Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back, and to the Left

Saw this video on Uncle.  He commented on how the security guard looked like a shooter, what with a decently fast draw and all.

What I noticed was his lateral movement. Good tactics, that.  Back up, putting some more distance between you and the attacker you are responding to, and move side to side.

Which way?  To the left is a good bet.  The security guard initially goes to his left; he steps to the right to draw and get a better shot but then when the excitement starts he scoots with a purpose toward port. Why back and to the left?  Well, most shooters are right handed.  And this is a stress situation so they're practice (if any) at hitting the bullseye goes out the window.  The most common reaction is to flinch and jerk the trigger.  Even on a calm square range most people, if they have a fault, and are right handed, will see groups low and left on the paper target.  If you are the target the holes would be low and on your right hand side.  So more to the left so those holes are only in the air next to you.  A much better place for the bad guy's bullets.

A better reaction would be to anticipate right and left-handers and move to the outside of the strong hand.  If you are presented with a guy with a two handed grip it's hard to tell which is the strong hand so moving left plays the odds. 

MOVING is most important, regardless of direction, of course.  Generally a good idea to not be in the same place, making it easier on the bad guy to line up on you.

At least that is how I think of it.

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Boat Guy said...

The guy did as well as any of us can reasonably expect to do...