Saturday, December 20, 2014

I'm a Hunter's, butt

(Like Tam, I hate wasting good material on an away game).

Bill Engvall is just fine with Gun Bans worse than they have in Maryland, New York, or California, as long was hunting irons aren't really impacted. 

Now I have a bit of experience with hunting and really like doing it.  Same with fishing.  It's a lot of fun and can be delicious.  It's even really good when you DON'T get anything.  Just time outdoors, out of the office...

"I’m a hunter, but, I am willing to vote for something that will ban all hunting if it will allow me to defend myself with a modern firearm."

I am willing to sell you, and all like you, Bill Engvall, down the river to secure my 2nd Amendment rights.  No really.  Control whitetail populations with poison, fine by me.  Make it a felony to hunt.  Fine by me.  And if you turn in a poacher after hunting is banned, the gov't gives you a free Glock and AR15 as a bounty and reward.  That would be appropo.

But let's not we and you fight.  Hunters should be our allies.  So, defenestrate Bill Engvall and we can go back to like it was before, with outdoorsmen (hey, like ME) fighting the good fight for our rights along side us, instead of with us.


Robert Fowler said...

Fudds like Engvall need to be made to understand, the only difference between their precious hunting rifle and a sniper rifle is....Nothing. If they won't fight for ALL of the 2nd Amendment, they will eventually get what they deserve, a jack boot on their neck. They need to show me in the Constitution just where the right to "hunt" is. I missed that part.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Funny thing is, if Bill is so Pro-Hunting, yet Anti-Freedom, how does he feel about Hunting with Suppressors? After all, only Assassins use Silencers, right?

Yet, at the end of March, Suppressed Firearms to be used for Hunting Purposes becomes LEGAL IN OHIO!

So what say you, Bill?

Kristophr said...

Zumbo-ing in three, two, one.

( and good riddance )