Monday, January 31, 2022

Rock Rock Rock

I kinda want a rocking chair.  

I guess I am off that age.

I think I am enamored with the idea of a rocking chair, but in practice, not so much.  It's hard and cold in the winter...  How good can it be for my sketchy back?

Kennedy got a Boston Rocker.  That certain style.

See, even HE had to pad it all over to make it comfy.  But knockoff are in the price point I'd want to spend.  There are lots of Chinese rocking chair with flat seat for $100.  I'd want something with enough refinement in the comfort to warrant $500 or so, give or take.  Made in the USA, often, too, at that price point.  Not always, but often.

This one is practically a Morris Chair.

And I liked the comfort of this style, the few I tried sitting in a coupla decades ago

Which brings me to another problem.  Where to put it?  Rockers take up a LOT of real estate.  I could put it out on the screened in porch, but then you are getting to the "is it too nice to be exposed to the elements?"  And then how often would I use it?  Too cold today.  I'd have to take up pipe smoking on the regular to force me out to it.  

This one is my favorite, but it's north of three grand.  Phew!  I'd have to be dying of some deadly disease to justify that purchase.  But it's a lovely modern design.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Only Criminals Will Have Guns!


Lotsa folks include all 'gov't' in the 'criminals' category.   I don't agree with the 'all' part.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Orson Wells

Friday, January 28, 2022

Purity of Essence

You people laughed at me when I warned you they were adulterating the water supply.  

Now this guy, who has to be a good guy because he teaches morality and ethics at a College, is going to put a pound of Fentanyl, Eloi-Control-Drugs in the reservoir.

I shoulda retired already, with a 1990s truck and a good well out in the forested country west of here.  


Thursday, January 27, 2022

Synagogue Terrist

So the Pakistani hostage take bought a semi-automatic pistol from a convicted criminal with 3 first names.  Henry Michael Williams


Wonder what flavor pistol?  150 is good for a used Glock.  Might be a bit high for a used Hi-Point.  

Got Nuffin but Bread and Buttah

Still can't brain.

Water cooler talk is just about the ghost gun ban the State legislature is bandying about.  And I went over that already.

Maybe I need a cat.  A used one.  Who knows how much time I have left, I don't want the cat to be disappointed if I check out early.  

Been making bread.  A good survival skill.  There is two tricks.  One, have a good stand mixer.  I inherited one of those years ago and had only used it to grind venison for chili.  Two, a Pullman pan.  I've made a few loaves.  The first was the perfect consistency, the second needed more water, and the third was too wet.  I did nothing to correct these flaws.  And I found that making bread is pretty forgiving.  The only deviation from prep instructions I have done is let the dough second-rise a little longer in the pan before baking.  Oh, a bit more flour than 4 cups.  Like a quarter or less.  

Eat that bread in a week.  It will grow mold after that.  It's a bit denser than store-sammich, so it takes a bit longer to toast.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


 I get discombobulated. That's what I call it.  Sorta like being depressed but not as black.

None of my usual distractions are appealing.  No reading, no TV, no hobby, no wander, no conversation, no snack.  I don’t feel bored, I just don't feel like doing anything else.

It's like having insomnia when you don't need to be asleep.  Except the internal thoughts are less interesting or coherent.  Camus style existential ennui? Perhaps.  It's annoying.

It's not cancer caused, I've experienced this longer than I've had cancer.  The disease might exacerbate it.

That's the thing.

No way to tell. Nor would it matter. 

Ennui is much better than abject despair, tho.  And I look good in a black beret.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

New Law a-Comin'

No guns within 100 feet or a polling place.

So folks had questions.  

  • From the front door of a polling place, from the parking lot?
  • What if I am driving past on the way to the range?  Illegal?
  • What if my HOUSE is 100 feet from the polling place?
Well, they are hashing out those details.  Looks like they will specify the front door, with exemptions if you live real close.  Or are doing normal legal things with a firearm, like driving to the range or...  if you have a CCW.

So the aw is targetting people only doing something illegal, otherwise, and piling on a "Oops you also did that illegal firearm thing while it ALSO being the first Tuesday in November on an even numbered year or during a primary" so it is a pile on charge to other gun charges.


