Monday, August 2, 2021

Masked Man

So Big Defense Contractor I work at, like all Big Defense Contractors are masking up today, Monday, because a rainy, crowded, Bear Week in Provincetown caused a super-spreader event and inadvertently proved that vaccinated people are super-protected from death.  Huh.  Thank you gay men and crappily assembled CDC statistics that you almost certainly skewed to show one thing and instead shined the light of truth on another!    

I think mask compliance at work will be a little loose this time around.  Hell maybe zero by Wednesday among people that weren't already wearing, still.  

I won't know because I am going down to the bowels of DC (Georgetown) for a doctor appointment that morning.  Where I am three times more likely to die of a gunshot than from WuFlu.  Well, more than that because, again, I got the nanites. And people dying in that blighted metropolis are almost certainly not all previously vaxxed.

I am back to wanting to get it and survive it, again, personally.  And think my chances are pretty good, even being cancer-compromised.  I haven't felt like this since June 2020.  All of this is because of how awful our 'leadership' has been, lately.  I didn't trust authority before all this madness, you can imagine how confidence has taken a further nosedive

Next China plague better have body bags in the streets or I am simply not going to be entertained.   

Maybe lots of folks are now at the, "Whatever, come what may. As you wish, I care not," phase. 

Sunday, August 1, 2021


So, I see this chart on Twitter and go "Oh no, that is horrible!" 

Then I remember that this is Twitter, where political people pick a chart to show to support a political lie.

With a spike like that, death rate would be a lagging indicator but would still point up. Naw.

So, the OP may just be the usual panic porn.  

Saturday, July 31, 2021


Well shoulda saved the Gin post for today

Ah, well.  

Apparently it's masks back on at work Monday.  We are at numbers lower than when mask came OFF, and any upward trend may be whole contributable to importing illegal aliens, but...  Whatever

But I won't be there anyhoo, Cancer doc in Georgetown will take up the whole damn day.  And that's a doc office, so it was planned for masks no matter what.

Squall send a tree limb down on my car.  Thought I escaped damage but... it hit the pillar and cracked the windshield, so I got THIS to deal with.  Safelight prolly, that dent doesn't look too bad.  But that kind of dent can total a car if it is too big.  Drat.

How was YOUR week?

Friday, July 30, 2021


The botanicals are very strong in Plymouth gin, and are more floral and piney.

The botanicals are strong in Aviation gin and are more spicy and a bit more subtle.

I like both.  But if I had to choose, I'd go with the Aviation.  


Had my first Old Fashioned and properly made French 75 last week.  Just to keep up on the cocktail bucket list.  

I was told that the French 75 was half brandy, half champagne.  It's better than that.  Gin, champagne, lemon. And it didn't give me an artillery quality hangover because I had just one.  

All gun control is racist

But you know, if you go after firearm felons by increasing apprehensions and prosecution...

And I'm not talking mere possession (that wraps up a lotta folks that carry for the right reason, people interest in self defense) just give them a ticket or a warning.  I'm not talking locking felons in possession (figure out a way to make that a mere misdemeanor somehow, a big time convicted shoplifter with a piece is not really a big danger).  I'm talking only coming down hard on convicted violent felons, or committers or violent felonies, also in possession.  And throwing the federal book at them guys.  Lenient on all others.  Modified Project Exile.  If you jump on EVERY gun possessor you violate a lot of otherwise innocent people.  And those violations are problematic.  And, hell, could even be me.

Even if you just did that, just really went after the actual real bad guys... that system would still appear to be super racist.  The net bags a disproportionate amount of black men.  For one thing that effort is gonna concentrate on urban areas.  Baltimore, Chicago, Oakland, St Louis.  Where violent white felons do not concentrate (as if they concentrate anywhere)  So. There are bad optics, there, at a minimum.

I don't know how to solve this and make everyone happy.  Or at least the innocent and undeserving unviolated. I guess I am not a good Solutionary.  Sorry, Maj, I'll keep trying.    

