Tuesday, March 2, 2021


 I'd been reading up on the Waco Siege of the Branch Davidians because the ATF was being all mournful of the 4 agents that dies there.  Not so much for the 80 some 'civilians' that died there (2 dozen children) because the ATF wanted to make a flashy arrest for the cameras and elevate their exposure.

Oh, their exposure got elevated alright.

The thing that got the ATF sniffing around is the cult (a bit sketchy as a cult, yes, but the ATF doesn't arrest people for being in a fringe Christian group...) were firearms enthusiasts.  They made some folding money with an FFL selling stuff at gun shows.  Being very meticulous to properly fill out the ATF forms.  The ATF found it sketchy that they got shipped firearms accessories.  Citing a time when they got 60 AR magazines at one time.


I bet more than one reader of this tiny blog has considered owning up to sixty magazines for personal use.  

For that all this people had to die.

President Clinton:  "Why can't you just wait them out?"

Janet Reno: "Well, the FBI shooter team is getting tired."

President Clinton: "..."

Janet Reno:  "Plus reports children are getting molested, like all them Satanic daycare centers across the country!"

President Clinton:  "Whatever... Look, do what you want, but if this goes pear shaped that is on you."

And it went pear shaped.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Does Mitt have a brother?

That, you know, likes to drink a lot, and was known for being a southpaw boxer back in the day.

Like Harry Reid's brother!  Sure, Harry, it slipped.  

Wait, Mitt was visiting his boy, Tagg.  No word on Tagg's boxing prowess.


 But I thought that I was the only one that went on Ancient Rome fish sauce jags.


If I had a time machine I'd go back to 1979 and bring back some Trac II razors.

But I'd also go back to 79 BC and bring back an amphora of garum.  Just to see what the fuss was about.

Monday always sneaks up on me.

 Been doin some experimenting.  Dosing with booze to help with sleeping.  What with the painful spine and all.  Beer is less effective than I remember, and wine isn’t much better.   But four fingers of bourbon does a decent job.  And unlike opioids, alcohol isn’t addictive.


It is?!  No shit.  Huh.

Sunday, February 28, 2021


 Sometime I want to get into machining.  Maybe make a clock.  Maybe use a foundry to pour the brass or aluminum or whatnot.  If I had a really good foundry...  Steel 1911 parts!

Maybe not.


Saturday, February 27, 2021

Shaving x2

"What about electric razors, T-Bolt?  I don't know about relative efficiency, but... Maybe try those?"

You know, I did try some electric razors back in the day.  The Norelco ones with the circular blades, the straight across old school Remington kind, the newer fangled Braun types. They didn't shave as close, I got gigged at uniform inspections because of that.  And something about them irritated my skin and sometime that irritation because a skin infection.

One of the things about wet shaving is the intense application of hot water and a soapy product and then scraping away dead skin and skin oil with the blade.  It cut down on acne as soon as a shaved that way, regular.  Plus no other infections.  

I have noticed that older men switch to electric razors a lot of times.  I don't know why.  Looser face skin?  Less steady hands?  Same reason old guys look for something single action for ease of use?  Dunno.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Genius Smartguns

"We can use AI to make ethically correct Smart Guns that locks out mass shooters"

Pass me by with that nonsense.  You can't even make functioning DUMB Smartguns.  

We've been over this.  The smartgun part of a smart gun will fail sometimes (fail a LOTTA times for early generation smart gizmos.)

When it fails will it fail safe or non-safe?  

Will the owner need to use his gun, but the tech falsely locks him out?  Or will the owner need the gun not to function because the bad guy grabbed it but it DOESN'T lock the bad guy out?  That's fail safe versus fail non-safe.

Either way is a lawsuit and makes the scheme unviable.  So now the gummint has to bend over backward for that.  But they seem to be the former.  Fail, and not shoot, even when the rightful owners wants to and needs to.  Of course.  

If the gummint wants to repeal the Second and ban all gun just try that (and good luck).  Don't do it via this Rube Goldberg method.  

Thursday, February 25, 2021

My County's School System


If they wanted to end the fully vaccinated, over-unioned, teachers they should set a date to re-open the schools and stop paying the teachers that don't come back.  It's not like the county is taking in a lotta tax money with everyone not participating in the local economy as hard, where is the teacher salary money coming from?

We do, truly, live in amazing times.  SUCH a long mass quarantine!  Couldn't have done what we've done now back in 1920.   Or 1990 for that matter.  People would have had to break it pretty quick if not for the internet and our ability to get people to deliver everything.  No matter your opinion on the lockdown efficacy, the fact what was done was even possible amazed.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

You know what else makes me feel shame

Installing the mag release button before replacing the trigger/trigger-bow. 

And ALL 1911 gunsmiths have done that.  More than once.  Guaranteed.  They often don't care to admit it... 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Illegally Possessed Firearm

 Nice!  You don't see many of these around anymore.  The opening of Superman?

The Gutta Percha looks to be in fine shape.

Now I've heard of five-screw S&W and started counting.  Five!  But wait, it's a Colt.  Took me a minute to notice and then I felt great shame.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Or Straight Razors

"Fountain pens, automatic watches, tube amps, revolvers, mechanical cameras..."  I am right there with you, Tam, on old style tech.  Fascinated by it.  And dabble in it to one degree or another.  

