Sunday, February 19, 2017


Another liberal enclave, another report of a person with an Assault Rifle.

And she's a school librarian so now there is a call to ban ANY teacher from ever owning a gun.  We shouldn't let em vote, neither!  Or be given a trial by jury!  Why did we let gov't employees have any rights?

Like before, I doubt that this is an assault rifle.  Care to wager, Melkorka Licea and Susan Edelman, Journalists (TM) extraordinaire? 

By the looks of that mag well, looks like pistol caliber carbine, too.  Those things are selling pretty good lately.  Anyway, bet the farm it's not a machine gun.  Leave the poor librarian alone, pants wetters.


Rocket packs.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

I Hate Clickbait

"Pic of Canadian Mounties 'greeting' refugees goes viral but here's what's NOT mentioned"

"The RCMP later cooked and ate the hapless southern trespassers with fava beans and a nice Chianti."

"Here's a fresh one!"


Imagine, instead of his thinking peaking in the 60s, Cooper was peaking now, 50 years later...

Well he would look like some of the good instructors around these day, moving the ball of knowledge downfield, just like the current really good instructors are moving it standing on the shoulders of giants like Old Cooper.

Cooper, when in his 30s - 70s, would be the first guy to admit a better way might be a better way.  Just because he got crotchety in his dotage doesn't mean he wouldn't have recognized a good thing.

Thought getting him off .45 FMJ and onto 9mm HST would be a heavy lift.

As heavy as the burger's you get at Five Guys, mmmm, that's a tasty burger!  Important part of any nutritious breakfast.  Buy three, today!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Blog Maintenance

One of my loyal reader wrote and suggested I clean up the link list over there ---->

Got the blog list pared, now, today, tackle the vendor/misc list.

Good idea.

Not much else to mind right now.

I was surprise that 27% of police these days have fired their service weapon for realsies, according to Pew.  I was surprised it was that big a number.  Even accounting for dispatching road-injured whitetail.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Holy Crap

I just realized...

Did you know that Donald Trump is president? 

This is kinda weird.

And on the 15th

Look at that!

Decent results after the first target upper left, everything else the same, except for one thing, but drifting right now, a week later.  Just a tich.  And a noticeable slight anticipation of recoil when the hammer falls on an empty chamber...  Dangit. 

I need to test that one thing.  A simple difference, other than time.  I'll tell you what that is then, next week's post.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Range Day Feb 8

Strings of 10.  Pretty fast cadence.  Not 1 and 2 and 3 and 4, but more 1and2and3and4.

That first target, upper left... Ugh, that's gonna make for a looooong day.  But wait.  Each subsequent target was much improved.  Like I needed to warm up before not sucking.

And this is at 25 feet instead of 10, like last time, four days ago, on the 4th.

Closeup of the first 10:

And the last 10:

So, mini break-through after settling down.  Good session.  Need to shoot cold a little better, but this improvement target to target I will take as it is solid progress.  Pleased with this day at the range.

One failure, to eject, #26.  50 rounds.  1835 rounds total.  And I'm really impressed by the small number of failures in a conversion kit .22.   They come pretty regular, yes, now that I am tracking, but I expected more frequency.  Of course it isn't a true test, with no cleaning or lubing.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Oh, Damn...

Machine Guns in Maryland!

At a crime scene in Upper Marlboro:

Roses are Red
I like Violets a lot

First of all, notice the secondary bad guy, here, is the Sport Utility Vehicle?  It murdered a guy!  But it was a guy with an "Assault Rifle" so WTOP has mixed emotions about that...

I am willing to bet you, WTOP reporter, $1000 that it was not an assault rifle.  It's not more an assault rifle anymore than that kit car of yours, built on top of a Pontiac Fiero, is a Lambroghini.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Hang On Sloopy

The guy that recorded that song in the 60s, he still flies alot.  Rick Derringer.  30 - 50 times a year.  He always flies with a gun in his carry-on baggage.  So he has flown over 400 times since the invention of the Transportation Security Administration.  And he was only just caught now.

Why did he have a gun with him despite being VERBOTEN?  He didn't know it was against the rules.  HA!  I love this guy.

What tipped off the mentally deficient TSA gropers?  The loaded magazine shows up better on the xray machine.  They noticed that.

Derringer is not the first person I know of that has gotten his pocket pistol past the crack squads manning the security cordon at the airport, but he is the only one I know of that did it on purpose. 

It's ok to just do away with TSA, while you are zeroing out excess gummint agencies.  It's just another one that doesn't do anything worthwhile.

Japanese Sailors

Man the actors portraying sailor play-fighting a huge battleship sure do a lot of shouting.  What's the French word for esprit de la guerre?  Anyway.  Lots of carrying on.  I wonder how it was in real life on a Japanese ship?  Same kind of shouting?  Or less enthusiasm, and more professionalism, and let the army do the banzai shouts, the Navy will do their job more calmly and with less dramatic heroics.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Climb the Texas Tower

The Texas Tower shooting of 1966

Charles Whitman.  None of you numbnuts know who Charles Whitman is?

Ordinary Texans broke out their hunting rifles and returns fire, probably suppressing Whitman.  Only 2 people admitted to that since then, but you can tell more than 2 people were doing so from the audio.

Bravos for citizen response?

But PBS claims all these non-po-po shooting caused the police to hand back to avoid getting in the crossfire.  Well, those PBS folks would say that no matter what the truth of the matter is

Saturday, February 11, 2017