Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hunting Rifle Selection

I occasionally see or hear someone looking for a hunting rifle in .30-06 that gets 1 MOA. 

They always add that "1 MOA" on there.  Or, "sub MOA".

Not me.  I'm looking to drop money on a 5 or 6 MOA rifle.  Why make it easy?  Let's be sporting for the deer, right?  

Do they sell 6 MOA rifles anywhere?  What models should I look at?   Does a Carcano have that kind of precision? 


Wolfman said...

In spite of popular belief, its not hard to customize a rifle to get that kind of accuracy. There's three major areas to focus on- crown, bedding, and trigger. First crown- scar that bugger up. Scrape it with cleaning rods, bang it on the ground (maybe yse it as a walking stick for a bit). If you don't see the results you want, try cutting a little off with a hacksaw. Next, bedding. Put lumps of stuff in the bedding, especially the barrel channel. Gouge chucks of action bedding out so there is slight movement when the screws are tight. A side note with bedding is screw torsion- don't put any, or too much, one of the two. Preferably he rear screws should be so tight you need an impact tool to remove, while the main lug screw should be finger threaded only. Finally, trigger. Make it hard to pull, and rough. Take a coarse file to the engagement surfaces, so they'll grab better. Turn spring screws all the way up- if possible, replace some of them, probably with valve springs from a 327 Chevy. Of course, after all that, you may have a six moa rifle that doesn't shoot like one. Its probably you- humans are the weak link in every mechanical system. Jerk that heavy trigger, and breathe heavily. If possible, close your eyes at the moment of recoil (which, despite evidence, is easy to anticipate).

There- easy as pie! Your welcome!

Eck! said...

IT was easy to get the multi moa rifle back when....

I used to shoot deer with slugs in PA. Bead on the front 26" shottie I used Remington slugs
as they were common and cheap.
Being the rules were centerfire
single projectile it worked. Since most shots in the hills were woods at less than 40 yards do to the ever present trees it worked well. I got deer.

How bad was it... I could hit the center of 5" disk at 50 yards, oh and at 75 yards too. Deer are still larger than that.

Most people wouldn't know what 1 moa is or how to use it.