this thing can flare up again without a massive mutation that defeats all the vax.


My governor has been pleased that all the vulnerable in Maryland have gotten at least the one shot.  Over 4 million shots in a state of 6 million.  1.7 million fully vaccinated in a state with only a million people over age 65 and thus extra vulnerable.  If you are over age 50, a healthcare worker or other essential personnel, or vulnerable due to some other condition and you haven't gotten a shot in this state yet it's because you don't want one or can't be arsed.  He is now focused on encouraging college students to get the stick.  And contacting 70,000 Medicaid recipients that haven't yet come in.

Death numbers will never get to be a big hump again at this rate.  A massive vax-defeating mutation or a new virus will have to be released in Wuhan for that to happen.  

Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Thanks to Amazon order history, I know that this brand of gun belt will last exactly 3.5 years before it delaminates. 

To be a good stiff leather belt, desirable for those that are unaware, normal belt leather is sewn to another normal belt layer.  Inside to inside.  Of the cow skin.  Double layers make the belt double priced, typically.  With really good stitching, this will last a while.  Duluth Trading company makes a "Lifetime Belt" where the stitching lasts a year and the two leather layers come apart a little.  The scourage of delamination.  Which is sub-optimal.  Fine for holding up pants when it delaminates.  Starts to be an issue with holding up pants and holster.  

All this is for a belt that looks fine at work and doesn't scream, "Steel core camo tacti-belt, watch out this guy is prolly a retired Army Ranger or something.  Or wishes her were so."  I dunno how long them fancier belts last.  Haven't tested them.  But would buy this brand again.  Next brand to test is Bigfoot.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Thanks to Patriot's Day

The Monday bupkis shifted to Tuesday.

It's 4/20.  Enjoy your Lucifer's Lettuce you perverted hippy reprobates.  When the reefer-induced psychosis hits, I hope you are nowhere near me.  Don't get confrontational with the cops, they'll just air you out.

My local Bass Pro occasionally gets ammo in.  I am told the price is reasonable.  This mean it gets hoovered up with a quickness.  I guess it would help to be lucky or to know someone that knows when the ammo truck is due. 

That Maxine Waters is a piece of work, isn't she?

Anime would be good if it weren't for all the Anime enthusiasts.  

Critical Race Theory Educrat enthusiasm, plague-panic-porn, wokesters, riot season, Domestic Neo-Marxist...  I dunno, it feels like it was made worse to distract folks from other more important things.  I'll miss Taiwan when it is gone.  And Ukraine.  

Monday, April 19, 2021

Patriot's Day

 That day in 1775 where Paul Revere rode out and said "The White Tails are coming!  The White Tails are coming!"

And that is why we have a Second Amendment to allow us to own lever-action .30-30s and .30-06 bolt guns and we are lucky for that much.  Defeat the scourge of deer coming out of Boston.  Have you seen what happens when a truck hits one of those on the highway?  Phew.  

Look are this green bastard looking out for an 8-pointer near the Old North Bridge.  

The reminds me...

Maybe they should mandate everyone wear a helmet all the time.  Falls where folks bump their head kills WAY more people than ARs.

Ear and eye pro.  In the unlikely even an AR does show up to the party, anyway.  I know it is SUPER unlikely, but, better safe than sorry.  Sorta like the chance someone would get a blood clot coincidence with a J&J vax.  

Safety first.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Pufft! Pufft!

 Is this a 1964 spoof of a British spy movie?  How many assassins does the Senator think are out there with magical suppressors that make pistols quieter than a bow and arrow?

This makes me feel pathetic

 He was much harder on his own body that I ever was on mine.  But here he is.  My age.  Playing professional Hockey with his sons, and still good at it.  There exists Howe to Howe assist-goals.  A professional hockey player has shouted "Dad!" during a match and gotten a puck passed to him.  

Gordie strode the world as a god.  

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Old Time Radio

I been listening to a lot of podcasts.  Free audiobooks, and old radio shows.  Nero Wolfe is a favorite right now, but there is a literal lifetime of commutes on available out there.  For free.  

Sometime you hear snippets of commercial for upcoming programs.  70 year old promotional commercials.  "Three chimes means good times at NBC.  Stay tuned after the Adventures of Nero Wolfe for an all new hilarious episode of Duffy's Tavern."

Having grown up when I did, the TV broadcast old TV shows.  In the sitcoms of the 50s (Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy...) you can feel and hear the exact same beats from the radio shows. It's all a continuum.  

I wonder if I'd feel the same things from reading popular magazines from the 20s and 30s?  Short stories, from the Saturday Evening Post.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Set Screw

These are set screws.

I've always heard em called a set screw, but they apparently have other names.   LOTS of em.  More than you'd think for something so tiny. 

Recently I heard it called worm screw, from some New Zealander.  

First heard grub screw from this guy. A few years back.

