Saturday, February 15, 2014

10 Years

It happened in Venezuela.  It can happen just about anywhere.  In 10 years you can have participatory democracy with opposition turn into a dictatorship, with community activists and union thugs acting as brownshirts, and Homeland defense forces gunning down unarmed protesters.

Hooray Bill of Rights.  Hooray Federal Republic.  NEVER let those weaken. It's a check on SEIU and AFSCME.  It might help with the militarization of the police, but work needs doing on that front. We never should have let the petty tyrants ratchet things down as much as they have, here, in this country.  Check and balances, people.

If cops start shooting at protestors and union thugs start pounding same with impunity in the US, well, don't sit still for that.

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