Friday, July 20, 2012

Revolver Vs Shotty

Saw this on Hell In A Handbasket.  About a poor Pizza Delivery man... with a CCW.

I guess that should be plural Shotty.  Two.  And the guys with the shotguns had the drop on the Pizza Delivery Driver.  Driver won, somehow.

He delivered hot lead instead of hot pizza that day.  With extra cheese.

What I found most interesting is that one of the perps was wounded in 3 separate places and is transported to the hospital when found a short distance from the scene.  Perp #2 two was at large but texted his family reporting 2 wounds.  Cops reported Driver fired 5 to 6 rounds (that could have been better checked, obviously, but a more diligent reporter...). 

So he might have gotten 5 hits.  With a revolver.  Good shooting!   Most of these kind of things you hear about a whole bunch of round fired and a lot of missing.

Those 5 hits ended the fight.  Also a good result, especially where, on paper, the driver had the odds stacked against him.  Clearly he had a will to not go easy.

No one got immediately dead.    Which is interesting, certainly.  Obviously we are all thinking .38, and probably not something like .357 magnum.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Although not my cup of tea, I'll take a 5 Shot J-Frame any day of the week over NO Gun, like what seemed to happen last night in Colorado.

Carry Your Guns, People, and SHOOT BACK AMERICA!

Wish I could afford to make that into a Bumper Sticker.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I imagine it would be difficult for a responsible CCW person to respond to such a scenario with the badguy shooting in a crowded darkened theater.

More details will emerge from the incident, maybe.

Robert Fowler said...

“My drivers are told to give them what they want and get out of there,” Steven said.

Except, as David Codrea asks< what if what they want is your life?

I deliver pizza and my boss is cool with the fact that I carry. I haven't been robbed but I've had a couple of instances where I pulled my shirt up and tucked it behind my gun. Making a delivery to a empty house can be a eye opener. Both time turned out to be honest mistakes.

Bob said...

No one got immediately dead.

Almost no one ever really does, T-Bolt, even when shot in the head. The body will jerk spasmodically for a bit even then. The belief that a person, shot, falls to the ground and dies instantly is a Hollywood myth. That's why, when gun classes are taught, that shooting to stop is the mantra, rather than shooting to kill. You want them to stop their attack, first and foremost. Death is incidental to such concerns.

Old NFO said...

"A" gun is better than no gun, and 5 for 6 at night, one handed? Hell yeah I'd take that!!!