Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Inspired from Tam.  She reached back to an older Sean post.

I noticed how nice XD full size pistols were to CCW from Newbius (RIP).  He carried the full size and it disappeared.  XDs are slightly better than fatty-fat-fat SIGs but still.  It's not a small pistol.  Worrying about hiding it in normal 3 season clothing isn't the issue, clearly.  I have other things that worry me

I generally carry a snub .357 with .38 in it.   I don't feel under gunned, but I would prefer to have more.  Than that.  I'm not so worried about printing as I am that thunk they make when you sit down at a wooden bench or chair at Denny's.  Even that is no biggee.

For me the real issue is comfort.  Until you get used to it a gun feels like wool church pants when you were 10.  Did that stuff seem EXTRA itchy and irritating to you?  Compounded by the fact you never got used to them because you only wear em once a week.  Same with me, in MD, and CCWing.  I have fewer opportunities to.  So the pocketed revolver is the go to.  I don't notice THAT too much.

And a full size IWB?  It's long enough to touch my sciatic nerve that bugs me back there...  


Robert Fowler said...

I carry a full size 1911 most of the time. Generally in a leather belt holster. I do have a Galco IWB holster for times when I have to dress up.

If circumstances dictate, I do have a Llama 380 that's really easy to conceal.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, since I'm on a LOW Budget, I was glad to get a Used Taurus Snub for CCW use from a friend. That and some Speed Strips gives me a minimum "Comfort Level" in Today's World.

But if I had the Bucks, I'd probably go with a Single Stack Nine with a couple of spare mags in the Offside Pocket.

Never can tell when a few extra rounds might come in handy.

Arthur said...

I always have a Kahr P380 in my pocket whether I'm wearing shorts around the house or whatever.

If I want to carry an actual gun, I carry a Sig P228 in a Deep Conceal fabric shoulder holster. I've tried belt carry, but it just gets in the way in way too many ways.