Thursday, July 29, 2021

This is bad gris gris

You hate to see it.

Remington Offers $33m to Families of Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

I know the perfectly cromulent justifications of Remington, but it is in NO WAY Remington's fault.  


What is causing the supply bottlenecks?  It's not disincetivified labor with over generous Universal Basic Income stay-home benefits is it?  Tell me Mr. Powell, is it that or are you fibbing about the temporarinessitude and it is really The Fundamentals?

Wednesday, July 28, 2021


It could just a few mutations away from turning us all into light sensitive psychotic albinos that want to get to Charlton Heston

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

I'm the dude

So your argument is you are stupid

Not leftist?

Black Rifle Coffee Company talked to the New York Times and have been doing damage control ever since.

Buncha years back a buddy of mine that was a 3D printer enthusiast, and gun enthusiast, printed up one of them Liberator .22s for fun and the Washington Post heard about him and wanted to interview him and take his picture and video of him shooting it.  

I told him that was a bad idea.  I told him over and over.  They will make him look like a crazed chump. I told him to record the whole interview himself.  He did do this last bit.  The article wasn't too bad.  Much better than BRCC's interview.  But the risk was too great.  I knew that and told him.  He sorta knew that and did it anyway.  He's a bright guy and all, but has his blind spots.  It was dumb to do.  It coulda hurt the 2A movement.  It coulda got him fired "Do you know you have a domestic terrist working there? [link to WaPo article]" Just a bad idea, IMHO.

I guess BRCC thought "what's the worst that can happen?"  Well, you may well go out of business now, is what.  LOTS of places sell coffee beans and the NYTimes doesn't use those other, better, beaneries to piss off and on conservatives.

"Black Rifle Coffee Company.  We SWEAR we aren't actually #NeverTrump commies, we are just dumb as stumps.  I have no idea why the DoD let someone as moronical as me fly their aircraft.  Please keep buying out stuff!  If I lose this job I am probably not bright enough to get another one and my family will starve."

Good luck, BRCC

Monday, July 26, 2021

You know what this means?

It means the investigation was starting to look like someone on Biden's side of the aisle was looking culpable.  And that is inconvenient to the narrative.  No big deal tho.  It was oldsters.  Not like they are real people.  Some of them were probably combat veterans of WWII.  Survive all that only to be killed by Governor Party-Tetes.  

Biden DOJ drops civil rights probe of Gov. Cuomo over nursing homes and COVID-19

Sunday, July 25, 2021


You know, without any publicity for the event, Obama could fill a bigger room at a moments notice, today, years out of power and off TV.  Even during a Covid lockdown.  With paying donors.

Saturday, July 24, 2021


No why is Alabama at the bottom of the WuFlu vax compliance from a shot promoted by the CDC?  The usual suspect blame all them MAGA hate wearing folks that live in Alabama.  Going against Operartion Warp Speed because a Biden is now at the helm.   Can't just be them.  


What could it be...?

Hey isn't there a town called Tuskegee in Alabama.  There was an institute there that gave black men free medical attention for YEARS starting in the 30s.  All the participants were told they had 'bad blood'.  Thing is the cure for that so called bad blood was widely available after '47.  When word got out they were studying these subjects to essentially watch the syphilis kill them, well, you can understand the community's hesitancy to trust 'free' medical care especially with the CDC involved.  Their credibility is still not up there even today.  Perhaps justifiably so.  

Hell, they only stopped this monstrous experiment in 72!  Even I remember shit in 1972.  I remember moving from Wheaton to Shady Grove the day after my birthday.  I got to sit in the front seat of the station wagon because the back was full of stuff.  My mom and Mrs. Dant were with me.  We stopped at a grocery store on the way.  It has snowed so I was wearing my red rubber snow boots.  Mom prolly got them on my feet by putting plastic bread bags over my shoes.   