I think they are called 'spanners' in some parts of Britain.

NEVER heard it referred to a blind screw, tho.  I'll have to keep an ear out.

Make up your mind.  Decide on a name and stick with it.  Like Jo Blocks.  Folks call em Jo Blocks.  THey never call em Frank Blocks.  That would be silly.

Wait. They also call em Gage Blocks.  WHO THE HELL IS GAGE?!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

First CDC was all about the Gun Control

Firearms are a disease/health-threat or summat

Now racism is a serious public health threat, according to the CDC.

Well, everyone now knows that gun control is racism. So... I guess CDC did a 180 and it on our side now.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

20 years

Getting out after 20 years gives Al Qaeda a propaganda victory, Ms. Cheney?

You know what wouldn't have given them a propaganda victory?  Victory victory.  Like 16 years ago.  Too bad you don't know someone that could have helped pull that off, back then.  Prolly shoula been 18+ years ago.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Should you small-of-back carry


My answer?  Yes.  Obviously.  Better than a shoulder holster, or in your sock, like Sonny Crocket.

But I learned everything I know about CCW from hoody-wearing Axel Foley. And he carried small of back, so it must be best.  

*These are all opinions from 1986 T-Bolt.  Mileage may very.  But the Ponitac Fiero is a sweet machine.

Yup, Axel and his sweet Beretta wonder-nine carried in the small of his back. What could be better?


What?!  It was a Hi-Power?  Well, so much for my memory on a subject I was still unfamiliar with 30+ years ago.   So am I thinking of Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon for the Beretta?  Yeah

So, yeah, people don't carry at 6 o'clock much nowadays or when I started this blog.  When I started, most erryone was strong side hip, off center, IWB for concealed carry.  Now, a dozen plus years later a lot more Appendix carry you didn't see in 2007.

Things change and Beverly Hills Cop might not have held up as a training aid like I thought and HOLY GOD!!!

What is that?!  WTF IS THAT?!

That is Foley's boss, in that same movie, carrying a 1911, Mexican style, at his 9 o'clock, for a right hand draw.  No holster.  Thin, stylish, 1980s belt....  Shiver.  And the dude was an ACTUAL Detroit homicide detective when he wasn't acting.  So this was an actual thing.  Or may have been.  

Not to self.  In the future.  Don't take training tips from Eddie Murphy movies or Detroit homicide detectives.  

Seriously, appendix carry has it's ups and downs, but a big up is retention.  Easier to surprise you and snatch your gun if it is to your rear.  

Monday, April 12, 2021

Cautious Optimism

 Was referred to a chiropractor by the neurosurgeon. "It can't hurt and it might help."

He does four things

Zaps the lumbar area with a tens unit.

The chiro adjustment, on just the back.

Laser therapy on the feet soles for the neuropathy.

And decompression of the lumbar spine on a special table.

And I am starting to notice a bit of improvement.  The pain is still 3-4-5, but more 3 and less 5.  I haven't been 1-2-3 since I was on steroids and oxy for a week and a half.  We shall see.  As I write this it is 4PM on a Saturday and I haven't taken any Advil.  I am uncomfortable, yes, but I've been worse, and anything to give my organs a break I try to do.  

If indeed it is improving...  The pace is still morale-sappingly slow.  

Sunday, April 11, 2021

More like 'he's a moose knuckle'

Does this pic mean the ATF nominee David Chipman just earned a Pat Rogers moose-cock patch, earlier in his day, after dropping a mag?

Or does he just love moose-cock?

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Look at this

They both have mud in their treads.  Mud, or, manure.  And they are totally inappropriate shoes.  Except for the sole, of course, which are a coarse style tread you'd see on proper hiking boots.

These shoes are probably custom made for their feet.  From last that were fashioned years before.  They could have someone call up the shop, request some footwear, get top priority, and perfectly fitting safari shoes would arrive presently.  Glorious.  But I am glad isn't my boss. 


Remember how I was whining about camping?  Getting down to the ground, and then back, would be extra challenging.  Well...

This could be nice.  Not for backpacking of course.  But car camping.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Meh, EOs

Seems kinda meh,.  Weak sauce.  Trump's Executive Orders seemed so much more impactful, but I guess that's the nature of it.  It is easier to chop down acres and acre of regs than it is to impose new ones that would survive first contact with the judicial system.


  1. On again off again AR pistol braces are off again.  VERBOTEN!
  2. Try to think of a reg to make 80% frames/lowers verboten.
  3. Try to write up a red flag law to take the burden off the legislature to write the law and then they can just vote on it easy peasey.  It's hard to do a takings with just the Executive branch.  It'd get smacked down fast, they figure.  Get the lawmakers on board for a takings without due process.  To angle for Judicial branch buy in, too.

I half expected the Biden admin to risk more and take a bigger bite of the apple.

