Friday, September 14, 2012

Egyptian Zombies

No kidding.  The enthusiastic gang-rapers and embassy-stormers in Cairo's Tahrir Square are zombies.

They are hopped up on goofballs.  Specifically, Tramadol.  An opioid analgesic that allows the Islamic Rage-Boys to take a beating and not even feel it. 

"Zombies operating under the control of Islamists and Leftists — working together. Who said they couldn’t get along? "
Drug popping adversaries are the thing that always makes the army get rid of .38s in favor of .45s (see: Mindanao 100 years ago).  So, if Egypt turns nasty, they should remember the old lessons and leave the Berettas on the ship.

And remember, headshots for zombies that feel no pain. 


Bubblehead Les. said...

Too bad the supply of M-14s is limited.

Chris said...

I first fell in love with the M1911 when I did a paper on its development while in ROTC, sometime around 1971. Those Moro tribesmen were tough then, and are still in the pirating business now (some of them mix Communism with their Islam). Saw a picture of one that had taken eight .38 slugs to the torso and was still killing people.

NotClauswitz said...

The first gun they did re-issue was some M1873 SAA .45Colts, then came the Colt M1909 New Service in .45Gov (I have one), *then* the 1911 came up through the ranks... The effectiveness of the Moros was greatly enhanced by them binding themselves in a more-or-less head-to-foot tourniquet of sorts. That kept their blood pressure up despite leakage - and then there was the drug-assist.