Sunday, December 16, 2018

This day... 245 years ago

Some Indians ruined a tea shipment in Boston.

Utah CCW due

Got the letter in the mail.  I expire in February 2019.  There was a scare last time that they might not renew.

Let's see what it says.

Ah HA!

Simple renewal.  $25 for non resident.  If you do it online it;s $25.75.  I have to send them a picture of my home state's CCW permit IF my home state honors the Utah permit.  Maryland does not.  

Heh.  Maryland could start to honor Utah resident permits...  That would really be a wooden shoe in the millworks for folks like me.

I also need to take a digital picture of myself. Easy Peasy.  Every smartphone in the world can do one up good enough.  I really should get one of them phone thingies...

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Rules to Live By

Yeah, but he DOES insult other people.  A few times.  Initiates the insults. So much for not doing that to other people.  And if I pointed that out to him he'd have been mad and may have shot me.

Friday, December 14, 2018

NRA Can No Longer Stay Silent

Agreed.  The NAACP is right to call the NRA to account.  This isn't 'wait til all the facts are known on this case before the law.'  This is core principles.  And about some cases that are fully adjudicated and part of history and a distinct pattern.

SAY something NRA.  Even if it's a weaselly, "We disapprove of cops shooting folks of any ethnicity that don't need to be shot."

I know you have been working long and hard behind the scenes to get the general police population on the same side as the Second Amendment.  I remember the late 70s and early 80s when cops said on the news we shouldn't shoot back and take the law into our own hands.  And I remember in the 90s when it was only the upper echelons of law enforcement that pushed such dribble, and now when only some big city police commissioners spout it.  I understand.  It is great that cops are generally on our side.

But that's not mutually exclusive.

But say something.  There is a trend at this point.  The NRA can gain valuable new friends without alienating old allies.  Cops don't like shooting people that don't need shooting, and don't like it when other cops do it either.

Wait, I'm the NRA!  Like the old magazine ads said.  I'm the NRA.

"We disapprove of cops shooting folks of any ethnicity that don't need to be shot."

You don't even have to make it racial.

"We disapprove of cops shooting folks of any ethnicity that don't need to be shot."

There, now it is Americans.  And it is inclusive.

But say something, NRA.  There is a trend at this point.  You don't have to come out like Wayne LaPierre is the reincarnation of Malcolm X.  The NRA can gain valuable new friends without alienating old allies.  And you know what about them allies?  Cops don't like shooting people that don't need shooting, and don't like it when other cops do it either.


Note:  I'm not fan of the NAACP.   Their left lean on many issues unrelated to their core mission is not palatable, and this complaint about the NRA is probably in the service of the leftist causes rather than the NAACP cause.  But taken alone, they are right, either way.  The NRA dropped a ball they did not have to drop, and can still pick up without humiliating themselves.  It's all I'm saying.

You can even say I'm selfish.  I don't want the cops to air me out because I KNOW I will never need shooting.  If cops are trained better in not shooting black good guys they'll also be better trained at not shooting T-Bolts.  So just blame it on that.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

It took them 9 months

To come up with the common sense solution normal people come around on in 9 days after the Parkland school shooting.

Victim disarmament zones need diverse armed security, or it is just a feed lot for predators.  Not just one security peep.  That one could fail.  And he can't be everywhere.

Good job liberal school board  Good job Huffpo.

Anti-Gun Celebrity

This is Alyssa Milano.  In a video where she is rude to the Secretary of Education.  Milano is big into #MeToo stuff and anti gun stuff.  Standard Lefty

Look at her eyes!  No wonder she is against gun ownership!  She's a prohibited person, herself.  That's gotta be a metric tonne of weed she sparks up.

Reefer.  Not even once.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hey, Cocaine Mitch

Great job you are doing. 

How bout sneaking in CCW reciprocity into that Criminal Justice Reform bill, huh?  You probably won't do it.  But it would be great if you did.

And for next year, when Nancy sends you a NICS check requirement on every gun transfer, add an Amendment that it can't cost more than $25, can't have any serial numbers associated with the check, and can't be delayed beyond the seven days.  Oh, and the transferees can change their mind about the transfer after the NICS check is complete, and are only out the check fee. 

The Dems will balk at this, then you ask them "I thought you wanted a background check?  Is it something ELSE you wanted, because this is a background check that even some gun owners will get behind."

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Anti Gun Culture

We joke about where do the anti-gunners go for fun?  "No-Guns Shows"?

I thought I could make something of this American Thinker article, but I can't find the angle to comment on.  It's just how the banners manipulate gun stats to argue their case, while our side is all sunshine in every corner, relying on the truth, with nothing to hide. 