None of this puts an onus on bad guys or will move the gun violence needle.  But it's not supposed to.  It's supposed to move the football further down the field toward the total-ban endzone, of course.  Enforce the laws you got, instead of ignoring them.  Prosecute people that commit crimes with guns and imprison such violent people for long periods.  Prosecute people that are forbidden from having a gun for trying to buy a gun.  Project Exile type stuff.  That stuff helped.  But enforcement isn't in fashion right now.  

And this buy-panic is NEVER going to end.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Sleep Aid

 A lot of what I am doing to relieve my back pain is not recommended or sustainable, long term.  If I could get oxycodone I wouldn’t take it because of side effects and addiction issues.  I take a lotta ibuprofen but that can't go on forever as it is bad for he kidneys.  Acetaminophen is bad for the liver, especially if you drink, so that is out.  Aspirin is bad for the G.I. tract in pain relief dosages.

And I use a tumbler of bourbon as a sleep aid.

Can't keep that up because my favorite varieties of bourbon aren't cheap.  

Do you know what the sleep aid ingredient is in stuff like Tylenol Nighttime?  Benadryl.  I may alternate some of that instead of booze.  Especially in allergy season.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Got the blahs

I can't be arsed with the hobby.  Today at least.

"Any movement on just up and buying that DeLisle reproduction or equivalent, T-Bolt?"

Meh.  What's the point.

Now some of this is the health issues.  I no longer look at big 'ol Bug Out Bags.  I think about how to downsize and lighten.

One of the nice things about the video game Escape From Tarkov.  (It's a first person shooter and survival online player-vs-player game.)  You kit out before you enter play.  And weight and cost matters.  "I'll be fine with this AR and 2 mags in a chest rig.  No backpack, I'll loot one off a dead guy" and then "Heck, I'll just take an SKS with 30 loose rounds in my pockets, no chest rig, one bandage tucked in a sock.  Loot everything else I might need or die trying."

I look at the M1A and shiver.  Too heavy.  Especially with a dozen loaded magazines.  It always was a vehicle based gun.  At top physical condition I look sideways at that big toting rig and shake my head over the thought of a long walk.  

Backpack camp 8 miles from here?   Nowadays?  Yuck.  But I'd rather contemplate that with NO guns or ammo.  If I had to bring a boomstick bigger than a pistol, an AR is preferable to that 7.62 beast.  

But I have bandolier style pouches far mag fed rifles.  They hold 4 magazines.  I have 3 and a cleaning kit in them.  THAT is more BUG bag friendly.  And even my crippled back doesn't rebel thinking on it.  

(Who am I kidding?  A pistol and 2 spare magazines sounds too heavy right now)  

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Americans and new gun designs

It's true.

Think about it.  150 years ago how many people in this country owned a single action Colt style revolver and/or some variety of lever gun.  Those designs practically ARE America.  Not just Cowboy movies, but actual people.  

French people didn't own that many of those two type.  Not even close.  Now Swedes nor Prussians nor Egyptians.

"Well T-Bolt, they didn't have a vast Western frontier full of wilderness."

Fine.  South Africans and Rhodesians weren't chocablock with lever guns and revolvers.  Nor Australia.

Both designs were pretty fancy shmancy for the times, too.  'What do you need to shoot 5 rounds at one time for?  Going on a murder spree?'  Yeah, heard that strawman before.  

Monday, April 5, 2021

Monday? You got anything T-Bolt



Still nope.


The indoor range I am a member of has its yearly dues, uh... due.  To get your money out of it you have to do once a month.  I didn't go once a month last year.  Couldn't, in a lotta cases, the state wouldn't let them open.   Plus the ammo sitch.

But I have no qualms re-upping.  They stayed open all the times they were allowed to and they ARE a small business, struggling with the same stuff we all are.  

Well, they weren't struggling when people hoovered out every gun in the glass cabinets, but after that month they didn't sell so much the next because there was no inventory to restock the shelves.  

I should go and shoot this ammo I got back in the oughts.  I have too much .357.  Keep the semi-jacketed hollow point because the 1894 likes that

Sunday, April 4, 2021


 The worry just increases as you scroll down.


Finally got my taxes done.  I get back X from Feds, and owe 2X to the State.  And X is close to what Turbo Tax charges.  So no windfall for me.

Doing my taxes was a big deal because I gotta sit up to do it, and sitting up hurts the ol' spine that I'd been whining about for 10 months or so.  So, yay, me.

"Good job, T-bolt!  How did you celebrate?"

I'm a grown ass man!  This is one of those onerous chores that every adult has to do.  Do you think it appropriate to dole out special rewards for doing what you are expected to do?  A participation trophy?

Ahem, I had a slice of Key Lime pie.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

It wasn't that long ago

 When I had a buncha duckpin lanes to choose from, locally.  I miss em.

