Thursday, March 30, 2017

Overheard at Work

Co-workers were noting that Oklahoma home invasion where a 23 year old dirt-napped three bad guy teens with an AR.  They were noticing internet comments sections were histrionic, commenters calling the victim defending himself a murderer.  Thought that was silly.

They went on...  More noticing.  You often hear about the dead bad guys family bemoaning that the victim didn't have to kill the bad guy.  But you never hear from the shooter.  Even with a good shoot fully justified, they still ended the life of 3 people.  No matter how deserving that will stay in the nightmares of most folks.  But nary a peep is heard.

Well, good guy, if smart, is keeping his trap shut, often under orders from an attorney.  Unless you are acquitted at trial months and months down the road, you don't want to give the DA an excuse, after promising no charges were forthcoming, to change his mind and renege.  And by the time a body is clear to talk about a shooting, the news media isn't interested.  It's News media, not ancient history media, after all.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Health Update

Pinched nerve in the neck.  Cervical radiculopathy is the name for it, apparently.  The disks are herniating a little bit.  When it was pain and numbness, I didn't care, but went to the doctor when it manifested as weakness in my support hand. Especially when I raise my arm higher than my adam's apple.  Getting a pistol up to eye level is more difficult, now, while this flare up is in effect.

Pain is one thing, but the weakness concerned me.

Treated with medicines.  Muscle relaxers, steroidal anti inflammatory, then NSAIDS.

In physical therapy now.  First session was yesterday.  Now that was nice.  I have some stretches to get the muscles in my back and neck more balanced against themselves, and there is the neck stretcher machine that feels glorious.

I've slowed down my training, temporarily.  Worst case scenario, this issue gets no better I will train around the weakness and get used to it.  Practice more strong hand only shooting.  But let's see if I can make it better, first, before giving up on the right arm.  It still works, just not as well. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Been Failing the Interviews

The neighborhood is flooded with bilingual hucksters of late. 

Our local Electricity Emporium no longer generates the juice, just delivers.  And we, the customer, get to decide which supplier we want to use.  So they are all out greening each other, trying to sell the most environmentally 'sustainable' source that we should totally sign up with.

They are failing their marketing with me.  I'd choose the coaliest supplier.  Cheap and reliable.  Though coal/nuke would be even better.  That isn't the choices.  The choices are GreenCo.  Supa-Green, and Greenier & GreenGreen LLC.  Electricity is fungible, why is this even a thing?

Also getting the "we are in the neighborhood, refinishing driveways for you neighbor would you like us to do your and your roof and replace your windows, too?" pitchmen.  It is the season

The huckster go door to door, ringing bells.  I have a porch door, and it is locked, so they don't get that close, and during the day I will come to the door and tell them to pound sand.  You are coming to me and asking for money?  You wouldn't give ME money if I walked up to you and asked you.

At night I don't answer the door.  I am there, of course, watching unseen.  Don't answer the door at night unless you can see the cop lights on the street outside.

But the day walker hustlers, just selling or maybe scamming... I am not doing the interview well.  These aren't crooks, just salesmen.  But I should still be alert for the one in a hundred crook, looking for a victim.  And I want to deter that one in a hundred.

They are outside the airlock.  That is good.  But I am not watching their hands.  I am engaging them in conversation, however brief.  My guard gets too far down.  Colonel Cooper would say I should be Condition Orange, maybe?  I just want to be a brighter Yellow.  Yet another thing to be mindful of.    

Monday, March 27, 2017

Right Arm

Hurts to type.  And mouse.

Range Day 23 March


Took the 617 and 640 out for a spin.  My neck it still bothering me so I figured it's just be a few shots and done.

Well that was embarrassing.

Things I learned.  Pausing the DA trigger squeeze is doable.  A viable for me method. When I got it down right I get groups like this at 25 feet.

Practice at the range and DRY FIRE will improve this.  Note the hole at 4 o'clock?  That was supposed to go in the target below.  It was +P.

Which makes me think...  Prowler busting in at 3AM, with +P ammo already in the gun... anticipatory missed because of recoil and no hearing protection...  Not good.

