Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dream Chest

I have a chest on chest of drawers similar to this.

But not nearly as nice.  I had a dream that the legs gave way and the thing collapsed.  And it didn't even disturb the stuff on top.  Just a clean break of all legs simultaneously and fell straight down.  Odd.

What do you keep in your dresser?  Me?  Just some revolver reloads in the sock drawer.  It the furniture closest to the bedroom door, and the doorway is well position to afford nearly bullet proof protection from shot coming from the front door in my living room.  I have some cover and it is even positioned, by happenstance, to be left-hand friendly.


Then a dream where I am camping.  I hear jet noise and took up.  An F-18 is doing an aerobatic manuever known as the Hammerhead.  Even non-pilot me thinks he is too low for that.  He is, and is coming right for me.  He strikes the ground behind me and to the right and is in a right nose down bank when he does so.   The rudders came close enough to reach out and touch when they pass, I can feel 'ripple' beneath my feet with the impact shaking the ground like it was water.  The crash was on the lip of a gully that the plane plowed through, so most of the jet fuel fireball is down there and I am not instantly incinerated by the fireball.   One empty tent is gone.  No immediate known casualties aside from the pilot who rode it in (I could see him as he passed.)

After that I needed to spend some dreamtime with my cat.  A cat that has been dead 30 years.

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Old NFO said...

Nice looking old piece. And dreams are strange...