Friday, April 2, 2021

It just struck me

Mom was born and raised in Kalamazoo Michigan.  Move to metropolitan DC a handful of years before I was born and worked as a bank teller.  But her formative years were deep in the midwest.

She always called it Soda.  Never Pop. Known that woman for more than 50 years...

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Guns for Hunters

 Or Hunter in this case.  The crack addled prodigal Biden.

It's reported the gun he bought that was then pitched in a dumpster by his girlfriend was a Colt Cobra snubbie .38.  I'd guess one of the new ones Colt has been making since interest surged with The Walking Dead's Python, and not a vintage one.  Retails for about the same as a Smith & Wesson J-Frame.  

Why that model, I wonder?  For him, price would be little object, he's got all that Burisma board bribe money of $50k a month even with his Pops taking 50% of that off the top.    

He kept it in a car lockbox, so maybe he didn't want anything full size.  I bet he's a n00b at shooting, so he doesn't want any learning curve on his blaster's operating system, and a revolver is as easy to use as a fork.   

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

HP or HP


I first saw "Hewlett Packard" when I saw 'HP'.  Stupid job.

I wish it had been one of the others.

I may have to get myself a new line of work.  This one doesn't seem to agree with me anymore.  

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


These aren't loopholes New York Post. (I prolly shouldn't blame the Post for an AP story, but they did put it up.)

"The killer bought a gun and then had a gun."  And?

"The killer bought a gun despite having an assault conviction as a minor." Yeah, I agree, if you are gonna make a person prohibited then felony convictions, or violent misdemeanors, should qualify as a legit reason.  But to have a background check system that catches on to such then the gummint has to actually report people as bad guys to the background check system.   Incompetence or a legally expunged youth record. Not a loophole.  This journalist even recognizes that.  Still calls it a loophole.

Here's a thought.  When repeated failure of gun control laws fail to stop something, maybe that failed regulation should be repealed before thinking up something new to add to the pile of regulations?  Background checks failed to stop the last umpteen mass shootings, so no more background checks.  They clearly aren't working.  Or, 'working.'

"...bought a Ruger AR-556 pistol, a semi-automatic weapon with a 30-round capacity"  Yeah, it also has a 10 round capacity and a 20 and a 100.  Citified journalism degree ignorance?  You can almost hear the wheels in his head kachunking.  Wait, is this an AR-15?  It says AR.  But that number after it is bigger than 15.  Does that mean it is that much more dangerous?  But it's a pistol, and I coulda swore AR-15 were rifles.

The writer does float the idea that sex-addicts should be banned from gun ownership that same as Reefer Addicts already are.

But lets be honest here.  The reason their side wants a background check on every sale is to get backdoor gun registry up, over time.  Once they are confident of the location of a goodly number of the nations 500,000,000 extant firearms then a gun confiscation from law-abiding owners becomes possible.  Want to get a universal background check passed tomorrow?  Take the serial numbers off the NICS check.  The gun banners want the registry and won't agree because they think they can win it their way, but you will see where they stand if you bring up the idea.

In another shooting "legally purchased six firearms in the three years before he opened fire on a municipal building, including the two .45-caliber pistols used in the attack. An independent review of the shooting, commissioned by the City of Virginia Beach, found that he displayed no warning signs or “prohibited behaviors associated with a pathway to violence,” and that he had no known history of mental health treatment."  What loophole was this?  What law does the writer want passed that would address this?  A law against murder

Monday, March 29, 2021


Baltimore is telling folks to trespass all they want.  No longer any real consequences.  If it was an Open Carry city you could be told by the store owner to leave and not come back with a gun  on your hip and nothing would happen to you.  The cops wouldn't make you leave.  Trespassing was how gun squishes kept OC out of their stores.

But Bawlmer isn't carry friendly.  Fine.  Well now you can piss in the middle of a barroom (which is also legal) and when the bartender tells you to leave you don't have to.  You aren't trespassing.  What if they have a bouncer?  Well, without the trespassing part isn't the bouncer just assaulting you?  The courts will still prosecute that.  

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Whelp, the brain surgeon is out of ideas

Took a look at my imaging and can't think of a surgical solution.

Which is a big deal.  I like it when a surgeon declines to fix a problem with surgery.  That's a good thing.

But now what do I do with this back?

He's referring me to a chiroprocter and acupuncturist and a neurologist.  The first two can prolly do no harm. And might help.  The third tests for packet loss on my internal network.  Shrug.

But hey, my neck is indeed fixed.  

Saturday, March 27, 2021


 Been listening to a lot of H. P. Lovecraft and Arthur Conan Doyle.  Both seemed enamored with overusing the word 'singular.'  Their use of singular. isn't.

Throw a unique in there, fellas.  Or even an extraordinary.

But I don't think it is just them.  A century ago a lot of prose had extra singulars, if I can now recall.  