And with all these extra early voting days, that means more jeopardy for already-criminals besides that one or three Tuesdays.

Maryland gun laws.  What you do instead of something.    


'Ghost Guns' will also be illegal.  If you have an 80% lower that you (this is probably, the law ain't hammered down yet) made into a working firearm and you don't take it to an FFL to get a number put on it by January 2023, then that is 3 years and a $10,000 fine misdemeanor.  But I'll report back when they have finalized it.  Looks like they are failing to grandfather clause it, and MD Dems are sensitive to that.  

Monday, January 24, 2022

Well, that was bad


Getting better now.

Looks too much like my 401k, RN, tho.

More Camping

If I am going to splurge on the warm weather comfy sleeping bag in my disabled dotage, I might at well go whole hog and get the matching Zombie Survival RV option.

Also good for keeping lab monkeys out of your stash of Fig Newtons in the kitchenette.    Glad they didn't freeze to death.

Little top heavy, no?  Don't go nuts fording streams with that.

Sunday, January 23, 2022


Gun content

You know what Facebook tries to sell me?

Underdash magnets to keep my Glock, and bad nylon girdle holsters.  At least lately.   Blech.

But on the plus side, I had been looking for a sleeping bag as roomie and comfy as this for years. 

Saturday, January 22, 2022

More 1879

I got one of these.  Well, mine is a #20, this is a #113.  Does the same thing.

This day, 1879


Just goes to show, superior technology is no match for being a micro managing and arrogantly over-confident British commander, spread out and going against super fast light infantry, and getting flanked by well lead greater numbers.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Now it is the grocery delivery people

Update. Went in person.  Hurt my feet.  But there was meat and OJ and they were stocking more OJ.  The shelves weren't STUFFED, but everything was there, or a decent sub in.


I love these 1940s war illustrations.  Stylistically.  Well, I like the british stuff. the German sourced stuff interests me historically.

The same reviewer has another video about the US 1950s golden age of illustration.  Which also blows my skirt up.  Rockwell to Bass, with some Frazetta comics thrown in.  And another reason I dig  All of it.   

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Grocery Report

The good news.  Harris Tweeter had beef balogna for the first time in months.

The bad news.  No other meats and no orange juice.  Or Sun Chips, oddly.


Been on and on about health issues and dirty commies a bit much lately.  You know what I blame?  Drinking too much tap water.   

What was taught to children

I'm not talking now.  When children seemingly aren't taught much more than cultural cues and lefty propaganda.  And the big argument over that.

I'm talking back then, in the eerie mist of a bygone age.  The late 20th Century...  How much were those kids failed by similar institutions compared to modern day ones.

Book on the menu when I was coming up

  • The usual beginner Shakespeare: Romeo, Caesar, Macbeth, Hamlet in that order each year
  • The Crucible
  • Death of a Salesman (I hated all plays back then.)
  • Diary of Anne Frank 
  • Catcher in the Rye
  • The Invisible Man
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Roll of Thunder, hear my Cry
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Grape of Wrath
  • Of Mice and Men
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Huckleberry Finn
  • A Death in the Family

Other classes read the Oxbow Incident, other Steinbeck titles.

All GOOD literature written by the right people and according to the New Yorker, and also edification regarding racial strife that we were finally and permanently healing for all time following the 1960s.  Plus some subtle but inexorable lefty propaganda.  That was the feeling of the time.  

I mean Steinbeck was a 'boring old Red', and Fitzgerald, too.  We were encouraged to read Jack London and Hemingway for fun.  More Reds.  William Golding was an example how bad fascists were and that we would mutate into one if left along on an island with other High Schoolers and no girls. 

But Twain wasn't a commie.  I read Melville for fun.  Also, not commie.  Shakespeare, of course, but what other plays are you going to feed High Schoolers?  Oh right, Arthur Miller.  Yeah.  Pinko.  

And that list above was from 40 years ago.  Some of those authors have been swept up in the cancel culture.  Despite fine lefty bona fides back then, they are not up to the sensitive snuff these days and out they must go.  Catcher and Mockingbird.  Kids today prolly can't relate to Gatsby.  Oh you CAN'T assign Huck Finn anymore. 

