Thursday, July 19, 2012


We are all familiar with post Apocalyptic headgear.   After a nuclear war from when the oil runs out and Anthropogenic Greenhouse Warmening make the earthquakes come and destroy civilization as we know it; all the most stylish neo-barbarians will have a colander on their head.

It is my theory that these metal pasta strainers are not, repeat not, helmets, to protect the wearer in battle.

My theory is they are actually to protect the wearer from the sun.  Go out in Indiana this week.  It will be like that in February, or I don't know my 80s movies. A colander is lightweight even in stainless steel, reflects the harsh sunlight, is mostly opaque to shade the head, but there are air holes for circulation.  Regular boonie hats like I prefer will rot away in the first couple decades.

And the strongest collander still makes for poor protection against a cudgel of any kind.  Much less a baseball bat studded with nails.



Bob said...

A colander offers no protection from blows because it has no liner. A construction worker's hard hat is made of plastic, but protects because of the interior suspension/liner, which is designed to absorb impact. The old pre-Kevlar steel military helmets worked on the same principle: the liner cushions impact.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

So you are saying in teh post-apoc, I should set up a colander liner bidness and make serious bank, Bob?

Good tip.

Jerry said...

Colander liners are a good idea, easily adapted from un-used sporting and military equipment. As an added benefit, Adding into some sort of electrical circuit might provide some shielding. Once the aliens notice all of our radio telescopes they'll 'prolly start thinking that we want to listen.