Another thing the snooty Doyle and Lovecraft worried about a lot in their stories.  Scandal!  People would murder themselves or others if something embarrassing happened to them or to prevent same, and if they didn't die greater society would never let them off the hook.  Alien to out modern sensibilities.  If my bride worked in summer stock theater performing musicals and it got out that she did so just after the marriage I wouldn't go begging for an annulment.  But we do overshare, these days.  I would mind a little less, if we could do it without great stigma.  I've heard about too many strangers sex lives and colonoscopies.  And I am guilty, too, no mistake.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Grocery Report

 Not much to report.  I stopped sorta doing this when things got back to normalish in the early fall.  Supplies were decent, and there were few shortages.  

Moreso now.  All the cleaners were in place, and there was so much paper goods that they were stacking Brawny and Bounty on the floors in front of the shelves.  

One other thing.  Traffic backup are back to normal.  Which is unwelcome.  It means people are going into the office as these backup aren't on schoolbus routes.  

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Crazy Town

Do you know anyone, especially in your own family, that is legit mentally ill.  Crazy-town?  A danger to themselves and others?

I was thinking about how HARD it would be to do something about that.  Just massively difficult.  I am glad it is not a problem I have had to confront.

To get a friend or family member committed, even if it is for the best would be gun wrenching.  

How to fix this?  I don't know.  Make the experience feel much more like you are securing them real meaningful help rather that condemning them to compelled institutionalization?  But we'd have to be confident that the insanity could be cured, and rather quickly, properly resecuring the afflicted's freedom.  

But we aren't confident.  At all.  There is no quick cure.  This isn't the Clap, circa 1965.  Where a shot fixes you up.  So we are still confronted with the hesitancy of compelling someone to at least get treatment.  And sometimes that is deadly.  If it was ALWAYS deadly, it'd be a lot easier to lock up crazy Uncle Frank.  But not all ticking time bombs go off.  Hell MOST of these time bombs don't go off.  And therein lies the problem.

The family of the Boulder shooter, I am sure, would rather have had that shooter committed to some asylum 2 months ago and maybe getting good treatment, but definitely secure and in custodial care, than in jail now and prison hereafter.  Also secure.  But without the 10 innocent victims. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Well THAT will replace the white whale in my nightmares

Monday, March 22, 2021

It was so long ago

I am trying to remember what guns I was interested in before Covid and Antifa riots and Gun Ban legislation made gun shopping challenging.

Let the first time buyers get ahead of me in line.  I have guns.

But there are still holes.  Still have gotten a DeLisle.  A suppressed rifle that shoots .45, preferably taking 1911 mags.

And I was close to getting an M&P Shield.  Single stack? (naw, staggerg stack), compact, 9mm.  Maryland friendly.  Replace the J-Frame in my year round carry regime.  I think Tam has an article coming out soon that will address my questions.  

Social media ads seem to think I need an Urban Carry G3 holster.  The small Shield would match with that.  But I don't know.... Master Ken seems to like the crotch protecting features.  Maybe stick with a more conventional holster.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Taxes are gonna go up

 And YOU are going to pay more.  A lot more.

"But T-Bolt, Biden said he is only going after the people making $400,000 or more."

That number has altered to 200k.

But that doesn't matter.  It will be 50k soon enough.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Usually the anchor goes right through

Ask EB Misfit. She'll tell you.


He's not an Idiot

He just thinks all you rubes are.

Friday, March 19, 2021

DC Industry

 This place hasn't always been a one-company town.  We used to do industry.  Well, for the gummint, yes, but still better than producing nothing but paper that tells other people what to do.

They turned the place that made torpedos across the river into an art center.

But there was more general industry in this ecosphere, including a woodworking tool manufacturer.

Other regions were further along with hard industries than this sleepy southern town, and all local ones would be eclipsed in economic market share by the exponential growth of the federal government during the FDR administration and the coming of WWII.  

"But the Navy still needs weapons systems T-Bolts?  Why is Navy Yard not the powerhouse it used to be the first half of the 20th Century"

Dunno.  Lotta money in weapons contracts in the cold war era.  Lotta political favors need to be bought out there.  Might be that lead to an industrial diaspora away from the mother ship.  And those machinists could move or just get office jobs, I guess.   

Thursday, March 18, 2021


 I was using information gleaned from lived examples in the misty past when my grandfather was but a tween and THIS guy uses something from Johns Hopkins two years ago.

Pandemic -100

The graph for infections and deaths in this pandemic is remarkable parallel to the one in 1918

First noticed in January, then initial surge, quieter summer, much bigger spike in the late Fall, then another regular size Spring.

Differences.  Back then public fear and gov't underreaction 100 years ago lead to shut downs.  We didn't have the same kind of war censorship today we had then.  Totally different kind of censorship now.  And different age cohorts were harder hit.  Not as many crowded draftee army bases, troop ships, and trenches nowadays.

