Friday, January 20, 2017

Holy Crap

It just hit me.

How did this guy get to be president?


What will us gunnies do without our best salesman?

I don't know about Trump, but I am glad the current gun banner, Stuttery McCartertwo, is gone now.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shot Show

I have never been.  Might never go.  I have lived vicariously through other blogger that have gone and reported what they saw. 

Seems to be the world's greatest gun show.  But with range time for selected notables.  Of which I would have to struggle to appear as.  A teeny non-commercial blogger?  BACK OF THE LINE, Pal!

This year Tam is there.  It sound like it may be her first time.  I know, I am shocked she isn't a salty old SHOT veteran. 

So far, she has enjoyed the SIG P210 reboot.  Handsome pistol.  And she is practicing her tumbling skills, to less happy results.  Tuck and roll!  Always tuck and roll, when jumping from a speeding vehicle.  Learned that from Archer.  So she gets to do shot on wheels.  Poor thing.  Bad luck, that. 

I look forward to more reviews, tho, from her, and all over. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


A zombie movie with the heady aroma of back-bacon.

Yes.  A Canadian Zombie Movie.

These are sprinter types.  With 3 survivors.  Two men and 9 year old girl that has only known a world of zombies.  And the men, former friends, are no longer on speaking terms.

Also:  Nuclear Winter.  It seems.  Or maybe it's just Canada and the winter seems to take forever.  You'd think deep cold would help keep the zeds at bay with very few victims to munch on for 9 years running.  You'd think that, but you'd be wrong. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

People got a little salty

Commenters.  On my legislative preferences.  Just a touch, no big deal, no bridges burned.

"Just throw away the 10th Amendment!"

Well, yes, federally imposed national CCW reciprocity does kinda sorta cross thread with the 10th amendment of the Constitution.  And I don't like the Feds throwing their weight around any more than you do. 

But you know what?  The 10th is already pining for the fjords.  It's gonna take a lotta of contrary case rulings to bring it back.  Not just a simple act of Congress signed by the President.  A sea change.  Sorta like we did with the Second, culminating in Heller and McDonald, so far.  That took a long time.  Proponents for the 10th will have to start working hard, and this is their 1977.  Might take 30 years in the wilderness before they see their version of Heller.

You know what would make it easier on them/us?  A restored and secure 2nd Amendment.  Which this 10th outraging law will help.  Rehabilitate one Amendment, rehbilitating the next is that much easier.  And the reciprocity law can be rescinded when the whole country is Vermont carry.  And Maryland's firearm registry is deleted.


But you know, we might get both.  NFA-less suppressors AND reciprocation.  I still don't know why a suppressor is much different than a muzzle breakbrake, and not just up for grabs at any Bass Pro on the end of the aisle...

Monday, January 16, 2017

Return of the Monday Blahs

Don't got much.  Been a good run since that last set of Monday blog-bupkis.

I forgot to hit the range last week.  First week skipped in a long time.  There is a reason for less bloggery.

Got an eye appointment today.  Maybe I will get glasses this time.  I got the LASIK 17 years ago and the eyes are starting to creep up to 20/30 or 20/40, nearsighted.  Not enough to NEED glasses but... I am delaying the inevitable.  Might help my shooting.  And make me look like Clark Kent.  I like the driver in the chase car's glasses.

I'd get safety lenses, of course.  On less thing to tote in the range bag.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Zombie vehicle

Now THIS would make a good anti-zombie vehicle.

Based on an Ford F350 parts would be easier to scrounge.  It was designed in mind for mines.  Which aren't a threat.  But also to resist 30 caliber fire, which can be on a RoMERO mission.  Folks get shooty-salty during a zombie outbreak, but they don't get are RPG-y.

Still, I prefer the Cadillag Gage M1117.  Fitted with less boomy weapons in the turret.  We're only shooting undead, and while the Ma Deuce works for that, it's a bit over kill.  It does weigh twice as much as the truck, above, so you can only fit two in a C130.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Silent Suppressor

Ugh, got much of nothing.

People at work, not gunnies are talking about 'silencers' getting more legalized.  They vaguely understand they aren't fobidden now, and the change, if passed, just makes owning them slightly easier. 

No I didn't correct them.  I am known as the gun guy to too many people as it is.  They'll figure it out.  They aren't hostile to the idea at least.

"Is it silencer or suppressor?  Wait, it's a flash suppressor, and a silencer is the other thing that makes it quieter."

"Actually... it's flash hider, so when you fire off all the shells in your clip at the burglar in the house, he won't see where you are firing from because the flash is invisible.  Unless you use a laser sight.  Then they GOT you!"

Ok, no, no one said that.  Near me.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Not that law, THIS one

What gun laws to change? 

I am as against the over-criminalization of law as the next guy.  The proliferation of new felonies created out of thin air, and the expansion of misdemeanors and punishment for misdemeanors.  The Weaponization of the law targetting ordinary people.  For why?  To control.

Catching an selling a lobster a quarter inch shorter in length compare to this OTHER lobster?  Felony.  Picking up a feather you saw on the ground on a nature hike because it looked neat?  Eagle.  Felony.  Growing an orchid?  Where did you get THIS particular one?  Felony

And it is wrong for the feather picker upper and lobster catcher and flower grower to lose their civil right to arms forever because of a law from 1968.