But is this red tinge really the fault of the Boards of Education curricula guids back then?  IS there much 'great literature' written in the past 100 years whose author would not be welcome at a Fifth Avenue dinner party with all the right people of be able to get past the lobby of the New Yorker offices?  Something a typical 11th grade registered Democrat English teacher would assign, despite the author's politics?  So called 'Conservative' aren't amplified, sure, but is there much out there to amplify?  Does the right just not bother to write?  


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Who is bloody?

California schools no longer allowed to have student do the "Aztec Chant."  The Thomas More Society lawyers said, "Any form of prayer and glorification of these bloodthirsty beings in whose name horrible atrocities were performed is repulsive to any reasonably informed observer... particularly prayers drafted by public officials." 

"Xipe Totek, Xipe Totek, transformation, liberation, education, emancipation. imagination revitalization, liberation, transformation, decolonization, liberation, education, emancipation, changin’ our situation in this human transformation."

The Thomas More society is pretty much wrong.  It's not really a prayer. It isn't even Aztec. It's worse. It's made up Marxism revolutionary bushwa.  Something even more bloody. Something that is a bigger threat to civilization and the Republic than gov't imposed religion.

The Aztec might have been pretty bad, but they didn't read up on a lotta dialectical materialism and the nonsensical labor theory of value.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tam has a good batting average

 But this ball got hit to the center field upper deck.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Yup, it's a Mittastrophe

When Mitt Romney turns his back on a Democrat, you know your agenda has gone sideways.  One of Romney's big faults is acceptance of Left side shenanigans in the interest of comity.  When even he throws up his hands... 

Biden would have to a 180, I think, and a mea culpa, to have a chance now.  But he won't because November is 10 months away, why bother?  And a mea culpa would cheese off his supporters even if he uses it to get stuff they want.

Saw this Meme


But is it true?

Say Pearl Harbor was EXACTLY like it was, except, magically, Enterprise and Lexington were anchored alongside battleship row, too.  Same damage to the rest of the harbor as in the real December 7th, except the carriers got two or more lucky hits as well, and exploded, a total loss.

No other CVs could conceivably have been present.  There were really only 3 carriers in the Pacific.  In less than four years there would be 20.  

The war would be longer, but Japan had no real endgame that went it's way.  They relied on us getting sick of fighting in both timelines.  

What does get Japan a W?  Apart from us just giving us.  The USA, with the strongest economy on the planet.

(I can only conceive of this possible negative outcome, and can visualize no other.  And I only visualize that because I saw us quit in South and South East Asia in my lifetime.  From fatigue.  Also it was the only outcome Japan coceived)

Britain and the USSR could lose to the Nazis, somehow, and all join with Japan.  Somehow.  But that's less likely than war fatigue by the US public.  

The "big wins early then resist til they quit" strategy worked well for Japan in the fight against China then, more importantly, Russia 35 years earlier.  

I don't see Japan getting the bomb before us, if we set our mind to as we did in our timeline.  So, eventually B-29s were going to make the trip for a few in the alternate timeline.  

Sunday, January 16, 2022



My aching dogs

"So, yer feet ulcers aren't healing.  Our next step is surgery.  We go in through the top of your foot, shave away some bone on the bottom.  It'll be great."

Sure.  They fixed my neck-bones by going in through the throat, and took out my tonsils via an endoscopy.  Fine.  FINE.

I guess it makes a lotta sense.  Wounds on the BOTTOM are not healing.

Oh, and I totally forgot about that lemon sized mass in my gut. The treatment probably shrunk it. Probably.

Anyhoo, Thursday is imaging day.  Gonna get a CT of that mass and an MRI of one foot.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Are the grocery stores recovered?


What are my chances of getting chick and butter right now?  I can't walk around too much,if I can help it, to help my feet heal, or I would check myself. 


I'm scrood.

Surprised I made it THIS far. 

"Heartbreak, living alone may increase health risks among men"

Suposed to be bad for my heart, but, all indications are my heart if pretty good.  And has even gotten better.  Weight loss.  Good BP.  Lower cholesterol.