There is a spare .22 in there, too.  Dunno where/when that came into play.  Grrr.  Amateur.

Ugh, revolver through me for a loop, all that training on the 1911 platform and Glock simulations.

Here is some more .22 after I was warmed up with the DA.

Firing a little high.  Even for me.  The 617 has adjustable sights.  I may adjust.

And some more snubbie work.

Snub sights suck.  I don't need to tell you that.  I am sure the lower right two are anticipatory.  Old bad habits.  Still in the paint at least.  A serviceable group, but I am not satisfied with it.

All my revolvers are timed fine, now that the 686 is fixed.  And all have a similar smoothness to the trigger pull.  (The 617 might be a little lighter.) So no radical difference between guns.  Which is mostly due to consistencies at S&W, I'll wager. 

Future live fire plans...  Bring the 686 in lieu of the 617 next time, to really get to work on this trigger pull.  Also, get a better neck so you don't flag as easily and get more rounds down range.  I think I can tighten that up with just a bit more practice.  If I consistently get snubbie shots in that circle at 25 feet?  Boy, howdy. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Everyone knows

"Diversity is good."


No one can explain that to me, properly.

They usually start out with 'think of the great restaurants!' and peter out after that.  And it's possible to have a vibrant food selection in an otherwise monocultural environment.

So, keep food out of it.  Why is diversity an objective good, as some people keep insisting as tho it were fact?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

BAG day.

Hey Kim du Toit is back to blogging.  And he sorta invented BAG Day.  Buy a Gun Day.  It's comin.  April 15th.  Now is the time to start shopping for yours.

I bought enough gun.  So I may skip this year.  Heck I SOLD two to cover last year's gun.  I'm in deficit of quantity, but trying to bump the quality.

But I am getting low on my practice ammo.

I haven't shot the 9mm enough to know what it likes best, bullet weight wise.  But the .22 stock is low.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Rockville Rapists

"Hey T-Bolt, is that Rockville High School where them illegal aliens outraged that little girl anywhere near where you live?"

Yes.  It is less than 3 miles from my house, as the crow flies.  And we only know the 18 year freshman was an illegal alien.  The other man is 17, so, still technically a minor, and they won't share as much about him out of policy.  Just like they'll never print the poor victim's name, because she was a victim and is also a minor.   

"Are there a lot of illegal aliens around you?" 

Sure!  You bet.

"When you gonna move?"


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Still Low on Brains

Definitely gonna hit the range.  This time, revolvers, tho.  I got something I want to try with the DA trigger.  Two staging it.  If I can.  Line up on target, draw quite a bit out of the trigger pull.  Tiny Pause, finish the draw for the break. 

See if I can apply something Sam showed me.  I'll prolly mess it up, but let's see.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Outta Gas

A lil blog bupkis goin on.  Ennui from the neck and shoulder pain?  Just yer generally existential ennui?  I dunno.  But it's here.

I saw that accidental firearm deaths was at the lowest number, not just percentage, but number, in 2015 than it has been since 1903.  Keep up the good work.  Lucky Strikes Means Fine Tobacco.

LS: Loaded, Stupid!
M:  Muzzle
F:   Finger
T:   Target

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vote and Miscellania

Well, NRA ballots are due before the 9th of April.  I better hop to.  Who to vote for?  I know some folks have put up posts with suggestions and collections of endorsements.  Anyone have any others?


My neck is feeling better after a trip to the doctor.  Just anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers.  We'll see.  I can easily lift a half gallon of milk from the counter and put it on the table with the impacted right arm, but it is difficult to get it higher than that.  Say, if I wanted put something that heavy on top of the fridge.  I can do that, but it feels noticeably weaker.  Holding a pistol at eyeball height falls in this range of weakness.  I could shoot down groundhog holes easily with both hands. 

But like I said, it is getting better.  Gonna try to hit the range.  If it is bad I won't reinforce failure and either cut short the session or do some one handed practice.