I'm as small 'l' libertarian as the rest of you readers.  I agree.

But to prioritize that for change in the gun laws?  There are bigger fish to fry

We may only get a brief bite of this apple.  In 2020 Majority Leader Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, and President Cory Booker may have run on other things, but after the inauguration of 2021 they could easily do their true priority and ram through gun bans.  We need to pick and choose now the best way to firewall against attack then.  Proper judge picks.  And legislatively we need to pass something.

Plus we may only get one or two thing before the GOP loses interest and moves on. 

Later, I don't want to say  "Well, at least people that were in jail for a year can buy a gun again.  Well, not in restrictive states, but in others!" 

Removing suppressor from the NFA so you 'only' need to NICS check to get one?  That's also small ball.  I'd trade that away to get federal pre-emption over the states, but that too can bite us in the ass.  What the Feds give the Feds can take away.  But imagine the outcry!  Some Marylander get promoted to Senate and wants to make his state type gun regs apply to the whole county?  Wyoming and Indiana and Alabama would scream!  But it could also get Constitutional Carry nationwide, too.  Eventually.  Pass a NICS check, you can carry concealed coast to coast.  And Alaska nd Hawaii.  But that's far in the future, and just skylarking at this point

The most impactful legislation is the CCW portability one.  Especially when the wording has 'permit issued by a State' in the language.  If you have to choose one law to prioritize passage, and that CAN be passed now, a hurdle to clear before concentrating on the next issue, this is the law to pass. 

What does that law give to someone living in Tennessee?  Especially a person that doesn't travel much?  The law gives them almost nothing.  The potential for greater freedom.  Because the law give that poor bastard in Hawaii a chance to get a Utah CCW, allowing him to fly to LaGuardia, and then tote about Times Square, maybe take in a Broadway show.  He can carry in Honalulu and Manhattan.  Where before he could not.  The guy in Tennessee can carry there, too, where before he could carry in Tennessee and few more enlightened state, but not all.  Now he gains all.  And less worry when he has to take a trip to visit relatives in New Hampshire, passing through Jersey, New York Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. 

Selfishly, it helps ME most, of course.  It forces Maryland's hand.  And we are surrounded by Shall Issue states.

And it moves the civil rights ball quite a bit down field.  More so than delisted suppressors.  More so than shoplifters and rattle-can-vandals getting guns.  Because it normalizes the gun culture in areas that are hostile to the culture.  Normalizing the gun culture makes it easier to pass the NEXT law.  Or repealing the next outrage.    

Anyway.  Nothing against Smallest Minority or you and whatever you want to pass first.  I just think you get more bang for your buck with the reciprocation, imperfect and federal overreachy as it is.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Missed Comments

A commenter I hadn't noticed because I didn't check the moderation bucket asked:

"How does it compare to Colonel Cooper's Principles of Personal Defense? on Handguns?"  Aksing about my book review of The Experts Guide to Handgun Marksmanship.

I'd rather have Coopers.  This is just a collection of old articles, including some from Cooper.  Some are very old.   Cooper's is a bit more coherent all put together.  Plus, I like Cooper.  You might find some old gun writer and from this compendium and want to look up their other stuff.  That can be fun.


Been a while since I got 8 comments on a post.  Well, it's a handsomish new gatt.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Care and Feeding of a New-To-You Gunsmith

Another issue unrelated to the parts problem?  How do you know if your gunsmith is any good when you take you gun into fitting?  Anyone can get the credentials. 

Old guys?  I could start today and seem old and crusty enough to trust, do you trust me, knowing how I have described myself?  I GOTS LIMITATIONS! 

How bout someone with a huge reputation?   I've seen the work of some of the big names.  Even my eyes could see functional problems on guns make by BIG NAME 1911 smiths that made me scratch my head. 

Picking a gunsmith is tricky.

And you are starting from scratch?

Tell me about it, I was there, too.  Still am, really, "NEW Jovian Thud-bolt" still applies.

You can give a guy a gun and have him work on it then check his work.  You'll have to learn a lot about what constitutes 'good' work when you see it.  And you might get a ruined gun.  This route is long, tedious, and expensive.

You can hang out with shooters.  Good shooters.  REAL shooters.  Truly skilled ones.  These are hard to find on their own.  Ask them about smith's reputations.  You want good reputations not celebrity reputations.  They can be the same thing, but it's hard to tell.  Plus you get to hang with shooters and might learn a thing or two about... you know... shooting.  This route is long, tedious, and may also be expensive.

"But T-Bolt, how do I figure it out without the long tedious expensive process?"

Ah, you want the M&M Contract Clause test to select a competent smith without just guessing.

"Contract Clause?  Whazzat den?"