Wait, do we have anything to hide?  Any inconvenient fact with hide away?  Does the NFA machine gun ban save lives?  Dunno about that one.  We'd have to repeal it for a few decades and note what happens. 

I gots the sniffles

Ya know, this is a very mild cold.  If you are gonna be sick this year, I recommend it.  Just a little bit of stuffiness  No real sore throat to speak of yet.  Very little coughing.  Some sneezing.  No achiness, really.  My finger joints, mebbe.  Not a smidge of temperature.

The only thing wrong with it is the fatigue and ennui.  I wanna sleep for 10 hours.  Then, when I wake, go back to sleep because 10 hours of sleep is exhausting work.  Making me less blog productive.

Monday, December 10, 2018

So, some neckbeard

So some neckbeard wanted to go on a Pittsburgh styles murder spree, killing Jews in the Synagogue.  For ISIS.

I guess someone saw something and said something and the police came and took him away.  That's the way it's supposed to work.

Look at this guy:

Doesn't look like a typical ISIS supporter.  Looks more like a typical pod-eating loser.  And he is 21.  So.  Millennial. I guess it is only now that we will start seeing outrages by the next generation, Gen Z or whatever they end up being called.

Obviously, he is not a fan of the Jewish faith.  Also, "He had also expressed hatred for gays, Christians, Catholics, and Jews."

No hatred for black people?  I guess that is a tiny step in the right direction when the murderous crank hate-mongers don't include African Americans in their target cohort. 

Maybe a Muslim convert.  Not too long of one because he hadn't changed his name.  Whatever.  I hope he likes the taste of prison food.  

This photo has been making the rounds

All round Algore's interwebz.  Most folks make fun of the cops spreading out $75 like it is a fortune.

But let's look more closely at the firearms from this big bust!

First of all, Winchester steel cased ammo.  Yup, all this operation's money is tied up in the weed and Glad ziplock baggies.  Oh, and scales.  Two decent scales cost money.

Looks like a smaller Glock on the right with some after market light/laser (see?  Still NEW Jovian Thundbolt.  A true gun geek would know the gun model number and the brand of clip on laser.)  I only say Glock because of the little tiny take down thingies.  On the left, I guess Ruger LCP II?  LC9?  Though I am not married to either of those choices.

And the mags.

Ok, a single mag for the littler gun, and the two mags that came with the Glock and... what the heck is that on the right, number 4?  Did someone have a Hipoint with an orange follower in the magazine then lost the rest of the gun?  Is it...  for a .45?  Maybe it is another type of pipe for smoking the Lucifer's Lettuce.  I dunno, I'm not a pothead.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Blaming the Gun

When a bad guy kills somebody, the Mainstream Media tends to blame the gun.  Especially if it in an AR.  Or Assault Weapon.  They rarely blame the evil triggerman  Somehow the gun is at fault.

It reminds me of 30 years ago, when SUVs were first becoming a 'thing'.  They were popular.  You had the roominess of a full size car from 1955 again!

But when an SUV was involved in a fatal crash or struck a pedestrian the press inevitably blamed the SUV.  "An SUV ran over a little old lady in a crosswalk."  If a Honda Civic killed that little old lady they'd say motorist.  Or maybe find out if the motorist had had a beer, then it would be a Drunk Driver.

Woe betide the Jeep Cherokee driver that clipped a pedestrian after consuming one whole 12 ouce beer.

That characterization of SUVs didn't 'take' as well as blaming an Assault Weapon, but they both came from about the same time in media history.  By my lights.

It's the gun's fault.  Not the killer's fault.

It's only very recently that the other side has been forced to give ground by firearm wielders using their weapon for self defense.  But it's still an uphill PR battle.

Saturday, December 8, 2018




A buddy wants to get a Rhino.  His heart is set on it.  He has like 2 guns.  Now.

And he pretty much knows this is just a whiz bang neato gun.  Something for fun.  Less for bidness.  But it can be used for social purposes. 

I tried to talk him down, but the heart wants what the heart wants.  I know that feeling. 

Friday, December 7, 2018

George H W Bush

A MAJOR world event that had a HUGE impact on the late president's entire life was the attack on Pearl Harbor.  It sent in motion the arc of his young life.  He was 17 and a half.

How fitting that the final duty regarding his long life finally concluded on the morning of the anniversary of that fateful day.

Range Day, 04 Dec

Things I learned this time.  Trying to increase your speed is good, but don't forget the fundamentals.  I let the 3rd part get away from me recently.

The three parts? 
  1. Relax
  2. Front Sight
  3. Make trigger go good.  
Not just "my finger knows the way, just like my horse knows how to get home when I have gone on a bender at the saloon."  Know.  You still have to think on it.

