Sunday, December 28, 2014

Let's See How Long

Shannon Watts, shill for genetically modified foods and Michael Bloombergs gun-confiscation organization.

I don't tweet much.  Let's see if she blocks me early or late.  I just started following her.

She was real proud when @NRA blocked her because they are scared of her or something, but apparently she blocks folks at the drop of a hat because... I dunno...  Scared?  And she does pre-emptive blocks of pro gun types, I am made to understand.  Anyway, a relatively minor tweeter like me might not be noticed for a while.  But there is a hashtag devoted to it: 

No, I'm not going to do anything specific to draw her attention to me.   No harsh language or insults or 'Molon Labe'.  

She might get a little confused because I follow some other liberals for OPFOR Intel purposes.  And my Rep is Chris Van Hollen...  Super-Lib.

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