For those unaware, a band called Van Halen went touring.  So the story goes.  They want a successful show at each venue, so all the details that go into a Rock-Roll show have to be perfect or the show is bad, or worse, disastrous.  How does a busy group of artists that needs to entertain amorous groupies and alter their minds with various substances check up on the venue runners of a diverse group of playhouses?  Even sober there are too many things to keep track of!  So.  They put a rider in their contract.  Throwaway details near the back of the long document that are easy to check up on.  Like "the dressing room will have a large bowl of M&Ms for the band to nibble on with all the brown M&Ms removed."  And others like that.  Band shows up, looks a the bowl of M&Ms and sees no brown, there is a better chance the rest of the show has all it's P's and Q's lined up.  The venue runner read the whole contract and took care of all the little bits.  Now a stage light might also be tightened correctly and not plummet from the ceiling and squish David Lee Roth.  The Rick-Roll show goes on.  Everyone is happy.  See a brown M&M?    Trash the hotel room, make a fool of yourself, and cancel the show.  Contract violation. 

So what is the cheap and easy M&M Rider detrail, but for a gunsmith you are looking at maybe giving work?

I dunno.  I will have to think on this.  Get back to you. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Chest O' Draws

Click the pic.

"I want my 1911 to shoot better"

Aha!  Lots of schemes for that.  But here is a new product.

Intriguing!  I think I know where they are going with this from the purty picture but lemme RTWT, like the kids in the internet say.


The thought with this product.  It's a 1911 barrel bushing replacement.  To make a gun with parts that move more accurate you got to have the gun lockup in the same place consistently every time.  There are several points of contact on a barrel, in this case a 1911 barrel.  The barrel hood, the top lugs, the bottom lugs and link, and, as we are looking at here, at the barrel bushing.

The tighter the barrel bushing the tighter the lockup hold, the better the accuracy, is the theory.

Now if you already have a gun, making the the other parts tighter is a major undertaking, but the bushing is a relatively simple job in comparison.  You get an oversized bushing, reduce the outer diameter on a lathe type device with files or sandpaper, and you reduce the inner diameter with a tapered reamer.  For this operation you only need oil, a rawhide mallet, the lathey-thing, files, reamer, abrasive sheets, vise, and bushing wrench.  So, not that expensive.  You prolly already have a bushing wrench, Brownells gives them out as swag. 

Or you can get this new thing from Ingenious Gun Works.   The problem it solves is tightening up the inner diameter of a bushing.

Sorta like the old collet bushings did for Colt back in the 70s.

The outer diameter may still have some give, but the inner will be still with this spring insert.

Seems to me that the spring insert would be better than the old collet bushing, but that spring will wear out.  The company even sends spare springs for the inevitable replacement.  I'd personally change this spring frequently.  If the spring breaks I don't see how it would stop your gun, so that is good.  If it breaks 'in the field' you might not even notice it until you field strip the guns and the wires fall out.  And I bet it would work just fine without a spring in there, you just wouldn't realize the accuracy gains you think you are getting from a whole working spring in place. 

Does it help with accuracy?  How should I know?!  I've only built 1 and a half 1911s with heavy supervision, and I have never tested this product at all.

In theory, tho?  Well, you could really use some other points of contact on the breech end, too.  In theory.  Let's say this springy thingy thing works great!  Just as advertised (and $50 isn't that expensive for such a part).  The muzzle is always in the exact same relative place in the frame on lockup.  But the back end moves to a slightly different spot every time.  You gun doesn't get a lot of extra accuracy.  Maybe some.  But not the way to bet.  Don't blame this part is you don't get dramatic gains, the gun you installed it on has different things holding it back.


The same company makes a drop-in no-fit hammer and sear.  I am dubious until I check it out futher...  Cuz I can think of a lotta things that need fitting with a hammer and sear before even starting to think about how to the stone the actual hammer and sear.  OTHER parts, not the hammer and sear when new ones are introduced to the mix.  And I'm just a fumblethumb n00b with the barest touch of professional gunsmith training.  Hey, it might be a great product!  I haven't even touched it.  How would I know?  If I were to try it I'd be sure of all safety checks, after installation, of course.  Including this one that is hard to describe about trigger reset that I can't even do with a gunsmith sitting on my shoulder.  There are SO many ways that can be messed up by a new part, and it might not be wholly the new parts fault.  It's that part PLUS this part I already had in the gun that runs you into "that's where I needed a real gunsmith" for.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


All that hype with their marketing:  "Train with your 1911 at pennies to the ammo dollar"  Pfff!

But with 1500 rounds through mine in a year, it might have actually been a good purchase and value for the $150?  $200?  I bought it 8 years ago, I dunno what I paid for it.  Used.

Sure a Ruger MkIII of some flavor would have served.  And cost about the same, essentially.  But I am getting much more out of the conversion kit that I thought I would.  Beyond my wildest dreams.

I am starting to miss my new 9mm.  It's in the shop, still, to get a holster made.   Delayed a bit because the shop is moving to new digs.  Darn it.  And YOU try to rush a gunsmith.  I dare you.  It's the assistant gunsmith making the holster, but still.

I am looking forward to seeing the new shop.

But all good things come to an end.  My long familiarity with the .22 kit should be waning as I graduate to shooting poorly with centerfire ammo instead.  At least I hope to.  Too shoot 1500 + rounds of 9mm instead of .22.  Let's see.