Sunday, July 23, 2017

Local News Anchor

And mega-celebrity of the 80s, if you only count the 60 mile radius, Jim Vance, has died.

A fixture of my local programming youth.  But he has ALWAYS been on TV.  For my entire life. 

Here he is entertained by a fashion model who was given poor footwear.

And a younger version from the mid 80s, with a gun control story at 2:50, where we get to buy rifles in another state. Police unions order their members to cancel their NRA memberships. Wow. Time capsule.

So why do YOU care? Jim Vance himself was a gun nut!  Not many people knew that. 

He came into my gun store to pick up two revolvers one time when I was there.  The owner said he was huge into cowboy action stuff, and they were nice single action Ruger types. 

"But T-Bolt!  DC banned guns!  Did he use his local fame to be above the law?"

Naw, he prolly lived in a nice house in Potomac Maryland and commuted to the channel 4 studio.  NBC is in the north east section of the city, near the border.  Just a guess.  But his commute might have been only 5 miles or less.

Oh wait, he lived near me!  Maybe Kensington?  Nice area.  Makes sense why he'd go to that gunstore.

Another guess, he was more of a Fudd tho.  His cowboy guns and bird hunting shotguns were fine but he wanted to release the crime scene photos of Newtown to the public expressly to whip up emotions.  Who needs an AR, anyway?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Separated at Birth

John Hodiak and Martin Landau

Oh, I think I figured out what Trump is doing

Sessions had potential, on paper, to be a good AG.  I don't like him anymore because he is over emphasizing hunting down the reefer smokers and seizing assets of anyone they want to without a conviction.

Trump might not like that either, but he has bigger fish to fry.

Mueller quickly turned into a standard Independent Prosecutor.  He won't stop til he finds something to trump up on Trump, even if it is a mattress tag Trump ripped off back in 1978.  It's the way the job works.  And a colossal waste of resources no matter who the target is. 

And is a thorn in Trump's ass he wants to be rid of.

How?  Sessions can't/won't sh!t-can him.  But a NEW AG would have fewer qualms...   Just gotta clear the decks of Attorney General Chris Christie after Sessions resigns.

Rudy Guiliani?

Anyway, that's the angle I see. 

AND it helps Sessions.  Wouldn't it suck for him if Mueller's fish expedition can't find enough on Trump but finds plenty of stuff on Sessions' perjury?  Mueller gone after Sessions 'resigns' and he is off the hook too. 

I grew up with Stephen King

I read his stuff but it never blew my skirt up.  It always seemed he wrote 3/4 of a book and phoned in and rushed that last 1/4.  He never finished a book.

Knowing what I know now the 75% mark is prolly when he ran out of money for blow, or something.

But his gun movie half intrigues.  

Friday, July 21, 2017

Watch Out for Snakes!

The two legged kind.

So I was downtown, DC, near Union Station.  Meeting my mom for German food at Cafe Berlin.  I drove down and parked easily.  Much better than stepping foot in that expensive death trap that the subway has become.

I'm early, as is my wont, so I park myself on a park bench at a nearby... uh... park.

The neighborhood is nicer there than my own.  It's Capitol Hill.  It's been fully gentrified.  It's all white people with strollers, now.  So little reason to be braced for action.  But you never know.

Still, practice being alert.  Code yellow.  Which mother or toddler look like they might push you to orange alert.  Not that I have a gun, because, DC.

Silliness aside, I noticed one thing.  You are scanning one way and a bike will just appear at your blind side.  Not there, BAM, right on top of you.

Bad guys on bikes are less of a problem in the daylight in public.  Not a good method for a mugger.  But a great method for a snatcher.  I don't have anything to snatch, no purse, no smart phone, so if it was a bad guy I am not part of his victim selection process.

The thing I am on guard for is how easy it was for them to get that close that fast.  A new wrinkle to be on guard for.   

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Been dwelling on his work mainly because he has left us to deal with the undead without him.  I have heard many sendups about him on the radio and elsewhere.

You know he is dead because I posted it Sunday and EVERYONE on Facebook did too.

His zombies movie were a new thing.  Not just racist or slave times allegory.  Magical hedge-magic in remote Caribbean islands or the swamps of Louisiana.   Voodoo zombies.  No.

His zombies were your neighbors.  Anyone.  Everyone.

And his stories were about the people dealing with a phenomena massive and out of their control.  Like an earthquake movie is people dealing with shaking and fires and rubble.  Or a shark tornado movie is people trying to be sucked up like Dorothy and then eaten like that little Kitner boy.  Or like the audience trying to deal with an Uwe Boll movie and not lose their sanity.

The people.  Not the bad thing.  (In Romero's case, dead people walking around eating live people is the bad thing.  The natural disaster.)   The story is how the people react to what is outside their control.  Some react well, some make very bad decisions, but it is all entertaining to watch on the screen.     

