Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Like many bloggers, I want more details on this story.

I mean...? 

A lady hugs a cop.  Somehow his sidearm goes off, somehow, killing her.  Did it jump out of the holster?  Was it holstered, even, at the time?  How was the trigger pulled in a fumbly hug?  It's just too fishy, and I call journolistic shennanigans.  I can't get my head around it, as is.

Only real clue so far... Officer was off duty.  He may have been unwisely Mexican Carrying his Glock.  Glock stuck in the wasteband is trouble incarnate, yes.  But the story makes it sorta sound like it was a shoulder holster, but definitely holstered, and she grabbed him from behind.  That puts us back to 'how did holstered weapon get its trigger pulled.'

I need to know that to avoid it myself.

[hey, after I composed all that, the Metrocons debated it.  Maybe Jonah will learn sumthin. I like "Huey 07/09/12 19:44"'s theory the most. But I still want better journalism and fact reporting.]

{update number 2! The video report says it was a S&W M&P .40, holstered on the officer's waist. In a 'neoprene' holster. Ok, I still don't see it, and I am leery of rubber holsters.  Tho the holster they demonstrate looks like stiff nylon, not thunderwear, sorta like an Uncle Mike's clone.  Now it sounds like the gun worked it's way loose and it was fumbled.  Who says "never catch a dropped gun"?}


Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that sexual activity was about to occur.

abnormalist said...

Remember, this is Detroit. Its been at least a few weeks since the police have accidentally shot any kids, so something like this was bound to happen

Aaron said...

Latest claim is she was dirty dancing behind him on her knees, reached up to his waist and Bang.

The family claims a witness saw they were standing side by each and one or the other went for a hug, but that doesn't match with the path the bullet traveled.

Should be an interesting investigation report when released.