Thursday, December 18, 2014

For Future AR10 Reviews

What is wrong with this gun review?

Well not WRONG per se...

 No talk about the magazines. It's great that Remington is making a AR10 style hunting rifle, and I might be kinda interested in getting one, but one lacking bit of info makes me put off pulling the trigger on that purchase possibility. The magazine.

Now when I say I am selling an AR15 you know what magazine will fit in it. If your gun manufacturing company comes out with a different type of .223/5.56 mag fed rifle that isn't an AR but you don't make it take STANAG mags you have a rough row to hoe in selling that (I'm looking at YOU FN and Beretta...). The AR15 magazine is pretty darn standard.

Not so the .308/7.62 magazine market. And some .308 magazines are made out of platinum and diamonds, it seems, going on the price. ANd I'm not just talking between M14 and FNs and SCARH and AR10... The magazine is different BETWEEN AR10 models!

Like this rifle. It'd be nice if reviewers tipped the reader off on how hard it is to find and buy 3 spare magazines for his new gun and whether any of those will fit what he has at home.

It's why I haven't bought the Ruger Scout already. It's magazines don't fit my M1A.

Seems like the industry could get together and settle on a standard and make a deal with MagPul to make hordes of quality $18 mags....


one_of_many said...

Pretty sure it's an SR25 type mag (the relatively inexpensive one) but yeah, I feel your angst.

Angus McThag said...

The "AR-10" market seems to have settled on the SR-25 pattern magazine as a de facto standard.

That's the pattern that the $18 Magpul magazine fits.

There's only a couple of hold-outs using proprietary or modified magazines now. RRA uses an FAL magazine and Armalite used to use a converted M14 magazine and has changed over to a proprietary magazine derived from an M14 magazine.

Old NFO said...

Yep, without a 'standard' and the ABILITY to actually acquire them, you're pretty much SOL... It took me 6 months to find/buy SCAR 17 mags at a reasonable price.