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tweet Fail

Now folks gave this lady a lot of guff for this tweet:

But I am not so judgy.  April did notice a beach that looked like that with a sky that looked like that and saw soldiers on it and no palm trees and immediately associated it with D-Day which would occur 4 years later and pretty near there, relatively speaking.  This is in her consciousness because she was alive when the History channel was still WWII heavy and because she has seen movies like Saving Private Ryan.

This is not so bad, to retain that information and have it in the forefront of her mind for a throwaway tweet.  You know the school didn't put that information in her head, the state of that these days.  I don't think MY public school said Dunkirk out loud, and if they did it was maybe once, and that was mumbley three years ago.  I don't retain much from my band class back then.  So thank Hollywood for a little something spread about our collective history through cultural history.

And if she read the responses, she knows a little more now, not just on when the Dunkirk evacuation happened but why the racial makeup might not have been so diverse at that time, there, compared to now.  She didn't delete the tweet immediately so either she doesn't care she got it wrong or isn't embarrassed about it.  Whatever.  There is even a chance she leaves the tweet up because of integrity and taking responsibility for her missteps and is unwilling to slink away as a coward.

Well it's possible.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I had a funny feeling about this


Something seemed fishy.  I couldn't quite place it.  My fault though.  My eyes kept skipping over an important detail I will now highlight so I won't forget it.

Mohamed Noor, who joined the department in March 2015, reached over and shot Justine Damond, 40, multiple times from the passenger seat of his squad car while she spoke to his colleague on the drivers side in a back alley.

I figured one shot and an AD/ND.

Now I know why I had a sense of disquiet.


Tin Anniversary

This blog is 10 years old today.  Tin or Aluminum.  Perfect!  I'll just pick up some foil.

Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm not shopping for another gun...

But say a meteor hit my house while I was at work!  Oh noes!  All my pictures!  All my artwork!  All my antiques!  ALL MY GUNS!

After the dust settled and my life was re-established in a non-crater-like area...  Eventually I'd get some replacement firearms.  Including a pistol.

What get?

Well, might as well do it right this time.  The pistol then would be the next pistol I might get in the future now.  Just a plain Jane boring black plastic something.  I lean S&W M&P 9 or that P320.  But it could just as easily be a Glock 17 or 19.  Prolly 19.  And a spare.

Then a simple AR.  And a spare.

Single or double shottie.  And a spare.  Lower priority.

.22s.  But those aren't gun-guns.

Maybe a pocket pistol of some flavor.  And a spare.  That's it.

But I'd be shopping for that pistol, first.  Which is ostensibly what I'd be shopping for NOW..

Now S&W has come out with a new generation.  And the P320 is...  newish?  Well not really.  What I am saying is I can drag my feet a bit and see if some flaw that needs fixing comes to the surface, which happens.  Let that get fixed before getting it myself and having a hassle later.  But really, is that something to worry that much about?

What other tiny prejudices do I have to overcome?

I never like the stock S&W trigger, but really?  If it bothers you that much there are plenty of aftermarket replacements that are very nice.  It doesn't bother Jerry Miculek, why should it bother anyone else?

Sig has disappointed me in the past.  This 320 is different enough you'll get over what that bad Double Action Kellerman taste in your mouth, it left you with.

Oh, just flip a coin.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Well, Darn

George Romero died.

Trigger Discipline

"Sometimes that trigger finger gets away from you."

Tell me about it.

Dunno if I would try this drill with a tuned up 1911.  The gunsmith would wince about the action falling on an empty chamber shaking up the lock work.  A magazine with a round to stip up gentles up this jarring, and there is less wear and tear on that mating surface of the hammer hooks and sear.

But this drill is a reason to get another gun....  Well, any reason is a good reason to get another gun.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


If this doesn't convince you that you need to be getting all your news from Infowars I don't know what can.

Yeah, pretty much

The new army pistol?  Tam's right.  One major brand plastic service pistol is as good as another.  And those are all better than the pistols of yesteryear.  Get a good deal on the one you do choose is all.

If you are good at shooting pistols for realz agin bad guys, well, you can get up to speed pretty fast with any single one of those.  If you aren't any good at shooting pistols you will be about the same with all those and so what?  It's just a pistol.  Where's your rifle, Jarhead?  Did you lose your rifle again? 

At one time, when I was really bad at shooting pistols, I might have had an opinion.  Only because I did shoot one type better than another type.  Now that I am only sorta bad at shooting pistols that advantage between models has disappeared.

Friday, July 14, 2017


Make my nerves stronger...  By lifting bruh.  Get swole.

So, I'd fix my neck issue making my grime 30% of what it once was by doing max weight dead lifts?   I dunno.....  I mean I like the idea of lifting, ok.  I'm never doing cardio because I wasted enough of my life at that.  But I don't know if it'd be safe to lift, bruh.