Monday, February 3, 2014

Went to the Blogger Thingy

It was fun.  But DANG the restaurant had small rooms to host us all.  The Cajun Experience is in one of the oldest houses in Leesburg.  The wood clapboard siding had square nails holding it on, for instance.  We were all crammed into an upstair bedroom of some kid's from 1750.  All 25+ of us.  Arse's and elbows.  I'd recommend another place with an more open floorplan next time.

The food was great.  Fried mudbugs and boudin, and a taste of Etouffe.  Yum.  Abita beer in quanity. (try the Jockamo it get's the NJT seal of approval) I didn't carry, as I was drinking.  It's cool in Virginia to carry in establishments that server booze, just don't drink nuthin.  I didn't feel vulnerable as there were temporary teetotalers present to save my hide.  Plus, you know, knives.

Before the dinner MBtGE and I hit up the Manassas gun show at the fairgrounds.  It's a bit wee, for a show, and nothing called my name.  MBtGE got some .223, tho. 

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ProudHillbilly said...

Actually, you can't carry CONCEALED. If you drink you have to open carry. I sort of laughed when I read that.