Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Only Ones

The disease is more prevalent, but they are all under one rubric.

A sentence I saw in this article and it's a quote from Clayton Cramer:

"Many people support gun control regulations because they are convinced that the average citizen is either incapable of using a gun in self-defense or will use the gun in a fit of anger over some petty matter. Those assumptions are false."

This applies to the usual suspects.  Brady types,  Bloomberg, Journos.  But also a lot of cops (especially high ranking ones), Fudds (what do you need a Glock for?) like the late Bill Ruger, and even our friends.  Case in point is what Caleb noticed about Travis Haley.  Does that sound like "if you don't have crapload volume of training X, then you should really lock all your guns in the safe and not carry"?  An odd position to take for someone ostensibly on our side, and Caleb calls him on it.  Correctly, I think.

Not that I'm knocking training and practice (both are different).  More of each is probably better.  I am thinking that maybe all those attitudes, above, are anathema.  All of those attitudes smacks a bit of Only Ones disease.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Isn't it hypocriti....errr "Funny" that most of the Only Ones are those people who already have Firearms and/or are surround by people who carry them, like Police, Sheriffs, Secret Service, Bailiffs, School Security Cops......