By the third mag I could feel myself tightening up.  The fourth, I went a bit faster, and the group drifted more right.  Fifth, less fast, still tightish, still right.  Tired.  After the sixth, I called it.  Went home.

I have no idea how I would have the stamina for a long long live fire session with a 500 round count.  But I'd only go to a 500 round count class if it was highly regarded by gunnies I trust. 

43 rounds of American Eagle, no malfunctions, 513 fired since I built this gun.

Now I really need to find a way to fix my heel to the right.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

For Whycome?

"Hey, T-Bolt, riddle me this.  How come you don't shoot the bottom two targets on these papers you show?  Seems like you aren't getting your full money's worth out of the thing."

Well, many readers already know the answer to this.

It's because I am courteous.

I am over 6 feet tall.  If I shoot those targets at the usual 25 foot line they are definitely hitting the floor. 

Now plenty of other people hit the floor.  And this range isn't a stickler about it.  Not like the NRA range is.  But they don't WANT people damaging the floor any more than they want people shooting the ceiling or target trolley or shooting table.

I'm not really helping them out.  But I am not hurting them either, if I can help it.  It's the polite thing to do.

Like squeegeeing up your brass when you are done shooting. 

And sometime I get to shoot at those when I send the target further down.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Guns at the PX

So you joined the military and your home of record is in a low income tax state like Texas or Florida.  This is perfectly fine, and lots of military peeps keep the same home of record throughout their career.  My brother's is Pennsylvania.  Most guys with me in the Navy made Texas their 'home'.  You just need a mail drop so you can get your tax forms from the IRS and your absentee ballot, and have a place to put on your Driver's License from there. 

But that's not important.  What is important is how do you buy a gun in Maryland when your home of record is in Texas?  (And you don't want to drive to Texas and back.)  You transfer a gun in and the gun store FFL here is gonna want to see a Maryland DL.  Usually. 

Well there are lots of ways.  One way that opened up recently is through you PX.

Yes, the Post Exchange on base.  A federal installation.  With quite strict gun regulations its ownself. 

But wait, do you have to adhere to Maryland law when getting your gun on base?  Sorta.  I know they won't let you have a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds if you buy from a PX in a Maryland military base.  That's not a federal law, it's a state one.   But you don't need Maryland HQL, or permit-to-purchase.   You have to prove you are a Texas resident, but live in Maryland to get it at the Maryland PX.  An electric bill is not good enough.  A fishing license is.  Just, odd.  Some Maryland laws apply, some do not.  And this varies, state to state, and inside the state.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Satellite of the Simians

I missed this the first go round 10 years ago.

There is another gun in Planet of the Apes that isn't a reworked M1 Carbine.

A later Colt Pocket Hammerless!  Sweet.

Monday, December 3, 2018

The return of Monday Bupkis

So, now I gotta free-associate gun content.

Plus, ya know, turkey day stuff.

Hmmm.  Nope.  Nuffin.

Thinking of selling some odds and ends.  Like a 1970s era plated Commander.  Not enough meat on the rails to rebuild it, but it might be the bees knees for someone else.

Heh.  I have 3 custom 1911s.  What the hell happened to me?  But once you have custom 1911s in plentiful quantities, ordinary ones with no other sentimental or historical/collector value seem sorta surplus to requirements.

"Ever think about a 4th, T-Bolt?"

You know, now that you mention it.  I have a threaded barrel.  I have an unworked frame with my name on it (002) and I have a lotta high end parts, perhaps more than enough to complete a new pistol.  And I kinda want a suppressor someday.  So, perfect.  The only thing I am missing is a slide.

30 years is still a long ways off, but then again it will be here before I know it.  I don't wanna have to worry my heirs dealing with a dozen boomsticks. What will I still have when I am 80, I wonder?  The 1911 I built and it's backup.

Unless I am more crippled.  Then it'd be nuffin. 

Sunday, December 2, 2018


I am glad this is happening.

Not just because I am uncomfortable with cops airing out innocent black dudes.

Not just because I am uncomfortable with cops airing out innocent black dudes that have CCW permits and are carrying.

But because I don't want cops airing out ME.  A big scary looking white dude with a skinhead and a beard like a biker and a perma scowl and a CCW permit and sometimes carry.  If I was a cop and came up on me looking the way I usually do, I'd give me the stink eye.  I don't want that cop to automatically shoot me or a black dude.

I know it is hard to not air out anyone with a gun when you are in a scene where shots have been fired and you know little else.  I have done that training and have failed it more than once. 


Others are more moribund on the value of a dialogue.  And the pessimist in me fears they are probably right.