Oh and there is more of a vaccine rollout now than then.  That'll make the comparative spring graphs diverge.  So watch Europe.  Worse vaccine rollout there, so it will look more like 1918 there.

But the graphs, no matter how an area reacted to the outbreak, the humps came when the humps came. Some crowds made for superspreader events, other indistinguishable crowds did not. Just a huge feeling of inexorable inevitiblity.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Pince nez

 And palimpsest.

I’ve seen those words, as printed words, most of my literate life.  But I have only heard them pronounced this week.  Not what I expected. One of those "I was today years old" things.

From a librivox recording.  A Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez, and Kristin Hughes is a wonderful podcast narrator.   Very crisp and precise reading voice.

And taking joy in the language.  On today, an Irish holiday.  A nation with a plethora of people that also revel in the written word. 

But I use these, myself, for reading.  I thought I had them in a 0.5 diopters correction, but the lowest they sell now is 1.0.  Nooz.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

I always liked Yaphet Kotto

The Ammo Situation

Went to check online.  Ugh.  But you knew that.  The ammo situation is still dire. Low availability and 200% markups from 'normal' on what is actually in stock.  With the gun banning legislation bouncing around it won't get better until that is long over.  And that's me being optimistic.

Doesn't matter.  Gonna get an immunization shot tomorrow and be effectively immortal and invincible, by...  Sunday?  Certainly by 2 Sundays from now.  Then I will stride the earth like a titan, help get little cats out of high trees.  Stop by ammo factories and see if there is heavy stuff they need moved around for free. 

Monday, March 15, 2021

Maybe I'm Not Too Fat

(And I take a lot of my self defense online training from Master Ken, of course.)

I view Mr Correia's videos on youtubeyoutube, too.  He is a man of similar size and carriage as me.  But until this Master Ken video I didn't know he did appendix carry.  A lightbulb went off.  Maybe a guy as fat as me CAN appendix carry.  I'll have to get the blue gun and putter around the house, see how it feels.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

I am in hell

Thoughts and Prayers for Schumer

 Vote?  Is he gonna suspend filibuster rules for the first time ever on gun control bills?

Or maybe he has 10 Republicans going along with his agenda.  I doubt one is Steve Scalise, not despite what happened, but because.

(ed:  I don't know why the link works sometimes but not others... Stupid Fox)

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Man I love living in the future

 What is WRONG with some of you people.  And when I say 'you people'  I don't mean you people you people.  I just mean you people.  The 'tother way.

A Bucks County woman created ‘deepfake’ videos to harass rivals on her daughter’s cheerleading squad, DA says

USAF lose badly to CHICOMS

Yeah, but I bet their pass rate on Sensitivity Training was WAY better than the Chinese People's Army.

I had the idea for this post 3 days ago, and now it looks like everyone has had the same comment.  When I was in the military it was drilled into me that training was nearly the most important thing you could be doing, second only to victory in battle.  

It did not mean Sensitivity Training.    

But maybe today training to fight and winning battles are no longer the priority at DoD.  I've had my DD214 a long time.  Screw victory in battle in the 21st Century.  Now have a victory over a new anchor.  

Is this the best use of your time Command Signal Major Lemon?  You sound like Swallwell.  Never a good look.

Friday, March 12, 2021

This is healthcare!

"You can't pay for anything out of pocket! That's insane!"

So my MRI place got bought out by MedStar, and they decided that I don't get an MRI unless I jump through a buncha hoops first.  What a difference 3 months makes.  So no imaging.  My doctor's office is trying to go to bat for me before the next appointment on the 23rd. 

Thanks Obama.

"We'll let you get an MRI after 2 more doctor visits, and 16 more PT sessions, all at $30 a pop, co-pay."

I did PT.  It made things worse.  And all that costs more than the $500 an MRI goes for. 


But, I got an appointment for the vax.  St Paddy's day.  It's a dice throw on which company, but everyone that got the one and done J&J here have had flu like symptoms for 2 days after.  So if I get that one I better hit the pubs right away before it kicks in.  

"How did you manage that?  Are you special?"

Sorta?  Essential worker and all that.  Though they aren't really demanding proof apart from my word.  I will be the last in my extended family to get a shot.  Even my work from home Navy brother got one already, and the over-70s have all gotten both shots.  The office I work at only has one more person that hasn't gotten an appt lined up.  Dollars to donuts, before May some of us will be leaving the mask in the car. 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

This isn't the ammo blog idea, but...

We were discussing ammo deterioration.  Quite a few people had an example of ammo that went bad.  

I'm not talking the ammo stored in a paper sack in the basement that floods all the time.  Properly stored in a upstairs closet sort of storage in a year round climate controlled house.  

Mine was leftovers from the 1950s.  But other had tell of ammo going bad less than 20 years old.  All corroded, lots of duds...