But.  I can tell you definitive experience, the technological progression of the shaving razor were all upgrades.  For a time.  (Tam doesn't argue agin this, per se, this is more a general old-style tech argument with To Whom It May Concern in the header)

I shave with a straight razor occasionally.  I am decent at it.  It is easy once you know the method and get over that first scary hurdle where you might, no shit, cut your throat unto death.  It's a skill and a luxury shave when you have time.  Like on a Saturday.

But a straight razor is slow and inefficient.  Compared to a safety razor.  You know, that double edged razor blade invented a bit over a hundred years ago.  I shave with one.  Most days.  Much faster to accomplish when you gotta get to work.  My father shaver with one, too, in the 70s.  I shave with it as a bit of a conceit to the older tech.  But.  Then...

Remember the hype of the Trac II on the TV commercials?  'The first blade cuts, the second blade gets it before it retracts into the skin.'  I'm here to tell you, on a beard only 24 hours since the last cut?  This razor is much closer, much faster, much more efficient than a safety razor.  Fewer nicks and cuts too.  A  disposable double blade would shave faster than my Olde Timey safety razor at only a bit more cost.  

Then, the razor reach exceeds the grasp.  It's harder to get under the nose with a triple blade, even harder with a quintuple blade.  The slimy lubrication strip on the cartridge just makes it harder to clean your face after.  The swivel does nothing special.  Shaving efficiency hit the wall in the 1970s, sad to say.  I use Mach 3 three-bladed cartridges when I shave my head.  For my face?  Nothing patented after 1975 is an improvement.  If Trac II cartridges without the slime strip were still available I'd still have one. 

The greater 'market' signals this, now, too.   People are hungry for alternative to unwieldy 6-bladed razors that cost $20 a cartridge and delivers extra benefits on a diminishing return for four decades.  And those markets have risen in to place to satisfy this hunger.  Cheaper, simpler, subscription services.  And retro folks like me returning to safety razor solutions (ten cents a week, after you guy a $70 handle.)   


(Oh, and I love fountain pens, but I get ink on my fingers and they do require regular care.  And never loan one to any one born after 1975.  They don't know how to hold it. ) 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

They hate your gas stove

And they want you to freeze to death in the dark.

That's what the commies want to ban next.  Working terlets and lightbulbs weren't enough for their hunger to control.  Your gas stove is bad for the planet somehow in some mysterious non-falsifiable way.  It's gotta go.

My house has a gas stove.  And gas water heater.  And gas furnace.  I guess they'd all have to be swapped out for electric equivalents over time.  

But I have more than one purpose for that stuff.  If the power goes out, the water still flows so I can fill my tub.  And if the power goes out I can still run the stove and heat that water and thus myself.  If what happened in Texas replicates around the country in the future, I have a back up plan.  There were people in Texas freezing to death because their heat was via heat pump and their range was electric.  

Get a gas stove if you can and never let it go and yell at any legislator that wants to take it from you as though they want to murder you.  

Hell, I wish I had a wood burning stove, too.

Friday, February 19, 2021


 A lot of my co-workers own guns.

I work in the defense contracting world.  Veteran heavy.  Those not veterans have a similar mindset.  So it leans gun friendly.

Some are gunnies, but I'm not talking about them.

The co-workers that don't own guns are general not averse to gun ownership.  A small few are, but they are the general exception.  The co-workers that are not anti-gun have a reason they don't have one to home.  "My wife doesn't like guns" "I got kids and they get into everything" "a family member takes meds for a mental condition and I don't want to introduce firearms in case of a mental lapse there"

Fair enough.

The others.  The ones with a gun.  They own one or two at most unless a relative passed down more than that.  Often the one is the M9 they used to carry in the military and are familiar with.  Few hunt.  Air Force vets and hunting?  No these are suburb vets.  My black friends lean toward having a shotgun.  Friends from more rural areas have the there or four hunting items.  Rifles and shotguns and a .22.

They very rarely take it to the range and appreciate tagging along with me in order to blow the cobwebs off the gun and their skills.  

They have a gun, but no pressing need for it.  But they also know in their bones that old chestnut "better to have one and need it than to need it and not have it."  But 'having' a bit more training, too, doesn't enter into their mental calculations. Nor does much 'practice' but, hell, with ammo like it is right now.

Ammo IS starting to be available again.  With awful prices.  Gonna wait a bit longer.

Thursday, February 18, 2021


We are back to pre-November spike levels of new infections.

Pretty soon, at this rate, Biden can take credit and promise we can stop wearing masks and eating in public in only 2 more short years.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

You were already doing a poor job Representing me

 But if you think losing, again, is a win, you are as grossly incompetent as whoever does you hair.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Jeezum Crow!

Colt bought by CZ

 I dunno, I kinda like the idea.

If given a choice between Colt fading away and dying or being bought by furreners?  No problem.  But CZ?  I like CZ.  They are high on my list when I want a bolt action rifle.  I wish the Varmint came in lefty and .308.  I'd pay WAY too much for that.  But the regular lefty is fine.

Getting Colt is a good way to up their game.  A start to upping their game.  Now design something better than a Glock but at a similar price point and "CZColt" will take over the world.

Sunday, February 14, 2021


Several gallons of Danny's urine later...