I darent sniff around for a lady friend because if we breakup that makes the risk WORSE.

Friday, January 14, 2022

The good health news

This whole thing started with back pain getting worse. Well, Lyrica has brought that under control!  I can sit for long periods if I wanna.

One thing I haven't done in a while is play video games. Fallout and Skyrim, if you want my big two for hours played.

Red Dead Redemption doesn't work on my machine.  And the failed install has gimped it for all Rockstar games.  Fine.  Pity.  Next desktop, maybe.

I have but haven't done much with Alien Resurrection.

I have been interested in Escape From Tarkov.  But would probably fail miserably at it.  Even in a pure PVE version of it, but it is PVP.  

The newer Rome Total War, just didn't grab me right away.  I could try that again.


I think my video games have to have a story.  FPS but the stand alone is you invading Europe, 1944.  Boston in 2377 after a nuclear exchange.  Sort and sorcery in the Nord homeland.  Also hmmm.    

Any suggestions?  Long weekend coming up.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

This is about as useless a Trey Gowdy hearing.  Just a lotta talk.  

I agree with the sentiment, but so?

What law do you propose to accomplish this separation of wealth and power?  No?  Then what does an article most all conservative already agree with need writing for?  Yes.  We know.  List some concrete steps that puts on the corrective.  We can then evaluate those "that's loony!", "that'd work, but it'll never pass, like term limits or a balance budget amendment", "that'll eventually backfire and make things worse", or "ok, now you are onto something."

I am frustrated because I am at a loss on what to do my ownself and need some ideas.  

Wednesday, January 12, 2022


The blog fodder tank is low, today.  Stream of conscious blogging? Sorry.

The doc is talking surgery for my feet.  Shave off some metatarsals to let the bleeding ulcers heal.  I hate this.  I am falling apart.  3 years ago I just had a back ache.  I thought it was just a 50 year old back.  Then all... this... happened.

It's a blow to the morale of the unit, I tell ya.

And worse, it is all so BORING.  Sorry about that.

I dunno how, but my vacation time accrued to max. I gotta burn some of that, too. Sucks to put sick days on the vacation side of the ledger, but, here we are.  Better than negative house, sure.

I don't know nothing about empty shelves.  I know I used to bring you the grocery report for this region at the height of the pandemic, but I've gotten stuff delivered the last few times.  Shipt.  Seems ok   You can't say "Bring me juicing oranges, a whole mesh bag!" and expect to get what you want, tho.  It makes up for it by me not having to walk around a store. 


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Not much is stopping me/us from doing this now, but

What would you do if money was no object?

Like you win a smallish lottery, so you are set at your current lifestyle, but aren't starting a super-model and Lambroghini collection. You decide after a short while you have to DO something.  Get good at doing something that also makes you money.

I know some people would LOVE to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners door to door. Their brain is wired for sales.  They'd enjoy the hell out of that, especially if they didn't have to make a living at it by killing themselves with hours.  

Me?  I sorta did this in the 1990s.  I was a professional brewer.  Hard work, but fun, and I loved what I made.  If it paid well and there was no bottling line I'd be doing it up until 4 years ago when the onset of an undiagnosed cancer would have taken me out of the game.

I expected, like other members of my family, to at least be physically capable of doing stuff well into my 70s and perhaps beyond.  Let's see if I can get back to that with these treatments

Other things I might want to do, and if I was still capable, mind.  Remember, selling your output is of no consequence.  You'd give it away if you had to, but if someone wants to buy it, great