Can you guess the commonality?

It was .22, correct.  Huh.

Anyone else notice a propensity for their long rifle ammo spoiling?  If so, do you know what causes that, if I am noticing an actual 'thing'?

Wednesday, March 10, 2021


No, not Col. Cooper or the Steyr Scout, though I have been fascinated with both.  Look at that vest!  LOOK AT IT!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Admittedly, tho

 I do like one feature of books that come on a screen.  If you touch a word, it give you the definition.  Yet another efficiency increase thanks to technology.

I buy Blu Ray

To, just in case, actually have physical property of my media.  

So, you know, Hitchcock movies, Blazing Saddles, Caddyshack.  Stuff that might be cancelled and yoinked from the regular economy.

I was never a fan of Dr. Seuss.  Even as a kid.  So... Meh.  The Grinch cartoon is good!  Worth having.  So I don't need to buy Mulberry Street.

Never a fan of Gone With the Wind, neither.  I mean, I saw it, thought it plodding, the burning of the King Kong set as a stand in for Atlanta was cool, but I never saw the greater appeal.  

I have a spare DVD player, as well. 

Of course I am not the only one with this attitude.

Nobody reads Hemingway anymore.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Had an idea

 Last night.  For blog fodder.  But I didn't jot down a note.  Now it's gone.

I think it was about ammo.  Not wadcutters, but wad cutters are all I can think about now.


My standard blog drought day.  Or I could whine about my spine.  I'm sure you all lover reading about that.

"Everyone talks about their aches and pains, but no one ever does anything about it, T-Bolt."

Not true!  I go for lumbar imagery today.  Two weeks, the Noive Doctor follow up.  I just hope he has a way to fix it a little short of Laminectomy.  I hate ectomies.  This Florida Man performed a wholly different kind of ectomy, but just as unwelcome.  Maybe a bit more unwelcome...

I've had a couple of good days, tho.  You know how I know its a good day?  I go "Up, time for ibuprofen!  Wait...  I don't feel so bad.  I can skip it for now."  Low pain days are nice.

"So what is causing all this, T-Bolt.  What is it?"  

Spinal Stenosis.  Most like caused by:  Old.  A narrowing of the channel the nerves ride in, both the main cord itself and all the branches off of it. Thing that didn't help it:  

  • 6 years of military style physical training every week.
  • Working in microbrewery throughout the 90s lifting kegs that weighed 140 pounds, grain sacks that weighed 50, trashcans full of wet, spent, malted barley, shifting hundreds of beer cases at a go.  Oh and shoveling enough snow to get semi trailers to back to our door.  And the 90s had quite a few good snow storms.
  • Three decent car accidents that didn't send me to the doctor, but weren't nothing, either. 
  • And 20 years of system administrator posture.
But mostly just being old.  It's arthritis on the bones narrowing the channels, ya know.  No history in the family of people with similar issues except maybe dad.  He had a twinge in his back that would come on sudden.  It went away of it's own accord by the time he was about my age now. 

But, lets get some pictures.  Clearer ones, this time.    

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Which was the bad guy of WWII, Europe side?

 Easy!  The one that invaded Poland in 1939.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Good Ol' Uncle Joe

Near Future NBA Prediction

 "The 3-Point line is racist"

Hell, it may have already been a thing for a time and I just forgot.

Friday, March 5, 2021

You Tube may be worse than CPAC

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Update on that Insurrection 2:

 QAnon boogaloo.

What a jerk

Banned from hunting errywhere, but Hawaii and Mass.  Has to turn in the guns he used for poaching.

It's not like it is really that hard to adhere to most hunting regulations.  He didn't just poach a lil bit...  he poached it lotta bit.  Like he preferred it out of season.

I imagine he can get another rifle tomorrow.  And he can buy a couple hundred acres.  I assume in that situation he can hunt all year round from his back deck.  Ifn that was what he wanted.  He seems trophy obsessed and not venison obscessed, tho. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

... uh huh...

What do you do here?

Wayne?  You can't think of ANY gun law that might be a bit much?  A bit of an infringement?  Not providing any public safety benefits despite what it was billed as before it was passed (like that matters with a right anyway)?

You suck up all the money to live high on the hog, AND you don't really advocate for our rights, which should have been you raison d'etre.  Plus flubbing the New York incorporation.  Out.  Of.  Touch.  


If you had said "We don't need to repeal any gun laws," out loud I'd be for investigating you for malfeasance to pack you away in prison.  Instead of retire.

Retire, you have outlived your usefulness.  If you ever had much in the first place.  Now you have the utility for the cause as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021


 I'd been reading up on the Waco Siege of the Branch Davidians because the ATF was being all mournful of the 4 agents that dies there.  Not so much for the 80 some 'civilians' that died there (2 dozen children) because the ATF wanted to make a flashy arrest for the cameras and elevate their exposure.

