Sunday, July 15, 2012

It comes in lefty

I like the looks of this rifle from Remington.

The stock, I mean.  Probably the vent holes. Years ago, when I first laid eyes on such, the guy as Bass Pro told me it came in .308 and left handed but I didn't believe him as I didn't see it on the Remington website.

Well it's there now.

Gonna have to update the list

.308 Winchester
8.5 pounds
 Barrel Length 26"
OAL 46 1/2"
1:12 twist
model # 84229


Brigid said...

That is sweet. My partner at work is left handed, I bet he'd snag one of those up in a heartbeat.

Have fun!

LibertyNews said...

I have used the right hand SPS Varmint (in .308) at Boomershoot for the last 2 years. It shoots sub .5 MOA out of the box for me.

Old NFO said...

Nice! And yes, Remington has made lefties for 30 years...

GBBL said...

I have to have a lefty for shotgun (not rifle) and damn if that isn't frustrating.

Anonymous said...

From one lefty to another, check out a Tikka T3. I carry one in 30-06 for deer hunting and it is a wonderful rifle.

mikelaforge said...

Stag Arms for lefty ARs. Might have to pick up a patrol special pump for old times sake.

mikelaforge said...

Lefty stuff. Ithaca 37, bottom eject. And the Remington 7615 Patrol rifle. It is a pump, ejects right - but if the first round is on target, yahoo, no cartridge case flinging across your line of sight. I've heard rumors/seen old lefty 7600 models but have never been able to justify the cost. Have a good one.