Friday, September 14, 2012

Dreams 2

I got more dreams, but they don't always have the gun content, so I don't always share them.

Like the one with no guns but I was in a Starship Troopers type basic training inside a super-skyscraper.  Lots of acrophobia there on the open stairs with big gaps between the treads you could fall through.

Or the one where I was a superhero.  Batman-esque.  But I could fly.  And I was armed with an FG-42 of all things.  I would normally carry the Thompson, I thought in the dream, but the bad guys I were after called for the larger round.  I was on a kidnapping case and had no arrest powers so I was calling in a favor with buddies in the FBI to make it legal and such.  While I waited for them, AGAIN in a giant hotel/mall/skyscraper complex, but luxurious this time, not barebones like basic training (above), I was consulting with other crime fighting masked superhero types to try to get as many brains working on the problem as I could, and we were all coming up with good scenarios in the parking garage. There were lots of glass elevators.

I have a recurring Chesapeake Bay dream, on the beach near Point No Point.  Had these for decades.  As I age the horizon, which is normally bear except for some times when you can see the far shore at low tide... well that distant shore get's more built up with taller and taller buildings.  And they get closer and closer to the Western side.  And the water near the beach, normally 5 feet deep, must get deeper and deeper because larger and larger vessels pass by as close as crab boats collecting pots.  At this age the 2 story building and street lights are now, in the dream, Chicago.  And the barges and tugboats are tankers and aircraft carriers.  I haven't even been down there for 15 years or more.

These 4 dreams were on successive nights (with the one from yesterday's post).  Without the nicotine patch they aren't always this good or memorable.

I know I know.  Dream posts....

Loretta Bell: How'd you sleep?
Ed Tom Bell: I don't know. Had dreams.
Loretta Bell: Well you got time for 'em now. Anythin' interesting?
Ed Tom Bell: They always is to the party concerned. 

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Old NFO said...

LOL, dreams are strange things, to put it mildy...