So, living memory.  CDC, not always a force for good.  

This is astounding

Remember when there was variety shows?  Donny and Marie, Hee Haw, Sonny and Cher, Captain and Tennille, the Brady Bunch Hour, the Muppet Show?  Some acts were ok, some were pretty good.

But nothing like the incandescent talent displayed here for the Lady on the Two Cent Stamp pre WWII.  They pack a lot into this:

Not just the singers, remember the big band behind them of Johnny Mercer's.  And these are B celebrities.  Well, not quite A.  Not headliners.  

And I don't think I saw a USO clip that didn't have Jerry Colonna in it.

Friday, July 23, 2021


Not everyone in Gentrified-DC-Stay-On-THAT-Side-Of-The-River is defund ACAB insane.  He's prolly not good of folks defending them ownselves, but at least he isn't saying the solution to all of DC's problem is somehow... gun control?

The dividing line in DC used to be Rock Creek Park.  The 'dirty poors' used to be East of the Park, and if they knew what was good for them they'd stay there.  Well, the liberals in DC have chased out poor whites and there are only poor blacks living in DC.  And the Progs want them to stay on their side of the Anacostia.  So there is a racial element when Lefties get up in arms about crime in 'their' section.  The police chief is telling them that Lefty policies aren't going to solve it for them.

Oh, and West of the Park used to be a black neighborhood back before it built up.  Black farms inside the city limits.  Cheap housing lacking plumbing and sewage like downtown had.  More than a century ago.  They were chased out starting before WWI.  


First the mayor of New York

Now Ol' Puddinhead.

The gun banners feel comfortable talking about banning hundguns again.  It's 1974 again, when Dr. Mark Borinsky founded the National Council to Control Handguns.  

Of course the proportions of revolvers back then was higher.  They are specifically concerned with 'just' semi-auto pistols these days.  They say.  You know, the most in-common-use flavor out there.  So lots of voters own one.  Lots of those voters don't want the gov't to take it.  Lots of those voters are Democrats.

How do they square the circle, here?  If you can't do it during the Ford/Carter years when there wasn't decades of "Hell no, they aren't gonna take THIS right away" purchases made...


Thursday, July 22, 2021


Neighbors are still lighting off fireworks.  They are half polite in that they always stop by 10 PM except for one time.  I appreciate that.  

Could be worse.  There are folks with them 37mm (the .mil uses .40, so they don't interchange) 'grenade' launchers.  They are sold as flare launcher.  Well, they are rolling their own fireworks and popping them off out of these.  

I am sure their existence gives the ATF the vapors.  

And if they roll their fireworks a little too hot, well that actually is a grenade launcher and big felony trouble is coming down.

But, worse, I am wondering what a big Kaboom looks like when you mess up your charge.  Can't be pretty.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Was tempted to buy some ammo...

But why?

Sure, my brand is available again, And the prices are more reasonable.  Not ideal, but no longer prohibitive.  

But my burn rate is still WAY down.  Anemia makes for a crappy range day, so they are few.  I can wait still longer.

Next follow-up is 3 AUG.  Two weeks.  This guy's front office is not impressing me.  

A good front desk is a sign of a good doc.  Generally speaking.  I'm not saying quit a doc because of a crappy receptionist.  But definitely take that into account.  Conversely, let an outstanding front desk help improve your confidence in the whole operation.    

Upside?  Ima need to cut another hole is this belt.  Been losing a goodly amount of weight.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

It used to be middle aged suburban dad-bods

It used to be middle ages suburban dad-bod types that carried concealed in a fanny pack.  Goofy and uncool.  Might as well wear sandals and black socks.  Or inline skates.  

Well, it's come full circle and criminals are using the fanny packs now.  Is gangster rap culture cool, or has it become as uncool as fat old guys?

Just awful.  Awful for fashion reasons, and awful, in this case, for heinous daylight street execution.