  • Work in my cabinet makers shop making nothing but barrister bookcases.  Not out of pallet wood, but like that guy.  Just barrister bookcases.  They are valuable even without dressing it up with carvings and what not.  Plus I have the skills to do it right now.  What I don't know I can suss out without assistance.  The rest on the list I have a steeper learning curve, requiring outside intervention or more prep time.  
  • Clockmaking.  Making Marine Chronometers, though.  Absolutely useless product in the days of GPS, but neat anyway.  There is a horological school in Switzerland and this is what you make.  To learn the trade and move on to Rolexes, presumably.  Sorta like Louis XVI!
  • Gunsmithing, natch.  But if there is one thing I learned at the gunsmith is that dealing with gun-owning customers is a pain.  So I'd not do that.  Just make 1911s, and just sell them through a gunstore/s of an owner I knew.  On consignment if necessary. 
  • Bookbinding and printing.  Make short runs of public domain works.  Probably Lovecraft.  Have top find some artist type to do the etching for original endplates, but I'd do the rest.  Not the papermaking.  Phew, a lot of the lottery winning would go to the machines and also a machine shop to repair same.  Plus I'd miss the earlier graphic design training.  There is SO much to know that I don't.  But this is what my grandmother's family did.  This and spring water selling. Grandfather's side was cheesemakers then shopkeepers.
  • Planemaker, making infills.  
  • But hell, if I had my health I might just do like Churchill and just be a bricklayer.  For fun.  
I'm not a car guy, but I can see where folks would really love doing that for fun.  Same thing with pottery, or glass-blowing.  Or leatherwork.  I'd love to learn how to weld well.  

Others would go fishing.  But that's also not for me. Carve figures of old men with a wittling knife out of Linden wood.  

See what I mean, tho?  Unless you are super talented right out of the gate, it'd prolly be a while before you made any money on the above, so, best to have another source.    

Monday, January 10, 2022

Student Loans

I had some.  30 years ago.  Paid them off.  That's not the point.

The point is, a clause in the loan, if I had bought the farm back when I was 25, the loan went away.  The wife would have been on the hook for the house and credit cards and car note, but not the thousands in loans.

When I hear youngins complain about student loans now, they act like if they died the debt would still be outstanding.

Was my experience of a forgiven loan upon death atypical?  Or did it go away in the intervening decades, and Millennials with hyphen-studies Masters pass on 200 large bill to their heirs? 

Sunday, January 9, 2022

My Life

My life for months have consisted of me getting up, getting coffee, making meals, cleaning up after myself, applying dressings to my feet, and little time for much else.  

It's a good steady rhythm, which has its attractions, but not a very fulfilling sort of existence.  And my regular work suffers because I have lost a step.

It is both comfortable on one hand and disquieting on the other.

Don't want to stand out?

Can't tote all your gear in tactical vest because HR will call you down for some counselling? 

Stow your extra mags, BUG, and a few MRE in your Gray Man Jeans.  (jeans not actually gray...)


Saturday, January 8, 2022

Friday, January 7, 2022

WWI Trope

In most every movie about WWI there is the trope of the Tommy looking out a trench loophole for just a brief moment, and getting sniped by the Germans.  It's nigh universal.  

The British side pokes it's head up and gets shot.  No one on the British side is returning the favor in these movie and stories.  Always receiving, never giving back.  

Except in All Quiet on the Western Front.  Where Paul gets his at the very end.  But it is only hinted at in the book (which was written by a German, so, perhaps the trope was universal) that he was sniped when he stood up.  It is a likely explanation, and a form of suicide rather than a lapse in trench discipline.  It's left in the air for the reader to decide.  

In the two movies it happens. Sniping, I mean. But both movies were filmed in Hollywood.  The English-speaking side of the war.  So the Brit tropes may have leaked over.  


That said, I have seen no German language visions of the Great War on Film  Maybe I need to check more closely.  But translated books from that side I have read don't have references to sniped loopholes carrying off the FNGs like British accounts on the printed page do.  


Of course there WERE enthusiastic snipers on the Allied side.  So loopholes were just as dangerous to soldiers in the German line, you'd think.

Thursday, January 6, 2022


34% of American believe violence against government is sometimes justified.


And that's just the people that will admit as much to a pollster that cold-called their phone.  I bet their is a sizable enough percentage that thought, when they came to that question, "Not today, Fed," and gave an answer that didn't have anything to do with watering the Tree of Liberty.

That number is considerably higher than in past polls, over the years.  You'd think that would be an eye opener with some folks in the government, that their support wanes ,but I kinda doubt it.   Historically .gov is quite myopic about some things like this. 

