Sunday, July 1, 2012

I aintent ded

But I am without power to fuel my desktop.  Posting will be sparse.

Incredible storm.  Night was lit up like day with constant cloud lightning.  The tree killing winds were reminiscent of the hurricane 10 years ago that came through.  It was raining Cats, Dogs, and Sticks to beat them to death with.

I took Archie up to his daughter's house in WVa. Her power was not impacted.  I took his pills and he packed skivvies and a shirt.  I also too every cooler I owned to bring back ice.

Pepco actually turned my power back on for 30 seconds last night.  Not even enough time to get to and turn off the TV.


ProudHillbilly said...

I heard some folks up here had power for 2 hours this morning. And then it was gone again. Fortunately, mine stayed. Or I'd be sitting in the river again.

Laura said...

we're still lacking power (ETA: 5 days), and thanks to last night's storm the folks who HAD power around the corner from us lost power.

hope you're keeping comfortable.