Monday, March 20, 2017


I am sorta stuck with this custom gun.  I have few holster options.  It's like an STI 2011, but there are subtle differences.  For instance the slide near the muzzle isn't radiused the same.  That alone keeps me from being able to buy a 2011 holster off the shelf.  I got mine custom made.  $65.  Not bad.  We'll see how they do.  The gun doesn't fall out when you hold the holster upside down and shake it.  Good start.  Rekkr Custom Kydex

I could prolly use a competition holster, off the shelf, because it only 'grabs' on the open muzzle and trigger guard.  Like this.

But that's not practical for day to day.

Tam posted some holster makers.

Raven, Keepers Concealment, Custom Carry Concepts, Dark Star Gear, JMCK, PHLster

None of them carry 2011 holsters that I can find.  Wait JM Custom has one.  But believe all of them will make a custom holster for you and your custome gun.  If they are taking appointments.  The trick of that is you have to go there with your gun.  If you have a Glock and can find a dealer nearby you might get one of their holster right now for your ownself.

"So why did you take the trouble to get all those links preserved, T-Bolt, Mr. Fancy-Pants Custom Gun snob?"

Because I might get a Glock or M&P or summat someday and I want a list of reputable makers.  And is Maryland goes CCW I'd prolly not carry that 2011 much anyway, and many of those makers DO have 1911 version I could avail myself of.  (I already have a nice Milt Sparks 1911 holster though)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A 2011

"I dunno, T-Bolt... a 2011?  A double stack 1911?  Those don't have a reputation of reliability."

No, they do NOT.  The model's biggest hangup is magazine issues.  Quality, expensive, mags still hang up the gun like CRAZY.  I knew this before I saw it on the shelf.

"So why did you risk it?"

Well, unlike most double stack 2011 buyers, I bought this from a good gunsmith.  One willing to help with them magazines.  The magazine need smithing as much as the rest of the gun. 

A big issue is the follower.  You have to tune that so it doesn't catch the slide release tab and lock the slide back on the last round, like I have experienced.  But there are other things to tune that I hope to learn for myself.  If the magazines ever come in from the supplier.

Oh, and I can't have them shipped to me.  10 round limit in Maryland.  These can hold 19 or 21.

"Are you regretting getting it at all?  You could have bout a P320, a G19, and an M&P9 with less money."

Not regretting even a little bit.  I really really like it.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Get your money back.

I heard a rumor.

Because the hearing protection act might be coming soon people are putting off getting a suppressor.  Save $200 that way.

This has adversely impacted sales, now, today.

So some companies promise if you buy a can from them after a certain date, already past, they will cut you a check to cover the tax stamp when the law goes into effect.

For the life of me I can't confirm this rumor.  But it sounds like it might be true, don't it?

Friday, March 17, 2017


So New Mexico, some politicians at least, want to deploy Step 1 in a gun confiscation scheme and start a gun registry.  I hope the forces of freedom fend that off.  You don't want to be like Maryland, New Mexico.  Pity.

Saw that in this article.

But what caught my eye was that rancher in the picture with the ranch rifle.

That looks like a Ruger Mini-14.  Decent enough gun.  Ok.  Retails for less than a grand.  And that's recently when the prices went up.  You can get one used for $500.  Less.

But the optics.

It looks like a Trijicon ACOG with a reflex sight on top.  THAT retails for $2000.  Very nice glass.  Phew.  That's almost like putting a Chistian Dior Gown on a pig.  A very nice pig granted.  It's not like he mounted that on the dust cover of a SKS.  And the fellow is obviously near sighted.  I'd want a decent 4x scope too, ifn I was that nearsighted.   I can understand his desire.  If that were me I'd have put a Scout type scope on it.  But that is my preference.  $300 for the scope, and $100 for the hardware.  Ooo, forgot rings. 

And maybe that is a knockoff of the ACOG.  Not the $100 Chinese knockoff, but the slightly better $600 knockoff.  That'd be fine by me.

Not that I am truly criticizing the man's choices.  Do what you want with what you got.  And besides, chances are the guy can shoot circles around me.

I do love shady spot in New Mexico, tho.