Friday, December 12, 2014


Why should I trust a 22 year old opinion when I have a perfectly good 110 year old one.

Sheesh.  Folks sure get worked up about their 9mm rounds maybe being good enough ever 20 months or so.  Someday, maybe, Wonder-Nine.  Someday. 

They're the same, no they're not, they both suck, one is clearly better.  Yay.

I dunno why, but I do enjoy the caliber wars.  Even the old hat, chestnut, hoary old arguments that are wrong and have heard countless times repeated by individuals I trust as much as Jimmy Carter.  But especially I enjoy the stuff from the smart people I normally listen to.  The folks that if they told me my mother never loved me I'd look into it to see if they might be onto something.  I like witnessing caliber wars, but no so much fighting them.  One is fun for me, the other only fun for a little while.

And if we consult dead people...  The guy that invented the Tommy Gun and the JMB(pbuh) sorta liked the .45.  Yup. The 9mm was the brainchild of some German that liked using pretentious Latin mottos like si vis pacem, para bellum, but couldn't spell his own name right.  It's GEORGE, buddy.  The Germans haven't won major a war since they adopted the cartridge.  It DOES have decent velocities and energies for something only .38 in diameter and with a such a short 'bottle'.  .38 special has a lot more 'room' but no where close to the performance.  I blame smokeless powders for that difference.   And being unable to change something after you've settled on how itsa gonna be in the ammo world.

In other news, last range trip, I am getting slightly better shooting Glock models. 


abnormalist said...

I've always been a fan of saying that when it comes to stopping a person, all handguns suck. A 12 gauge with 00 buck is the best option, followed by a semi auto rifle (preferably in the 30 caliber range) with soft point ammo.

That said I've always felt some suck less than others, and its tough to argue with a round that weighs half an ounce and travels at 600MPH (230 grain @850fps). Stick a dozen of those in a magazine, learn to shoot it, and I think you're doing as well as you can expect.

Now, THAT said I do carry my 380 more than the double stack 45, cause, well you just slip it in your pocket and go... 9mm-- beats harsh words, or throwing rocks I guess.

Mike W. said...

Oh C'mon, everyone knows .357 SIG is where it's at :P

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I actually carry a .38 +p mostly, myself.