Oh, their exposure got elevated alright.

The thing that got the ATF sniffing around is the cult (a bit sketchy as a cult, yes, but the ATF doesn't arrest people for being in a fringe Christian group...) were firearms enthusiasts.  They made some folding money with an FFL selling stuff at gun shows.  Being very meticulous to properly fill out the ATF forms.  The ATF found it sketchy that they got shipped firearms accessories.  Citing a time when they got 60 AR magazines at one time.


I bet more than one reader of this tiny blog has considered owning up to sixty magazines for personal use.  

For that all this people had to die.

President Clinton:  "Why can't you just wait them out?"

Janet Reno: "Well, the FBI shooter team is getting tired."

President Clinton: "..."

Janet Reno:  "Plus reports children are getting molested, like all them Satanic daycare centers across the country!"

President Clinton:  "Whatever... Look, do what you want, but if this goes pear shaped that is on you."

And it went pear shaped.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Does Mitt have a brother?

That, you know, likes to drink a lot, and was known for being a southpaw boxer back in the day.

Like Harry Reid's brother!  Sure, Harry, it slipped.  

Wait, Mitt was visiting his boy, Tagg.  No word on Tagg's boxing prowess.


 But I thought that I was the only one that went on Ancient Rome fish sauce jags.


If I had a time machine I'd go back to 1979 and bring back some Trac II razors.

But I'd also go back to 79 BC and bring back an amphora of garum.  Just to see what the fuss was about.

Monday always sneaks up on me.

 Been doin some experimenting.  Dosing with booze to help with sleeping.  What with the painful spine and all.  Beer is less effective than I remember, and wine isn’t much better.   But four fingers of bourbon does a decent job.  And unlike opioids, alcohol isn’t addictive.


It is?!  No shit.  Huh.

Sunday, February 28, 2021


 Sometime I want to get into machining.  Maybe make a clock.  Maybe use a foundry to pour the brass or aluminum or whatnot.  If I had a really good foundry...  Steel 1911 parts!

Maybe not.


Saturday, February 27, 2021

Shaving x2

"What about electric razors, T-Bolt?  I don't know about relative efficiency, but... Maybe try those?"

You know, I did try some electric razors back in the day.  The Norelco ones with the circular blades, the straight across old school Remington kind, the newer fangled Braun types. They didn't shave as close, I got gigged at uniform inspections because of that.  And something about them irritated my skin and sometime that irritation because a skin infection.

One of the things about wet shaving is the intense application of hot water and a soapy product and then scraping away dead skin and skin oil with the blade.  It cut down on acne as soon as a shaved that way, regular.  Plus no other infections.  

I have noticed that older men switch to electric razors a lot of times.  I don't know why.  Looser face skin?  Less steady hands?  Same reason old guys look for something single action for ease of use?  Dunno.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Genius Smartguns

"We can use AI to make ethically correct Smart Guns that locks out mass shooters"

Pass me by with that nonsense.  You can't even make functioning DUMB Smartguns.  

We've been over this.  The smartgun part of a smart gun will fail sometimes (fail a LOTTA times for early generation smart gizmos.)

When it fails will it fail safe or non-safe?  

Will the owner need to use his gun, but the tech falsely locks him out?  Or will the owner need the gun not to function because the bad guy grabbed it but it DOESN'T lock the bad guy out?  That's fail safe versus fail non-safe.

Either way is a lawsuit and makes the scheme unviable.  So now the gummint has to bend over backward for that.  But they seem to be the former.  Fail, and not shoot, even when the rightful owners wants to and needs to.  Of course.  

If the gummint wants to repeal the Second and ban all gun just try that (and good luck).  Don't do it via this Rube Goldberg method.  

Thursday, February 25, 2021

My County's School System


If they wanted to end the fully vaccinated, over-unioned, teachers they should set a date to re-open the schools and stop paying the teachers that don't come back.  It's not like the county is taking in a lotta tax money with everyone not participating in the local economy as hard, where is the teacher salary money coming from?

We do, truly, live in amazing times.  SUCH a long mass quarantine!  Couldn't have done what we've done now back in 1920.   Or 1990 for that matter.  People would have had to break it pretty quick if not for the internet and our ability to get people to deliver everything.  No matter your opinion on the lockdown efficacy, the fact what was done was even possible amazed.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

You know what else makes me feel shame

Installing the mag release button before replacing the trigger/trigger-bow. 

And ALL 1911 gunsmiths have done that.  More than once.  Guaranteed.  They often don't care to admit it... 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Illegally Possessed Firearm

 Nice!  You don't see many of these around anymore.  The opening of Superman?

The Gutta Percha looks to be in fine shape.

Now I've heard of five-screw S&W and started counting.  Five!  But wait, it's a Colt.  Took me a minute to notice and then I felt great shame.