Monday, September 3, 2012

Bugs and Hunting

I am STILL tormented by the chigger bites I got a week ago.  Curse the buggers.  Next time...  DEET insect repellent, wrists neck ankles.  The books say it takes 10 days.  This is day 7.

But what if I go hunting before the first frost?  Wouldn't I just be adding yet another smell to the Eu-de-TBolt aroma to frighten off Bambi?  I mean, it's bad enough with the cloud of testosterone, Aqua Velva, and methane (it's why the ladies can't keep their hands offa me.  Well, not the methane so much.) I walk around in the center of, all day.

Based on my discomfort I don't care if bug spray will guarantee the deer will stay away, I'm using it.

I've heard tricks of carrying half an onion in you pocket.  The deer don't associate the onion smell with threat and might mask the other human smells that could spook them off.


MSgt B said...

Doesn't a string of garlic around your neck work too?

jon spencer said...

More than likely the deer will smell you whatever you wear or put on.
Unless you are hunting in a area where the deer have never smelled a human or the related smells it usually just makes them a little nervous for a bit until they figure out that there is nothing wrong.
It is during that time that you have to do your best not to disturb this process.
This usually means DO NOT MOVE while the deer is looking.
Also, watch the ears. The deer can be looking in another direction but will have at least one ear pointed at you, they are listening.
If you have a decent pair of binoculars and a set of good electronic ear muffs turned all the way up, you can almost see and hear as well as a deer.
There sense of smell can be better than a dogs too.
Whatever you do, they already know that you are there.
You just have to prove to the deer that you are a non-threatening part of the scenery

jon spencer said...

Some day I will learn the difference between their and there.

Sher Khan said...

If you can find it, get some Chigarid for chigger bites next time. I bring it back to NoVA from Arkansas, where chiggers are fierce. NuSkin seems similar to Chigarid -- some sort of collodion, I think -- and may work as well. You have my sympathy!