None of which is good.  I know I don't want to live in such interesting times.  Unless some take it to heart and steer the ship of state into calmer waters.  

Wednesday, January 5, 2022


I just realized that Martini from It's a Wonderful Life was also in Casblanca, as the Second Contact.

William Edmonds.


During DC's snow

"T-Bolt, why do you want to retire to Cleveland?  You know it snows worse up there."

The important word is 'retire'.  Note I did not say 'commute around up there'. 

"But you have to leave the house sometime!"

That's what Spring is for.

Plus a requirement is a two car garage.  A space for my car (w/ trailer hitch), and a space for my tractor snow-blower with a trailer to tow it places to get it serviced.  

Oh, and I'll need a basement to store food and keep a large wine cellar.  

Who am I kidding.  The cancer will carry me off before then.  If it doesn't I'll struggle to get to the doctor in Ohio in the wintertime.  I think that is why oldsters go south.  Not for the warm weather, but the ease of movement to get to appointments.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Discussion of an Atlantic article elsewhere.

"Although far out of step with what most liberals actually thought, [Tucker] Carlson’s sampling of liberal views was emblematic of what conservatives believed about liberals. Conservatives in our sample estimated that 61 percent of liberals—more than twice the actual number—endorsed the abolition of law enforcement."

The overinflated 61% number isn't the story, really.  The buried lede is a whole 30% of the left do indeed want the abolition of law enforcement.  

That... that doesn't seem good.  That's a sizable number.  How do they think that works out for society?  Or are they gaslightning their reason and are just trying to immanetize the eschaton for their lord and savior Karl Marx?  (yes, I meant 'lightning')

But the article isn't ostensibly about law enforcement policies, but about one side of the political spectrum's assumptions about the tother side.  


Yeah, it doesn't mean that.  Not what people assume.

When someone says that it doesn't mean they back ALL police, right or wrong.

They back the GOOD ones.  The ones that help folks on the side of the road.  The ones that take down REAL bad guys.  Officer friendly.  The officer that saves and old lady for a car being washed away in a flood.  Heroes, and the ones just doing regular cops stuff to the benefit of all but criminal actors. 

They don't back the BAD ones.  The really corrupt ones.  Or ones harassing five year olds in a Burger King (You coulda said no, NYPD).  The ones jacking up normal folks to get you to respect their authority.  Feds that set up entrapment scenarios, like pressuring someone to gunsmith a shotgun to 15 and 7/8th inches instead of 16+".

If you have an #IBackTheBlue sticker on your car, you are a cop, a friend or family member, or you are thinking of cops in Column A.  If you hate the #IBackTheBlue movement, and shout ACAB a lot, your thoughts go to Column B.   

Lately, my thoughts dwell on column B, but I do concede there are a LOT of cops that strive to always be in Column A. But how many B items does an A cop have to do to be forever compromised and worthy of comtempt?

Maj's tweet made me think on this.

Monday, January 3, 2022

Asbestos is Perfectly Safe

And they are right about it's benefits.  

I can provide you years and years of vital service.

Oh.  Don't break it up at all, with demo or whatever.  Or cut it with a saw.  If it does weather don't mess with the dust that sloughs off  If it gets airborne, and it likes to... yeah avoid that airborne dust.  You can see it in a sunbeam, and it stays in the air a good long time.  The stuff is not perfectly safe.  That stuff is mesotheliomaocious.  Shame, too.  And airborne is pretty much what this is, from the jump:

Lead paint is also perfectly fine.  For a few years.  Until it starts to break down, too.  Then any quantity of that is bad around you.

DDT is safer than both of those.  Might be a good idea to avoid deploying it in agricultural quantities.


Sunday, January 2, 2022

My County

 This used to include deaths:


Now before you go all 'Conspiracy Theory!  Hiding the low number of deaths to scare you with high case numbers.'  Which, are indeed, quite high.

The county's website was hacked at the beginning of December.  There is still fall out from that that impacts here AND the State's Health Department site.  So looking at the numbers may be futile at this perhaps critical moment in time.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Oh. My. God.

Happy New Year!

Got any new years resolutions?

Mine is to try and stop dying so much.